Happy New Month Messages to My Wife

Happy New Month Messages to My Wife (April 2023)

Your wife is one of the most important persons in your life. I’ve got to remind you so you don’t get too familiar with her and ignore your simple romantic responsibilities like this. I think you should send her some new month text messages which can brighten her eyes and make her look forward to the month. You can simply make use of any of these to make her smile at the beginning of this new month and of course beyond.

Happy New Month Messages From Husband to Wife

By sending these happy new month messages, wishes, greetings, quotes and prayers to your wife, you’re giving her a better chance to connect to brighter ideas, and feel so energized to get things done throughout the new month. Keep her inspired with the happy new month messages to my wife and more.

1. A diamond is known for its brilliance and beauty. You are my Diamond and you add brilliance and beauty to my life. May you continue to experience God’s beauty in your life. I love you. Happy new month, darling.

2. Happy new month, my love. I promise to be everything that brings a smile to you now and always.

3. I wish you a month full of bliss and blessings. May your cup runneth over now and always. Your King loves you more than brightness does the day.

4. God has placed you like a light that shines through for me when my world seems dark. I pray that may the good Lord continually help your light shine brighter and brighter. I celebrate my ever-radiant queen.

5. My Bae is a representation of goodness and beauty. I bless God now and always for the gift of you. I wish you a more profiting month, my love. Happy new month!

6. Bless are you in the field and in the city, blessed is the fruit of your body and the work of your hands. Happy birthday, my sunshine.

7. This new month, may heavens be opened unto my sugar so she can receive new ideas and take over her world. Love you immensely.

8. I wish my yummy cupcake a glory-filled and result-yielding new month.

9. Cheers to a new month, my joy. May you be intoxicated by the goodness and blessings of the new month.

10. Thank you, heavenly Father, for sparing this beautiful wonder of a woman for yet another month. I lift her up to you, please Lord, keep her and make her path straight this new month.

11. I wish my Wifey unlimited happiness as a new month unfolds. May her going out and coming in be ordered by God. Happy new month, Cupcake.

12. To the world’s most beautiful woman. May the new month bear good fruits for you. Love you crazy.

13. Shine bright like sunshine, beautiful as diamond and glittering like gold. I love you, my woman.

14. This new month, I pray your heart to be filled with the coolness and serenity and may your heart experience genuine peace and love. Happy new month, Bae.

15. Happy magical new month, my lady. You have an undying enchantment and I have been caught in the web of your magic.

16. You fill my heart with so many thrills. Having you as my woman is indeed a dream comes true. I sincerely appreciate you. Happy new month, Beauty.

17. To the sweetness of my honey, the brightness of my sun, the beauty of my flower. I pray for a prosperous new month.

18. You see my soul through my eyes. You know my worries even when I smile; you help me through difficult times. You are my sunshine. I will forever cherish you. Happy new month, my completion.

19. As the roses bloom at the touch of rain, so may you bloom every day in this new month and forever.

20. May you create an atmosphere of warmth and love everywhere you go this new month. Happy new month, Heartbeat.

21. Dear Lord, please fill the new month with pleasant surprises for my doe and may her smile be brighter each day. Happy new month, dearie.

22. May you be a blessing to everyone you meet this month. Happy new month, my wife.

23. By the end of this month, you will count your blessings, and lost count. Have a graceful new month, Doe.

24. Receive God’s grace of acceleration as you start a new month. I love you, dearie. Happy new month.

25. You are such a special being. I love you forever. Happy new month, my own.

26. May the new month be the best month yet for the love of my life. Happy new month, Baby

27. Each day, my love for you grow bigger. I love you immensely, my lady and I wish you a month filled with love.

28. I pray for a bigger, better and more graceful you as you begin a new month. Love you, yummy pie.

29. This month, my wishes are simple. I pray to love you more, I pray to love you much more and I pray to love you with every element in my body. Happy new month, Queen

30. I wish my woman every good thing she ever wished herself. Love you, Honey. Happy new month.

31. I am so thrilled; this month, there is be an addition to my family. Dear God, give grace, strength, blessings and heavenly joy to my Queen as she goes to the labour room. Happy new month, my darling.

