Happy 91st Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes for Wife

Happy 91st Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Wife

Your wife is a year older today even in her nineties, she’s needs more than a birthday party, she needs sweet words of love and happiness from her darling husband most especially.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to send her this lovely collection of happy 91st birthday wishes, messages and quotes for wife. And you will also find other ages categories in this collection, from 92nd birthday to 100 birthday wishes for wife.

Let the celebration begin!

91st Birthday Messages for Wife

Happy birthday to my ever-young wife. We may be old but our love is always getting better and sweeter. May this special day of your life unravel you with joy and peace undiluted. Happy 91st birthday, sweetheart. I love you!

1. Your life is a blessing to many but first of all to me, darling. You have been a source of joy and gladness to the whole family. It’s not just your birthday today, but another day to celebrate the love of my life. May your heart be made sweet and your life be enraptured by the peace of God. I love you so dearly, love. Happy 91st birthday to my better half!

2. It is actually very known to us that we can’t fill into your shoes as they are too big for us, your impact, love and care for your own is irreplaceable. We pray to God to bless you and deck you with more peace of mind, happiness undiluted and joy unreserved. Happy birthday honey, 91 years and more to celebrate.

3. My wife and my better half, all these years we’ve been together and one thing I am grateful to God for is Him giving me a faithful and lovely woman as my wife. I so much admire your sincerity, submission and love. What more gift can I give to you if not all the love, respect and all of my substances to my one and only. May joy, peace and happiness radiate your life all through. Happy 91st birthday, sweetheart.

4. To a lady so lovely, a woman so sweet and a wife so faithful, I say that this special day of your life shall commend to you a blissful rest from troubles and bring you joy and gladness even as you grey. May you celebrate 95, 97 even 101 and many more years in good health and a sound mind! Happy 91st birthday, love.

5. As you mark your 91st birthday today, darling, may you enjoy peace of mind, a life devoid of troubles and regrets. May you see more days on earth in sweetness and soundness of spirit, soul and body. May our love become stronger and stronger by the day. I treasure you so much, love. Happy 91st birthday to you!

92nd Birthday Wishes for My Wife

My wishes are beyond mere desires but my heart desires for my heartthrob. I wish you a life filled with happiness and joy unreserved. A body strong, a mind strengthened and a heart full of life and love. Happy 92nd birthday to you, my sweet young wife!

6. Nothing shall in no wise cut short your life, no sickness, no disease neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. Love and life, peace and joy, happiness and gladness shall be the order of the day all for you. These are my wishes for you, my dear wife. Happy 92nd birthday to you!

7. I wish you strength and agility to overcome every weakness and disease known to plague old ones. A body full of life and a heart saturated with joy and gladness, my wishes are all yours, my love. Happy 92nd birthday to you, sweetheart!

8. To my sweet wife, strong and beautiful, I wish you a happy, lovely and happiness filled 92nd birthday. Loving you is just inevitable for me. Happy 92nd birthday, my darling!

9. Many more returns of love, joy and peace for you. May this new year of your life commend to you, sweetness and blissfulness galore. May your heart be saturated with peace and happiness without any shade of pain. Happy 92nd birthday, my dearly beloved wife.

10. I wish you nothing but joyfulness, gladness and calmness within you and around you. I wish that we both will enjoy more life and the strength to love and cherish even for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Happy 92nd birthday, darling. I love you!

93rd Birthday Quotes for Wife

A wife and a mother you are. I can’t live without you, my love. Celebrating you is more than just a day. May you enjoy more strength and happiness upon all that concerns you. Happy 92nd birthday to a wife and a very wonderful one!

11. I’m making use of your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for everything that you are to me, you are indeed a wife and a better one at that. Happy Birthday, my sugar pie! May your birthday be as sweet as you are.

12. Today is a celebration of someone that is loved and greatly cherished. My beloved and my dove. Being 92 makes my love for you stronger than I can explain. Happy 92nd birthday, my sweetheart.

