Happy 39th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 39th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

The gift of life should be celebrated each and every day because it’s indeed the starting point of our existence. A couple life celebration quotes are necessary to appreciate the life we get to have every day.

The best part of life is loving and appreciating yourself because only then can you be able to love and appreciate the people in your life.
If you haven’t been doing it, self-appreciation quotes are a great way to uplift your deservingly amazing self each day.

At the peak of this self-love and appreciation is your birthday celebration which is a day that should be filled with so much love, good thoughts and best wishes.

For your 39th birthday celebration, these happy 39th birthday to me wishes and quotes will have you feel all the love and best wishes that you deserve to receive.

Go ahead and pick your favourites and remember, there’s nothing like too much for yourself. Best wishes.

Have an incredibly beautiful 39th year!

Best 39th Birthday Messages for Myself

One year away from the big 40! A beautiful 39th birthday to myself, I intend to enjoy everything that comes my way to the fullest. I will have the best of the year with amazing things and people. Cheers to a fun 39th year.

1. It feels surreal to begin another chapter of my life. I welcome myself to my 39th year and I hope to have an incredibly special year. Happy birthday to me.

2. What a day to be alive! Happy 39th birthday to my awesome self, it’s going to be a fun and amazing year.

3. Beyond being excited to wish myself a happy 39th birthday… time to go have some more fun.

4. Dear universe, hear me out: I’m going to have an incredibly beautiful 39th year. Happy birthday to me.

5. Celebrating the awesomeness that is my birthday. I can already tell that my 39th year will be awesome.

6. I cherish every day of my life but today being my birthday is extra special and I’m grateful for that. Wishing myself a beautiful 39th birthday.

7. I feel blessed to be able to celebrate my 39th birthday today. Every day of this new chapter will be spent in gratitude and love.

8. Another year to love and appreciate my existence, happy 39th birthday to me. I’m going to have an awesome year.

9. Today marks my 39th year around the sun and I can’t wait to get started. Cheers to being 39 and fabulous, happy birthday to me!

10. I can’t believe that it’s my 39th birthday already, where did the time go? I promise myself to have a beautiful year.

11. Another chapter of greatness is here! Cheers to my 39th birthday and all the happiness coming with it.

12. I adore my birthdays and for my 39th birthday, I wish myself so much love, success and progress all year round and beyond.

13. Time to create new memories with each passing day of my 39th year, wishing myself a wonderful birthday.

14. To beautiful moments and new memories, happy 39th birthday to my wonderful self and me.

15. A year to live, love and laugh every step of the way; an excellent 39th birthday to me.

16. The beautiful 39th year of my life is here, with love and gratitude, I wish myself a beautiful birthday and a prosperous year ahead.

17. Ready to party and celebrate my 39th birthday in grand style. It’s going to be an awesome year, I can already feel it.

18. Waking up to this special day of my life; another birthday to begin another beautiful chapter. Happy 39th birthday to me.

19. Manifesting all the love and good wishes to myself for my 39th birthday, good vibes only today and always.

20. I shall have the perfect birthday and year in this new chapter. A happy 39th birthday to me.

21. This exciting journey of life continues for me as I begin my 39th year here on earth. Best and special wishes to me now and always.

22. Cheers to what will be a fantastic and prosperous 39th year. Cheers to me and this wonderful birthday today.

23. Loving myself a little extra today as I celebrate my 39th birthday, hoping for a beautiful time ahead.

24. The story continues for me; a new year for excellence, love and beauty. A beautiful 39th birthday to me.

25. With all the love in my heart, I wish myself an incredibly awesome 39th birthday and year. Looking forward to amazing things.

Happy Birthday to Me 39 Years Old

I can’t believe that I am 39 years old today!
What a journey life has been; I turn to this new chapter in gratitude for all that has been and in thanksgiving for all the wonderful things to come. A fantastic happy 39th birthday to me.

26. It is with great joy and happiness that I wish my 39 years old self a beautiful and fantastic birthday.

27. Wishing the newest 39 year old a happy birthday. I intend to have a splendid year all through this season and beyond.

28. It feels so good waking up today as my 39 year old lovely self. Grateful for the gift of life while hoping for a smooth and successful year.

