Happy Birthday to Son of My Friend

Happy Birthday to Son of My Friend

Celebrating our friend’s special moments is essential and it keeps the bonds of the relationship stronger. From birthdays to anniversaries and some other special days in their lives, wishing our friends well on their special day makes the joy of friendship live long. But I also thought about this; remembering your friend’s family’s special day would make a lot of difference too. Let each family member share in the love as you wish your friend’s son a happy birthday.

As you send your gifts and enjoy the party, you can always send a word of prayer and wishes to your friend’s son. You know words leave a lasting memory in our hearts. So, why don’t you make your friend’s son’s birthday a memorable one by sending one of these beautifully crafted messages to your friend’s son on his birthday? Spread the love, share the joy and send your happy birthday prayers and wishes. I’ve got it sorted out for you.

Read through and pick one or more from these happy birthday to son of my friend wishes and you can always come back for more.

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Let’s get started.

Happy Birthday to Your Son My Friend

Son, every day I cherish you as my own son. You have become more than a friend’s son to me. I pray for you that your days will be beautiful and perfect in all your ways. I join your parents to wish you a happy birthday with lots of love.

1. I’m glad to be a part of your family. It gladdens my heart to watch you grow and bring so much joy to my friend. I wish you a happy birthday full of light and love.

2. Happy birthday to my friend’s son. I pray that your dreams come true and every promise of God upon your life will be fulfilled. Your life will bring us joy, dear.

3. I pray that your life will bring us joy and not shame. Blessings and not reproach. Grace and not dishonour. God will be glorified in your life at all times.

4. Welcome to your new beginning. I usher you into a beautiful new age of blessings and love. You will experience sweetness in all your ways. Strength is yours always.

5. Happy birthday, son. I call you son because you are dear to my heart. More than being your mother’s friend, we have become sisters and my heart rejoices with you as you celebrate your birthday today.

6. Your days are blessed and you will never experience sorrow and setbacks. Forward ever and peace on all sides. Happy birthday to you.

7. It’s my friend’s son’s birthday and I’m really excited. All the light and joy as we celebrate our son together. Yes, our son. I wish him long life and strength to achieve all that he desires.

8. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. God will see you through and make your ways prosperous. Happy birthday, my friend’s amazing son.

9. I cherish the man you are becoming and I pray that you continue to triumph over every distraction. Excel and win grounds as you grow. It is a beautiful new age.

10. You bring joy and happiness to the family. I pray it will never become sorrowful. Your strength won’t fail you and your life will be beautiful at all times. Happy birthday.

11. I’m wishing my friend’s son a happy birthday. I wish you health, strength, peace of mind and prosperity. You will never lack anything good.

12. As we celebrate you today, dear son, we won’t mourn over you. Rapid growth and excellence in your hands as you grow older. Celebrate, son.

13. My friend’s son is plus 1 today and I celebrate all the memories shared with him. It has been a blessing and I pray it will always be a blessing. I reject every negative influence on you as you grow. Happy birthday.

14. I wish you a life filled with joy. You will never experience pain and just when it seems everything is falling apart, God will come through for you. It is a wonderful day and I celebrate you.

15. I celebrate your uniqueness and I bless God for giving you to my friend. We adore the man you are becoming and we pray you will not get distracted until you fulfil your goals.

16. Happy birthday, dearest one. I wish you a safe journey through life. You won’t be stranded and your growth process will come with ease.

17. It’s celebration time with my friend’s son. I pray that you will always be the pride of the family. We will see you and rejoice and your dreams and desires will come through for you with ease. Happy birthday.

18. Another day to celebrate. Another day to wish you well. Another day to bless God for the grace to have you. I wish you a happy birthday, son.

19. Guy, you are looking more like my friend every day. I can see the rapid change in you and I pray that you won’t be retarded. Nothing will slow you down and you will surely get there. Happy celebration, son.

20. You make us smile and laugh. You make having a son so much fun. I’m proud to be your dad’s friend. I pray God’s promises over your life will be fulfilled and nothing will alter your growth.

21. Happy birthday to my bright son. Your father adores you and as your father’s friend, I wish you all the good things your father wishes for you and I pray every wish will come through for good.

22. It’s time to celebrate a Champion! I wish you all-around blessings. Your cup runs over and God’s grace will see you through. Keep winning, Champ!

