I Miss My Niece Quotes and Messages

I Miss My Niece Quotes and Messages

No matter how little or big a niece is, she remains that special person in our lives. Sometimes these ones catch our attention because they were the direct product of our lineage- from our brothers and sisters. Most uncles and aunties transfer the love they had for their brothers and sister to their children.

When you miss your niece, how do you express it in words? You should be able to create that special effect of her presence in your life to the message. That’s the reason why I have decided to give you a collection of I miss my niece quotes and messages. You need not worry about how to say it; I’ve done that for you.

You need to make your niece happy outside her birthday. Why must you only wait for her birthday before you give her the special person feeling? Here is that opportunity to make her hold you in higher regard. Don’t blow it away!

So, you won’t hesitate to send these amazing I miss my niece quotes and messages to her to show her that you think about her.

I Miss You Niece Quotes for Your Niece

My beloved niece, I am happy to have you in my life and I hope that the best in your life will never hide from you. There are many quotes to describe I miss you but one is sure- I miss you like A will miss B in the alphabets.

1. Dear niece, I do not even know how to tell you that I miss you because it is beyond the words that I miss you so much.

2. Dear niece, to one whom much is given, much is expected. You have been a niece that never disappoints. I miss you.

3. The voice of my niece resonates in my head whenever you are away and today I can hear it loud and clear. I miss you, my darling niece.

4. No one has ever missed his niece as I miss you today. It seems as though you are always in my head. I miss you, my lovely niece.

5. Dear niece, you left me with space, never lonely because you have the best an amazing girl to me. I miss you so much. See you soon again.

6. It is impossible to quickly forget someone who gave you so many questions to answers and trouble. Anyways I enjoyed every bit of it. I miss you so much, my fabulous niece.

7. You are the most amazing niece in the world. There is no way you can be in someone’s life and that person wouldn’t miss you as I am missing you now.

8. If missing you is a gift, then, my wonderful niece, you have done well by giving me loads of it.

9. As little as you have, dear niece, you have left an indelible mark on my heart. I miss your little cute eyes, my dear niece.

10. Even though you are back to your school after your holiday, but I still feel your presence in the house. I hope to see you on your next holiday. I miss you, my dear niece.

11. Dear niece, is your name now ‘Miss Universe”? Because I miss you so much now.

12. Every time you visit, you raise my level of joy. Your presence brings a heart-warming experience and now that you are gone, I miss you, my dear niece.

13. Dear niece, I try hard to make myself not miss you, but your pretty little eyes always linger in my memory, little niece. I miss you.

14. I miss you so often these days because when I teach my kids, they keep mentioning your name. Dear niece, I miss you so much.

15. Dear niece, I am still anxiously waiting for the day that I do not have to miss you but I hope I keep waiting.

16. Dear niece, you are a wonderful beautiful lady. You are so relevant in my life that I have come to understand what it means to miss someone special.

17. I hope to see you on your next vacation. Dear niece, I miss you so much.

18. When I tell you that I miss you, I am actually letting you know that you are so special to me, my dear niece.

19. Today I remember the past weeks you have been in our company and I cherish every moment, but now I miss you, dear niece.

20. My fabulous niece, I will only stop missing you when I see you on your next visit, so make it fast.

21. To the most fantastic niece in the world: don’t ever forget that I miss you. This means you should try and visit more often.

22. If the mountain would not come to me, I would go to the mountain. Dear niece, you are that mountain. I miss you.

23. Going on from now, I would always miss you because your little cousins would not let me rest. I miss you, dear niece.

24. My gorgeous niece, during the period of your stay here, you created so much sunshine and brightness. I miss you so much.

25. Dear niece, I am proud to be your uncle and I am not ashamed that I miss you though it was awkward at first.

26. If I could have it my way, I would much rather want you to be here for a longer time but I understand that you need to resume school. I miss you.

27. Dear niece, I will continue to miss you because it is not possible not to miss a lovely person.

28. Distance is so real when you cannot do without seeing someone special. My little niece, I miss you so much.

29. I know what it means to be so little but with you, being little does not hinder you from having an impact wherever you find yourself. I am proud of that in you. I miss you, my niece.

30. It is impossible to get you out of my head, my special niece. I miss you because you are so amazing.

31. I know that I would see your face again, but right now, I would have to miss you, dear niece.

32. I should just call you and find out how you are but I want this message to go ahead to tell you how much I miss you, my dear niece.

33. My dear niece, I am happy to have you as a niece. Thanks for always visiting but know that you will be missed.

34. Missing you is just a part of telling you how special you are. I miss you, my lovely niece.

35. When you come, there’s always a difference. When you leave, everything changes. Dear niece, I miss you.

36. A thousand miles between us won’t stop me from missing you, my lovely niece. You are an awesome and sweet girl. See you soon.

37. There are many things you do when you are around that relieves me of many things. When you leave, I begin to miss you. Dear niece, thanks for being always helpful.

38. The only comfort I have from missing you is that I know you would visit soon again but till then, I would keep missing you, my lovely niece.

39. I might not always show it or tell you, but I miss you very much. Dear niece, hope to see you soon.

40. As your uncle, I might not know how to express you, but I do really miss you, my dear niece.

41. Dear niece, you are so lovely; you have a kind heart and I hope you have the best in your life. I miss you.

42. My favourite niece, I can’t pretend that I miss you. Every time you are around leaves a pleasant memory about you.

43. My dear niece, thanks for visiting and lighting up everywhere. You should know that I miss you.

44. Nieces are beauties while roses are red. Violets are blue while nieces are lovely. You see why I will continue to miss you, my dear niece.

45. I can’t wait to see you again, my dear niece. Thanks for coming but right now, everywhere is dull without you. I really miss you.

