I Miss My Ex Boyfriend Quotes and Messages

I Miss My Ex Boyfriend Quotes and Messages

It just so happens that life won’t always go the way we plan for it to go. Even after struggling to find love and putting in the effort to maintain it, there’s still no guarantee that it will last forever.

It is really sad, annoying and frustrating!

But you never know, though, reaching out to your ex-lover, your ex-boyfriend in this case can be what it takes to unite you both together again. It may help also you find the closure and succour that you need.

And if not, then take solace in the fact that you’ve done your best and that you’ve tried to keep things going. Your magic is far from being over, and even though it hurts a lot now, you will find what you need someday.

Here are touching I miss my ex boyfriend quotes and messages you can use to reach out to your ex-lover and express how you feel.

Emotional Missing My Ex Boyfriend Quotes

I’m very emotional today, and I wish that I could go back in time to redo many things about us. Just so we’d be together today, and we wouldn’t be feeling this hurt. I miss you, ex-boyfriend.

1. Even though we agreed to this heartbreak, my heart still can’t accept it. I miss you so much, dear!

2. At this point, I think I need a reminder of why we broke up in the first place. Because this hurts a lot more than I thought it would.

3. I don’t see how I’m supposed to endure this. I don’t know if I can. Just when I think I’ve gotten a breather, memories come crashing in. I miss you, babe.

4. I can’t believe that I don’t have you to come home to again. I hate to admit it, but it’s been really cold without you. I miss you, hon.

5. I shouldn’t have used your things so much when we were together because I’m now stuck with my things smelling like you. I miss you a lot.

6. If anyone had told me we’d end this year apart, I’d have laughed hard. I hope you’re doing as terrible as me because that’s the only way I can be consoled.

7. You were supposed to be my soulmate, my everything. Now I just have memories of you and how things used to be between us. I miss you like crazy, darl!

8. How am I supposed to piece a broken heart? It doesn’t even help that I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss you so much!

9. If you knew we wouldn’t last forever, then you shouldn’t have made me fall in love with you. How am I supposed to move on from you?

10. I won’t mince words with you. I miss you so much! If you say the words right now, I’d gladly run back into your arms.

11. I still don’t know what to do with myself. I miss you a lot, and heavens know that I want you back in my life.

12. I deserve an award for how I’m able to endure and keep pushing, even when my heart is breaking. I didn’t sign up for heartbreak with you at all.

13. I went too far, and I wish I had another opportunity to redo things. I hope that you’re able to forgive me soon and maybe willing to work things out again.

14. I still find it strange that I now refer to you as my ex-boyfriend. It still feels like a dream not being able to call you at will or hold you.

15. This heartbreak wasn’t what I signed up for when I said yes to you. I miss how things were with us, and I especially miss you.

16. You promised me forever but still managed to break my heart. Worse is how I’m left to deal with this by myself.

17. There’s a reason I never liked baring myself emotionally. But you showed up, made me fall in love with you, then broke my heart. Now I’m stuck with trying to move on.

18. I’m still wondering if it is something I did wrong that caused our breakup. Because if you let me know, I’m more than willing to apologise. I miss you a lot.

19. I don’t know how to be strong for myself, babe. You were my everything. I miss you a lot, and it hurts so much.

20. You were the first man I could be at ease with. Since you’ve taken that away, how am I supposed to cope?

I Miss You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

It didn’t matter where you chose to go, and I’d have followed you to the ends of the earth. I miss you with all my heart, and I still can’t believe that you’re now an ex-boyfriend.

21. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can hold out against the pain in my heart. You had to make a mark on the time we spent together. I miss you!

22. How is it that you’re not here to keep your promises to me? How exactly do you want me to go on like things never happened between us?

23. I’ll give anything to change how things are between us right now. I just want you to look at me and hold me how you used to do. I miss you.

24. I can’t believe that there’s no more us, that our time together is over. I miss you so much, and I’d give anything to spend another moment like yours.

25. Is this how our story ends? With pain and heartbreak? I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you!

26. In the time we were together, you changed my life. I guess I should be grateful for this instead of focusing on the pain in my heart.

27. In the time we were together, you made me feel like I truly belonged. You made me feel indispensable too. It’s hard to go back to how I was before you.

