Happy 38th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

No doubt, our spouses take the largest chunk of our hearts. So, when it’s their birthday, we really want to shake the world.

It starts with a heartwarming birthday message, the sort of one that reminds them how special they are to us.

So, it’s your husband’s 38th birth anniversary and you’d like to wow him to the moon and back? Perfect!

I’ve written some never-before-seen happy 38th birthday wishes and quotes for husband here on your behalf. If you look even further, you’d find various categories such as quotes, wishes, and prayer messages for him.

These categories will enable you to find the one that best expresses how you feel on his birthday.

However, the best part of you can wish him a happy birthday with as many messages as you want. So, there’s no limit to which variety you can opt for.

Wondering how beautiful these messages are?

See them below:

Happy 38th Birthday Husband Quotes

Meeting you was a blessing made possible by your birth on this day 38 years ago. Happy cake day to the man who drives me nuts with his smiles, kisses, and caresses. I just want you to grow old with me. Happy 38th birthday, my husband.

How about that? Thankfully, there’s more where that came from.

1. Happy 38th cake day, my love. I promise to always be there to wish you a delightful birth anniversary. See how handsome you look today.

2. I’m so lucky to see you turn 38th today. Happy birthday, my love. May you experience the coming years in bliss and health.

3. Happy birthday to the love of my life. It’s 38th o’clock. I’m so wishing to see you turn 100 someday. I love you, boo.

4. My heart wishes you a happy birth anniversary. I hope you enjoy this new age like never before. I’d like to let you know that you’ve been the most amazing husband in the world.

5. You were born today to light up my world. Thank you for fulfilling that purpose. Happy 38th birthday to my sweetness.

6. I’ve been longing to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birth anniversary, my darling. With all of my heart, I love you.

7. As each year passes by, you become even more precious in my eyes. So don’t be afraid of ageing, my fine wine. Happy 38th birthday, love.

8. I’m committed to making your 38th year the most delightful out of the many former years. Happy birthday, my baby.

9. I love you so much more than I did yesterday because you’ve just grown a little older and more precious today. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

10. What are your birthday wishes, my darling? I’d like to make them true. Happy 38th birthday, sweetie. I love you to space and back.

11. To the only love of my life; happy 38th birthday sweetie. Not a day goes by and I don’t find you a little more invaluable, more loving, and attractive.

12. Super glad we’d be spending forever together. So, keep on ageing like wine. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

13. You’ve been the husband of my dreams. I hope I can be the wife of your dreams tonight and forever. Happy 38th birthday, sweetie.

14. Don’t worry about a thing, your future is bright and colourful. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

15. Always make a room for a smile and space for hope in your heart. Happy 38th birthday, my superman. How I love you.

16. Happy 38th womb escape day, my darling. If I could meet you for the very first time again, I’d do it cause you’re the best man in the world. I love you.

38th Birthday Wishes for My Husband

Waited months, then weeks, days, then hours to see you clock the beautiful 38. It’s true and I confess, 38 looks so good on you. Hence, I wish to savour it all with you. Happy 38th birthday, baby. I wish you joy unending, strength like a superman, and peace like a river.

17. Happy 38th birthday to the man who drives me crazy. I wish you all the pleasantness you desire and deserve. Many more cake days to you, my darling.

18. May you find this year to be colourful, bright, and beautiful. Happy 38th birthday, my only true love.

19. May you walk the right path and opt for peace over troubles, gaiety over sadness, and prosperity over a loss. Happy 38th birthday, boo.

20. The sound of your laughter is dulcet to my ears. Hence, I wish you joy unending. Happy 38th birthday, my true love.

21. May you keep on basking in health and thriving in the wholeness of our love. Happy 38th birthday, my darling.

22. My wishes for you on this historical day include your wishes for yourself. Happy 38th birthday, King of my heart. I love you.

23. May troubles elude you, peace cocoon you, and joy overwhelm you. Happy 38th birthday, my heartbeat.

24. Happy 38th birthday to the gardener of my heart. I wish you the fulfilment of your wildest, wildest dreams. I love you hopelessly.

25. It’s a new year for you. So, I wish you new joy, fresh peace, and unusual purpose. Happy 38th birth anniversary, my darling.

26. Happy 38th birthday, angel. Thank you for keeping me safe under your wings. I wish you many joyous returns of the day.

27. I’m choking you with my love today. Happy birthday, sweetie. 38 sure looks good on you. I wish you the life of your dreams.

28. See who just turned 38! Happy birthday, sweet, fine man. I wish you nothing but joy.

29. Your heart is so pure and fair. Happy birthday to the most caring husband in the world. I wish you many years of bliss and gratitude.

30. Let’s start the day with a wish and then a kiss. It’s your 38th birthday, my boo. Happy cake day to you. I truly wish you a life of fulfilment and broad smiles.

31. You’ve always been the man for me. I’m glad we’ll be spending your new age together again. Happy 38th birthday, my love. I wish you a life full of warmth and health, peace and joy, prosperity and grace.

32. Your look says it all; you’re 38 today and even more handsome. I hope to look just as good. Happy 38th birthday, sweetie. I wish you a blissful and perfect life.

33. I know you’ve got big dreams. Hence, I wish you the wherewithal to fulfil all your dreams. I’ll surely do anything to keep staring into those eyes of yours. Happy birthday, my love.

34. My heart rejoices this morning, knowing you’re a year older. Happy 38th womb escape day, baby. I wish you many happy and prosperous years on earth.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

I pray to the Lord to grant you the fulfilment of your dreams. I pray He makes His light shine upon you and straighten your path so that you’re prosperous. I pray that your 38th year is the most fantastic so far. I love you, my husband and sweetness.

35. I thank the Lord for keeping you safe till today. I pray that He keeps you longer in health, wealth, gaiety, and peace. I love you, sweetie. Happy 38th birthday.

36. May the good Lord remember you for good on this day. Happy 38th birthday, sweetie. May you enjoy the Lord’s favour.

37. May you live a life of joy and gratitude. I pray that you find peace every day of this new age. Happy 38th birthday, dear true love.

38. May your past kindness and love captivate God’s goodness and mercy upon you this year. Happy 38th birthday, baby.

39. Happy 38th birthday, my darling. May heaven rain showers of blessings upon you. May the Lord’s mercy continually speak for you.

40. May you wear the garment of praise and honour throughout this year and the ones to come. Happy 38th birthday, my darling.

41. Look up the rainbow in the sky, it promises joy, prosperity, peace, favour, grace, mercy, and love. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

42. Happy 38th birthday, my darling. May the goodness from the four cardinals of the earth find its way to your bosom.

43. You truly deserve the best. So I pray the good Lord blesses you with overflowing blessings. Happy 38th birthday, sweetie.

44. Arise and shine, my love. It’s your 38th birthday. I pray that the Lord gives answers to your former and present prayers.

45. I pray that you live long and with joy draw water from the well of salvation. Happy 38th birthday, my king.

46. May the good Lord bless you beyond the reach of your enemies. Happy 38th birthday, my darling.

47. I pray with all of my heart that you live a life full of joy, achievements, love, and perfection. Happy 38th birthday, sweetie.

48. Thus, saith the Lord; no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Happy 38th birthday, my baby. Many more happy years shall you see.

49. Happy 38th birthday, angel. May your health blossom every day and your happiness shine brighter as the seconds go by. I love you.

50. Happy 38th birthday, my love. May this day be the beginning of many prosperous years to come. May the Lord remember you for his mercies. I love you.

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