In Good Times and Bad Times Quotes

In Good Times and Bad Times Quotes

In good times, people are optimistic, they have high hopes and they’re more willing to take risks. They’re more likely to trust others, and they tend to be less worried about the future. In bad times, people are more cautious and they become risk-averse. They’re less likely to trust others and more likely to worry about their future.

But what happens when an individual is exposed to both good times and bad times within a short period of time? How can we measure how this might affect their behaviour? And how do we know if it’s different for men than for women?

When faced with bad times we often go into a state of denial. We convince ourselves that things are not as bad as they seem — even when they are. The truth is that we all have control over our lives; we just need to learn how to use it!

However whether it be good or bad, or even ugly, people need to have faith in themselves and their ability to survive and not feel vulnerable,

These in good times and bad times quotes as listed below would definitely be able to help you set your sail and ride on the storm and even when everything is clear. Enjoy!

In Good Times and Bad Times Quotes

In good times and bad times, it’s up to us to understand that we are not our circumstances. We can change these circumstances by working harder than ever before.

1. Because there is no good without bad and no bad without good. The ups and downs, good times and bad are for everyone, so enjoy it when it comes good, and endure when it comes bad.

2. Hang in there and don’t give up. The mistakes of yesteryear are the lessons of today. We have learnt that you should always embrace every experience, good or bad because you can only grow and prosper when times are tough.

3. Whether you feel like you’re at the top or the bottom in life, keeping a positive attitude will determine how far you climb to success.

4. If you can’t handle the good times, you will never make it through the hard times.

5. No matter what life throws your way, you can be the best version of yourself. In good times and bad, always remember the important things.

6. Sometimes, you feel you’re on top of the world. The sun is shining and your future looks bright. Other times, though, life can be overwhelming and frustrating.

7. You will experience good times. You will also experience bad times. They are inevitable. Good times don’t last long, but neither does the bad. Enjoy each one because all moments will pass.

8. For success, we need to remember that life is filled with challenges, triumphs, and emotions. And our ability to survive through it all depends on how open we are to changing and adapting.

9. Never fail to smile, laugh and enjoy your good times because the bad times come lurking. There are good times and there are bad times. While it’s easy to find the good, we must embrace the bad, because the hard times make us stronger.

10. Life is a journey filled with both good and bad times. You can either let the bad times get you down, or let the good times lift you up. It’s your choice!

11. A positive attitude during bad times determines your success in life. Negative thinking is like holding a virus that can infect your health and immune system. A positive attitude will help you get through difficult times and help you grow personally and professionally.

12. Don’t worry about your bad times. The combination of bad and good times is what makes life worth it. Embrace the good times and accept that the bad times are coming. Life is a journey, so enjoy the ride.

13. Good times are good, but bad times are better. To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. In good times and in bad times, you always have to accept the outcome of your decisions and make adjustments.

14. Good and bad times are part of life, and the ups and downs prepare you for the next challenge. We all have to deal with good times and bad, and after a rough period, you have to pick yourself up and keep going.

15. The ocean of life is a challenging journey. You’ll go through storms, hurricanes and bad weather. But you can get through it as long as you’re strong enough. And if you’re prepared for the worst, you’ll be able to triumph and succeed.

16. When the bad times hit, it’s important to remember one thing: there are little these times can do to negatively impact you. Just like the sun rises in the morning, the hard times will pass.

17. Never take life too seriously, because you can’t come out alive. Life is like a dog sledge team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes. That’s not bad! Take time today to enjoy your good times because the bad times come later on because they are always lurking.

18. We need to remember that we are going to make mistakes, learn from them and adjust. Good and Bad times will pass. You will weather the storm.

19. You need to work hard in good times and bad times for the best outcomes. Be thankful for your happy moments, but don’t ignore your sad ones. In the end, life has both good and bad times, and you need to appreciate them all to truly understand what it means to live.

20. Life is full of ups and downs. While it can be a rollercoaster, the bad moments make us stronger. There may be good times or there may be bad. When the time comes, we are prepared to face whatever may come.

