Happy 43rd Birthday Sister Wishes Messages and Quotes

Happy 43rd Birthday Sister Wishes Messages and Quotes

Sisters are naturally beautiful people with beautiful souls. No matter the fights and disagreements between you and your sister, you will still keep coming back to each other’s arms, because that’s exactly where you belong.

Even though marriage and so many things happen, some sisters will always be close to each other. They will also always catch up from wherever they stopped, no matter how long it has been since they last saw each other.

The essence of this content is to celebrate your beautiful sister with the kindest and warmest words, as she turns 43. Below are happy 43rd birthday sister wishes messages and quotes you can choose from, just to make her feel happy and loved on her birthday. Trust me, this will do more than you want it to.

Happy 43rd Birthday Sister Quotes

I have so many quotes in my head today, but I’d rather make it simple. I am proud to be your sister. Things have never been this good, and I have an assurance that they will only keep getting better, as long as you’re my sister. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

1. Hey, dear sister. Living up to 43 years isn’t child play; at least, not when you’ve lived your whole life helping and lifting people. I’m grateful to be your only sibling, and I have learnt more than enough from you. Happy 43rd Birthday, sweet sister. I love you so much.

2. I can’t believe I have lived my whole life, being a sibling to the best sister in the world. Today, I want to appreciate God for making us, siblings. Never have I enjoyed any love and bond like ours. Thank you for always being there, even when no one else was. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

3. I know I have lived my entire life wronging you, but you’ve never used it against me. You’re so loving and forgiving. Honestly, I’m grateful for all the times you overlooked my immaturity. I hope to do better, as a sibling. Happy 43rd birthday to you. Enjoy the rest of the day. Cheers!

4. I have never been disappointed, being your sister and friend. No matter how complicated things get, you always have the right words, and your aim is always to talk me out of that mood. You’ve been a really good sister, and I don’t take your love for granted. Happy 43rd birthday to you. This lady loves you.

5. I don’t know what I have done to deserve the kind of love you extend to me. I’m not even close to being the best sibling, but you chose to look way past that. You’re my essence and happy place. I’m grateful for the love and attention you bless me with. It’s a new dawn for you. Happy 43rd birthday.

6. I’m not sure why it seems like you’re ageing backwards, though. I mean, no one would ever guess you’re 43, today. You have such a beautiful aura that attracts great people to you. Your personality is also top-notch, and you have unmatched energy. You’re just sweet all around. I’m so happy for you. Happy 43rd birthday.

7. Truth be told, you’ve been through it all. I have never met a stronger woman. I’m grateful to God for placing you in my life. If it weren’t for you, I couldn’t have discovered some facts about life. You’re the real deal, and I hope this lasts forever. Happy 43rd birthday.

8. You’re always on the right path, no matter how much the distractions are. If there’s anyone I want to keep emulating, then it would be you. Thank you for finding it an easy thing to live by example. I promise never to disappoint you, my sister. I hope you have a happy 43rd birthday. Enjoy yourself, sis.

9. I don’t know about other people, but I know that I have the best baby sister ever. If only you know how much people will put down, just to have a sister like you. That’s why I have promised never to treat you any less than you deserve. I don’t care about how old you are, I just want to keep spoiling you. Happy 43rd birthday, my dear.

10. You’ve spent 43 years of your life, being the best sister to an undeserving person like me. Sometimes, God does things for a reason, and I’m very sure that is exactly what is happening with us. I’m grateful for each moment spent with you, as I always look forward to the next. I wish you a happy 43rd birthday. All my love.

11. It’s been years of being your big sister, and I have never regretted it. Rather, I have always been grateful to God for making this great decision for me. It’s so good to experience life with the one I consider the best. I can’t wait for what’s to come. Happy 43rd birthday.

12. To be very honest, you’ve always been a stubborn person. Even when you got married, I had to ask your husband if you had changed. I can’t possibly forget the times you always bullied me with your stature. I’m glad that we’re both in good places. Happy 43rd birthday to you. I love you, nonetheless.

13. My life would be so boring, without you. Honestly, I can’t overemphasize your presence in my life, as it has been the one keeping it running. I’m very grateful for all the times you always showed up at mines, just to make sure I am fine. Thank you very much for everything. Happy 43rd birthday.

14. I don’t know about other people, but you’ve got to be the most caring sister in the world. I have never seen anyone who enjoys a sisterly love as much as I do. You can put your life on hold, just to make sure I am comfortable. Honestly, not so many will do that. And that’s why I love you. Happy 43rd birthday.

