Happy 70th Birthday Poems for Sister

Happy 70th Birthday Poems for Sister

Melt the ice in your dearest sister’s heart with something poignant and irresistible on her 70th birthday. Especially when you haven’t been a model kid brother/sister of recent. Poems are powerful tools of reconciliation. It’s like when a piece of ice melts when exposed to heat. Poems are the magical heat thawing the heat of anger and resentment.

For a life well spent, your beloved sister deserves a memorable birthday celebration on her 70th. Platinum birthdays are special. Not many older citizens make it to that milestone.

At 70, your sweet kid/big sister’s birthday demands sweet words, cute poems, touching quotes or words that remind them of wonderful times they have had in the past with you. Let your lovely 70th birthday poems to her take your treasure of immeasurable value down memory lane.

Put a beautiful smile on your dear septuagenarian sister. It’s an important age that promises no tomorrow. A decline in health might be inevitable from here, so now is the best time to celebrate a sister that’s more like a mother, friend, confidant and all, to you. Celebrating folks in their prime is way better than doing so in their sunset when they are more or less detached like a spectator.

Sisters are blessings from God; adopted or not; the bond is in the strength of the relationship. You can make her 70th birthday memorable. You can achieve this by writing a heartfelt emotion-laden poem to her. A poem of love and appreciation, laced with a touch of nostalgic memories.

A heartfelt birthday poem will certainly turn an ordinary celebration into a full-blown shindy! Well-crafted poems will set the tone for an amazing time. Your dear sister will love it!

Need help to make an unforgettable statement on your sister’s 70th birthday? Care to make a lasting impression on your septuagenarian sister’s milestone celebration? Look no further. You are covered. These lovely happy 70th birthday poems for sister are just perfect.

Happy 70th Birthday Poems for Your Sister

‘My sister, my entire universe.
Sounds like a cliche,
True nevertheless.
No poem good enough
To express your awesomeness.
We fight, we make up.
We gossip and cook up mischiefs.
Mirth is our aim.
Strong is our bond.
I love you so much, my priceless sister.
Happy 70th birthday to you.’

Make your dear sister’s birthday unforgettable with these touching happy 70th birthday poems for your sister:

1. A queen you are; regal, classy and noble.
Your love is the wind beneath my sail.
The anchor on whom my ship of success is moored.
If dependable has a name, that will be you, big sister.
If love is a brand that seeks a face to represent, yours it is.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister!
I adore you: you are the best!

2. Ageing? Well, no!
You aren’t ageing, you are upgrading!
You are hale, healthy and agile.
Happy 70th birthday to my beautiful sister.
The angel whose selfless love gives me wings to fly.
On a day like this, I need you to know, You mean the world to me.
You are loving, caring and awesome.
Have a wonderful platinum day celebration, sister dearest.
You rock, always!

3. My sister, my number one cheerleader.
My one-woman support system.
A one in a million sister like no other!
One whose smiles brighten my day.
One whose joy makes me smile with utmost satisfaction.
I am because you are.
Thank you for Being.
I love you to stupor, darling sister.
Happy 70th birthday to you.
Have a blast!

4. My sister, my world!
You are my entire love.
After you, is still you, all day long.
How can I lack sense or decorum when…
You are my brain reset button?
You are phenomenal; unique and special.
Happy 70th birthday, dearest sister.
I love you, now and always.

5. Happy 70th birthday to the one
Whose sacrifices are without the manacles of unrealistic expectations?
You are a rare gem, sis.
You are a superstar, no kidding.
One whose light glows from making others shine.
Selfless, kind and generous.
I love you to the moon and back.
Have a memorable day, darling sister.
You are the best!

6. Big sister: my biggest cheerleader.
Big heart, big giver, big dispenser of love.
You have the purest heart,
With arms so wide, it’s encompassing.
So open, it accommodates all.
Love like yours; so special, so rare.
Happy 70th birthday, precious sister.
You are incomparable!

7. It’s the world best sister’s day!
70? More like a golden celebration!
You are as ageless as you are priceless.
My beautiful sister, I love you like it’s going out of fashion.
I feel your motherly love in every corner.
Thank you for always having my back,
Even when you have to scold me without mincing words; it’s all love.
Happy birthday, dear sister.
Cheers to an amazing platinum celebration!