21. It’s hard to accept the consequences of your decisions, but you have to. The best way to learn is through experience.

22. If you find yourself in a slump, remember this: Good things come to those who wait. Keep pushing and keep on believing!

23. Adjust your sail according to the storm. No one makes it through life with having both good times and bad times. You know how it is. Life delivers a fair share of curve balls and good times, but our ability to take the knocks and overcome the challenges sees us through.

24. Life comes at us from different angles; sometimes it’s good, and other times we can have bad times. Our ability to hold our own sees us through.”

25. It’s not easy to remain positive during hard times, which is why we need to learn how to remain centred and optimistic when things are the worst.

26. Everyone goes through good and bad times because that’s how life works. The challenge is to adjust your sails to navigate through the storm.

27. Don’t be afraid of the storms. After all, they can only make you stronger. Overcoming obstacles builds character. We should let our darkest moments refine us and let our brightest moments define us.

28. When things are good, look to improve, and when things are bad, look for ways to get better. With both good times and bad times comes the opportunity to grow as a person.

29. It is during the bad times that we need to keep a positive attitude. The future depends on what we choose to do today.

30. Enjoy, since it is the good times that wouldn’t stop the bad times from coming. Everything makes life a perfect balance.

31. Life has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you will discover that you have become a better person.

32. Life is full of flavour. The good and the bad make it unique and special. We are comforted by joys, and we learn from our pains.

33. It’s a roller coaster of emotion. You will feel sad and happy, angry and depressed. Decide on the tone you want to portray in this situation and stick to it.

34. There’s no such thing as good or bad, there’s only choosing what you think is right. Be happy when you succeed and healthy when you fail, remember that too.

35. Even though there are good times, bad times will still come. Life’s balance is like that. Upright and calm. When good times and bad times show up, take them for what they are, and move on.

37. There’s nothing like the good life. It’s easy to see why we love it so much. We love all the things that come with it, including the bad times.

38. Here’s the thing: good times don’t last forever. The good is always followed by the bad. Enjoy the good, but never forget the bad. In good times and bad times, you have to accept the outcomes of your decisions and adjust.

39. Life comes at us in different angles. We need to be able to hold our own. Good times are not the only time, sometimes bad things happen too. Never forget to enjoy your good times because the bad times will come.

40. Life is about appreciating the calm moments and overcoming the difficult ones. How you weather it all defines your true character.

41. There are good times and there are bad times. Be prepared for both. Use your experiences to learn, grow, and adjust your sails.

42. No one has successfully sailed through the ocean of life without experiencing the storm and clear weather. The combination of all make you stronger

43. Life is full of ups and downs. But when the going gets tough, remember: you are in control of your own destiny. You can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let anybody tell you that you’re not good enough.

44. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes we need to deal with uncomfortable situations. But it’s important to focus on the good things and have faith that better days are coming.

45. Make the most of the times that are good, but also prepare for times that are tough. There are times in life when we can cruise by and times when we have to stop in our tracks. We have to be prepared for the latter, so the former becomes a time of celebration.

46. Nobody is built to withstand everything. Sometimes, life will challenge us to our core; other times, we are on top of the world. Our ability to handle the lows and enjoy the highs builds us into who we are.

47. Keeping a positive attitude through the good times and bad ensures that you reach new heights. Sometimes, even when you make your best decisions and with the right intentions, things will still go wrong. You need to be ready to accept the consequences of the actions you take and move on.

48. Keeping a positive attitude during bad times determines your altitude in the flight of life. The good and the bad times are equally important in life.

49. Enjoy every good time you have because that wouldn’t stop the bad times from coming. The combination makes life a perfect balance. Never lose your smile, laugh, and love for the good times because bad times will always come.

50. In good times and bad, we must always remember that life is a journey and we will never stop learning.

51. Grandma once said, “You have to go through the bad times to get to the good times”.

52. Never stop looking forward to better times ahead. If you do ever experience bad times, don’t let it get in the way of your good times because there’s always something good waiting for you further down the road.

53. If you keep a positive attitude during even the worst times, you can determine how high you rise in life. When bad things happen, good things are on the way. When good things happen, more good things are on the way.