13. It’s your birthday! The uniqueness of this day is beyond just your birthday, cause for me, everyday is another time to celebrate you, darling. Happy 92nd birthday, love.

14. Hello my dove, don’t bother what anybody else has to say, you are mine, you will be more of mine and forever mine. Many more years to you, love. Happy 92nd, sweetheart.

15. You have changed my life and I will never forget that. To a sweet, lovely and faithful wife, happy birthday to you, my heartthrob. 92 years and still counting.

16. Happy birthday to a lady of worth and beauty even age is on your side. I celebrate you, sweetheart. May this new age be a wonderful year for you. Happy 92nd birthday.

17. My heart is now grey with you, you’ve gotten all of it. Celebrating you is equally celebrating us. I love you so dearly, darling. A happy and lovely birthday to you, my love. 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, even more, to surmount in wellness.

18. My sweet wife, my adorable life partner. Wishing you a happy birthday is definitely inevitable for me. You’re all I have, darling. A 92nd birthday! We’ve gone a long way and many more years to spend together. I love you, my sweetheart. Happy 92nd birthday, my wife.

19. I have a wife, I’m endowed with a mother, a sweet and loving life partner. A better half with uniqueness. All these years your heart and our love has kept us moving. It’s your 92nd birthday, darling, life, strength and happiness are all yours. Happy and lovely 92nd birthday to you.

20. I blessed the day we met many years ago. It’s just like yesterday. My love for you is being refreshed day by day. Celebrating your 92nd birthday is like celebrating our 92nd marriage anniversary. I love you so much, sweetheart. Stay strong, and lively.

94th Birthday Messages for Wife

One thing is certain, that my love for you is as fresh as when we first met. Now, it’s your 94th birthday, more love, more strength and more happiness. Happy 94th birthday, my wifey!

21. My heart has always been with you, and my soul is now one with yours. I loved you then, I love you now and still, I will love you forever. You’re my heartthrob, darling. Happy 94th birthday to you.

22. May your joy never diminish, may all that you see as joy and happiness never become sadness and sorrow for you. May we never be caught in the web of dark days as we age together. To my love life, I say a happy and happiness struck 94th birthday.

23. As you add another year to your age today, my wife, I pray that your life shall not be enraptured by any form of old age sickness or disease. A life full of strength and happiness shall be yours, my lovely wife. Happy 94th birthday to you, love.

24. Actually, you are my girlfriend because you are to me still very young, lovely and sweet. I celebrate my 94th aged girlfriend.

25. Happy birthday my lively and sweetness filled girlie. You’ve been faithful all these years. And I’m eternally grateful for the gift of a wife like you. Happiness and abundance of peace shall be yours, my sweet girl. Your handsome boy says, happy 94th birthday to you!

26. Nothing can take your place in my heart, all these years, my love for you is intact. Ninety-four is superb cause it’s another time for a wonderful love tour. Peace and joy shall be to you a life partner. I love you, darling. Happy 94th birthday to you.

95th Birthday Quotes for Wife

It’s your birthday, love. But to me is more than just your birthday ’cause every day is another day to celebrate and make you happy. Happy 95th birthday to my one and only wife!

27. A birthday with its own uniqueness all just for you. A year with more of sweetness and blissfulness shall be the remark of this year unto you. Happy 95th birthday, my better half.

28. Your heart is golden, my love. Having you in my life is like a box filled with various treasures of unfolding. Happiness struck and joyfulness galore. Happy 95th birthday to you, my love.

29. To my sweet, lovely, lively and energetic wife. I say a happy and lovely and blissful 95th birthday.

30. I celebrate you, my love. I celebrate you my queen and the mistress of my world. Happy 95th birthday to you!

96th Birthday Wishes for My Wife

I wish you more strength and more vitality and that you would keep on being as healthy as possible. Have a happy 96th birthday, my wife and queen.

31. Your heart is as young as ever, as lovely as when I loved you, and also as sweet as ever. I wish you a lively, lovely and happy 96th year darling.

