Happy 36th Birthday Son

Happy 36th Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

For you, every birthday your son marks should remind you of how much he keeps growing, whether he is a boy or man already. We all know that no matter how old a son is, he will always be eager to hear or read some sweet words (that bring sweet memories) from his parents, on his birthday.

Some sons can be very hard to please, and if you have a son like this, you should be careful with the words you put down to celebrate him, so he doesn’t read unnecessary meanings to it.

I understand that this can be very overwhelming, and that’s why I have taken it upon myself to provide you with the best celebratory messages and wishes for your dear son.

With these happy 36th birthday son wishes and quotes below, your son is just about to see you differently; in a more special way than he always had. The only thing you have to do is, go through them, and choose what you feel is best for him on his 36th birthday. Trust me, he will feel grateful.

Happy 36th Birthday Wishes to My Son

You know I have always wished you well. Well, it’s not the time to stop; it’s only the time to do more, as you won’t stop being a good son. Thank you for choosing to stay sane, despite the insanity going on in the world. Happy 36th birthday, son.

1. Look who has a 36-year-old son; that’s me. I’m grateful for each experience I learned from you, since the moment I became your mother. I’m grateful for the experience motherhood and parenthood have taught me. Lastly, I’m grateful for the grace of God that keeps me going. Happy birthday, son. May you continue to do well.

2. I hope you know God hasn’t started with you yet; this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’re the most wonderful son and you deserve to enjoy every good thing. You have started very well, I hope you continue like this till you become the best. Happy 36th birthday, son.

3. You not only made me a mother, but you also made me understand everything about love and perseverance. I can boldly say I am a better woman than I used to be. Thank you for being the most amazing son. Here’s wishing you the best forever. Happy 36th birthday to you.

4. Yes, true love does exist. But I feel like it can only be found between a parent and a son. I have enjoyed love in all its shapes and forms since I became your mother. This is just one of the blessings I will never take for granted. My darling, I wish you long life and prosperity. Cheers!

5. You have always been in my corner, both in good and bad times. So many people of your age will want to neglect their parents because of some responsibilities, but you’re never like that. You keep wanting more of me, instead. This love is too massive, and I hope it’s like this forever. Happy 36th birthday.

6. I have always known you to be very focused and determined, so everything that’s happening to you does not move me at all. You have paid your dues, and you deserve to enjoy all the good fruits that come out of it. It’s your birthday, boy. Happy 36th birthday. Enjoy yourself.

7. I can’t believe I have a son who now has a family of his own. It’s really been a long time coming, but I thank God we’re here. I haven’t only trained you to become a good man, I also instilled some family virtues in you; no wonder you cherish family so much. Happy 36th birthday, king. You’re the best.

8. I know your wife and kids love you a lot, but I love you so much. You’re my son and the first child I had. You have never made me regret bringing you into this world. You constantly make efforts to be a better son, man and husband. I would’ve been envying your parents if you weren’t my son. Happy 36th birthday, big man.

9. You’re all grown now, my son. I can’t believe you’re 36 years old today. Being your mom has been such an amazing journey that has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I’m very thankful that today, I speak as a better woman and the best mom. It’s all because of your, son. Happy birthday.

10. Till I leave this world, I will always celebrate your birthday with you, no matter how far you are. Thank God you’re rich, so you can fly me to anywhere in the world. Trust me, you have been a really outstanding son. I’m glad I didn’t abort you. Happy 36th birthday.

11. Oh what a year! The last year was not too good. I watched as you kept going down, day by day. I tried all I could to get you to snap out of depression. Thank God you’re here, and you can finally see that better days are here already. You’re a strong man, son. Happy 36th birthday to you.

12. Today, I keep going through emotions. I don’t want to believe that my son is now 36. My dear, how did we even get here? Time has really gone, and I’m thankful that none of our time was a waste. You keep excelling, and that alone excites me. Happy 36th birthday to you, son.

13. I know I was a disciplinarian while you were growing up, but thank you for understanding that it all came from the place of love. Even though we kept fighting almost every day, we were and still are the best of friends. Thank you for choosing me, son. Happy 36th birthday to you.

14. Some people will never believe that you’re my son. They always think you’re my boyfriend, and trust me, I love it like that. It only means that you have been my boyfriend for 36 years. Oh, that must be very nice. Thank you for giving me the love and attention your father couldn’t give. You remain my number one forever. Happy 36th birthday.

