Happy 7th Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 7th Birthday Wishes for Son from Mum and Dad

When your son clocks 7, he is at that age where he is no longer a baby, but he is not entirely removed from being a baby as well.

This is because although he can begin to do certain things himself, there are also many things you have to supervise, and you still have to watch over him.

7 is also regarded as a milestone age as there are many things people associate with the number.

So, considering all these, you might be wondering how to wish your 7-year-old son a happy birthday.

Well, we have the answer here. Find below heartwarming happy 7th birthday wishes for son from and dad.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 7 Year Old Boy

The best 7-year-old boy I know is celebrating his Birthday today. Happy Birthday, my dearest son, the first to make me a parent. I love you, and my heart wishes for you to prosper and do great things on earth.

1. Just yesterday, you were one little baby. Now look at you; you are 7. Happy Birthday, my boy. I wish you the most beautiful year you have ever witnessed in your entire life.

2. Happy 7th Birthday, great boy. Who could have known that you are 7 already? Here is wishing you a very pleasant year. Enjoy your day today.

3. Up until this year, you have been doing wonderfully well in the previous years you have clocked. I do hope that as you clock seven today, you will continue to make us proud. Happy Birthday, my boy.

4. You’re such an incredible young boy. Nothing shall ever hinder your star from shining. You shall become who you have been destined to be. Happy 7th Birthday, my handsome little boy. Daddy loves you big.

5. It’s another joyous birthday! Happy Birthday to the smartest 7 years old I know. Having all your wishes met is what I want for you. Happy Birthday.

6. You are the best gift I have received in a long while. I hope you know that I love and appreciate your being in my life every day. Even if you don’t know that yet, I do hope you’ll find out someday. Happy Birthday.

7. I have never in my entire life seen any boy half as talented as you are. You do so much for one who is 7. I look forward to being amazed by you again this year, great boy. Happy 7th Birthday.

8. God blessed you from birth, boy. Everything about you so far has been purely remarkable. Happy Birthday. I hope that your marking seven this year will remain that way too.

9. You have every detail of my features, most of which even your siblings don’t have. Happy 7th Birthday to my twin.

10. Even though you are just 7, you barely forget things. You have a very sharp memory, and I love that about you. Happy 7th Birthday. Many happy returns of the day.

11. Whether or not you make mistakes, I will never stop loving you, my boy. Humans are meant to make mistakes. It’s only God that is perfect. Happy 7th Birthday, my cute 7 years old.

12. The angels shall continue to guide you; all your wishes are going to come true as you turn 7 today. You are loved and deeply cared for. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.

Happy 7th Birthday Son from Mom

Son, I had a difficult pregnancy, and it was almost as though you wouldn’t make it. But God kept you, and from then till now, He is still keeping and preserving you; Mom couldn’t be more grateful to Him. I pray you will fulfil your purpose in life. Happy 7th Birthday.

13. It doesn’t matter the profession you will choose to take on later in life but, let it just be seen that you have greatness within you and that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Happy 7th Birthday, son. Mum loves you so much.

14. I know how much you love to read and play with your books, but please, put the books away today and enjoy your special day. Happy 7th Birthday to my dearest son.

15. You made me a mum at a very young age, son. I thank God for you every day. I hope you have the best 7th Birthday ever. Your mum loves you super-duper!

16. You are my special son, whom I’m truly blessed to have. Your funny and witty talks make my heart cheerful and vibrant. Happy 7th Birthday!

17. Just as life without air is impossible. Similarly, life without you is impossible; you are the essence of my existence, son. I wish you a very happy 7th birthday. Mum loves you, always and forever.

18. I wish you a happy 7th birthday, son. This Birthday shall be the most wonderful one with loads of exciting memories. I, your mum, will make sure of that.

19. You do know that if I could, I would get you the world. As you mark your 7th year today, you shall continue to grow in wisdom and strength. Thank you for choosing me to be your mum.

20. You do know that 7 is a perfect number, right? As you clock 7 today, God shall perfect all that concerns you, both materially and otherwise. Happy Birthday, son.

21. I hope you know how loved you are. Never doubt that ’cause there is literally nothing I wouldn’t do to make you see how much I do love you. You have been a blessing to me for 7 incredible years, and I love that I get to celebrate you. Happy Birthday.

