Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

When you have a treasure, you cherish it. Wonderful brothers are a rare gem. Celebrating their birthdays in special ways is the least you can do for them. No matter the angle with which you consider it, turning 21 years old is every shade of amazing!

Now that you know it’s a milestone celebration of his coming of age as an adult, it’s time to kick off his big day with incredible birthday wishes.

You can be mischievous as well, if you have a flair for it. Just for cruise, sake. You can pretend you forget about his day or act all unconcerned only to give him a swell time on his birthday. Won’t that be wonderful? Just be careful not to overdo it to avoid being paid in kind with more pranks! While you are it, you can shock him with a party, sponsor a shopping spree, pay for a skill acquisition he’s craving for, or a sizable amount of money if you’re stumped as to the best gift to buy for the birthday young man.

Making your brother’s 21st birthday lit with lovely gifts and touching wishes, will go a long way to show him how important he is. Letting his special birthday slide without sending a cute birthday message to him with gifts is unacceptable.

Are you swamped with so much work that you have no inkling as to what to write? Are you busy and a little bit perplexed as to what to write for your brother’s 21st birthday? Would you like to show him how much you care?

Fret not. Simply check out this collection of happy 21st birthday wishes for brother:

21st Birthday Messages for Brother

‘ A birthday message is the best way for me to let you know how much you mean to me. You are a gem: a brother in a million! Happy 21st birthday, dearest! You rock!’

Sending this cute 21st birthday message for brother will make him feel like a million dollars:

1. It feels good to be a full-grown adult, doesn’t it? Congratulations, bro, you’re now a man. Happy 21st birthday to you. Here’s the key to your future. The answer you seek is upon you already. Cheers!

2. 21st is the future! It’s the new age for the trending rage. You are smart enough to refrain from the attractive vices. Happy birthday, dearest brother. I wish you the best of being legally responsible.

3. Hey, brother! You are a year older, smarter and wiser. Happy 21st birthday, bro. Keep chilling with legal backing. Best wishes as you rock your adult life with gusto!

4. You are old enough to do as you wish and also smart enough to know you don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. I wish you long life, good health and prosperity. You rock!

5. Welcome to the age of full responsibility; you’ve had three years of practice, already. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. I wish you loads of happiness, fun and success. Have a blast!

6. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing human as my very own brother. Happy 21st birthday, brother dearest. Time to show yourself as the big bro as you start lifting some of my heftier bills. Yes! Smash your day!

7. Happiest 21st birthday to the best brother in the universe. I’m glad you are done being a kid; so, let’s groove as a responsible adult today. By the way, you get to pick the bill. Just kidding! Have a blast, kiddo!

8. You mean the world to me, hope you know that. You are the coolest brother ever with the most loving heart. I may not tell you this often enough, the fact is I love you to the moon and back. I wish you the happiest 21st birthday, dearest brother. You rock!

9. Welcome to the world of adults, little brother. Trust me, buddy, life is going to be all shades of awesome, weird and lots more, from now on. You can bet on it. Only, stay focused. Happy 21st birthday, dearie. I wish you the best.

10. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. You are brilliant, I expect you to breeze through your adulthood like you were born for it. Indeed, you’re born ready: you are the best! May you achieve your dreams.

11. Happy 21st birthday dear brother. May all your dreams come true. May you receive help to achieve your purpose. I wish you a marvellous celebration.

12. Freedom is a prize that comes with a price: responsibility. Happy 21st birthday, brother. I wish you loads of fun, laughter and all that your heart desires. Cheers!

13. Happy 21st birthday to my charming brother. Congratulations, on being your own man. Savour the euphoria that comes with absolute freedom while it lasts, until the reality of the enormity of its responsibility hits you. Best wishes, bro! Have fun!

14. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. Congratulations on being finally free of taking orders. Oops! Taking orders just took an upward turn. May you never lose your smiles. Have a splendid one!

15. Happy 21st birthday to my gorgeous brother with the most charming smile and infectious laughter. I love your carefree attitude and your earnest desire to be exceptional. I wish you everything good, terrific, and wonderful.

16. Happy 21st birthday to my self-acclaimed slay king brother with the extra swagger. I wish you the happiest, fulfilling and fun-filled birthday, darling brother. Love you, always.

17. You have the most enchanting smile ever! Your vibrant presence is always guaranteed to make everyone’s day bright. You’re such a lovely soul, my dearest brother. Happy 21st birthday, bro. I wish you all the happiness you deserve in your adult life, and then, some!