15. It’s your birthday today, and I’m joining the rest of the world to celebrate you on this great feat. Whenever I look at how much you love and care about your family, I feel like getting married again. You are proof that marriages still work in this generation. I’m proud of you, son. Do have a happy 36th birthday.

16. Growing up, I didn’t have it good. In fact, I cried almost all through my teenage years. It was really tough for my family and me. Life really dealt with my parents and me. But look at me today; I have a son whom God used his birth to change my story. Happy 36th birthday, darling son. You’re mine forever.

17. I love how you balance work and family; you never allow one to get in the way of the other. You’re such an amazing family man. I really wish your father was like this; things could’ve been different t for me. Happy 36th birthday, son. I love you and your family forever. My regards.

18. I have always been a family man, and it has always been my intention to raise family men and women. I’m glad you didn’t allow all my efforts to go to waste. Your marriage is so beautiful that sometimes, I think it’s better than mine. You are really doing a good job, son. Happy 36th birthday to you.

19. When I see the relationship and connection you have with your children, I feel like being your father over and over again. I’m so proud of how perfectly you handle things that have to do with the family. You love your family, and you don’t joke with them. Please, keep it up. Happy 36th birthday to you.

20. A man who pleases his wife and goes all out to satisfy her, will always obtain the favour of God. You are this man, and I’m not surprised you have no problem with anything. My son, I wish you can continue like this. So many people will try to discourage you, but never give in. I trust you. Happy 36th birthday.

21. I am a very proud mother because I have you. Being your mom has opened so many doors of breakthroughs for me. Sometimes, I wonder if this is really me. Thank you for being my divine intervention. Life has been really beautiful with you. Happy 36th birthday, my dear. Regards to your family.

22. If you’re not the best son, then I wonder who is. No one can ever come close to how amazing you are. Your father and I are proud that something so wonderful came out of our union. We will continue to wish you well because that’s what you deserve. Do have a wonderful birthday celebration.

23. Your wife will not stop praising me for raising a king. I know it’s my duty, but she gives me my respect every time. I’m glad you’re making a good husband and father. I’d love to see your family do well. Happy 36th birthday to you. Don’t ever stop making your family happy, because family is everything.

24. Being your mother is my greatest blessing. Your responsibility came with so many challenges, but I’m glad you are here today. You’re not one of the average men, but one of the most successful men in the world. You are known globally, and that’s a confirmation that I haven’t failed as a mother. Happy 36th birthday, my son.

25. I promise to love you till I say my last prayer, and nothing will ever make me look back on that. You have been a great son, a shoulder to lean on and one that wipes my tears. Honestly, you have really tried for me, and I thank you very much. It’s your 36th birthday, and I can’t be happier. Make sure you have enough fun.

26. You are really living the life of your dreams. So many people have been able to achieve success just by being in your circle. I’m grateful for your growth and how far you’ve come; it really makes me happy. Everything I went through was worth it anyways. Happy 36th birthday.

27. My love will always abide with you. You will always be in my heart, whether you’re far or near. You are the best, so I will never dare to replace you with anyone else. Happy 36th birthday, son. Thank you for giving me peace of mind and pride aside a mother. Happy birthday.

28. Nothing will ever stop me from being that father that you’ve always loved. When you were little, you followed me everywhere. Now that you have grown, you’ve succeeded in putting all you learn from me into practice. Trust me, these are amazing results, and I’m happy for you. Happy 36th birthday, son.

29. You already know that, no matter how far you’re from your mother and me, we will always find out way to you on your birthday. It’s that time of the year, son. Trust me, we are all dressed up, on our way to your house. We can’t wait to celebrate you with your beautiful family and friends. Happy 36th birthday.

30. Ever since we had you, we have never stopped throwing a big party for your birthday, because we know how important you are to us. Even though you’re 36 today, the party will only be bigger. It feels so great to celebrate you today, son. We hope that you have a beautiful journey all through.

31. When you were little, you were so full of drama. You were so stubborn and hard-hearted. Now that you’re older, it seems like it isn’t you any longer. You have really changed. You’ve grown into such a great man with the most wonderful family. Thank you for heeding every one of our instructions. Happy 36th birthday to you.