8. To know you is to know love in its purest form.
To know you is to enjoy premium, no holds barred care.
Happy birthday to my premium sister.
You are an amazing phenomenon!
You are a woman with a large heart
Accommodating, cheerful and mother of many.
You are a woman of excellence,
my mentor, my angel, my everything.
Happy 70th birthday to you, sis!
I celebrate you.

9. Happy 70th birthday to my loving sister.
You radiate so much warmth
That makes me feel squishy.
Your ready smile is as enchanting as it is reassuring.
Platinum does not wear away:
You will remain priceless and relevant.
May you glow like the sun,
Today and forever.

10. You are a priceless gem, sister dearest.
You touch lives everywhere you are.
Everyone and everything gets better,
Because you are a change agent.
May you sparkle like a diamond,
And glitter like a precious gem.
May you never lose your beautiful smile.
Happy 70th birthday, beloved sister.
Cheers to amazing years to come.

11. You are one of a kind;
A rare gem
A rare beauty
Loving, caring, and understanding.
You are always a delight to be with.
Your charming smile is the magic that dispels stubborn gloom and boredom.
So heartwarming, it melts the hardest heart.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister.

12. Life with you is different shades of gay, laughter and fun.
No false air with you.
You are as straightforward as they come.
Blunt but kind.
Strict but warm.
Happy 70th birthday, my one in a million sister.

12. I checked the internet; there’s no other match for you.
You are one of a kind.
Original, special and magnificent.
They do not make your type two in a lifetime.
I love you so much my heart threatens to burst.
Happy 70th birthday, beautiful sister.
Have a most splendid celebration.

13. Happy 70th birthday to an unrivalled party rocker.
You are a cruise
Grooving is in your DNA
Your zest for life is unmatchable
Your zeal for merrymaking needs to be studied at Harvard.
You party as hard as you work.
Loving you comes with no choice.
Have a blast, now and always!

14. It’s a great honour celebrating an icon.
On your platinum celebration, no less.
You are as special as they come.
I can’t help but blow your trumpet;
You are God’s special gift to me,
Packaged as a precious sister.
More like a mentor, friend, and much more.
It’s my superwoman’s day: yes!
May your heart be filled with bliss.
Happy 70th birthday, beloved sister.

15. A perfect day to make you know, How important you are to me.
My partner in adventure.
Daring, bold and unfazed.
You are loving, caring, and helpful. Everything a sister ought to be.
And much more!
Do you know how much I adore you?
Much more than you imagine.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister. You rock!

16. A standing ovation for a deserving icon.
The brain, powerhouse and bankroller behind my success.
You cheered me on to the spotlight,
Comfortably staying in the background.
You nurtured me with excess love.
I blossom under your watchful eye.
I am because you are.
Thank you, big sister.
Happy 70th birthday, to you.

17. You are always a bright spot.
You drip glory.
You love madly and totally.
Your obvious adulation for me
Is why I aspire to be more.
You are beautiful, trusting, kind and
I love you, kid sister.
love and support are incomparable.
Your help, invaluable.
It’s multiple scoops of fun having you as my brother.
Not a single dull moment with you.
You’re are delightful shades of fun.
Happy birthday, my sweet brother.

18. I tell you I want to fly, you ask me how.
You give me wings to fly
Get me a parachute and a rescue air cushion
Covering all the bases, while cheering me on to achieve my dreams.
Half-baked cake isn’t your cup of tea, so you go all the way for me.
Staying with me every step of the way
Till I, scratch that, till we succeed.
Happy 70th birthday to an amazing sister.
I love you. You are the best!

19. Older, but not old.
Forever young, heart and soul.
Your pranks are legendary.
Teasing is in your bloodstream.
Charming is your beauty
Caring is your logo.
Unrepentantly naughty, my sweet sister.
You’re the best kid sister ever.
Happy 70th birthday, dearest.

20. When life offers you a rare gift like my wonderful sister,
All you do is to relax and be taken care of.
Get ready for a jolly ride.
Never a dull moment with you.
You are my forever blessing.
I love you so much.
Happy 70th birthday, dearest sister.
Have a good one, always.