23. Your path drops with fatness and your light shine to the world. You are so amazing and God will open doors of opportunities for you at every turn of your life. Have a merry birthday.

24. It’s your day, son. Dance, play, celebrate and have fun. You are the celebrant and you can enjoy your day any way you want to. God bless your heart sweet one.

25. You are not limited because of your weakness, but you are strengthened to do more every day. Always remember that you are strong and able at all times. I love you, dear.

Birthday Wishes for My Friend’s Son

I wish you a happy birthday, dear son. Your parents have become a huge part of my life and I’m grateful for having them beyond just friends. I wish you a favour in all your ways and grace to succeed in life.

26. I wish you many happy returns. Your words are seasoned with grace and you will know peace and love in every way of your life. I celebrate you with my friend and I bless this day of your birth.

27. Your new age looks so good on you. Outstanding testimonies and permanent miracles will be yours forever. You will never experience sorrow. Happy birthday to you.

28. I’ll celebrate you a million times over because you deserve it. I wish you a long life ahead. Lines fall to you in pleasant places and all things work together for your good. You are precious.

29. It’s a blessing to celebrate this day with you. Your life will inspire goodness in others and we will see your breakthrough. Grace to you, son and wisdom to succeed.

30. I pray that you will experience sweetness in all areas of your life. Opportunities to progress will come to you with ease and you receive clarity to win in everything you lay your hands on. Happy birthday.

31. Dear son, I welcome you to a fresh start and a season of abundance. You will find peace and quiet life. Your ways are blessed and you are renewed to do more.

32. I wish you knowledge that will open you to possibilities. You will find hope in trying times and whatever comes your way, God will give you victory over them. You are blessed and lifted.

33. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest. I love how you handle tasks from a young age. You won’t lose your relevance and grace to do more rest on you now and always.

34. You are blessed beyond every curse. Lifted beyond limitations. Favoured beyond your imagination and graced to do excellently well in all your endeavours in life.

35. You are a star and you keep shining bright at all times. I wish you long life and peace through your ways in life. Happy birthday, son.

36. I’m glad to know you as my friend’s son. I want you to know you are more like a son to me and I love you every day. God bless you and increase your capacity to win always.

37. Learn to be positive, son. It will help you navigate through life with ease. I wish you a happy birthday filled with all your heart desires. May your dreams come true for you.

38. Struggle will be far from you and you will experience victory now and always. I celebrate the man you are becoming and I wish you all that you will need as you grow.

39. Bitterness will be far from you at all times. You won’t regret your life and God will give you the wisdom to decide on positive goals. You are a winner. Happy birthday.

40. To my friend’s son, I wish you knowledge and understanding to implement everything your heart desires. You will not die young and beautiful experiences are yours at all times.

41. Happy birthday to the strongest son I know. You are more than a friend’s son, but one of my children too. I pray that goodness and mercy will follow you every day of your life and you will succeed with ease.

42. Welcome to a new age! I wish you a splendid day and I hope it brings light and excellency to your life. You are blessed and favoured, dear son.

43. My friend’s favourite, you are so amazing and I pray that your parents will always see you and rejoice. We won’t mourn over you and you will have great success in all your ways.

44. Happy birthday, baby boy. Your new age is blessed and you are highly favoured. Grace to do exploits rest on you and you do exceedingly well in all your endeavours.

45. You are blessed before men and God. Doors open to you and you will never struggle to find your way in life. Your feet are established and you have victory on all sides.

46. Happy birthday to our World Champion! You give my friend joy and I see the light of joy and hope in you at all times. That light won’t go dim and your joy will be full.

47. To my best friend’s son, I wish you all the best. You are blessed in all your ways and mercy speaks for you at all times. We celebrate you, son.

48. I’m wishing you a Happy birthday, son and I pray that you will experience sweetness in life. You won’t feel pain and grace will spread throughout your life. Every day is filled with bliss for you.

49. Your best days are here and you will never have a cause to regret the day you were born. I bless you and ask that God will make you overflow with abundance at all times. Happy birthday, son.

50. Dear friend’s son. You know you are mine as much as you are your parents. I cherish you and I wish you all the good things in life that will make your path prosperous. Happy birthday to you.

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