54. Life comes at us from different angles; it may be a smooth ride or we may get a few knocks. Our ability to hold our own sees us through.

55. The storm will inevitably come. Everyone has bad times. Some people are able to rise above the storm, some people are not.

56. Everyone struggles. Life can be hard, it can be rough; but as long as you have a good attitude and work hard things will work out.

57. Life is a mixture of good and bad, happiness and sadness, sun and rain. But there’s always a rainbow after a storm.

58. Our current situation is not a good one, but that doesn’t mean we choose to be miserable. Instead, let’s keep looking forward and make the most of our unique circumstances.

59. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s important to stay positive and move forward. Never fail to smile, laugh and enjoy your good times. Don’t let bad times bring you down.

60. When you love someone, it doesn’t matter. We know that they are struggling and we wish them happiness and freedom. Believing that loving someone is enough to get them to stay with you forever, is as naive as it is harmful.

61. We express our love to those whom we care about regardless of the consequences. I love you, and it’s not because you’re perfect; but because I can’t imagine a life without you.

62. There are times when you will find it hard to like someone. But you can imagine a better version of yourself and you can look at the bigger picture. If you want to create a deeper connection with someone, try to put yourself in their shoes.

63. If you like someone, even if it’s incredibly challenging, you have to make time for them. Love conquers all. And love always wins. Never give up on the people you love.

64. If you’re truly in love, their illness isn’t going to come between you. You see their smile and the inner glow of their spirits, even when it feels like you have nothing left to smile about.

65. You don’t feel the pain, the discomfort. You just see the love. And it’s amazing. It’s powerful. And we should all experience it. A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing – George Bernard Shaw

66. When you love someone, it’s in all their actions. You see the future with them. You’ll do everything possible to ensure that their needs are met, even if it means living with a lifelong illness.

67. Even when it’s difficult the best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself. Every relationship has good times and bad times.

68. Show empathy and be open to the idea of giving love unconditionally. Doing this can help bring out the best in both of you.

69. Human nature is to get bored, and you can’t ignore that when you’re in a relationship. You can expect to go through ups and downs over the course of a partnership.

70. The difference between the good and bad times you have in a relationship, is whether or not you stay together during those times.

/Quotes About Good and Bad Times in a Relationship

The good times in a relationship are defined by not giving up during the bad times. Successful relationships don’t always just happen — they need hard work. Your relationship is determined by what you do when things are great and not so great.

71. Bad times will happen — Deal with it. Romantic relationships can be difficult for anyone and in every relationship big problems will come up. Love can be good, love can be bad, love can make you smile, and love can make you cry. Love is unpredictable.

72. There will always be good times, and there will always be hard times. But we will always rise above them…

73. You know you’re in love when sadness fades to the background and happiness is the most prominent emotion you feel. Love is love. No matter what shape it takes, it’s always sweet. The greatest relationships aren’t all good times. Sometimes, you have to weather some storms.

74. Relationships have ups and downs. What’s important is that the good times outweigh the bad, and they eventually leave a positive impact as you continually grow. Having a relationship isn’t about the good and bad times; it’s about how you deal with those times.

75. Difficult times are when true friendships are born. Like any kind of partnership, even the best relationships will go through rough patches. It’s up to you how you handle them. You can either see the problems as a catalyst or a challenge to your relationship.

76. People can love each other and hate each other all at the same time. Don’t expect your love life to be perfect. Real love isn’t about being inseparable, but about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.

77. Make up your mind. Do you want to love someone for the rest of your life, or not? There are different kinds of love in a relationship. Love can be good, bad and everything in-between. Highs and lows are inevitable in any relationship. Be bold when the going gets tough.

78. When you feel like quitting, remember why you started. Love is scary and can be bad or good. The only thing that matters is how you feel. If you’re having problems in your relationship, it’s likely caused by what you’re doing when things are good and bad.

79. The strength of a relationship is revealed during the bad times. Strong relationships aren’t just based on what you do when things are good and bad. They are also based on how you feel about each other at the time. You don’t have to like it, but understanding your feelings is a key ingredient to happiness.

