Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Husbands are superheroes that sweep you off your feet with their gallant and protective ways. To others, they are unsung heroes, rarely appreciated or verbally affirmed for being all shades of awesome. Not so you! You’re the fairytale princess who never ceases to celebrate your bundle of joy at every opportunity you get.

It’s your husband’s 42nd birthday, make it go loud on a steady menu of love overflow, lavish praises, attention, gifts, touching messages, heartwarming poems and quotes, heartfelt prayers and lots more! Go out of your way to make your darling husband’s 42nd birthday memorable with lovely wishes and messages, to set the stage for a love renewal explosive season!

What better time to be romantic than your hubby’s birthday? If your husband thinks you’re predictable, then be freakish with your generous display of birthday wishes, irresistible quotes and timely prayers.

It’s your darling husband’s 42nd birthday. Perfect time to remind him he’s hot, special and amazing. Do you want him to realise how adorable and cherished he is? Care to let your man know how much he’s loved? Want to load your king with heartfelt prayers of blessings, supplication and requests? Want to give your man a glimpse of your artistic side?

You made the right choice. This collection of happy 42nd birthday wishes and quotes for husband are perfect for you:

Happy 42nd Birthday Husband Quotes

‘Quote me everywhere: You are gorgeously handsome. You are cute, charming and classy. You are a ‘spec’. You drip sauce with so much finesse. The best of it all? You are all mine! Happy 42nd birthday, my husband. You’re the restriction of my airflow. Love you always!’

You can get your husband mushy with these witty happy 42nd birthday husband quotes:

1. Difficulties and trying times are the cowardly bullies your love thrashed mercilessly out of my life. No love quote can adequately express the depth of my love for you, darling husband. Happy 42nd birthday, Sugarplum. After Candy, you’re the best, before and within! Love you forever!

2. Happy 42nd birthday to you my husband. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me; cross my heart and quote me anytime. You certainly deserve the best today and forever. I cherish you, my darling.

3. Life ceased to be a mystery and endless quotes of inanities and became an adventure in love and blissfulness, with you as my husband. You are all shades of special, Husby. I adore you! Happy 42nd birthday to you.

4. Happy birthday to my bundle of joy! Dear husband, you have radiated so much light this year and I hope you continue to shine brighter than the stars and be happy. May your 42nd year be full of celebration! I love you!

5. When you put a spring in my steps, you taught me that true love exists. When you fill my ears with sweet ‘nothings’ and my soul with lovely quotes, then I know I’m in for the long haul. Happy 42nd birthday, my husband. I love you forever!

6. Smiles brighter than the stars, electrifying kisses that could light up the universe, love so transforming. All for me and back to you, my baby. I love you so much! Happy 42nd birthday my charming husband. You’re the best!

7. I’m putting it out to the universe; my husband is not for grabs! He’s exclusively mine with no price tag or quote. Happy 42nd birthday, my cute husband. You’re all I want and ever desire. Loving you is my lifelong pleasure. Have fun!

8. I can give you the world on a silver platter, but my love is the most precious gift you desire in the world. It’s all yours, my darling husband. All of me is yours with pleasure. You are my priceless treasure, babe. Happy 42nd birthday. I love you!

9. Money can’t buy genuine love, but it can be used to lavishly express my love for you. Love unquoted, fulsome, ready to spill and brimming with excitement…just for you. Happy 42nd birthday to you, my husband. You are so special, that everyday life with you is like an occasion. Cheers to love, joy, and success!

10. Happy 42nd birthday to my husband with all my love. My heart is all yours, but there’s no box big enough to package it for you. Forever is the code. Have loads of fun today and always!

42nd Birthday Wishes for My Husband

‘To the man behind my smiles as happiness, happy 42nd birthday to you. My darling husband, yours is the best crown that fits my beautiful head, I love you. Best wishes always, my sweetheart! Soar like the eagle you are!’

Sweep your darling off his feet with these cute 42nd birthday wishes for husband:

11. Happy birthday 42nd birthday to my amazing husband. Thank you for always being every shade of awesome. I love you dearly. I wish you more fulfilling years to come.

12. Happy 42nd birthday to the best husband in the universe. I love you, my darling. I wish you the best year ever. This new year will usher in greater blessings than before. Get ready for new growth with me cheering you on!

13. Happy 42nd birthday, my super-duper husband. You have been a blessing to me and our children. Here’s wishing you God’s endless blessings and favours. Live, enjoy and do more! Loads of love to you!

14. Happy 42nd birthday, Handsome!
My darling husband, I wish you many more amazing years ahead. May you experience joy, peace and prosperity anywhere you turn.