29. Making a decision that my 39 years old self will have a fun year against all odds. A beautiful birthday to me.

30. Here’s wishing my 39 year old self the happiest of birthdays with all the love and good wishes that come with a new age.

31. I’m going to do everything I can to be an amazing 39 year old all year round, happy birthday to me.

32. Being the newest member of the 39 years old club, I feel elated and blessed. A beautiful birthday to me.

33. Extremely delighted to become a 39 year old today. Celebrating this special day with so much joy and hoping for my best year yet.

34. It shall be a magical year and my 39 year old self will have the best of time enjoying my birthday and the rest of the year.

35. At the turn of this new chapter, I have officially joined the 39 years old club and I couldn’t be more grateful. A wonderful birthday to me.

36. Few minutes after becoming a 39 year old, I can confirm that it’s already going pretty well. The best birthday to me.

37. It feels good to be a 39 year old and I wouldn’t have it any other year. Wishing myself an incredibly awesome year.

38. Everything I have been through has brought me to this beautiful time and day. I appreciate my 39 year old self and I hope to have the best time being 39.

39. To my 39 years old self, I hope you find the time and energy to be your best self. Happy birthday to me.

40. My 39 years old self is ready to have the best year of my life so far; wishing myself a year of love and excellence.

41. I’m ready to be the best 39 year old I can be all year round. Best of wishes to me throughout the year and beyond.

42. I guess I’m about to find out how it feels to be a 39 year old person. Wishing myself all the happiness and good wishes that come with a new year.

43. It’s a beautiful day to be a 39 year old! All the birthday love and best wishes to me today and always.

44. The day is already filled with so much love and it’s not even noon yet. I feel so great being a 39 year old person today. Birthday blessings and love to me.

45. I appreciate myself for this beautiful new chapter in my life; I hope to be the best version of my 39 year old self, happy birthday to me.

46. Taking this moment to wish my now 39 years old self a happy birthday and a fruitful year.

47. Choosing to have an amazing birthday and year, rooting for myself to be an amazing 39 year old.

48. Beyond excited to enjoy my 39th birthday today. I feel like I’ll be having a beautiful year.

49. Immensely grateful to be celebrating another birthday in my life. Here’s hoping to be an incredibly amazing 39 year old.

50. From the depth of my heart, I wish myself a happy birthday and a smooth experience as a 39 year old.

39th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

Happy 39th to myself! God has indeed been faithful to me and I do not take anything about my life for granted. I pray today for my 39th birthday to be extraordinarily successful and joyful exceeding all excellence and expectations, amen.

51. It shall be a year of more prosperity and success for me all around, happy 39th birthday to me.

52. Thankful for all that God has done for me and praying for his grace and goodness as I begin the 39th chapter of my life.

53. All the birthday blessings and love to me as year 39 begins today! A happy birthday to me.

54. God’s goodness and love shall follow me all through the days of my 39th year on earth. Wishing myself a wonderful birthday.

55. Nothing can separate me from God’s love as I celebrate my 39th birthday and begin another exciting chapter of my life.

56. My 39th year shall be a time of grand fulfilment, immense progress and fruitful results all through. Happy birthday to me.

57. My heart is filled with deep gratitude for my 39th birthday knowing that God has a lot in store for me today and always.

58. Every day is a day of gratitude but today being my 39th birthday, I have more reasons to be grateful for the gift of life and the chance to have another year added to my life, thank you, Lord.

59. I believe that it is going to be a great 39th year for me and I intend to be thankful for each day. A beautiful birthday to me.

60. I have God always and I’m hoping for a beautiful and smooth 39th birthday and all year round.

61. I am highly favoured and blessed and so is my 39th year. All the best birthday wishes to me.

62. Celebrating my 39th birthday with so much gratitude because God has done so much and continues to do so much for me.

63. I have faith that year 39 will indeed be successful and beyond fruitful, amen. Happy birthday to me.

64. Thanking God in advance for what will be a fantastic and successful 39th birthday and year.

65. I will have everything I need for my 39th year because the Lord will abundantly provide all my needs, amen. Sending myself birthday love and excellence.

66. Heavenly blessings and love come down on me as I celebrate my 39th birthday. It shall be a beautiful year, amen.

67. Giving so much thanks to God for the gift of my 39th year and the grace and love that continues to be made manifest in my life. Birthday blessings to me today and always.