22. You have a very lovely personality, son. I love how everyone around shares a special bond with you. Here is to wishing you the best 7th Birthday ever. Happy Birthday.

23. You are a wonderful kid, and I’m happy that you are my son too. Don’t ever worry about anything; I’m going to take great care of you. Happy 7th Birthday, and welcome to your best year yet.

24. Happy 7th Birthday, son. I hope that all the dreams God has planted in your heart will come to pass. Wishing you the best on your special day.

Happy 7th Birthday Son from Dad

I think the best thing about being your dad is that you are mini-me. It was obvious from the first time I held you in the delivery room, but it still amazes me how much you resemble me. However, I pray that your life will be much better than mine. Happy 7th Birthday, son.

25. You have a big heart just like me, your dad. You are empathic and full of great goodness. Happy 7th Birthday, son. May your wishes today and every day be met.

26. Happy 7th Birthday to the most amazing kid I know. Your vibes are full of so much positivity. Thank you for making being a dad so easy.

27. What is there to not love about you? I believe you will make better choices in life than I did. Happy 7th Birthday, son. You have my support to any height you wish for in life.

28. You are made for more, son. Always try to be yourself. Being Your dad has been a great privilege. Happy 7th Birthday.

29. Your sense of accomplishment is so sharp. You always lead in everything you are involved in. Thank you for making me a proud dad, son—happy 7th Birthday.

30. May that beautiful smile on your face never be scarce. Keep being good, son. It’s going to pay off one day. Happy Birthday.

31. I hope your 7th Birthday brings you genuine love and happiness. Have fun, my son. Dad got you always.

33. The kind of attitude you portray is second to none. Raising you as my son has blessed me in so many ways. Have a wonderful birthday!

34. Your bands are filled with loads of blessings today, and as the great dad I am, I want to add more to it so that there won’t be enough room to contain it. Happy Birthday, son.

35. Your wittiness and sense of humour keep you fresh in the minds of anyone who comes around you. Happy Birthday, son. Thank you for bringing so much laughter to our world.

36. I enjoy every little time I get to spend with you, son. Happy 7th Birthday. Have a great deal of fun. Your dad has everything under control.

37. Happy 7th Birthday, son. Remember, you are just 7, so please, try and enjoy yourself today, leave all the worries to me. That’s what makes me your dad.

38. This is a wonderful day for a lovely son in the family. Happy 7th Birthday, son. Being a dad to you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. You rock my world.

39. I hope you get to enjoy all that you wished for today. Happy Birthday, son. You make me a happy dad.

40. I want you to have everything you desire in the entire universe today. And more than anything, I want you to always be yourself. Happy Birthday, son. I have never regretted being your dad.

41. Every time I look at your face, I see myself. Happy Birthday, son. Being your dad is one of the best things that happened to me. I’m so proud of you.

42. You blow my mind with brilliance. Sometimes, I wonder if it is just you or there is someone else, maybe a superhuman, acting through you. Happy Birthday, son.

Birthday Wishes for A Son Turning 7

My son is turning 7 today, and I can’t keep calm. Being a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I will always be thankful to God for the gift of you. My heart wishes you goodness and favour all the days of your life. Happy Birthday.

43. Happy 7th Birthday, son. Watching you grow has been amazing. You’re turning 7 today, and I know you’re going to excel this year.

44. Look who is turning 7 today! Happy Birthday, son. I’m sure you’re going to have lots of fun. Enjoy your day, dear. I love you.

45. Happy 7th Birthday, my son. I see you’re growing strong and making new friends. As you’re turning 7 today, you will never lack a reason to be happy.

46. I wonder what life without you would have been for me. Every year you’re turning 7 reminds me of all the blessings that have come from having you in my life. Happy 7th Birthday, son.

47. Happy Birthday, my handsome 7-year-old. You are an answered prayer to me and light to all those with whom you come in contact. Wishing you a glamorous birthday as you’re turning 7 today.

48. I’m grateful that I was the one God chose to bring you to this earth. I love you very dearly. Never forget that, son. You’re turning 7 today. I wish you the most pleasant year you have ever seen.