32. Let me tell you a little secret. When you were little, I was always around you, well except for the times I was at work, and that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you. I loved you so much that, I never wanted to see you with anyone else. Amazingly, the feeling is still the same, even after you’ve been married with kids. I love you so much, son. Happy birthday.

33. It’s not only 36 years of being your mom; it’s been 36 years of God’s faithfulness in my life. I never thought I would make it this far. 36 years is a lot, and I thank God it came in very handy. Thank you for choosing me, son. I love that you’re my son forever. Happy 36th birthday.

34. I can’t believe you’re 36 already; I think I need to hear it from you, maybe that way, I will believe. It’s been 36 years of being a very stubborn boy to me. Sometimes, I wonder if you’ve grown at all because you haven’t stopped those old things you do. It makes me love you more, though. Happy 36th birthday, dear.

36. Today, I’m sending special thanks to God, for making this day a reality. For making me witness this beautiful day. Oh, it’s such a happy day. I have had health issues almost all my life, but you’ve never neglected me. Even after you got married, it only felt like you had more love and compassion for me. I will forever be grateful for a son like you. Do have a happy 36th birthday.

37. I’m not a self-acclaimed good mother; everyone knows and can testify to how great I am. I don’t only care about my children, I go all out for other people’s children as well. No wonder my children keep doing well. Son, it’s your 36th birthday, and I have watched you grow from nothing to something within a few years. Here’s telling you how proud I am, and wishing you more success. Happy birthday.

38. It’s not my birthday, but I’m happier than the celebrant. I’m happier because you’re my son and I know what I had to go through to get you here. You’re only here with the help of God and a little help from me. I thank God you didn’t end up like some useless men. Happy 36th birthday.

39. Even after 36 years, I can still vouch for you without blinking an eye. You have been a good boy right from inception. I have never regretted being your mother, and I’m sure you will only continue to make me proud. I’m grateful. Please, keep it up. Happy 36th birthday.

40. Whenever I ask your wife about how she copes with the kids, she always tells me how much you help out. You don’t mind leaving your job, just to make sure your family does not lack. I can only wish that your children end up being better than you. Thanks for all you do. Happy 36th birthday.

41. Whenever your wife shows up here, she always talks about how great you are. Of course, she thanks me while telling me about your greatness. I’m glad you are where you are today. I still see a great future ahead of you, though. And you’re going to get there. Happy 36th birthday to you.

42. It’s your 36th birthday, and trust me, you have no idea how happy I am. It’s been the best 36 years of my life. Being your mom is and will always be my greatest blessing. You’re my only child, but it feels like I have five children. Thank you for making motherhood beautiful. Happy 36th birthday.

43. Despite how hard you work, you always make time for your family. This is one thing you took after your father, and I’m so glad it’s the best of all he does. If you continue placing your family before every other thing, you will have little or no problems in life. Happy 36th birthday.

44. The day you said your first word, your dad was all over the place. He was very happy, that he almost threw a party. He was happy because “dada” was your first word. I wasn’t too happy, because I wanted you to call “mama”. Guess what? All these didn’t stop us from being best friends. That’s the greatest compensation ever. Happy 36th, son.

45. Good things don’t come easy, they say. But till today, I still wonder how you came so easy. Your presence changed my life and gave me a new name. Tell me why I will ever stop loving you, son. It’s been 36 years, and here you are; bigger and better. Happy 36th birthday, son. Cheers to more greatness.

46. Finally, the beautiful day is here. Today is for you and you alone. I just the rest of the world to welcome you into your testifying breakthroughs and supernatural blessings. This year, you will sing a new song. You will keep going from glory to glory nonstop. You’re in for some greatness, trust me. Amen. Happy 36th birthday.

47. I know I do this every day, but I just feel like praying for you today. On your 36th birthday, I wish that God blesses you with long life and prosperity. You shall not be found wanting. Your name shall be called where kings are. It’s your season of rejoicing. Amen. Happy 36th birthday, dear son. Enjoy the rest of the year.

48. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing you mark your birthday every year; it gives me so much joy. I remembered you had nothing when you got married. Now, you have everything you’ve always dreamed of. You even have the most beautiful gift of God to men; children. Happy 36th birthday, son. May your testimony be permanent.

49. A mother like me is one of a kind, and so is a son like you. In every way, I deserve a son like you, and you deserve a mother like me. No wonder God sent you into my life. Today, I’m thankful for all you are to me. I’m grateful that you have such a beautiful family. I’m grateful that you keep progressing, against all odds. Happy 36th birthday, son.

