I Am Bent but Not Broken Quotes

I Am Bent but Not Broken Quotes

Like most people, you have experienced setbacks in your life that nearly put you down for the count. These setbacks were very painful and when you’re in pain, it’s hard to understand why bad things happen. But the truth is that even in our darkest moments, there are always reasons to be grateful.

You might have gone through a lot it seems you will never recover, but you can choose to be strong and tell yourself that though “I am bent, I will not be broken”. Fortunately, with the help of family and friends, you got back on your feet again. You learned the value of perseverance. You saw that bad times don’t last forever. You were bent but not broken.

That is why we need to remind ourselves that we don’t have to let the difficulties of life knock us down. No matter what happens, we can all overcome them and come through stronger and wiser than ever before.

So whenever you feel down and hopeless, find comfort in these beautiful I am bent but not broken quotes.

I Am Bent but Not Broken Quotes

Bad things happen but you’re stronger than you know. You can say to yourself “I am bent but not broken” You can see the bad thing that happened as just a hiccup. It wasn’t the end of everything, it was the beginning of something new. So take the leap and live your best life.

1. It may not seem like it now, but you have the power to change your life for the better. The difficult time you are going through now might have bent you but you are not broken. You have this power inside of you right now and I know that you can use it to overcome anything.

2. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned. Things happened that bent you but you are not broken. You can still stand and see the good in life.

3. Although life may throw us curve balls all the time and bend us but we can choose not to be broken. They are to make us strong and persevere until we gain victory.

4. You will face tough times, but you can get through them. It might bend you but you can refuse to be broken. You are stronger than you know, you are your own hero, so get out there and save the day.

5. We are all humans and we get knocked down sometimes. Whether or not we’re strong enough not to allow ourselves to be broken depends on how hard we’re willing to work at it.

6. Bad things happen but you’re stronger than you know. It is not the end of everything, you are only bent and not broken. It is the beginning of something new. So take the leap and live your best life!

7. Bad things happened that bent you but you are not broken. Looking ahead to the future, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel that will help you through this difficult time.

8. You can still stand and see the good in life. You are bent but not broken. Life’s greatest victories are not won by waiting for the storm to pass, it is by learning to dance in the rain.

9. It’s alright. You’re not in this alone. Some things get messed up, sure, but you’ve come this far even though you were bent. You refused to be broken and you can make your own path, so show the world what you’ve got.

10. We all struggle in life at times, and that’s part of what makes us who we are. It’s about getting back up after you’re knocked down and trying again. It’s about refusing to be broken even though you are bent.

11. Even though you’ve been through a lot, you’re still here. Bent but not broken. You have a lot more to offer the world. Get up, smile, and seize the day!

12. Don’t be down on yourself because things will eventually work out. You have the strength and the determination to overcome all obstacles in your way. And you are one of those ‘curve ball’ people who will be bent but not broken. You will stand up and overcome the problems life throws at you.

13. It’s true, life’s not always a picnic. Everyone has it tough sometimes because we’re all human. Even though things can be difficult and can even bend you, you can refuse to be broken. There are ways to get through the bad times and you are capable of finding them.

overcoming any challenge that you face.

14. No matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone. We all struggle in life at times, we can get bent but we can choose not to be broken, and that’s what makes us who we are.

15. It can be difficult to keep up with life when it throws curve balls at you. But remember, we all go through good times and bad times and some of the bad times might bend us. But every of it is preparing you to come out better and stronger.

16. It’s tough, but get through it. There are things in life you can’t control, but you are the only person who knows what’s going on inside your head and you’re the only person who can choose to refuse to be broken. You’ve got this.

17. I am standing, steady and I am not falling anymore. I fell down, but my spirit is not broken, even though my body is bent. I don’t need other people to push me up, I will stand on my feet without leaning on others. Everything will be okay in the end.

18. Sometimes, we go through hard things but it shouldn’t weaken us. Though we will get bent, let us refuse to be broken. This will helps us grow stronger so that we can get through the next challenge. I promise you, you are stronger than you think.

19. It’s okay to struggle sometimes and even end up getting bent but not broken. That’s how you know you’re doing something right. Keep going and don’t give up.

20. The purpose in life is to learn and grow from our experiences, including the bad ones and we might get bent in the process, but we can make the best of it. You can get through the hard times. Don’t give up on yourself!

21. Life can be challenging, but you’re not in it alone. You have the power to make things better. With persistence and effort, you can reach your goals and succeed at whatever you put your mind to.

22. Life can be hard, but it’s not forever. There are good and bad days to come. There may be storms today that will bend you but those storms will pass.