80. You’re in it for the long haul. You’ve been through it all. You’ve cried, you’ve laughed, and you’ve grown together. If you’re not ready to do whatever it takes to make your relationship better, you might as well just call it quits.

81. You’ve been through it all. Whether you’re in a good place or a bad place, there are always more exciting times ahead. A true relationship starts with a challenge, not with chemistry.

82. You are the relationship. You decide the amount of love, trust, empathy, and respect you receive from your partner. Every relationship needs a foundation of love. Good times and bad times come with the territory, but hard times and great times are the reasons we continue.

83. When a couple makes it through the bad times in their relationship, they emerge stronger and more in love. Your relationship is determined by what you do when things are good and bad.

84. Love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but sometimes the clouds make a beautiful backdrop for love and romance. Relationships fail when one partner loses interest. All love is important, but not all love is equal. The most powerful and meaningful kind of love will challenge you.

85. The strength of a relationship is revealed in the tough times. Relationships can be difficult. They all have trouble now and again. The strength of your relationship lies in your ability to work together.

88. A strong relationship is built on trust, love, and commitment. Two people in a great relationship will stay together through the good times and the bad. Love can be awesome, but it’s not always easy or simple. Here are some advice from people who have been through it

89. When you give up on the relationship, it is a sign of weakness. Your life is determined by how you react when things don’t go as expected. Hard times will separate the real from the fake.

90. Love is beautiful. It’s warm and welcoming. It is a feel-good emotion, one most of us look forward to experiencing in life. Good relationships are like fine wines. You can enjoy them when you’re celebrating a special occasion, but they become great when age and bad times take their toll.

91. Love is a tricky subject. Love is beautiful, but love can hurt. It’s hard to describe, and it’s hard to know what you should say and do when you fall in love. Love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but it doesn’t have to be bad either. It can be good and bad in different ways, as well as sweet and sour

92. The bond between people is vital. It is the foundation of our lives and how we thrive as a species. We can’t guarantee a good relationship, but we can promise any partnership will run into difficult times. Love is built on this kind of love and that’s actually a great thing.

93. Partnerships are a great thing. But even the best kind of partnership will go through tough times. The question is how you deal with them. Most relationships are built upon this kind of love, which is a good thing. But even the best kind of partnership will go through tough times.

94. Relationships can be great and sometimes full of challenges, but you can make them last with a process anyone can do. True love knows no boundaries. What you do when times are good and bad is what makes a relationship great.

95. Good and bad times in love aren’t bad times. They just make the good times better. Take advantage of the fact that you have someone who really cares about you and your relationship, no matter what happens between you.

96. No matter how rough things get, a relationship will remain strong if both people truly care for each other. Every relationship will go through hard times. It’s up to both partners to decide if they want it to last.

97. Love is sweet and sour. It can be good and bad in different ways. Love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but it doesn’t have to be bad either. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Love is meant to be unconditional. A love that never leaves you and forgives your flaws, while still challenging you to better yourself.

98. Sometimes love is hard and challenging, but that’s what makes it worth it. It can be salty or too sweet, just like that favourite treat you hide in the back of the cupboard because it’s so good but you know you shouldn’t eat too much of it. You’re not perfect. You’re going to make mistakes. But how you handle those challenges is what determines how strong your love is.

99. Being in a good relationship is crucial for your happiness and well-being. A relationship that doesn’t feel right is like living with a chronic illness—it has a serious impact on everything you do. If you’re willing to make the tough decisions today, your relationship will be stronger tomorrow. Relationships existed since the dawn of time. When the going gets tough, love should get stronger.

100. Love means understanding and accepting someone unconditionally. It is a feeling that cannot be easily defined. We all have a different understanding of love, and it often changes as we get older. You might have had the experience of falling in love at first sight, but the relationship didn’t last long or ended badly because you didn’t understand who that person really was.

I’m sure every good quote from these in good times and bad times quotes will help you to be steadfast in every situation that may occur. It will help you to successfully scale through any season.

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