50. I keep remembering all that happened when you were a child. Oh, it was a beautiful time with you; I never wanted it to end. Well, we thank God for growth. Here you are, bouncing in the glory of God, with the most adorable family. I’m so happy for you, son. Do have a spectacular day.

Happy 36th Birthday Son Quotes

You’re more wonderful than any quote I will ever come across. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and not celebrating you today will be a sin. Happy 36th birthday, son. I wish you the best.

51. It’s been the most beautiful 36 years of my life, and I can tell you categorically that every second of those years was worth it. I can’t forget all you did, whenever I was sad. You have been very amazing from day one. It’s your 36th birthday, son. Make sure you have a blast.

52. No one else comes before you. I value and cherish you more than anyone else. You keep proving to be the best son, and this only puts smiles on my face. Your 36th birthday got me so emotional, but it’s all because I am happy. Now, go into this year and take over. Happy 36th birthday. It’s going to be a smooth one.

53. The love I have for you is out of this world, son. I can remember the day you had a minor accident growing up, I began to cry and run helter-skelter, as I didn’t know what to do. I called everyone I could, till I got help. Thank God you’re here today. It’s been 36 years. Happy birthday.

54. Ever since we had you, our home has been filled up with happiness and so much love. You have also been the best son ever. You deserve all the good things of life, for all you keep doing. We promise to keep being the best parents and grandparents. Happy 36th birthday, our darling son.

55. Honestly, not much has changed about you, since you were a child. You still have that beautiful smile, wonderful heart, loving soul. Everything about you still remains, except for the fact that you’re now married with your own children. It’s so wonderful to see you grow into such a great man. We are proud of you. Happy 36th birthday.

56. I am very sure your kids are very happy today because you’re the best father in the whole wide world. Despite being a son to an amazing father, I still give it up for you. Even your dad will do the same. You have always been the most wonderful son to us. We wish you nothing but the very best. Enjoy your day.

57. Just like the perfect gentleman that you are, you are married to a cool and peace-loving woman. You both are a perfect match. I want you to know that, if you weren’t a good man, chances are you may not have met her. Happy 36th birthday, son. You’re loved forever.

58. I will continue to be a good mother, no matter what. You’re 36 today, and it’s been 10 years since you got married to your heartthrob, but you’ve never changed towards me. You still send my monthly allowance, and even check up on me. You are the best, son. Happy 36th birthday.

59. When I turned 36, I still didn’t know what I was going to do with my life, despite having you. Life really dealt with me, but I’m glad God came through. It’s been 36 years, and I can’t be happier. God has been really faithful. Your 36th year will be a success, son. Happy birthday.

60. I don’t care who’s happy or not, as long as my son and his family are happy. For 36 years now, you’ve been my constant source of happiness. I couldn’t have asked for a better son. You’re my all-in-all, and I’m grateful for everything you have achieved. Happy 36th birthday.

61. We may not have been the greatest parents, but you have always been the most wonderful son to us, and we are very proud of you. Your 36 birthday will surely be one of a kind because we are throwing the biggest party. Happy 36th birthday to you, and thank you for always being there for us.

62. It feels so wonderful to see the wonderful boy you have turned into. In fact, I am very proud of that. It’s your 36th birthday and your first as a married man. I hope you’re enjoying your marriage too. Please, keep being a gentleman. Happy 36th birthday to you. Be good.

63. You have always been a kind person, so I’m not surprised how people sing your praises. You keep making people happy with your kindness. I thought I was the kindest, but it’s good to see that you’re way kinder. Do not stop rendering assistance to people who are in need. Happy 36th birthday.

64. It’s your birthday, and because you’re a cheerful giver, we are going to the streets to feed the poor. This is always been your dream, so I’m sure you will be happy about it. In the meanwhile, I just want to wish you a happy 36th birthday filled with God’s blessings and love. I love you. From mom.

65. I have never taken any chances when it comes to making you satisfied and happy. I always want to see that smile on your face, even if it takes the whole world to frown. I’m thankful and grateful for these past 36 years of my life. It was full of beautiful lessons. Happy 36th birthday, my son.