28. You promised to love me forever. Now, all I have are just memories of you and me. I miss you so much, hon.

29. I’ll never forget you for as long as I live. Thank you for changing my life in many ways than I can count. I miss you a lot, but I wish you the very best.

30. I’m hurting so much now, but I’m laughing too. I guess I should say thank you for the good times we had.

31. I know that we should stay apart, but my heart still craves you. I hope that I get to the point where I’m able to breathe without hurting so much.

32. Because you were mine, I found the strength to weather the storms that life threw at me. Now, I don’t feel strong at all. My heart is just shattered!

33. You loved me at some point, right? Because I don’t know how you’re able to stay calm through this. I miss you, ex-boyfriend.

34. I’ll always be thankful for the time that we spent together. It may have come with this heartbreak in the end, but I suppose it was worth it.

35. The good times were far in-between for us. But I loved you with all my heart, and it’s why I miss you so much now.

36. I know that I shouldn’t be texting you. I’m supposed to be maintaining my distance and all. But I miss you so much, babe, and I don’t know how to move on.

37. Life Is truly not fair. If it were, I wouldn’t be here hurting, going over the past with you, and wishing that I could have another moment with you.

38. Of all the things I’ve had to endure in the past, this heartbreak is the worse. It hurts so much, and I miss you a lot!

39. It’s been months since the breakup, and it still isn’t getting better. How am I supposed to go on with life while I feel dead inside?

40. If I knew the end would be like this, I’d have never signed up to be your girlfriend. I miss you so much, and it hurts.

I Miss My Ex Boyfriend So Much It Hurts Quotes

All the words you said to me that made me giddy with happiness just make me sad now. I was hoping for a lot for us. I miss you so much, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this, ex-boyfriend.

41. The memories of us that used to be sweet are now so painful. So much so that I’m wishing they never happened at all. I miss you a lot, and it hurts.

42. Life is not fair because I’ve been nothing but good and kind my whole life. How did we not lady forever?

43. They say time takes care of everything. But I still feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest every time. I miss you!

44. I still wake up hoping this is a nightmare. But the hurt I feel each time is proof that you’re not with me anymore. I miss you, babe.

45. You’ve ruined me for another man. If he isn’t as gentle, thoughtful and intelligent as you, I don’t know how I’ll be able to cope.

46. I don’t think I’m strong enough to do life without you. It hurts, and I don’t know how to make it stop.

47. You were supposed to be mine forever. We were supposed to have kids together. But I’m now left on my own to deal with this hurt.

48. I would give anything to have a day with you again. I might hurt a lot afterwards, but that’s how much I miss you.

49. I must be a strong woman because I can’t believe that I can work through this pain in my heart. I miss you, babe.

50. Knowing that I gave our relationship my all doesn’t make it hurt any less. You were supposed to be mine forever!

51. Time doesn’t make anything better. See me still hurting, even though it’s been months since the breakup. I just want the hurt to stop, babe.

52. I don’t want to wake up and not see you by my side. The past months have been pure torture for me. I miss you so much.

53. How are you able to go on like we didn’t exist? I think it’s time you gave lessons on that.

54. I’ve been to yours, but you’ve not been home. Can’t we see to talk about this? I still can’t believe that we’re no longer together.

55. I spent the past week avoiding things that reminded me of you. I don’t know for how much longer I can do this. I miss us, babe!

56. I still find it difficult sleeping at night because I’ve gotten used to you holding me. Please ask me to come back to you, babe.

57. I really can’t go on living without you. It hurts a lot, babe, and I just wish it would stop.

58. The nights are especially worse for me. During the day, I can pretend because there are lots of people around me. I miss you so much.

59. These days, everything makes me want to cry. I miss you a lot, honey. Can’t we try again?

60. I have become a shadow of myself. I just really wish I could go back in time. I’d make sure that nothing would ever tear us apart.

I Miss You Quotes for Him After A Breakup

I don’t see a way around this hurt in my heart. It’s been weeks of pretending to be strong while my heart just wants you. I miss you, and I hate that we had to break up!

61. My heart hurts so much, and it’s been like this for weeks. Please tell me this is a joke, and that I can see you soon.

62. A part of me will always love you because you were nothing short of an amazing boyfriend. I hope that you’re doing okay?

