Happy 57th Birthday Sister Wishes Messages

Happy 57th Birthday Sister Wishes Messages and Quotes

Life may not be easy all the time, but the people you have around you, just like your family members can be all the difference you need; someone like a sister who may have made life bearable, fun and exciting! When you have one, you can’t let a special day in her life, just like her 57th birthday, go by without appreciating her presence, impact and role in your life!

To make the day more special for her, celebrate her with any of the happy 57th birthday sister wishes, messages and quotes below. Sing her praises, buy her presents, create new memories, and make her feel loved.

Happy 57th Birthday Sister Quotes

I know you’re living longer because we still have so many adventures together. And knowing you, you’ll never pass up an opportunity for an adventure. Happy 57th year, sister. I love you now and always!

1. We need to take a second look at your skin and health routine; how are you ageing backwards? Happy 57th birthday, dear sister. Live long and prosper!

2. I know that my life is better because I grew up with someone as loving, kind, patient and caring as you. Welcome to your year of testimonies, my sister.

3. I’ll always be glad that my sister and best friend are one person. Thank you for being everything I needed and more. Welcome to chapter 57!

4. I never met anyone who took their sisterly role as seriously as you do. Thank you because I turned out into this amazing person. Happy birthday, elder sister. I hope that your new year is special.

5. Keep reaching for the stars. I do not doubt that you’ll reach them. Welcome to your next best year, my sister. Happy birthday!

6. I’m proudly your baby sister today and always. Thank you for your kind and wise words over the years. May this year be kind to you. Happy 57th birthday.

7. You’re one person that can turn anything into something. I hope that this year comes with new levels of blessings and anointing for you. Happy birthday, my sister.

8. Thank you for holding our family together. You’re by far the strongest person that I know. May this year be a really good one for you, sisterly. Happy 57-year-old birthday.

9. Have I told you how happy I am when someone mistakes me for you? I’m your fan now and always. Happy birthday my sister. Live long!

10. I love how you rewrote your narrative. You’re a role model worthy of emulation! Welcome to your next big year, sister!

11. Even at 57, you’re still the coolest gal ever. I hope that year brings you cool opportunities, relationships and blessings. Happy birthday, sister.

12. 57 or not, your eyes still shine so brightly. Here’s to a new year that is bright and beautiful. Happy 57th birthday, sister. I love you so much.

13. When you need me, I’ll be here for you, just as you’ve always been here for me your whole life. Welcome to year 57, sister.

14. On my list of favourite people, you rank first. This fact isn’t surprising because you have the kindest and most beautiful heart ever. Happy birthday, darling sister.

15. I’m eager to see the things you’ll do this season. I’m cheering for you, and I believe in you. Happy birthday, sister.

16. You’re the best sister ever! Thank you for the many things that you do for me. May God bless and multiply you this year. Happy 57th birthday.

17. Welcome to your next big year. May you find the answers that you seek, and may blessings multiply in your life. Happy birthday, my sister.

18. You’ve done well for yourself, and I hope you can take time out to enjoy this year. Welcome to chapter 57, my love!

19. My life would have been dull without you. Thank you for being my sister, friend and everything. Happy 57th birthday, sweet girl.

20. Last year didn’t go as you planned, but I trust your strength and determination. You’ll get everything you want this year. Happy birthday, sister.

21. The sound of your laughter can make a sad person smile. I pray that you don’t lose your smile this year. Happy 57 years birthday, my love.

22. I’m in your corner now and always, sister. May God bless and increase you for your 57th year. Happy birthday!

23. Thank you for cheering for me so hard. You know I’ll always do the same for you. Welcome to your best year yet baby sister.

24. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share your special days with you. I also hope that every day of this year is filled with special blessings for you. Happy birthday!

25. May all your dreams for this year come to pass, even if you want to walk on water! Happy 57th birthday, sister.

57th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Thank you for always stepping in to help, to support, and to give advice. My life is so much better because I have someone like you with me. I wish you nothing but joy and laughter this year. Happy 57th birthday, sister.

26. Thank you for walking the path for me. You’ve made my journey easier. Here’s wishing you a great year ahead. Happy 57 years birthday, sister.

27. No matter how many times we disagree, because we’re both set in our ways, I’ll always have your back. I hope that you have an amazing 57th birthday celebration.

28. If I haven’t said it recently, please know that I love you with all my heart. Welcome to your best year yet, sister. Happy birthday!

29. I love how you’re content and ambitious at the same time. You’re a wonder, an enigma, and I can’t wait to see the many things you’ll do this year. Happy birthday, my sister.

30. You’re proof that we can eat our cake and have it as women. You’ll always be my role model. Happy 57th birthday to the best sister in the entire world!

31. You made growing up fun for me. Somehow, even sad situations weren’t as sad because of you. I love you now and always, sister. Happy 57th birthday to you.

32. Even though you’re 57 today, I’m still older. So, get ready to take orders throughout your new year. Happy birthday, sister dear!

33. I’ll always remember when mom brought you home. I’ll also remember how you filled the house with laughter and happiness. May you find these in your new year. Happy birthday, baby sister.

34. Just know that you’re still as annoying as ever. But I love you with all my heart and wish you the very best in this new year. Happy 57th birthday, baby girl.

35. A fight against you is also against me, and you already know how dogged I am with people I love. Welcome to your year of new beginnings. Happy 57th birthday!

36. You’re an incredible person, and I hope that you have your most incredible year yet. Happy birthday, my sister!

37. I just have a feeling that this year will come with answers and pleasant surprises for you. Happy 57th year birthday, my darling.

38. I see all that you do, sister. I always have, and I always will. As you celebrate 57 today, I pray that you’ll celebrate many more years in the future. Happy birthday.

39. I’ve watched you do the impossible over the years. I’m excited to see the next big things you’ll do this year. Welcome to year 57, sister!

40. I love how you love the people around you. There are not very many people with your kind of heart. I pray that God will bless and uplift you as you celebrate another year today. Happy birthday, my sister.

41. This year, you won’t stumble. Whatever you lay your hands on will work out for good. Happy birthday, my sister. I love you so much.

42. The positive energy you always give, may you get back in excess this year. Welcome to an amazing year, darling sister.

43. I guess you’re allowed to consume all the sugar you want today. Tomorrow, you can go back to being old. Welcome to 57, baby sister. Live long and prosper!

44. May the next 365 days be filled with bliss, favour and fantastic opportunities for you. Welcome to year 57, my sister.

45. Mom and dad would be so proud of you and the many things you’ve achieved. Happy 57th birthday, sister. May God’s eyes rest upon you and yours throughout this year.

46. Thank you for holding us all together. You’re truly a one-person army, and I’m so glad that I have you in my corner. Happy birthday, sister.

47. I know I’m not very easy to get along with, which is why I’m glad that I got a sister as patient, loving and kind as you. Thank you for all you’ve done over the years. May God bless and enrich you this year. Happy birthday!

48. There are not many amazing humans like you again, which is why I’m treating you like the queen you truly are today and always. Happy 57th birthday, my sister.

49. This year, may God bless and increase you on all sides. May his blessings rain on you every day of this year. Happy 57th birthday, dear sister.

50. Thank you for the many times you looked after me, whether I was deserving of it or not. I pray that God will look after you and yours throughout this year. Welcome to year 57!

Thank you for going through these happy 57th birthday sister wishes, messages and quotes. Here’s wishing your sister an amazing new year ahead.

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