21. You are my fairytale godmother.
You celebrate my wins with gusto
Always reminding me you’re proud of me.
You are warm, cool, trendy savvy and unassuming.
You are kind to a fault, generous without holding back.
I love you so much.
Happy 70th birthday, my super-duper special sister.

22. I adore you, that’s a fact.
You mean the world to me, that’s indisputable.
If angels are human, you are one.
Adorable, helpful, insightful and full of life.
When your eyes light up in joy and your mouth quirk in delightful smile;
Everything becomes well with my world.
Happy 70th birthday, beloved sister.

23. You have always been there.
Always available to offer:
A helping hand
A shoulder to cry on
A soothing hug
Fun-loving companion and everything between.
I love you has to be the biggest understatement of the century.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister.
You are forever loved and cherished.

24. You are a bundle of joy;
Full of boundless energy
Always ready to give
Of yourself and your possessions.
No sacrifice is too much for you to put a smile on others’ faces.
You are my smiling angel.
I love you.
Happy 70th birthday, precious sister.

24. Life is beautiful when you are bestowed with the best gift ever:
My sister.
You are as kind as an angel.
Quick to defend me
Firm to scold where astray I went.
is catching.
The cup is always half full with you.
Your zest for life is fascinating.
Everything about you is amazing.
And I love you just so!
Happy 70th birthday, dearest sister
You rock!

25. No word ever invented can aptly describe your awesomeness.
You are life, breathe and personify so much love;
That it drips effortlessly in all you do.
Love so inspiring, pure and magical.
Small in stature, huge in status.
You are finer than the best vintage wine.
70 hearty cheers to you!!
Happy birthday, dear sister.

26. I have this peace from knowing
You have my back.
Same as I have yours, always.
Two peas in a pod,
Inseparable by life or its circumstances.
We are older, wiser and better.
Loving you is constant.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister.

27. Life is full of ups and downs;
Thankfully, you are the ups that melt down the downs.
You are my bundle of infinite delight;
Forever brightening my world with your infectious laughter and cheery presence.
Happy 70th birthday, sister like no other.
You are amazing!

28. My beautiful sister, loving, lovely and gracious.
The angel who shares my pains and gains.
The world may crash
Life may be sweet or sour
You can always count on me
Just as I count on you.
Sisters forever.
Happy 70th birthday, with love from me.

29. It’s a platinum celebration.
Happy 70th birthday to a slay queen.
Regal, elegant, polished and charming.
The unrepentant gang leader of mischief-making.
Uncontested CEO of merrymaking.
One of a kind you are, dear sister.
Your spunk is my energy booster.
I love you, always.

30. Happy 70th birthday to the legendary queen of pranking.
The humourous drama queen.
Teasing is in your DNA.
You are quite the beautiful charmer.
Caring, dependable and capable.
You’re the best sister ever.
Cheers to more splendid years.

31. Roses either if uncared for.
They bloom and respond to tender care.
I’m this remarkable person because you are this awesome sister.
I’m always ever so proud of you.
A big hug from me to you, with love.
Happy birthday to you, darling sister.
70 hearty cheers!

32. You don’t even need to ask.
If I could, I would give you the whole world,
on a silver platter and then, some!
No one can wish for a better sister.
I’m honoured to have the best in you.
On this special day of yours, I wish you nothing but happiness.
A toast to your health and well-being.
Happy 70th birthday, dear sister.

33. Your love is constant.
Your support is consistent.
Your help, invaluable.
You are always a delight to be with.
You are different shades of fun.
Happy 70th birthday, sweet sister.

34. You drip love.
You exude glory.
Your bark is worse than your bite.
You are beautiful in and out.
My sister, my all in all.
Happy 70th birthday to you.
I love you.

35. A big hug to my big sister.
On second thought, several hugs will do.
You deserve all the accolades.
For the readily available shoulders to lean on.
For the countless times, you got watched out for me.
For the numerous ones, you got me out of trouble.
For all the times we had loads of fun together.
Happy 70th birthday to the best sister ever.

36. To be sure, you are a treasure.
My happy place and comfort.
My solace in troubled times.
One who would go to bats for me,
Knowing I’d do the same for her.
My sister.
Happy 70th birthday, my precious one.
I love you to the moon and back.