15. Even though I don’t have the best birthday present to gift you, you already know how much you mean to me. You already know you top the list of the most amazing people in my life. You already know I am nothing without you. I plan to keep it this way, forever. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

16. Having me as a sibling isn’t child’s play; it’s what I always think about when I frustrate you with my needs. Honestly, you’ve always been present. I can’t talk about living a comfortable life, without mentioning your name. You made everything possible, with the help of God. I’m super grateful. Have a happy 43rd birthday.

17. I want you to know that you deserve much more than I have always been doing for you. If only you know how much you’ve changed my life. People now look up to me, just because I have a sister whose life is worth emulating. I hope you don’t stop leading by example. Happy 43rd birthday.

18. If you think about yourself once, you think about me three times. Even though we’re both married, you will never rest, if you don’t see me in a week. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this love, but I’d love to enjoy it forever. Happy 43rd birthday, my darling sister.

19. Never have I been treated badly by you. You’re always keen on making me happy and comfortable, as much as possible. You’re so selfless and kind. I want you to know that your kind is rare, and so I’m going to cherish every single moment with you. Happy 43rd birthday, sweet woman. I love you.

20. The fact that you always feel the need to carry me along with everything you do, shows that even marriage has nothing on us. If anything, marriage has made us even closer, because we now share the same views about life. You’re the best of them all, and I’m grateful to have you as family. Happy 43rd birthday.

Happy 43rd Birthday Sister Wishes

Here’s sending you beautiful wishes, as you’ve always been a wonderful sister with a beautiful heart. Thank you for always opening your arms to me, whenever I need help. I’m so happy for this brand new age. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

21. If I have ever gotten anything right in my life, then it has to be because you’re my sister. Honestly, there’s just a little I can do without you. You’re the bedrock of every good thing in my life. Today, I acknowledge that you’re the best of all. I love you so much. Have a happy 43rd birthday.

22. Truth be told, you’ve tried for me. Even when it seemed like I wasn’t taking life seriously, you still believed in me and supported me with all you had. Fact is, there’s be no me without you. I’m grateful for our love and friendship. I promise to always keep us together. Happy 43rd birthday.

23. If anything, having a little sister like you, has only made my path clearer. I can’t remember how my life was before you were born. I’m so glad that it’s now a thing of the past. Old things have passed away, and all things have been made new. Your presence makes everything beautiful. Happy 43rd birthday.

24. I know I haven’t stopped telling you how beautiful you are, ever since you’ve been born. The truth is, I have never met a more beautiful person. You’re beautiful inside out, and so is your heart. Thank you for being as simple as the word itself. God bless you, forever. Do have a wonderful 43rd birthday.

25. In a world where so many people preach about being fake, I’m glad you chose the best path; being original. You’re not scared to live your life as you so, please. You don’t care about people’s opinions and you don’t seek their validation. I must commend you for standing so strong. You’ll always be the best. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

26. Even though you’re my younger sister, I have learned so much from you. I’m glad you have so much to give the world, and I can’t wait till they begin to manifest. I love everything about you, and the way you live your life is absolutely commendable. Here’s wishing you all the best. Happy 43rd birthday.

27. I want to live my entire life, making you happy. I have really wronged you in the past, and I’m sure this is the right time to start making amends. I’m very sure that you will accept me with open arms. Happy 43rd birthday, my sister. I’m so sorry if I ever wronged you.

28. You’ve never made me feel less of myself; instead, you attack those who do. I can’t count the many times you’ve come through for me when the bullying got so extreme. I’m thankful that I have got a beautiful soul behind me. Thank you for all you do. Cheers to the best life at 43. Love you so much.

29. I’m very happy because it’s your birthday. You love life, but you love people more. You’ve lived your life helping and raising people, without asking for anything in return. Sometimes, I think you just want to outshine Jesus, but it all makes sense to know that you’re doing exactly what He’s commanded. Happy 43rd birthday, good woman.

30. To the birthday girl and the celebrant of today, I want you to know that you mean so much, not just to me, but to the entire universe at large. In fact, the world needs you to keep running. I pray for strength for you, so you can live long to see the good of the land. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

31. It’s been a very long time coming, and I haven’t gotten tired of the journey. It all boils down to the kind of person my co-passenger is. I’m grateful that the journey keeps getting easier and clearer than it was, the previous years. I can’t wait to reach the final destination with you. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

32. It’s been such a rollercoaster of emotions for me, ever since the day broke. Thinking about how it all started, I can’t but appreciate you for being such an amazing person. You’ve always been cool, but it seems you’re getting cooler by the year. Happy 43rd birthday, my sister. You’re loved forever.

