Happy 39th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

Happy 39th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

Nothing is as desirable as having a sibling especially a brother who is not only exceptional but whom you get along with all through the time. Well, your relationship with him doesn’t have to be a perfect one per se but the bond of sharing a blood relationship with him is more comforting to you than anything else.

Now that it’s his 39th birthday, you will have to give him a lovely memory to make his birthday a funny and exciting one. Not only that, there are special gifts to consider to spoil him with for the birthday.

Alongside, while you’re thinking of the words to put together in his greetings card, there are lovely messages to keep him lit all through the day. These and more will show him that you not only care but you’re always thinking about him. It also reminds him that you’re a good sibling who’s got excellent and exceptional consideration for a smashing birthday party for him.

I’ve got you covered with these exciting happy 39th birthday brother wishes and quotes. Let’s set to have the best of the messages while I set the ball rolling.

Happy 39th Birthday Brother Wishes

I will always appreciate God for having you as a great brother in my life. And because of the great value and impact you’ve had on me, I will like to celebrate you and send my birthday wishes for your 39th birthday that God hold you safe and strong all your life. Happy birthday!

1. I can’t deny your exceptionality, brother. I’m so blessed to have you as my brother. May you find peace all your days. Have a jolly birthday celebration.

2. The love of a brother is compared to none. So much I’ve learnt under you, and more I still look forward to learning from you. God’s blessings are yours now and always. Happy 39th birthday.

3. I can’t deny the fact that you are a gift to me and much more to the family at large. May God’s blessings envelop you all your days. Happy birthday!

4. Having to look up to you for guidance and counsel is so comforting. So much I’ve learnt and still learning from you. May you not lack anything good in life. Happy New Year to you.

5. You have not only taught me to live right, but you have also shown us how to love deeply and live right. Happy birthday to you, my handsome brother.

6. It’s my handsome brother’s birthday today and I can’t just keep quiet. I will let the whole world know how blessed I am to have such a caring and selfless brother like you. Best wishes now and always.

7. As special as you are to me and the entire household, may you remain ever special before God so much that He grants speedy answers to all your desires. Happy 39th birthday, beloved brother.

8. You take up dad’s role and wear his cap so well whenever he’s on a long journey. So safe to be placed under your care. God bless and fulfil all your dreams for the New Year.

9. Your life is not only exemplary but also commendable. I can’t but celebrate the good life you’re living, brother. Age with massive grace.

10. I’ve reserved a special spot for you in my heart brother, such that no one can take your place. You mean so much to me. Happy birthday.

11. I wouldn’t understand why I often feel sad whenever things aren’t going well with you. Little did I realise how bonded we’ve been and so concerned like you will always care for us.

12. It’s just the last year to your fourth floor and I’m confident you will sail through and land safely at the other end. So much awaits you this New Year. Happy birthday!

13. I just want to appreciate you on this special day. Thank you for always taking good care of us. I feel your love and care a great deal. May you not lack helper all your life. Happy birthday dearest brother.

14. When everyone else chooses to scold me and back off on me, you wouldn’t. You’d rather choose to sit me down and talk senses into my head. Oh, brother, your kind is rare. I so love you specially. Happy birthday to you.

15. You may be my brother by blood, but I see you more as a friend by relation. We’re so knitted together in communication and understanding. What a good relation we make! Happy birthday.

16. For never leaving me to face life’s battles all alone, I can’t but declare that you are my favourite brother. Thank you for staying true and real. Happy birthday.

17. You’re so reliable and trustworthy. Brother like you is worth having a thousand times. May everything that makes you happy not bring you tears. Happy birthday.

18. This 39th year will be such that you’ll always behold so much amazement and testimonies for what God is planning to do in your life. Success awaits you.

19. Don’t worry. Get ready for your dancing shoes and rolling gear for God is set to do great and marvellous things in your life. Happy 39th full of greatness and testimonies.

20. Dear brother, you’re so sweet to have. You shielded and guarded me all through our youthful years. May you enjoy divine guidance and guard all your days. Happy 39th anniversary.

21. I used to think you were being wicked. Now I know better. Thanks for all you do. Cheers to a better life in good health and a sound mind. Happiest birthday to you.

22. We could bicker at each other a whole lot but it doesn’t change the fact that you are my brother and the best one at that. May the Lord turn His face towards you. I celebrate you.