37. I will be there to hold your hands;
The same way you held mine.
When you are weak, I’ll be your strength.
When you need companionship,
I’ll be your playmate, gist partner and soundboard.
You won’t have to be alone.
I’ll always be there for you.
Just as you were, I will be, and more.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister.

38. Sister goal, that’s you!
A lifetime of incidents, without accidents.
A lifetime of lovely stories, without being sorry.
A lifetime of awesome memories,
with little or no worry.
70 years and going strong.
Happy birthday, dearest sister.

39. We bicker and fight; no big deal.
Sisters are famous for that.
What counts is the love, laughter, mischiefs and bond we share.
When push comes to shove,
we always choose ourselves.
We watch each other’s back without fail.
It’s what sisters do.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister.

40. My sister, my prayer warrior.
My sister, my prophetess.
The one whose smiles melt my anger.
The one whose twinkling eyes diffuse tension.
You are special, in more ways than one.
Our bond is timeless and unbroken.
You are a rare breed, dearest sister.
A wonderful 70th birthday to you.

41. Happy 70th birthday, beloved sister.
The one who carried me in her arms and heart like a baby.
You are nothing short of amazing.
You are super kind, humble and real.
You know your worth and add a befitting tax.
Of course, I daren’t pay with extra.
Gladly, too.
I love you, darling sister.

42. Happy birthday, precious sister. Congratulations on your platinum celebration.
70 solid years of God’s awesomeness in the life of one so amazing.
70 is the new 49.
You surely can’t be a day older.
Next year, we will celebrate your golden jubilee.
70 thunderous cheers to you.

43. Happy 70th birthday, dear sister.
You are special, important and relevant.
Thank you for carrying my burdens like they are yours.
It never became a weapon of emotional blackmail in your hands.
You are my human GPS; directing, rerouting and applauding me.
I love you without apology.
Have a good one, dearest.

44. You deserve more than a good medal.
For all your selfless acts to make me great,
Life will always work in your favour.
For all you had to do without to support my dreams,
May the universe be kind to you.
For all that I am and will ever be,
I owe to you.
It’s not a promise, it’s what it is:
I will always be here for you.
Happy 70th birthday, brother.

45. My big sister, my first girlfriend.
The one that made me realise I’m ritalk
By treating me like royalty.
You are not flawless, but you are pristine.
You are an exceptional sister, I love you.
I wish you the happiest 70th birthday ever.

46. You are my haven,
My happy and blissful corner.
Love, care, support and security,
With you by my side, all is always well with my world.
When your hands become feeble,
I will be your rock.
Happy 70th birthday, darling sister.

47. So beautiful is our bond.
You and I against the world.
Unstoppable team.
The world may get tougher;
Life may no longer be business as usual,
Together, we’ll face the odds and remain,
The invincible team.
Happy 70th birthday, my beautiful sister.

48. When you have the genuine thing,
No recreation could appeal to you.
Love so real and reliable
Love so true and pure.
Love freely shared and enjoyed.
Happy 70th birthday, big sister.
You are loved, always.

49. Have no care, dearest sister.
I have excess love to give you.
The carer gets taken care of with interest,
for all your sacrifices and selflessness.
You always show up for me,
Glad to say, I’ll be here for you.
Happy 70th birthday, sweet sister.
You rock.

50. Why mince words,
When I can be blunt?
You are simply the best sister
anyone could wish for.
Knowing you in my corner,
Is an endless joy to me.
If I could, I would choose you
all over again as my sister.
I cherish you.
Happy 70th birthday, my dear sister.

A huge thanks to you for going out of your way to make your darling sister happy on her 70th birthday. You did well. You can never go wrong with poems. Poems are powerful. Birthday poems are amazing and powerful.

A sister like yours is worth her wealth in platinum and qualified for a birthday to remember. Writing a stirring poem is a good way to do it. This way, you’ve set the tone for an emotional, feel-good day of absolute merriment. It’ll trigger nostalgic memories in your sister. In a way, you are saving her from the onset of dementia. It’s assured to set the mood for a great day of jubilation.

You are welcome to drop your questions, suggestions or contributions. I’ll be glad to hear from you.
Kindly share this with your friends, family or colleagues.

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