15. Happy 42nd birthday to you, dearest husband! You are my soulmate, my confidant and my friend. I love you endlessly. Here’s wishing you a new year of amazing living, loving and thriving. Cheers to more beautiful seasons in your forties.

16. Darling husband, if marriage is a lottery, I hit the jackpot! I love you so much that I feel I’d burst. I’m also exceedingly proud of your achievements and excited about the beauty the future holds. Happy 42nd birthday, Honey. I wish you a truly enriching new year.

17. Happy 42nd birthday to the love of my life, the man after my heart. I adore you to stupor, Sugar. May this year bring a multitude of blessings your way. I wish you the best the universe has to offer. Cheers, my dearest husband!

18. Happy 42nd birthday, boss of my heart. You deserve the best of everything, sweetie. I wish you everything good and amazing. Husband dearest, may this new year be beautiful beyond your wildest imagination. I love you!

19. Happy 42nd birthday to my wonderful husband. Thank you for making me deliriously happy. I love you, Sweetie. I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

20. Happy 42nd birthday, dearest husband. I wish you all that your heart desires in thousandfold. May this new year bring tidings as awesome as you are. May you always bask in good health, peace, joy and prosperity.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

‘ This is my heartfelt prayer for you, my beloved husband: may the Lord bless you tremendously. May you be overwhelmed by the outpouring of God’s love, mercy and goodness. Every area of your life shall receive God’s divine touch. This new season, there shall be an outpouring of messages of breakthroughs and manifestations, in Jesus’ name. Happy 42nd birthday, Sugarplum.’

No gift can be more precious than the outpouring of your prayer message for your beloved husband, on his 42nd birthday:

21. Happy 42nd birthday, husband like no other. May the lines on your path fall in perfect places. May the stars illuminate your way always. From today, I pray that everything good shall be yours for the taking. More wins, more funds and more of God. Cheers to better days ahead, my love!

22. Happy 42nd birthday to you, my husband. I pray for you today, may all the love and positivity you emit comes back to you a hundredfold. May the Lord enlarge your coast and bless the work of your hands this new year and always.

23. Happy 42nd birthday, dearest husband! You are too good to be true, Handsome. Life without you can never be this amazing. So, I pray for you, you shall experience God’s supernatural upliftment, blessings and abundance. Here’s to you: more life, more wins, and more alarming credit alerts in your account.

24. Happiest of birthdays to my sweetie at 42. My husband, my friend and my forever love! May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. May the rest of your years be filled with laughter, pure joy, peace like a river, a sound mind and good health in Jesus’ powerful name.

25. Happy 42nd birthday, my beloved husband with who I’m well pleased. I admire your strength and unwavering determination to win and conquer. May line keep falling in pleasant places for you. Darling, you’ve victoriously come this far, you’ll spend the rest of your life in joy and good health, in Jesus’ name.

26. Happy 42nd birthday, my King. Darling husband, I join the host of heaven to pray for you today, it shall be well with you in Jesus’ name. Doors of great opportunities shall be opened for you, gates will not be shut against you. May the Lord always hear your silent plea.

27. Happy birthday, my Love. You are my friend, best buddy and husband. I love you greatly. On this special occasion of your 42nd birthday celebration, my prayer for you is that you shall continue to be relevant and revered. May the odds forever be in your favour.

28. You are light, love, strength and bravery. I love how you keep rising effortlessly. May your glow keep radiating with grace. May the Lord shower you with the abundance of His storehouse. God bless you immensely, my darling. Happy 42nd birthday, my love.

29. Happy 42nd birthday, my gorgeous husband. May the Lord crown your head with the oil of gladness, goodness and mercy. I pray that God will decorate you with favour and honour. The Lord shall give you unbeatable reasons to rejoice this season and forever. Have a blast, darling!

30. Happy 42nd birthday, dear husband! May the Lord establish you firmly, bless the work of your hands and enlarge your coast. May you triumph over every adversary and excel in every way. May your path be smooth and your way, hitch-free! Loads of love with tons of hugs and kisses!

When you make people happy, the happiness returns to you in multiple folds. When you go out of your way to make your husband happy, you remain the priceless gem he’ll forever treasure. Making your husband’s 42nd birthday special with lovely quotes, wishes and prayers, is commendable of you.

You’ve succeeded in making one of the special efforts in making your husband happy and cherished. Your home is blissful and beautiful because you put in the effort. You are a wonderful wife of an amazing husband who inspired such. Thumbs up to you and congratulations to your husband.

Thank you for choosing these happy 42nd birthday wishes and quotes for husband on a special day like this. Kindly share with your family, friends and colleagues. Please, feel free to ask questions, make a suggestion or comment.

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