18. Your sunny smile is my daily foolproof energy booster and all the mood-lifting vibes I need to snap out of the blues. You are a treasure, brother dearest. Happy 21st birthday to you, Munchkin. I wish you an eternity of magical moments.

19. Happy 21st birthday to my star brother. You’re my champion, my hero. May this new era be your season of rejoicing. May you have countless reasons to laugh and be joyful. I love you. I wish you a splendid celebration!

20. A happy and hearty 21st birthday wishes to my beloved brother. Keep dreaming bro, you’ll surely fly. Keep pursuing your dream, the sky is your starting point. Keep spreading happiness, you’ve got a great vibe! Have a wonderful, fun-filled celebration.

Happy 21st Birthday Brother Quotes

‘ I love quoting you, same as always. You are the brightest star that shines in the sky. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. Have a super celebration’.

Spice your brother’s coming of age with this cute happy 21st birthday brother’s quotes:

21. You are a rare gem, my dearest brother. You’re special in every way. Chart your course and walk your path; a step at a time. Adulthood is a piece of cake, quote me anywhere! Happy 21st birthday, buddy.

22. You are not in competition with anyone; know this and know absolute peace. Always be the best version of yourself. You are in a race to achieve your dreams, not competing with anyone. Stay focused. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. Flex your adult status like a pro!

23. Now that you’re a flown blown adult, now is to act like the big guy you are. Here’s to saying goodbye to kidding around. Remember, you are now an adult, start acting like one. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. Have a jolly one.

24. Happy birthday, beloved brother. May your 21st birthday be as wonderful as you are. I wish you a wonderful life.

25. 21st birthday comes but once! So, seize the moment, have fun and prepare for the serious life ahead. Happy birthday, darling brother.

26. You are 21, young and smart; take risks. Whether you fumble, tumble, hit the target or go above, it’s the only way to excel and make a difference. The best time, too. Happy birthday, dear brother. Have a good one!

27. You are unique, dare to be different. Don’t be wary of walking or flying alone when your path is clear. Eagles fly alone at great altitudes. Dream big, go for it and set your eyes on the prize. You are a superstar, keep shining brightly. Happy 21st birthday to my dear brother. Have a fabulous day.

28. Let no one tell you otherwise: 21 is the bomb! It’s the life-changing point leading to your self-discovery and explosive success. The much-awaited mysterious turning point chapter. Happy 21st birthday, my cute brother. I wish you a fabulous celebration!

29. Happy 21st birthday to my one in zillion dapper brother. You are a trailblazer, setting paces unapologetically. The world is your oyster, keep soaring. I wish you the best birthday ever.

30. Today is a gift, this is why it is called the present, to be treasured. Tomorrow is a mirage, a luxury without a single guarantee. Happy 21st birthday, my precious brother. I wish you the best of today and all the tomorrow.

31. Great people are special creatures who make others great and feel great. Happy 21st birthday, my darling brother like no other. You aren’t just great, you are a phenomenon. Cheers!

32. You’re 21 shades of amazing. You are everything pure, genuine, loving and good. Happy 21st birthday, brother mine. Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

33. Turning 21 is all shades of special because you have now come of age. Old enough to stand solidly on your feet, poise and set off on your path to greatness while sipping sparkling wine of excellence from a tall glass of awesomeness. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. You rock!

34. The irony of life is when you think you are rid of all the parental rules only to wake up to the rude shock of society rules! It’s no big deal, so don’t fret. Happy 21st birthday, my adorable brother. Rock your age in grand style.

35. Coming of age is coming to terms with living life on your terms! Your life, your rule and your consequences! Happy 21st birthday, my dear brother. Have a blast!

21st Birthday Wishes for My Brother

‘ Hurray, your days of moving around under the watchful eyes of our parents are over! Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. I wish you pure bliss as you enjoy your newfound freedom.’

Send lovely 21st birthday wishes to your precious brother:

36. Happy 21st birthday to the coolest, brightest and funniest boss brother on earth. You’re one of a kind and I love you so. I wish you a blessed, fun and fulfilling adult life. Cheers!

37. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. May the God of the universe be kind to you, my precious one. I cherish you dearly. I wish you a fantastic celebration and a fabulous year.

38. Welcome to 21: where you get to figure out the rest of your life. You win some, lose some but come out great because greatness is in you. Happy birthday, darling brother. I wish you a brilliant future.

