Best Love Messages for Him Long Distance

2023 Best Love Messages for Him Long Distance

Missing the man you love and who is not anywhere close to you can be painful, little things, places you’ve been, activities you’ve engaged in together and so on will remind you of him always.

The wait, the occasional silence and not hearing from him as much as you’ll love to, might weigh you down at times.

And sometimes, you might just want to send some texts across to him to reaffirm your love and even tell him you miss him.

But then the exact words to convey how you feel might just not be available.

Here, you can come across the Best love messages for Him for 2023 over the Long Distance.

Sweet Love Messages for Him Long Distance

Cute Love Text Messages for Boyfriend or Husband Who is Far Away from the Heart.

1. Sometimes, the distance can be unbearable, but then my love is stronger than that.

2. No matter how far away you are, my consolation is that you’re safe and my love is with you.

3. I may not want to admit it, but the truth is I miss you all the time. I love you so much.

4. I can only wish and pray that you’re safe over there. I miss you.

5. Nights here can be lonely, and the distance is killing. But I love you still and I miss you beyond what I admit.

6. I don’t want to miss you too much, the pain is beyond what I can endure. Please be fine and know that I love you always.

7. I want to see you all the time, but I know it’s impossible. This is me saying I miss you so much.

8. Even if you’re far away, you’re so close to my heart. I love you always.

9. Your absence sharpens my love for you daily. It brings you closer to my heart more than you can imagine.

10. Even if you’re far away, I love you with all my heart.

11. No miles can separate us, no distance can damage our love.

12. I love you the fact that you’re not close to me right now, it gives me strength and resilience.

13. I’m struggling here, but no matter what, be confident that I love you, always.

14. I have to wait days on end hoping that you’ll hold me in your arms. I miss you, baby.

15. You mean so much to me, but this distance is almost unbearable.

16. My love which is brighter than stars is far from me, I miss you so much, darling.

17. Our love is the most beautiful thing; we can’t see each other but we’re sure that we stay strong.

18. Even though we are far from each other, I love the fact that we’re a perfect couple.

19. Our love is true, even though we are not together, we’re inseparable.

20. The distance is only testing our love, I’m sure what we share is longer than the distance.

21. I can wait till eternity for you, our love will only wax stronger with time.

22. I know you’ll be fine as we are under the same sky. I miss you badly.

23. My heart is warm with your love, although you’re not here with me. I miss you so much.

24. I hope you’re fine as I am? Be safe always. I miss you

25. What this love means to me cannot be disturbed even by the long distance between us. I love you and you know it.

26. You may be far away physically, but right here in my heart is where you’ll live forever. I miss you so much.

27. The distance is between us is what inspires me to love you more.

28. I don’t miss you too much as you’re always in my heart and my dreams.

29. My best time is the night, I get to hold you tight in my dreams.

30. We’ve got beautiful memories together that the distance cannot dare to erase. I love you now and forever.

31. I’ll make sure to keep the space you left here clean so that you can always come back to it safe

32. My heart misses you and my mind thinks of you daily. I miss you love

33. You should know by now that the space between us can’t ever reduce my love for you.

34. The fun of having you far away is that I get to be sure you’re coming back to me.

35. One thing is sure, and it is the fact that I’ll forever love you.

36. The distance is very bearable, life without you is what I can’t dare to imagine. I miss you, my love.

37. Because you’re my one and only, I can hear any distance.

38. I miss us being together always. I miss you so much, love.

39. Your heart is here with me, always.

40. No matter the distance, as long as we love each other, we’ll always be happy.

41. The pull of your love is strong that I love it each day.

42. You mean so much to me that the distance is insignificant.

43. Close together or far apart, our heart will always beat as one.

44. This distance has taught me persistence and resilience.

45. I’m strong because I’m sure we’ll definitely see each other again.

46. The love we share is the bridge that covers the distance between us.

47. I discovered I can’t live without you and of course, that is love.

48. I exist here and of course there, as that is where you are.

49. Yea, it’s not easy but that is why it’s called love. I miss you, baby.

50. Our love is beautiful as we can only feel it. I miss you so much here.

51. I must admit that I miss you so much, it’s too quiet when you’re not here.

52. Sometimes it feels like the time stand still, but then it’s because I really miss you.

53. What we share is worth waiting over the long distance between us.

54. No matter how painful not seeing you now is, trust me, not having you at all is worse.