48. You’re turning 7 today, son. How exciting! Happy 7th Birthday to you. As long as I get to go through life with you, I have no problems. I wish you the very best of this new age.

49. Your smile is one in a million, son. Happy 7th Birthday. As you are turning 7 today, may you continue to be a cheerful kid. Have fun.

50. Hearty cheers on your 7th Birthday, son. I wish you a very big happy birthday. You do know that you mean the world to me, right?

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 7th Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday to my baby boy, my pride and the child of my youth. You make me so happy, and I am glad I’m your mother. My wishes for you today are joy and happiness forevermore. I hope you enjoy all we have planned today.

51. What a wonderful day to be born! Happy 7th Birthday to my baby boy. Here is to wishing you so many amazing memories.

52. Welcome to a brand new chapter of your life today, my baby boy. Keep growing in grace. Happy Birthday, I love you big!

53. This year’s Birthday is going to be perfect, my baby boy, ’cause 7 is a perfect number. Happy 7th Birthday. I wish you perfection in all that concerns you.

54. Happy 7th Birthday, my baby boy. This year is going to be a marvellous year for you; I’m so sure of it. Cheers to the new year!

55. I hope you get to experience the best of the things life has in store for you this year. I wish you a very happy 7th birthday, my baby boy. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

56. I’m the most privileged mum to have a kid like you. You are respectful, creative, calm, and full of fun. Have a beautiful day, my baby boy.

57. Happy 7th Birthday, my baby boy. I have so much faith that you will grow to fulfil your destiny. Please, keep aiming for the peak. Don’t ever relent.

58. You are a very, very special kid. I just love you so much. Wishing you a birthday filled with joy and fun memories. Have a beautiful 7th birthday, my baby boy.

59. My heart is full and overflowing with gladness today. Happy 7th Birthday, my baby boy. Here is to wishing you an extraordinary year.

60. I’m so proud of you, my baby boy. You give the warmest hug and the sweetest smile. Happy 7th Birthday. Enjoy. Your heart is full of so much love enough to go round.

Birthday Wishes to 7 Year Old Son

A big happy birthday to my 7-year-old son. My heart wishes above all things that you will never experience sorrow. Goodness and mercy will never depart from you, and you will never lose your smile. I love you so much.

61. Attitude is everything. I hope you won’t change this lovely attitude of yours as you grow older. Happy Birthday to my 7-year-old son. Enjoy your special day.

62. To the most adorable 7-year-old son and the last child that will come from my womb, happy Birthday! Welcome to a brand new year.

63. This Birthday is going to be 7 times better than your previous ones. Here is to wishing you a very happy birthday, my darling 7-year-old son.

64. Happy Birthday to my cute 7-year-old son. Always remember to stay true to yourself no matter what. I’m sure this year will be a fantastic one for you, sweetie.

65. Don’t worry about a thing; your Birthday will be filled with great fun and happiness. Happy Birthday, the latest 7-year-old in town.

66. You’ve already been counted lucky, as 7 is a lucky number. I wish you a very happy birthday. Now you’re 7 years old; we got a lot to do together, son.

67. You are such an amazing kid; what more can I ask for? I know how much you love to see everyone happy and together. Here is to wishing a fabulous 7, son. Thank you for being such a kind person.

68. Happy Birthday to my beautiful 7 years old son. I love the way you take schooling and studies seriously. Keep excelling, my baby.

69. I hope you enjoy every second of this Birthday to the fullest. Happy Birthday, my little 7-year-old son. Keep being honest, truthful, and loving. Cheers to the new year.

70. Happy Birthday, my precious 7-year-old son. You’re my greatest delight, the reason I have more faith and hope to live. God bless you always.

Happy 7th Birthday Messages to My Son

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet son. I hope you love the messages you have received so far. May your light keep shining brighter and brighter. I pray that your life will be a testimony of God’s goodness, and may you have many reasons to smile.

71. Your Birthday shall be filled with endless happiness, joy, and success. Happy 7th Birthday, my son. Giving birth to you made a huge difference in my life.

72. Happy 7th Birthday, my superstar. You’re so full of happiness and excitement today! Who wouldn’t? Have an amazing birthday, son.