23. It’s okay to fall down sometimes. What matters is that you know how to get back up and brush yourself off. It’s not about who you were or what you did, it’s about what comes next.

24. It’s hard to maintain your optimism and hope when life doesn’t work out the way you had hoped. When you feel like you’re falling apart, give yourself a break. Unwind, direct your focus on something positive, and be gentle with yourself.

25. There are tough times in everyone’s life that can bend one, but it’s important to know you’re not alone when they happen. The world isn’t always kind and bad things happen to good people.

26. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be sad, but don’t throw away your happiness because some bad things happened.

27. Life can be hard, and we all make mistakes. But when you do fail and you get bent, it’s about strengthening back up and trying again.

28. Life isn’t always going to be perfect. You’ll have your ups and downs. But, you’re going to get through this. Don’t give up.

29. In today’s challenging world sometimes things go wrong. Maybe I’m afraid of what could happen next or maybe I’m just not sure about my future. Whatever it is, I always tell myself that I am still standing, still fighting and still hoping for a better tomorrow.

30. Most of us have faced setbacks that almost brought us down for the count. These difficult times were painful but with the help of family and friends, we made it through. We learned the importance of perseverance and saw that hard times don’t last forever.

31. Don’t get discouraged. Be sure to fight hard, if you believe in something. It is not shameful to fall in battle, but it is shameful not to fight for what you believe in.

32. Everyone has setbacks in life. Some are worse than others but they all come with the same lesson. Though you are bent, you are not broken and you have learnt not to give up.

33. Whenever we face hardships in life, we must continue to fight. It is not a shame to fall down as long as we stand up again. We need to keep fighting for our beliefs and values.

34. We have all experienced setbacks that make us want to give up. Life can be challenging at times, but you can overcome whatever is holding you back with the right tools, information and support. When you feel better, you’ll be able to help others to do the same. Everyone needs help sometimes.

35. The fight is not over until I win the battle. I will not surrender and lose my resolve. I cannot give up my will to fight.

36. Have you ever been knocked down and thought you would never get up again? But you did. Somehow, you found the strength to give it another try. That is because you were bent but not broken.

37. There will come a time when my fight will be complete. And though I may stumble now because I am bent, I shall rise again. I believe in what I am fighting for and that is enough to get me through today.

38. Sometimes, the thought of getting back on your feet makes you want to curl up under the covers, but you know it’s worth it.

39. Don’t be disheartened. It’s okay to fall and it’s okay to feel defeated. But never give up, strengthen yourself up, and the fight will go on!

40. When you are experiencing a setback, it feels like it is the end of your world. You might be consumed by guilt, anger or frustration. But this isn’t the end of your story – it’s just the beginning. When you get over these feelings, you will begin the process of healing and finding a new purpose for what happened to you. You can become stronger if you let them teach you how to love yourself more deeply than ever before.

41. You see people with power around you and it feels like you will never measure up. Even though you are bent, keep moving forward because there is no doubt that you have greatness in you. Keep going!

42. When the going gets tough and you have reached your lowest point, remind yourself that you can always come back stronger. Don’t think about giving up on your dreams, but rather find a new path towards achieving them.

43. You’ll never know what you are capable of until you try. You’ll never find your greatest success if you don’t do the work. Take a step today, fall down, but get back up again tomorrow and try again.

44. Take a few moments to reflect and really feel that loving heart of yours. Remember, you are never alone, others too are bent but they are not broken. Reaching out to someone might be just what you need to find peace in a situation that may seem difficult right now.

45. I was bent but not broken, I can still stand, and see the good in life. The broken pieces of my heart are pieced together with scars… The bruises have all faded away, I am stronger. I have more wisdom now to share than before the fall.

46. When you get knocked down, remember that you have an opportunity to choose how you want to react! You can either be bent over or stand tall! Take a moment and appreciate your ability to make a positive choice.

47. You know what it is like to be bent but not broken. You have been heartsick when it seemed the world was moving past you and you are left behind. You have hope though, that despite the storms of life, you can rise up and see the good in life.

48. It’s easy to be discouraged and demotivated when life throws us a curveball. But it’s during these times when you must stand tall and find the good in it.

49. We don’t always have to be happy, and sometimes it’s okay to suffer. But whenever life’s challenges try to bend you and push you over, you can find strength through your own unique way of standing tall.

50. Most of us have been there when life takes a wrong turn. Some of us are shattered, but some are just bent. They can see the good in the world and still get up every morning and face their troubles head-on.