55. The way our heart is tuned together, the distance has nothing against us.

56. The more I miss you, baby, the more I love you, for sure.

57. You’re far away and I’m here, alone. I miss you, my superman.

58. Our love is worth fighting for, be rest assured that I’ll be here waiting for you.

59. I feel warm inside because I know that despite the distance, our hearts are together.

60. I love you more than anything in the universe.

61. If there’s anything I’m sure of, it’s the fact that we’ll survive this distance.

62. I don’t care how much it’s going to take, I’ll always be here, waiting.

63. I had I feeling that I’m missing something, but then it turned out to be you.

64. We’ll write the story of how our love survived the test of time.

65. The distance actually makes me stronger. I love you, my hero.

66. You are a great part of me and I love you deeply.

67. I love the distance between us, it helped mold our love stronger.

68. My days are spent thinking of you, my nights dreaming about you. I don’t want to miss you too much.

69. Each day brings the day we’ll be together much closer.

70. The distance is actually for the best, it makes us yearn for each other more.

71. My love for you knows no mile, you’re my infinite love.

72. And the distance has succeeded in making me fearless. But then, I really miss you.

73. This is a test of our love and perseverance but then I’m confident that we’ll be fine all the way.

74. You don’t miss me as much as I do you.

75. I won’t regret walking this journey with you. I’ll love you now even till whenever we see again.

76. My heart longs for when we’ll talk again.

77. Listening to your voice makes the distance very bearable. I miss you my champ.

78. We breathe the same here and live under the same sky, that is my consolation for not missing you too much.

79. Saying bye after every phone calls is bothersome, it reminds me of how much I miss you.

80. Come into my dreams so that I don’t miss you too much.

81. Even your cologne still lingers on in my memory. I miss you so much.

82. Nothing prepared me for this reality, I miss you so much, sweetheart.

83. More than I thought I would, I really do miss you.

84. The fact that our hearts will remain unchanged is enough to keep me going

85. Even when we’re not together our minds sync together.

86. Because it’s you I’m in love with, I’ll wait even till the end of time.

87. My heart is where you are, so please keep it safe.

88. I can love you wherever I want, distance notwithstanding.

89. The gentle breeze brings with it your fragrance and of course your love.

90. Despite the distance, I love you so much my pearl and I miss you.

91. Sometimes my tears drop and I wish you were here with me. You don’t know how much I miss you

92. I don’t want to wake from my dreams, you hold me tight, that I don’t want to wake.

93. Waking up each morning and realising that I miss you is quite painful.

94. I can’t wait for when we’ll be together again. This distance is killing.

95. Since you left, I felt incomplete. I hope you’ll be back soon to complete me. I miss you too much.

96. Even if I’m not there, my heart and spirit are with you always.

97. If waiting is the best thing, I’ll gladly wait for you

98. The idea of not seeing you as much as I want to is frightening. I miss you so much

99. My days are long without you here.

100. My nights are cold because you’re not in it with me.

101. Loving you is a remedy for the pain of missing you. But then I miss you so much.

102. Most days, I wish you were here with me, I wish the distance is not there. I miss you very much.

103. Every memory is still fresh and I hold unto them until we meet again. For now, I miss you so much.

104. We will be forever together, that’s my consolation. And I’ll endure the pain of missing you for now.

105. Your smell is still fresh in my mind. I love that you love me despite the distance.

106. Every ticking of the clock reminds me that the time we’ll see again is closer by the minutes.

107. Until we meet again, I miss you so much, baby.

108. You left with my heart with you, but I’m consoled that we’ll see again and very soon.

109. Missing you has actually strengthened me, now I love you more with each day.

110. Compared to missing you, each day is not as bright as I want it to be.

111. I miss your eyes staring at me intently.

112. Even if I have to wait forever, my love for you will stay strong.

113. The distance has thought me that even though you don’t live here right now, you are in my future.

114. Going to sleep every night, I always imagine that you’re here with me. This makes missing you bearable.

115. I look forward to seeing you on video every time. It is enough to see your love for me cover the distance.

116. You’re always in my heart, intact. No matter the distance.

117. Each day brings the awareness that we’re closer and stronger than before.

118. Anytime I miss you, I go through our chats and my mind takes a picture of you.

119. You don’t know how much I miss you. This distance is not very bearable.

120. My phone is always on me, I can get to hear your voice anytime I want to.

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