73. Happy 7th Birthday to the smartest 7-year-old boy I know. You’re looking really great for your Birthday, son. I wish you many more adventurous years.

74. I’m blessed beyond measure to be your mum. Sharing your 7th Birthday with you is super exciting, my son. Happy Birthday!

75. Don’t you ever forget how much you mean to me; you are my wonderful son, and I will always be there for you. Happy 7th Birthday.

76. The joy I feel in my spirit knows no bounds today. Happy 7th Birthday, son. Keep growing in wisdom and strength.

77. As I celebrate with you on your 7th Birthday today, may you keep having celebrations throughout the days of your life. Happy Birthday, son.

78. Happy 7th Birthday, son. You shall grow better every day. I love you so dearly. Wishing you the best of the new year.

79. I have been reserving something nice for you, son. Happy 7th Birthday. There is a special box by the corner of your closet; open it. I hope you enjoy your special day, sweetheart.

80. This year is going to be a wonderful year for you, son. Happy 7th Birthday. Wishing you super-abundant blessings as you mark this new year.

81. I’m truly a fortunate dad; you have been literally amazing, son. Happy 7th Birthday. I hope you grow wiser, heartier, and happier with each rising of the sun.

82. I hope you’re ready to blow all seven candles on your birthday cake all out, my cute little son. Happy 7th Birthday. You deserve all the love and doting.

83. You gave me reasons to smile, hope, and live for. Happy 7th Birthday, my son. Cheers to a perfect 7.

84. You are all the inspiration there is in the world for me. Don’t forget that I love you with all my heart and soul, my son. Happy Birthday!

85. It’s my son’s Birthday today. Happy 7th Birthday, my darling son. Here is to wishing you an amazing celebration.

Happy 7th Birthday to My Son Quotes

One of my favourite quotes is that life is more than just about having things but about the people in your life. So, I’m very happy about the people I know will always be in your corner, my son. Remember to never take them for granted. Happy 7th Birthday.

86. You are the brightest star in my world, son. Happy 7th Birthday. I wish you the best birthday experience ever.

87. It’s my favourite son’s Birthday today. I thank God for you and all the things He has been doing in your life right from conception. Happy 7th Birthday, son.

88. You amaze me a lot, my son. Sometimes, I wonder where you learned everything you teach other kids. I know school is there, but you’re just full of pleasant surprises. Happy 7th Birthday.

89. I will always remember this day, the day I gave birth to the most charming little man on earth. Happy 7th Birthday, son. You deserve every good thing life has to offer.

90. You keep getting greater at school with every passing year. Happy 7th Birthday, my son. I permit you to spread your wings and fly as high as the heavens. Nothing shall ever stop you.

91. You do things way beyond a 7-year-old. I’m super proud of you, son. Happy Birthday. Lots of love, sweetheart.

92. You have the calmest spirit, son. I appreciate all your little help around the home and how much you are willing to learn new things. Happy 7th Birthday.

93. It’s the champion’s Birthday today. Happy 7th Birthday, my great son. You aim so high, and all I ever want to do is to support you all the way.

94. Each time I look at your performances, I feel so blessed to be your mum. Happy Birthday, son. Have fun today!

95. Everybody speaks highly of you. Sometimes, I wonder how a little boy of 7 can pull such attention. Happy Birthday, my son. I love you so much.

96. I will always be there for you, my son. Happy Birthday. It gives me so much joy to watch you do amazing things.

97. Honestly, I’m a very lucky dad. Not only did you take after my looks, but you also have my brains and agility. Happy 7th Birthday, son. 7 is a good year to soar.

98. Your laughter reminds me of how much I have that money can’t buy. Happy 7th Birthday, son. You remain my source of joy and happiness.

99. Any time I count my blessings, you are always among the top three. Thank you for choosing to share this journey called life with me. Happy 7th Birthday, son.

100. You always have a way of blessing my day. I don’t take your presence in my life for granted, son. Happy 7th Birthday. You’re my greatest feat. I love you way beyond what words could say.

Now, you have 100 happy 7th birthday wishes for your son at your disposal. You will, therefore, not run short of words when you want to celebrate your son on his 7th Birthday. Cheers!

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