Happy Birthday in Advance Wishes for My Son

Happy Birthday in Advance Wishes for My Son 

Life has become so complex that everyone seems to be in the fast lane.
We become so busy that sometimes we forget to wish our loved ones well on their birthday.

Birthdays are special moments that call for special celebrations with the celebrant. When it is your loved ones’ big day, forgetting to send a birthday wish to them, especially one as dear as a son can be heartbreaking.

Do you look forward to celebrating your son’s birthday in advance so you don’t get to forget his big day? Or do you want to celebrate and make him feel special before the main day?

One of the best ways to do this is sending advance birthday wishes as soon as the birthday comes to mind. Sending advance birthday wishes to your son will show that you do genuinely remember his special day and could also mean you want to be among the first to wish him on his birthday so your message do not lose among the many he will receive.

This collection of happy birthday in advance wishes for my son contain heartfelt wishes that will make your son feel super excited way before his birthday.

Happy Birthday in Advance to My Son

My happy birthday wishes for you is coming early because I want to be the first to wish you. This is because I care about you more than you can ever know son. I hope you have a really fantastic day filled with incredible moments that will turn into long lasting memories. Sending big hugs in advance, hoping you will have the happiest birthday.

1. A very unique and special son like you deserves every good thing in advance. Thanks to you dearest son that we can call ourselves proud parents. Happy birthday in advance.

2. My son, you are the greatest treasure I have in my life. This is why I want to give you a special advance birthday gift and send you a special advance birthday wish. Happy birthday, God Bless you always.

3. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of pride when you get to see your little son, grow up so wonderfully into such a gentleman. Your birthday is an amazing moment for me I can’t help but celebrate it in advance Happy birthday to you.

4. My son, you see the world through eyes that never forgot love. You deserve to receive birthday wishes in advance. May all your prayers be answered, and may you have everything you have ever wished for. Happy birthday.

5. I feel so fortunate to have you as my son because you are a light in my life. I want to be the first to say warm words to you and so I wish you a happy birthday in advance.

6. I thank God for creating a soul like yours and making it a part of me. I wish this birthday turns out to be the best one of all previous birthdays. Happy birthday in advance my son.

7. You’ve been a great source of happiness to your father and me. We want to congratulate you in advance because we believe after our words a festive mood and a happy smile will come to you. May the holiday be long and unique. Happy birthday, son.

8. You never failed to make me happy. I am so blessed to be your mother, you are truly a special person sweetheart. I am sending you happy birthday wishes in advance with all my love and wonderful gifts.

I9. I know it’s early but I wanted to say happy birthday in advance. You are naughty, intelligent, nice and fun to be with. I hope you know we love you and will always support you. You are my strength son.

10. You have always made me know that the love between a mother and child is the best thing. Thank you for your love. Here are a lot of hugs and kisses for your birthday even before it starts. Happy birthday in advance my son.

11. There is no gift I can give you that compares to your presence. You deserve my love and my whole attention. Happy birthday in advance to you my amazing son, wish you a fantastic new year.

12. You understand me so well my son. You know when I am happy or sad and what I want at a particular time, you complete me. And I also know you like it when people wish you a happy birthday in advance, so I wish you a great and memorable birthday.

13. Son, I am so happy that God has blessed me with a son just like you. These early wishes are just a reminder of how much I love you. Happy birthday in advance, may you have a fabulous celebration and a great year ahead.

14. I have always known you will grow to be a great man. Thank God for showing you the way. And I know you like to receive early birthday wishes, so happy birthday in advance my son, wish you lots of luck and happiness in the years ahead.

15. Happy birthday to an exceptional son who has always been too good to me. I can’t but help and celebrate your birthday in advance to let you know how much you mean to me. Remain, blessed honey.

16. I thank God for the gift of a wonderful son like you. You are such a darling that a single day is not sufficient enough to wish you a happy birthday. So, I am sending you early birthday wishes with loads of love and affection. Happy birthday in advance and age gracefully.

17. It is impossible to tell you how thankful I am to have a son like you. You have made my life beautiful and wonderful. That is why I am wishing you a happy birthday in advance. May your new age be blessed with joy and happiness.

18. Even though your birthday is weeks away, I have already started feeling the vibes of your birthday. I celebrate with you as you add another glorious year. Lovely happy birthday in advance my son. You’re lifted.

19. My son, my hero. You have always been there to motivate me and to love me even in the darkest hours of my life. I saw a shooting star last night, though your birthday is weeks away I couldn’t help but make a wish for your happiness and good health. Happy birthday in advance.

20. You lift my spirit up whenever I am down and feel unaccepted by everyone. May your birthday be filled with amazing surprises, loving wishes and hopes for a better future. Happy birthday in advance my great son.

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

You have been exactly all that I prayed for in a son. You stand out in the crowd always and have been a source of joy and hope to me. You are too awesome to have just one day for your birthday celebration, so let’s celebrate one more day in advance. Happy birthday, dear, my warmest wishes are with you.