46. I miss you so much, my dear niece. Thanks for being a part of my life. You are special.

47. Missing you is not a real issue, my dear niece, it’s your cousins here that keep disturbing me with questions about when you will; be coming back. Dear niece, I miss you.

48. Dear niece, I miss you. It’s as simple as that but it is not that simple too. I hope to see you soon.

49. You are a very intelligent person. Dear niece, I miss you so much.

50. Dearest niece, there are so many reasons to miss you. If I begin to list them, you won’t believe it. I really miss you.

I Miss My Niece Messages

Dear niece, that I will miss you is not just a statement of fact but one that is sure. I hope that my message to you will be of good tidings and I know that you will be a good ambassador of the family over there.

51. My dear niece, it’s like you control the sun because, since your departure, the sun has refused to glow in its beauty. I miss you.

52. I have just been discussing with your younger ones here on when next to schedule a visit to you since we all cannot stop missing you.

53. What is the opposite of ‘missing’ because I cannot find it to replace you? Dear niece, I miss you. lonely you.

54. Dearest niece, when you are around, there’s a special aura around you. When you are away, your absence is felt. I miss you.

55. My lovely niece, you have been a positive influence in the lives of my kids and that’s why I can’t stop missing you.

56. When you are special, you would surely be missed, that’s why I can’t stop missing you, my dear niece.

57. Dear niece, thanks for visiting. You gave your all and left behind nothing but my memories of you. I will miss you.

58. A thousand times, I’ve wished that the days run faster so that your next visit can be quickened. My lovely niece, you always leave behind your imprints which can never go unnoticed. I miss you.

59. When I miss you, time seems to move so much slower. Dear niece, always remain the special person you are and looking forward to seeing you again.

60. It is difficult not to think about or miss you because you fill so many gaps. You are such a reliable niece. Thanks for coming. I miss you already.

61. I miss you the most when I remember that you smile effortlessly even when things aren’t rosy as they should be. I miss you, my dear niece.

62. Many times, the only thing that I can do when I miss you is look at your pictures on my phone. Dear niece, you remain special to me.

63. The positive energy always around you is enviable; therefore it is only normal to miss you, my beautiful niece.

64. The only thing left for me is to cry because I miss you, my lovely niece. I hope that you continue to grow to make a positive impact on more lives.

65. You are the missing piece to the puzzle in my house. With the kids around, I miss your warming bond with them, dear niece.

66. Even when you are not here, the sound of your voice rings back. I miss you, my dear niece.

67. It’s easier to love you as a niece than to miss you. Now, I have to do the difficult one. I miss you.

68. I don’t know if the moon misses the sun at night but I miss your absence right now.

69. Dear niece, I wish I can apply that you keep living with me because I miss you so much that I can only hope that you will come back quick.

70. Missing someone you love is normal. Dear niece, I miss you so much. You are lovely and special to me.

71. Dearest niece, I guess that missing you is just my heart’s way of reminding me how unique you are to me.

72. My pretty niece, I now know that I have to schedule a visit to you because we cannot stop missing you here.

73. Aunties miss their niece but the way I miss you is more than just that. You have become almost a part of me. I hope to see you soon.

74. Dear niece, I just can’t get you out of my mind. I hope you are very fine. I miss you.

75. My precious niece, missing you and not being able to see you is not very pleasant. You are special.

76. I hate that I have to admit that I miss you but I love the fact that it shows how special you are to me.

77. My niece, I wonder if you ever miss us here too. I miss you so much, my dear niece.

78. My most fabulous niece, when you are together with us, hours can easily feel like seconds because there is no dulling moment with you. I miss you.

79. When you left, you took away all the fun. Why? I miss you, my dear niece.

80. My lovely niece, how much can I tell of your beautiful presence in my life and that of my family. God bless you indeed. We all miss you.

81. Dear niece, until you come again, I have decided to be missing you.

82. I have the most jovial niece in the world and I miss her badly.

83. My niece, you have left such a mark on my life that I cannot help it if I miss you.

84. You are such an impossible person to forget, my beautiful niece. I miss you.

85. Dear niece, even in the busiest hours of the day, when I remember my kids, I miss you because I know with you around, they can feel at home.

86. I miss you every single day because you were so special to me.

87. Do you know if the mountains miss the sky? Well, I miss you, my wonderful niece.

88. Dear niece, do you know if the sun misses the stars? Well, for me I am confident that I miss you every morning.

89. My dear niece, I miss you.

90. How are you, my dear niece? It’s been a while and I miss you so much.

91. I still find myself missing you even though I have known you from birth. I miss you, dear niece.

92. It is amazing that after all the time that has passed, I still find myself missing you, my dear niece. Your cute eyes always reflect in my memory. I hope you are doing fine.

93. During the day, when I remember you, I acknowledge God’s special grace upon you. dear niece, I miss you so much. Continue to be that special person you are.

94. Every single moment of the day, if there’ someone to miss outside my wife, then it must be my niece. And that niece is YOU.

95. Your teachers must like you very much because you are endowed with such intelligence. I miss you so much, my dear niece.

96. When I see something that reminds me of you, I automatically miss you without thinking about it. Dear niece, you are precious to me and to the family.

97. Nothing makes a place so boring as when there are no nieces around. You are that niece that spice up beautiful things. I miss you.

98. I own a vineyard because every time I miss you, I get myself a flower. I miss you, dear niece. Be well.

99. Knowing that you are far away is s acknowledge not needed because it only resurrects the feeling of missing you. I miss you, my dear niece.

100. Dearest niece, to me, you are the brightest and most colourful person that I know. You light up the world with love. I miss you.

The messages above are the best you would find. They are filled with emotions and sentiments that create the best relationship with a niece. Do well to send any of these I miss you my niece quotes and messages to any of your nieces. Please share with your friends.

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