51. If you were to think about it, the wire is even stronger at the bend and curve than the straight line. Being bent brings more strength. It may be uncomfortable for a while but don’t forget that strong and flexible are better than stiff and unbendable.

52. You may be bent, but you are not broken. You may encounter terrible trials and still live. When we are broken, God can still make something good of our lives for His glory. He can mend our lives when they have been shattered to bits. He is able to remake us into new people.

53. The proper response to all of life’s challenges is simple, we are to stay strong and face them head-on. Let’s all take a moment to gain some perspective. Remember that no matter how tough things get, they’re not the end of the world.

54. Bent by the storms in life, you rise better than ever before. Be true to who you are and where you are going. Like an oak tree lives through fire and thunder, you stay the course through wind and rain.

55. It may seem like all hope is lost, but by remaining positive and remembering that life isn’t about the bad things, you are more likely to experience more happiness no matter what happens.

56. Life is tough, and sometimes things happen that we don’t like. But the important thing is that no matter what happens, we survive and move on, stronger and wiser.

57. The same mind that can be manipulated by fear, criticism, and negativity can also be transformed with love, praise, and encouragement. With optimistic thinking, you can become the person you want to be and make the things happen you want to happen.

58. We all need a gentle reminder sometimes that everything will be OK, and that even though we might be having a bad day, tomorrow is a new day where anything can happen. Life is tough and things happen to us, but we still need to keep going.

59. It’s easy to get lost in negativity. But, if you look for the light and choose to focus on it, everything will get a little easier. It can be hard to stand up again after failing, but if you want a better life, you have to try. There is no such thing as failure in life. You either succeed or you learn.

60. Afterlife hits you, you have a choice to curl up and be bent or stand and see the good in it.

61. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, leaving you feeling deprived of hope. But remember that when life gets tough, a person can curl up and be bent or stand tall and see the good in it.

62. When life knocks you down, you have to decide whether to lay there and let it define your future or overcome the barriers that have been put in front of you and rise to a higher level. It’s not about who we are at our lowest, but rather who we are at our very best.

63. Life is neither black nor white. Life is shades of grey. I thought it was supposed to be like the movies, but it’s not. It’s about shades of grey, where nothing is for sure and nothing is absolute.

64. Today is the day you start living. After all, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Starting from now, you can be a different person — kinder, gentler and more forgiving. Don’t run away from mistakes and failures; these are tools God gives us to learn from, so we can reach out to others.

65. It’s a new day. It’s a new you. You’ve made it through today and the challenges that came with it. There were some tough choices to make and you managed to get through them by making good decisions. You deserve to be proud of yourself.

66. I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

67. Not every day can be a good day, but you can still stand up and see enough of the world to find something good.

68. Life doesn’t get easier as we grow older. The challenges come faster and become greater. But it’s not about who we are at our lowest, but rather about who we are at our very best when we can face these challenges head-on and chart a new path forward.

69. Don’t let the setbacks that you have in life define your future. Use them as stepping stones to rise to a higher level.

70. Today is a new day, a new opportunity to change how you look at the world. From this moment forward, imagine that everything will be okay. The small missteps and minor setbacks you will experience today won’t stop you from achieving your goals. They teach valuable lessons that will help you help others in their journey through life.

71. For every dark night, there’s a brighter day. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them. If life gives you problems, solve them. If life gives you obstacles, overcome them. What life gives you is immaterial, what makes you who you are is what matters. What makes a person persevere and survive any condition is his or her ability to find the good in it and the strength to overcome it.

72. When you see the downside of something, you also see its upside because everything has an opposite side. You just have to find a way to turn the situation around into something that can make you better in character rather than affected by it negatively.

73. The difference between a good and great life can be as simple as a change of perspective. When you make the choice to rise up and overcome your obstacles, you are able to elevate your life to the next level.

74. Despite life’s challenges, you’re still here. That’s what matters. You have the strength and power to keep going, just as you had in the past.

75. When you find yourself lacking motivation, think about how others see you. You’re amazing and you can do anything that you set your mind to. Keep going and always keep fighting.

76. You have the power to create your own destiny. The difference-maker is you.

77. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they are to success when they gave up. Trust yourself, and you’re able to achieve what others only dream of.

78. Every day we wake up, there is an opportunity to make our lives better. Learn from mistakes instead of running away from them.

79. In this world we need more love. You can make a difference – be kind to someone, help them in their time of need. See a problem, be the solution. You can change your own life and that of others today by starting with gratitude and becoming light in the dark.