66. You are a goal-getter who keeps going for what they said you would not have. I’m thankful that you went for them all, and they made you a better man. They made the world see you differently. Now, the world respects you because you’re one of a kind. Happy 36th birthday.

67. The best place I like to be is where you’re being celebrated. Nothing gives me more joy than that. I have seen you struggle to be who you are today. It wasn’t easy for you, but you pulled through. You are the strongest man, son. Happy 36th birthday to you. Can’t wait to enjoy the best 36 years with you. Love you.

68. Today, it’s your body and I am super happy. If only you know how much I have been anticipating this beautiful day. I’m glad it’s finally here, and I can throw you the biggest party of the century. Happy 36th birthday, son. I want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest because it’s your day.

69. I don’t even know how I’m going to celebrate the best son on his birthday. Truth is, it’s hard to think of something that will surprise you. You don’t get moved easily. Well, this birthday wish comes first before any other thing. Happy 36th birthday, my son. I wish you heaven’s best.

70. I have always been happy to have you in my life. I have gone around the world with you, and we’ve made great memories than the self-acclaimed best son and parent would. I’m grateful for these beautiful memories. I can’t wait to have more. Happy 36th birthday.

71. It’s officially 36 years of God’s love and mercy in your life. Trust me, it’s not easy to enjoy the kind of grace you enjoy. You must be very special to God because He’s so particular about making you have the best life. Do not ever stop praising God. Happy 36th birthday.

72. Look who has a wife and family of his own. When you told me you were getting married, I was a bit scared, even though you were old enough. Because you’ve always been a sweetheart, I never wanted to share you with anyone. At the end of the day, you proved that you were matured enough for it. I’m thankful for this phase of your life. Happy 36th birthday.

73. All the glory and honour belong to God, for seeing you through your 35th year. It’s not by your doing that you’ve come this far; it’s just by the grace of God that never leaves you. You’re a product of God’s goodness, and I’m sure you will never be defeated. Happy 36th birthday to you.

74. How does it feel climbing the 36th floor? I guess it’s fantastic. I feel so blessed to see you entering into this year that promises to come bearing good fruits. It’s your year of fruitfulness all around, so trust God to do the most. Happy 36th birthday, son. All the best in your life’s endeavours.

75. I have always been there for you because I understand my assignment as a good mom. I have never missed any remarkable day in your life. Even though today was meant to be a busy day, I still made sure to celebrate you. Have an amazing and beautiful year, son. Love you.

76. I have always loved and looked out for you. I cherish and place our bond above any other thing. It’s been 36 years of bonding with you, yet it feels like just two years. You’re the reason I am alive with no health conditions because you give me peace of mind. Happy 36th birthday, son. May your children do much more for you. Amen.

77. Even when you have other important things to do, you always check on me like I’m a baby. You have never left me alone, despite having a family of your own. I’m grateful for the time you still spend with me. You have really done a lot to make me feel happy. Happy 36th birthday to you.

78. I don’t know why it feels like you’re still a baby. I still feel the same way I felt when you were a baby. I think it’s because you never stopped being a good boy. You have contributed immensely to my happiness, and I can’t thank you enough. Happy 36th birthday, my darling son.

79. My love will always find its way to you, whether you’re far or near. You’re the only one my heart beats for. I have never been so happy with anyone to an extent like this. You’re the only one who makes me come alive, so I’m happy to have you. It’s your birthday, son. Have a blast. Love.

80. You’re not getting any younger again. You’re 36 today, and you have no family of your own. This doesn’t sit well with me, as it gives me concern. I just hope you do the needful real soon. Happy 36th birthday, my son. I can’t wait to meet your fiancee. Please, bring her home.

81. The last 36 years of my life is the most amazing. I enjoyed God in all His glory. I have never stopped thanking Him for blessing me with the best son in the world. I know I don’t say it often, but you’re the best. Happy 36th birthday, son. Enjoy every moment of it.

82. The time to celebrate your 36th birthday is finally here, and I can’t be happier. Today, my heart leaps for joy, because I have been anticipating. It’s your 36th birthday and your first as a husband. It couldn’t have happened in a better time. Happy 36th birthday.

83. You have made me the envy of so many parents, just as you’ve been the envy of so many of them. This feeling happens only once in a lifetime, and I’m glad it’s happening to me. You are my gift from heaven and my biggest joy. Happy 36th birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

84. I know exactly how you feel today because I was once in your shoes. I’m glad you have all you’ve planned out for this age, and even more. Trust me, you’ve done so well for yourself, and with a little push, you might just be the world’s most successful man. I can’t wait, though. Happy 36th birthday.