63. At this point, nothing makes sense without you. I just want the pain to stop, and I want you back.

64. Is it insane that I want you back months after our breakup? I don’t know how to move on without you, babe.

65. We should be picking vacation destinations, but instead, we’re nursing broken hearts. It hurts a lot, baby.

66. Maybe you should give me tutorials on how you’re able to move on this fast because my world isn’t okay without you in it!

67. There’s only so much a heart can take. I miss you so much, babe. I just want you to call and say that you want us back.

68. My life revolved around you. Now that we’re no longer together, how am I supposed to change things back to how they were before you?

69. Our love story was my favourite. I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone to love me as you did. I miss you.

70. Even I can feel that my spark is gone. You’ve taken away everything with you, and I’m just left with shells.

71. Life without you hurts. I hope I get over you soon because I don’t want to end this year feeling so low.

72. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over you. Worse is how I don’t think I ever want to be over you. I miss you so much, boo.

73. It sucks that we’re no longer together. Please, can we find a way to make things work again? I know that we’re now wiser than before.

74. Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Because you seem to be doing okay while I’m hurting like crazy.

75. I’ve been trying to find an excuse to hate you, but it’s hard as you were nothing short of amazing to me. Can’t we try to make this work again?

76. I suppose good things don’t last for long. Because what we had was good and beautiful. I miss you, ex-boyfriend.

77. My memories are filled with us. Please tell me how I’m supposed to act like my world didn’t revolve around you.

78. It would help if you prepared me for life without you because everything inside me hurts from the pain of this breakup.

79. I’m still living in the past, and the painful thing is I don’t want to move on. We were perfect together. What could have gone wrong?

80. What hurts the most is how I can’t reach you whenever I want. You’re still the first person I want to talk to when anything happens to me.

I Miss You Texts for Ex-Boyfriend

We may have agreed to this breakup, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I miss you so much, boyfriend, and there’s still nothing I wouldn’t do so I can have you back in my life.

81. You were my everything. I built my dreams, hope and expectations on us. Now that we’re no longer together, I don’t know what to do with them. It hurts.

82. Ask me to come back, and I will. I don’t think that I’m strong enough to live this life without you. Please ask me to come back.

83. No other man treated me as well as you did. If you knew we wouldn’t last forever, you shouldn’t have treated me so well.

84. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to have you back in my life again. I still love you so much, darling.

85. I miss having your arms around me and talking about nothing and everything with you. I miss everything about you, babe.

86. You’re made of really good stuff, and I can’t help but envy the woman you’ll end up with. I miss you so much.

87. You’re a good man through and through, and I wish we could work things out between us. I miss you a lot.

88. Of all the things I miss, it’s your laughter that tops the list. Knowing that I may never hear it again hurts a lot.

89. I miss hearing you read to me and telling me about your day. I miss you so much, your farts included. Can’t we try to make this work?

90. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a man like you because you were nothing short of perfect for me. I miss you so much, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

91. I sincerely hope that you’re happy wherever you are. Because even though I’m still hurting from our breakup, I just want you to be fine.

92. Forgive me for texting you so much, but I can’t see past my hurt right now. The memories of us will not stop haunting me and hurting me afresh.

93. It’s the little things that hurt even more. I hope that I find the strength to let go someday because I’m so not over you.

94. I miss arguing with you. Lord knows that I’d opt for our fights rather than this silence. I miss you so much, darling.

95. Before you, I hadn’t met any man that understood me as well as you. I don’t even know if I’m ever going to meet someone that would get me as you did.

96. I just want to be in your arms again and to pretend that the past months didn’t happen. But I’m now stuck with occasionally telling you that I miss you.

97. Even if I wanted to, I could never forget you. In the time we spent together, you were my everything! I’ll always miss you.

98. I miss the quiet and loud times. I miss you tickling me, making me breakfast and making love to me. I don’t like this life without you.

99. I didn’t think there’d ever come a time when I couldn’t reach you. I wish things could go back to how they were. I miss you.

100. I’ve gotten so used to you, and it’s going to be hard to stop my yearning for you. I miss you, baby boy.

Thank you for going through these I miss my ex-boyfriend quotes and messages. I hope that they help you find the comfort and closure that you need.

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