80. It’s time to wake up and make your life your own. The future is yours, so create the world you want to live in. Don’t give up when challenges come your way. Stay strong and keep smiling.

81. It is up to you to decide how you want your life to be. It’s important to live every day as if it were your last, this will encourage you to savour every moment and enjoy the little things in life that often go unnoticed. If you treat every day like it is your last, then tomorrow will be exactly what we make it.

82. Happiness is not a thing you own or something you lose. It’s a mindset, a way you choose to view the world around you. Happy people don’t have it all, they just know how to make the best of what they have.

83. Most people live an ordinary, unproductive life and then die. Only a few truly live and make a difference in the world. You can change that course and be one of the few that makes a difference. You can inspire others to embrace their dreams by living yours.

84. You made it. You were strong enough to fight through a million battles and you’re still here. The storm may have passed, but the flower has bloomed, the sun is still shining and you’re about to enjoy life in a new way.

85. You’ve experienced a lot and you haven’t fallen. In fact, you’re standing strong. You can overcome any obstacle or challenge because you’re strong and determined. You deserve to escape from your limits, experience new places and feel a sense of pride. This is your time to shine!

86. In a world where we all make mistakes, you’ve got to keep your head up and keep going. The past is the past, and once you get over it, you can start to focus on what comes next.

87. You are strong. You are loved. Through the bad, you remain standing tall. Keep fighting and always remember that you are worth it.

88. You can’t give up. You’ve got to get up and try, try, try! Every day is a new opportunity to do something amazing or learn something powerful. Don’t give up and fall back down. Keep trying, even if you’re failing miserably right now.

89. You were born with the power to imagine, and the ability to achieve. It is time to use it!

90. Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. You may feel stuck, but you’re not broken. It’s all about moving forward, one step at a time.

91. No matter the day, the moment or the mood, the world is still full of wonder and opportunity.

92. Sometimes life can feel like a never-ending roller coaster ride of happy and sad moments. Don’t let the bad moments get you down. Pick yourself up and carry on. Don’t miss out on all the good things that life has to offer.

93. You can’t always control how you are feeling, but how you face challenges and obstacles can give you the power to shape your life.

94. You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to. Live life in full and enjoy each moment, as you never know what tomorrow may bring.

95. Start each day with the ability to accept whatever comes your way, but keep in mind that there is always a bright spot in the dark.

96. There will always be times of trouble, but there will also be times of brilliance. Appreciate the moments and learn to shine in each one.

97. Even in your darkest moments, you’ll find a glimmer of hope if you just believe. Don’t give up hope because a new day brings opportunity and happiness is just around the corner.

98. Life will never be perfect, no matter how hard you try. It will always throw challenges your way and sometimes it’s best to just accept that things won’t always go as planned. If you’re having a bad day, don’t stress about it. Put on your favourite music and dance around the house or just forget about your worries for an hour or so. That’s the beauty of life. Even the bad days have their moments of happiness interspersed with the chaos.

99. When the going gets tough and you have reached your lowest point, remind yourself that you can always come back stronger. Don’t think about giving up on your dreams, but rather find a new path towards achieving them.

100. You know that impossible thing you’ve been thinking of doing but haven’t gotten around to yet? Do that thing now. The only way to do it is to get started.

101. Life has ups, downs, and everything in between. Life is a rollercoaster with highs and lows that tests our character and challenges us to meet life at its fullest, no matter the situation.

102. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. When you feel confused and without hope, it’s still worth fighting for a better life. No matter what you’re going through you are stronger than you think.

103. Since there’s no recipe for a “bacon salsa sandwich,” make your own masterpiece. Life is both sweet and savoury, so stay hungry.

104. Sometimes life is hard, and it’s the good, not-so-good and downright awful times that make us who we are. It’s important to appreciate everything that happens, even on the days when you’re wondering, when will this end?

105. Everyone has times when they feel weak or not good enough. Those are the times when we have to dig deep and find the strength to get us through. You can find strength anywhere, even in the most difficult of situations. Find the positives and capitalize on them to make your life better.

106. You are stronger than you can ever imagine. You are braver than you will ever know. You have the power and the strength to conquer anything that stands in your way. You have what it takes to be a true survivor.

107. Make the best of a bad situation and learn from it. Because life just keeps throwing multiple problems at you, turning you into an even stronger person.

108. Never, ever give up on your dreams. Keep pushing yourself forward and work hard, success is the result of a little effort every day.

If you’re feeling down after a tough day, this quote is the perfect way to help renew your faith. Share it with someone who needs some extra encouragement in their day and bring new light into their life. You don’t have to be down for long.

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