85. My dear son, you were the most handsome boy, but now, you’re the most handsome son, man and father I’ve ever known. I wish you continue to be a man of great values and morals. You will always be loved and appreciated. Happy 36th birthday, dear. I love you.

86. I can’t believe I have a son who would be 40 in four years. I have always been myself with you, and I’m thankful for how much you trust me enough to tell me some certain things, even after you’ve been married. I just hope nothing comes between us. Happy 36th birthday, dear son.

87. I feel so privileged to be the mother of a son like you. You’re an all-around amazing and sweet son. It’s another phase of your life, and I pray that you become the most successful and happiest person in your life. Have a great 36th birthday. My love to your wife and kids.

88. At 22, you already knew what you wanted out of life. At this particular age, you weren’t only aiming, but putting in the works. Trust me, I am very proud of your achievements and growth. It’s my wish that you continue to succeed against all odds. Happy 36th birthday, son.

89. For you, I will always do my best, even when it’s not comfortable. I have watched you go through the most traumatizing experiences with me. You have never left my side, even though you’re a married man. I honestly can’t imagine my life without you. Being your mom is my biggest blessing so far. Happy 36th birthday to you.

90. There’s nothing I won’t do for you. You own me, so I understand that I owe you forever. You’re my light and essence. I’m grateful to God for this beautiful life He’s blessed you with. You have a roof over your head and a perfect family. What more can I ask for? Happy 36th birthday, darling. May you be great forever.

91. I was so young when I had you, but even at that, I knew you were going to be my best friend. Everyone judged me for getting pregnant at a very young age, but I’m thankful that it’s paying off now. I have the most loving and supportive son in my life. My joy is full, today. Happy 36th birthday.

92. You don’t even have an idea how I feel today. I don’t know if I should be smiling or crying. Truth is, it wasn’t so smooth in the beginning. I doubted God’s love for me and thought about so many bad things. At the end of it all, God came through by giving me the most adorable son, who is now a man. I love you, son. Happy 36th birthday.

93. Your 36th birthday is another chance for me to celebrate the wonderful person that you are. My dear, I didn’t know how you did it, but you have a very beautiful family. I’m thankful that you keep evolving, despite the distractions in the world. I’m sure you will only keep making me proud. Happy 36th birthday, son.

94. It’s that time of the year again when I get to celebrate the absolute love of my life. For 36 years, I have been your mom, and that has never been a regret. You only keep making me bless the day I had you. 36 years later, I’m here to celebrate you in a grand style. I hope you’re ready for me. Happy birthday to you.

95. I’m so particular about making you happy. I don’t care if you get older than this, I will continue to treat you like a child. Don’t worry about me, your wife is the one entitled to treat you like a man. My dear, thank you for always coming through for me. I hope that things keep working out for you. Happy 36th birthday.

96. It’s not how far, but how well. I guess that’s why we are here today. I never expected that a day like this will come in my lifetime. Well, it’s here, and I’m thankful for it. Here’s thanking you for giving me all the happiness in this world. May you never lack happiness. I love you.

97. Time has really flown by. I can’t believe my little boy of yesterday, is 36 years old today. You grew so fast. I thank God for providing all you needed to aid your growth. You’re now happily married with children. Thank you for making me a happy and proud mom and grandma. Happy 36th birthday, my son.

98. You’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for blessing my life with so much love. I was really lonely in the past, but now, everything seems lively to me. Wishing you all the happiness and joy of the entire universe. Happy birthday, son.

99. You are and will always remain my first priority. I will place you above anyone, any day, any time. I believe God has really blessed me because I have you. It’s your 36th birthday, and I’m hoping that you shine brightly every single day and be really happy. Happy birthday, son.

100. You are and will always remain the most precious thing in my life. I’m sure God has really happy to have blessed me with a son like you. You keep taking care of me even when you have little or nothing. I can only keep praying for you, son. I wish you a very happy birthday.

Hello, dear. I hope I came correct with the happy 36th birthday son wishes and quotes up there. I really hope that you’re find something spectacular to celebrate your son on his 36th birthday. Kindly do well to spread the word, by sharing this content with other people that might need it. Thank you.

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