32. Sweetheart, I wish you the grace to achieve much than you have ever achieved in months past. Happy new month, my love.

33. Your thoughts inspire me, now you know why I never want to leave your side. You are God’s blessing to me. Happy new month, Beloved

34. May your troubles pass away like the past month. May peace engulf your soul. You know I love you, right? Happy new month, my heartbeat.

35. I pray that your glory is as visible as the Sun this new month and always. I cherish you, sweetie.

36. I am excited about the new month. We get to make new plans, catch more fun and do more together. Happy new month, Baby.

37. I am super grateful for doing another new month with you. Happy new month, my love.

38. My forever girlfriend and wifey. I bless you with every blessing embedded in this new month. I love you as ever.

39. A happy new month to the queen of my life and the mother of my children. God’s blessings all the way

40. Bright and beautiful are you amongst women. May you never lose your essence. Happy new month, Baby.

41. No one can stop the sun from shining, no one will be able to stop your prosperity this month and ever. Love you to bits. Happy new month, best friend.

42. Hurray! It’s a new month, a new beginning. I pray for my wifey; strength, favour and honour in Jesus name. Love you, Beautiful

43. You are the battery of my life. May you always be healthy, peaceful and joyful. I love you, dear. Happy new month, Baby.

44. Yay! It’s a new month and the month of your birth. I cannot keep calm. May the Lord make this month the best month yet for my sweet queen. Love you crazy.

45. I am glowing because I married a proverb 31 woman. May God continually enrich you, my woman. Happy new month

46. Trust me! We will make more pleasant memories this month. I am so grateful I got married to you. Happy new month, my love.

47. I am so happy about this month because it is the month of our anniversary. I never regretted marrying you. Love you more. Happy new month, Bestie

48. A happy new month to the mother of my kids. I pray for you everything God has in mind to do for you. Love you loads.

49. Forever and ever and ever is my love for you. You not only complete me, but you also excite me. Happy new month, life mate.

50. May the cord of our love be strengthened by the grace of God. Happy new month, Honey.

51. I appreciate the woman you are. You are such an intelligent and dogged woman. I cherish you every day. Happy new month.

52. To the most beautiful amongst women, Happy new month.

53. As the days of this month passes, may our love be strengthened. Happy new month, Sugar.

54. I pray we continually be the source of happiness for one another. Happy new month, my perfect match.

55. Happy new month, my baby. You know I love you, right? Keep basking in grace.

56. The way you love me make me appreciate life more. Thank you for making life meaningful. You are a true definition of a woman. Happy new month, my woman.

57. You are a true definition of a wife and a mother. You are so strong and wise. Thank you for letting me be your husband. I will never take this opportunity for granted. Happy new month, Wifey

58. This new month, may the breeze that blows on you gives you calmness, may heavens be opened unto you and the earth yield only her best for you. Happy new month, Bae

59. I usher my most beloved into this month in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. May she enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. I love you, Baby.

60. I desire to spend every day of this month in your embrace. I truly cherish you. Happy new month, Babe

61. Surely goodness, mercy and I shall be your daily companion. Happy new month, Cutie.

62. This new month sure has a whole lot of goodies for you, wifey. Love you back and forth. Happy new month, Sweetness.

63. You complete me, in short, you are the best part of me. Happy new month, Soul mate.

64. This new month presents another opportunity to continue living with and I am super grateful to God. Happy new month, Sweetness.

65. You are an answer to my prayers. This new month, may all your good desires be met. I love you, my queen. Happy new month.

66. To the most important person in my life. Happy new month, my ever-loving, cheerful and beautiful wife.

67. I cherish each day I have spent with you and I will always look forward to more. I pray for a long life with you, my cute Barbie. Happy new month.

68. Dear God, I lift the woman reading this unto you. Please, make her a representation of your almightiness. Happy new month, Sweetheart.

69. May you always encounter things that will bring laughter to your mouth. Happy new month, my love.

70. I am always so happy to be your husband. Thank you for the privilege. Happy new month, my wife.

Sending your wife a simple text as any of this can just be the perfect gift for the day and special month. So, what are you waiting for? You should pick any these messages and send them to the right quarters ASAP. Winks.




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