33. I can’t think of trading you with anything in this world, because you’re of the greatest value to me. You’re priceless to me. I’d gladly give up my peace, just to make sure that you’re comfortable. You’ve done much more for me, so this is just very little of what you truly deserve. Happy 43rd birthday.

34. Everyone loves and wants to have a taste of your awesomeness. That defines the kind of person you are. I’m very glad that the world finally gets to accept and embrace you for who you are. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world. Happy 43rd birthday to you. Don’t ever stop being great.

35. I thank God for making it easy for me to stand on my promise to you. I promised to always love and support you, and I have done nothing less, over the years. Even though situations keep making things harder, God has been really faithful. I look forward to the next chapter of your life. Happy 43rd birthday.

Happy 43rd Birthday Sister Messages

Because I am very far from where you are, I have no choice but to resort to messaging you, on your birthday. Don’t get me wrong, you deserve something better, but the distance is a mess. Thank you for being the best. It is so easy for me to be your sister. Happy 43rd birthday.

36. Ain’t you just the sweetest sister? It feels so alluring to know that I have been blessed for 43 years of my life. So many people pray for this kind of life and will do anything to have it, but God decides to give me on a platter of gold. I’m forever grateful. Happy 43rd birthday to you, my sister.

37. The fact that marriage didn’t change or destroy what we had, but made it stronger, is evidence that we both are two mature sisters. Honestly, I have seen siblings who stopped being close after marriage. I’m glad that our reality is different from and better than that. All thanks to you. Happy 43rd birthday.

38. You’re the brain behind my successful life. Everything I am, I owe it all to you. People don’t know the kind of work you put in behind closed doors, they only know that I show you so much, love. To hell with whatever their opinions are. I love you and that’s all that matters. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

39. No, you can’t be 43. How can you be 43 with such a fine face and banging body? I think I just have to accept whatever you say your age is. After all, it’s your age, not mine. I’m so happy for you, sister. I’m also proud of how far you’ve come. I promise to keep staying with you. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

40. The fact that you have your own family to sort, and still check on mine, makes me believe that there’s no better sister anywhere. You’re the best, and I’m saying this because I have witnessed firsthand how amazing you are. I’d love to enjoy this sweetness, forever. Happy 43rd birthday, my sister.

41. You always have the right words for every situation. You’re the most understanding and supportive person ever. Being in my life is not a mistake, as I know that God intentionally made it happen. There’s still so much ahead of us, and I really can’t wait. I love you so much, my sister. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

42. I have never seen or heard of a more obedient sister like you. You always tryst my judgement, even though it seems not to be making sense, sometimes. I’m grateful that you always deem it fit to let me in on whatever is going on in your life. I hope to continue being the best sister to you. Happy 43rd birthday.

43. Everyone knows that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I can’t talk about love and peace, without making mention of your name. You’re a very good sister, no wonder it seems like you have a perfect life. I love you so much. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

44. If you ask me, I’d say, I’m very sure that the best is yet to come. Whatever you’re experiencing now, is preparing you for the better days ahead. I hope you stop beating yourself up and face reality. And no, you won’t give up, as long as I am here. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

45. You have so much to celebrate, as you clock 43. You have a beautiful family and God-given children. You have a great job and a few businesses that are doing well. You have a roof over your head. What more can you ask for? You have to be honest; God has been really good to you. I’m so happy for you. I wish you long life and prosperity.

46. You’ve taught me so much about life. I can’t talk about my experiences, without acknowledging the great part you took in making me have a good life. I owe you everything, but today, I decided to make it known to you, that I appreciate all you’ve done. Happy 43rd birthday, queen.

47. Life is good, but not without a sister like you. You’re everything and more. I keep staying thankful to God for the miracle of making us sisters. Things have been going on very well for us. I’m very excited that we are just getting started. I can’t wait for what’s to come. Happy 43rd birthday to you.

48. You’re the most focused person in the world. No matter how much the noise and distractions are, your head is always in the game. You’ve infected me with the act of seriousness, and I’m grateful because it has helped shape me into a totally different person. Happy 43rd birthday, my beautiful sister.

49. We have really come a long way, but all thanks to God for not making us perish on our way to the top. I’m grateful that I keep winning in life, with my beautiful sister. We’ve been through a lot, but we don’t look like anything that’s happened in the past. Cheers to more beautiful years for you. Happy 43rd birthday.

50. You’re the only one who will make me open my teeth on a day like this. I’m so happy that your 43rd birthday is finally here. You deserve more than being celebrated just once a year, and I’m happy that I am nothing like the sister who waits for your birthday, before giving you the treatment you deserve. Happy 43rd birthday to you. Cheers!

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