68. May the Lord bless and keep me safe through every day of my 39th year on earth. Happy birthday to me.

69. In this new chapter of my life, everything shall work together for my good. Wishing myself an amazing 39th birthday.

70. By your strength oh Lord, you will strengthen me and give me the grace to have the best moments for my 39th birthday and all through the year.

71. There is nothing that God cannot do and I know for sure that I will be able to have an incredibly excellent 39th year.

72. I will sing to the Lord always for his goodness forever endures in my life. Happy 39th birthday celebrations to me.

73. It shall be a splendid year filled with beautiful days and fulfilling results because the Lord is with me. Happy 39th birthday to me.

74. God’s love is forever present in my life and as I celebrate my 39th birthday, I pray for more goodness and grace to live to the fullest.

75. Lord, hear my prayers and make my 39th birthday a beautiful and successful season for me and everyone around me, amen.

39th Birthday Quotes for Myself

Life is as beautiful as we choose to see it because beauty is everywhere and we just have to find it. This is the year for choosing happiness, beauty, progress, self-care and all the amazing things. A beautiful 39th birthday to myself.

76. Congratulations to me on my 39th birthday. Another year to love, learn and excel beyond all expectations.

77. For my 39th year, I intend to go all out and embrace the amazing things in my life starting today. A beautiful birthday to me.

78. I welcome myself to another adventure in my life; my 39th birthday. Still, so many dreams and ideas to live out to the fullest!

79. I’m choosing to find beauty in this 39th chapter of my life and nothing will change that. Wishing myself a deserved beautiful birthday.

80. My favourite day of the year is here and today I become a 39 year old, it shall be an excellent year and birthday.

81. There’s so much to say yet I can’t find the right words. I celebrate my 39th birthday with so much joy and gratitude knowing that the year will be incredibly exciting and successful.

82. It still feels like a dream but yes it’s finally my 39th birthday, a year for excellence and more prosperity.

83. The universe must have my back and make my 39th year as wholesome and as lovely as it needs to be. A beautiful 39th birthday to me.

84. My 39th year around the sun shall be everything I hope for it to be and so much more. Happy birthday to me.

85. Every new age is an opportunity to live the life we want. Cheers to my 39th birthday and a year of fulfilling moments and memories.

86. Hoping for a year that is eternally kind and filled with so many blessings for me, happy 39th birthday to me.

87. Happiness comes in different ways and forms and this 39-year-old person is ready to embrace all of it. Wishing myself an incredibly amazing birthday.

88. If I find a reason to be happy every day, then I’ll consider it a big win. Congratulations to me on my 39th birthday.

89. I just want to make the most of my 39th year in every area of my life starting with this beautiful birthday celebration.

90. Life means different things to different people so today I’m grateful for my 39th birthday and I’m holding out hope that it will be a great year for me.

91. First things first, I am beyond excited for my 39th birthday and hopefully, every amazing thing that will happen to me this year.

92. I will enjoy this new chapter with all the joy, success and progress that will come with it. Happy 39th birthday to me.

93. I have had my fair share of ups and downs but my 39th birthday is ushering in all the best wishes and good vibes for a successful year ahead.

94. Celebrating the present and hoping for the best possible future, a happy 39th birthday to me.

95. I’m here to thrive, excel and succeed in everything I do as a 39 year old. Wishing myself the most beautiful and fulfilling birthday.

96. Happy moments create happy memories. Here’s to creating the happiest of memories from my 39th birthday and year.

97. Life is a journey and every new age adds to the story. Cheers to the beautiful chapter that is my 39th year.

98. It’s the perfect gift for another year on earth and I’m so happy to be celebrating my 39th birthday. I hope the year will be great for me.

99. I am an amazing person and so, I’ll have an incredibly amazing 39th year. A beautiful birthday of best wishes to me.

100. My heart will be happy, my soul will be joyful, my life will be smooth and my pockets will be filled with riches. Happy 39th birthday celebrations to me.

I sincerely hope that you found some amazing happy wishes and quotes for your 39th birthday because you deserve the best wishes and good vibes.

I also hope that you have an amazing birthday celebration with happy thoughts surrounded by the people and things you love.
Kindly share your favourite quotes from here with your social network.

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