32. I wish my wife a life filled with joy, peace, sound health and happiness. My joy, I am so happy I have you in my life. Happy 96th birthday.

33. All odds and unwanteds shall be cut off from your life, darling. I wish you a blissful and sickness free 96th birthday. I love you, sweetheart.

34. Strength unreserved, health condition sound and happiness unlimited. All these and much love are my wishes for you, darling. Happy 96th birthday, sweetheart.

35. A life devoid of pain and sorrows shall be your portion in this new year of your life. Happy 96th birthday to you, my dear wife.

What to Write in a 97th Birthday Card for Wife

A wife sweeter than wine, my intoxication. As lovers grow old so also their love grows more intoxicating. I love you my sweet wine. Happy 97th birthday to you.

36. May you heart be blessed and your body be rejuvenated. May you celebrate more years in good health and sound mind. Happy 97th birthday, my dear wife.

37. As the eagles age so also shall you age in strength. May your strength be renewed and your body be refreshed. Happy 97th birthday, love.

38. Having you as my wife has been one of the greatest blessings I am blessed with. I’m so honoured to be called your husband. Happy 97th birthday, sweetheart.

39. It’s your birthday darling, just three years to a century. I am so honoured and joyous to be celebrating it next to you. Happy 97th birthday, love. More strength and abundance of happiness.

40. May your body be strengthened, may your bones respond to life more and may your heart be filled with happiness and joy always. Happy 97trh birthday, my sweet wife.

98th Birthday Wishes for My Wife

A body so strong, a heart so kind and sweet, a life more impactful and lovely. That’s my wish for you. Happy 98th birthday to you, my wife.

41. To my wife, my dearly beloved, I wish you a life devoid of pains and troubles. May your body be revitalized and may you experience more strength both in your body and soul. I love you, my sweet old wife.

42. My sweetheart, my better half. Having you as my wife is a great deal for me. Much more celebrating your 98th birthday, it is a blessing for me. I wish you all the strength you need even to be like a 50-year-old. Happy 98th birthday, my dear wife.

43. May you live to see your great, great-grandchildren even in good health and sound mind. Happy 98th birthday, my love.

44. May you never be subdued by sickness or any kind of disease. May this new year bring you revitalization and refreshments in your body, spirit and soul. Happy 98th birthday, darling.

99th Birthday Quotes for Wife

A pre centenarian you are. A year to a century. May you enjoy peace like a river, may your heart be filled with joy in abundance. I love you, my sweet old wine. Happy 99th birthday.

45. Ninety-nine is an awesome year to celebrate much more having my wife celebrate hers. A life free from sickness and diseases shall you enjoy. Happy 99th birthday, wifey.

46. You are my wine, my sweet old wine. I cherish and love you the more even as you age. Happy 99th birthday, darling.

47. I wish you a happy, sweet, painless and blessed 99th birthday, my lovely wife.

100th Birthday Wishes for My Wife

Glory! You are exactly a hundred years of age today. I am so happy for you, my darling. I wish you a happy, lovely, strength-giving and wonderful happy 100th birthday, my dear wife.

48. Merriest birthday to the most awesome and wonderful personality in my life. Happy 100th birthday, my sweet loving wife.

49. Hello my beautiful strong and lively wife. I wish you the most awesome, beautiful and blissful year in this new year of your life. Happy 100th birthday, love.

50. Hello my sweet and respected wife, today makes you a year older, wiser, more beautiful and stronger. I wish you beautiful and kindhearted wife a happy 100th birthday.

Your wife deserves the best and the best I have prepared for you. Sending from this collection of happy 91st birthday is definitely nothing short of the best!

She’d be really happy and glad her husband is still very sweet and lovely as when you first met him.

Don’t hesitate!

You can also get in the groove by sharing your thoughts on this post as your comments will be so much appreciated and loved.

Also, you can also share with any of your friends or family that needs to celebrate his wife on her birthday.

I say a happy, stressed free and lively happy 91st birthday to your wife.

Thank you!

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