23. We came from the same womb, sucked from the same breast, dined from the same plates, and hand in hands, we grew together in the same house.

24. Glad to reckon with a brother like you and always proud to show you to my friends. How rich I am to be gifted with a loving brother. God bless your new age.

25. You are a brother indeed. Being able to read my mood and detect when something is wrong is proof that you’re so dear. God bless your good heart. Happy birthday.

Happy 39th Birthday Brother Quotes

There’s been so much than you can imagine. You’re not just a brother but you’re more like a father. For this and many more attributes in you, I hope to usher you into a beautiful new year with this lovely birthday quote to make your 39th anniversary a remarkable one. Happy birthday!

26. With more brothers like you in place, things will change and move forward instantaneously. That’s the result of the blessing that you are.

27. Your intelligence and contribution to knowledge is a pointer that you’re destined for greatness. Happiest and jolly birthday to you sweet brother.

28. That you’re my brother is never an accident. It’s just a sign that we’re both fortunate to share the same parentage. I can’t love you less. Happy birthday to you.

29. We are the only ones in the hands of our parents – just you and me. You remain the only brother I will always live to appreciate. Happy birthday.

30. I grew up to know you as my only brother. It’s really nice sharing the same parents with you and growing up with someone like you. Heaven smiles on you always. Happy 39th anniversary.

31. Never do I underestimate your intelligence and resourcefulness. You’re prompt to action and always making active decisions. Who wouldn’t desire such a genius as a brother? I celebrate your next level. Happy birthday.

32. Growing up, you’ve earned so much respect from me as a brother. Even till now, I still esteem you. Keep prospering, brother.

33. I could be sometimes jealous that you acquire the strongest traits of our parents. Well, I had to accept fate for you’ve always lived up to their expectations. You deserve all the best that lives bring. Happy birthday.

34. No longer will I get jealous that you’re the older brother. After all, family responsibilities rest more on your shoulder. Enjoy your position to the fullest, brother. Keep topping.

35. You’re more than a conqueror because God has got your back fully. Never will you be stranded in life. Happy birthday to you.

36. Whenever I needed to see whom I resemble, all I needed to do is just to look at you, and I’ll see my perfect reflection in you. You’re such an awesome brother. Happy birthday.

37. We fight a lot. Eventually, we don’t but makeup. There’s nowhere to chase each other to, for we’re bonded by blood for life. Happy born day to you, brother.

38. After our father, you’re the next male friend I got to know. It’s a good thing to know and have you as my brother and you will remain ever special in my heart. Happy birthday.

39. Our childhood experience was a great one. Running the streets together almost half-naked is one of the exciting things about you. Happiest and fulfilling birthday to you.

40. We sure can’t go back to the good old days but it sure reminds me of the good bond we shared as siblings. Have a great day.

41. It’s so good to have someone to pick a fight with every blessed day. Friends may choose to go but a brother like you will remain for life.

42. Our upbringing was a cordial one for we had the best parents ever. You’re a parent as well and I’m certain you will give your children the best of the memories we shared together as siblings.

43. You are more like a friend and more than the gift of a brother that you are. Don’t stop living. Keep shinning.

44. I feel so cared for and ever supported by you dear brother. For this I wish all the good things of life come your way.

45. I like your resilience for you always push so hard no matter how difficult life gets. You’re so strong and admirable, brother. Keep prospering in all your endeavours.

46. I have always said you are irreplaceable and it’s so obvious that you really are. I can’t but appreciate you and wish you all the lucks of a new year.

47. You are one of a kind and a brother any sibling can always be proud of. You are much of an inspiration to me. God bless and keep you more. Happy birthday.

48. Your transformation in these past few years is so steady. I see so much in you than you can ever see in yourself and that is your potential for acceleration. I see heaven smiling at you. Happy birthday.

49. Your accomplishment so far is such that that is worthy of emulation. I admire you a whole lot and pray you, heavenly blessings. Best wishes in your new year and always.

50. I can attest to the fact that you’re one of the few persons that modelled me and whom I also look up to.

What do you think of this compilation? I am certain you got the best of the happy 39th birthday wishes and quotes for a brother or any of your siblings.

Always stand to delight those that matter to you in life as you choose to celebrate them in every possible way and mostly on their birthdays. You stand to get the best of them that way.

Always drop by to get more lovely and heartfelt birthday messages from me. Thanks.

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