21. I know your birthday is in a couple of days, but it is never too early to wish a happy birthday to a son as incredible as you. You are a bundle of joy and happiness. May you excel in everything that you do.

22. Dear son, may all that you desire and deserve to be right at your beck and call in this new age of yours. Just as you deserve advance birthday wishes. Happy birthday.

23. I don’t have a precious pearl to give you my son, for being the most wonderful son anyone could wish for, but I have the most heart-tugging advance birthday wishes to make your birthday special.

24. This year I am sending birthday wishes to you ahead of time, to help you remember that you are truly loved and the best thing that happened to me. Advance happy birthday son.

25. You are unquestionably the best son ever, thinking of you alone gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. That is why I can’t wait to wish you on your special day. Advance happy birthday, I wish you unmerited favour in the coming years.

26. On your special day, I wish that in this your new age, you will shine like the sun and lead the path of men. Advance happy birthday son.

27. Before your birthday, I just want to say that sons like you make life not only worth living but extraordinary. My advance happy birthday wishes are the best gift for you.

28. You have been the best son in the world and I am definitely proud of all you have been. Keep it real. Cheers to your new age.

29. We have had our fair share of cheerful and gloomy moments as a family. But one thing that we celebrate with utmost zest every year is your birthday. Advance happy birthday son.

30. Only the most special people deserve their birthday wishes early. You are our priceless treasure. Advance happy birthday son, let the countdown begin.

31. Son, I just have to send you advance birthday wishes because you are very special to me. I wish that in this new age of yours, grace will take you to diverse places and you will win all your battles.

32. Dear son, may God take away every ugly scene out of your story in this new age and make every moment a memorable one for you. Advance happy birthday.

33. I am grateful to have you as a son, I pray as you turn a year older, may you become the very best in all that you do. Advance happy birthday.

34. My son, I wish I could celebrate with you on your birthday. But as I can’t this year I am wishing you all the best in advance. I pray that you will be blessed and favoured amongst all of your mates. Happy birthday.

35. Advance happy birthday, son. I wish and pray that from this day henceforth to the day of your birthday and the years beyond, good fortune shall meet you in whatever you do.

Advance Happy Birthday My Dear Son

Aside from being a son, you have also been a very good friend and companion. And only good friends think of ones birthday well in advance. May every good thing that you desire to come to you and may your new age come with lesser stress and uncountable reasons to rejoice. Happy birthday, dear.

36. Dear son, you’re the cause of my over-excitement, nothing really makes me happy like the reality of seeing you grow into a fine young man. Advance happy birthday.

37. A day is not sufficient enough to celebrate a wonderful son like you. I want your birthday celebration to begin at least a week before the special day. And I would love to be the first person to do that. Happy birthday in advance my love.

38. Little things make the difference in this world of ours, like sending advance birthday wishes. So remember to show a little kindness, help in the very little way you can. Cheers to your new age my son.

39. Son, I hope this birthday will shower unspeakable success and joy in your life. I am sending advance happy birthday wishes with my sincere blessings.

40. A sound mind and good health are my wishes for you in this new age. Enjoy another phase of extraordinary favour. Advance happy birthday my son.

41. For the first time, I am not going to be around for your birthday and it’s really making me quite sad. Though I can’t do anything about that, I want to be the first person to greet you. Advance happy birthday my son.

42. I just have to send you an advance birthday wish to let you know your new age holds in it innumerable possibilities of greatness, make the best out of it. Happy birthday, son.

43. Son, I am sending you an advance birthday wishes to remind you that the birthday is a new beginning to aim and pursue great things. Wish you an incredible year.

44. I can’t wait to Congratulate you on your initiation to adulthood, that is why I am sending you advance birthday wishes. Happy birthday, son, may every of your dream bear fruits this year.

45. Your birthday is coming up and I wanted to send my best wishes your way in advance of your special day so that my message doesn’t get lost amongst the mountain of wishes you are bound to receive. Happy birthday, son.

46. Every year when we celebrate your birthday, I take out time to appreciate God for answered prayers. And this year I want to thank Him in advance because you have been a wonderful blessing to us. Happy birthday, son.

47. Your special day is almost within reach my son, and I am super excited about it. I can’t help but send you an advance happy birthday.

48. Dear son, in whatever you do just bear in mind that I am your biggest fan and I promise to stand by you no matter what it takes. Advance happy birthday.

49. I am sending you some advanced birthday wishes, to show you just how important you are to me. I hope that your special day is filled with
love and happy moments and that you are able to just let loose and have a great time. Happy birthday to you my son.

50. These advance birthday wishes are just a reminder of how precious you are and how much I love you, my son. May you achieve whatever you want in your life without any struggle.

It is better to wish an advanced birthday than to be late. Hope your son have a super celebration as you send one or more of these happy birthday in advance wishes for my son above.

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