39. Happy 21st birthday, bro! Have fun today, because life becomes serious henceforth. I wish you the best of adult life.

40. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. Have a wonderful full-blown adult experience! I wish you a jolly ride of it. Cheers!

41. Yay, 21 at last! Happy birthday, bro. Hearty congratulations for making this spectacular milestone celebration. I wish you a birthday as amazing as you are.

42. The future you yearned for begins at 21. I wish you the very best life has to offer, dear brother. Happy birthday to you.

43. Hurray, my brother is a full-grown adult! My jubilation is on point! Happy 21st birthday, bro! I wish you loads of happiness, fun, laughter, progress and success in all your endeavours. Cheers!

44. Happy 21st birthday, brother dearest! May this significant milestone birthday usher you into a magnificent future. Best wishes, dear!

45. It’s official: my brother is now an adult with all its rights, privileges and responsibilities. Congratulations, bro! Happy 21st birthday to you. I wish you an amazing future!

46. Yippee, my little brother is no longer little anymore!! Officially an adult: time to pop the champagne and paint the town all shades of celebration! Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. Best wishes with loads of love from me. Have fun!

47. Adulthood is everything you crave and much more! Fun, success, reality, responsibilities, consequences and lots of lessons. I know you’re ready to take the reign: let’s go! Happy 21st birthday, brother mine! I wish you a fabulous year!

48. 21 and ready to take on the world a d navigate the path ahead! You’re born ready, bro! Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the success and happiness you so richly deserve.

49. Happy 21st birthday, brother dearest. On this special day of yours, I’m sending you all the love in the world with best wishes!

50. A wonderful brother like you deserves a super-duper spectacular celebration. Happy 21st birthday, bro. I wish you long life and prosperity in good health.

Birthday Wishes for Brother 21st

‘ You are the reason I always smile from ears to ears. A brother like you is a siblings goal. I treasure you. Happy 21st birthday, dearest brother. I wish you good health, success, love and joy. Cheers!’

Sending these warm birthday wishes for brother’s 21st birthday, is the way to go:

51. As the sun emerges from the clouds to transform the world with its brightness, so shall your glory shoot out amongst your peers and contemporaries. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. I wish you a glorious celebration!

52. Hurray! Chapter 21 starts on a very bright note with a resounding loud bang. A brother and more, with a heart as golden as the glow of sunlight. You are a tall glass of sparkling vintage wine. I wish you awesome years ahead!

53. Happy 21st birthday to my witty, handsome, intelligent, cool and calm darling brother. As you take the world on a higher level this new year, always remember the world is yours for the taking and that you are more than enough. I wish you a wonderful celebration, bro!

54. Happy 21st birthday to my loving, caring, dependable and cool-headed brother. I love you to the moon and back. I wish you the best of adult life as you keep winning and smiling. Cheers!

55. It’s your special day, my cherished brother. As you step into this new chapter of your life, everything good packaged for you shall effortlessly find its way to you. I wish you an amazing celebration! Happy 21st birthday, bro. Smash your day!

56. Happy 21st birthday, my cute and charming dapper brother. You are brilliant, smart and you are full of great vibes. I love you so! I wish you a spectacular celebration, dearie. Have a blast: it’s an adult thing!

57. Welcome to the world where taking a punch means having that hitherto forbidden drink, without being grounded. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. I wish you a merry celebration!

58. Happy 21st birthday, darling brother. You are so precious to my heart; as invaluable as a rare gem. I wish you a fabulous celebration. May the odds continue to be in your favour as all your dreams come to pass. Have a fulfilling new year!

59. Happy 21st birthday to a brother like no other. You are my treasure trove of immeasurable value. On this special day, I wish you good health, sound counsel, career excellence and countless blessings. Have a splendid celebration!

60. Happy 21st birthday to my amazing brother. Your light shines so brightly that all who comes into contact are greatly blessed. I wish you a lifetime of happiness full of impact, relevance and fulfilment.

61. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. You are a superstar, keep shining and soaring. Never dim your light to accommodate others’ insecurities. I wish you a phenomenal new year with loads of love.

62. Happy 21st birthday, my precious brother and knight in shining armour. I’m so proud of you, my everyday hero. Thank you for always watching out for me and for all the special things you do. I wish you the very best today and always. You rock!

63. Happy 21st birthday, dearest brother. May the universe align in your favour. May you experience the supernatural favour of God this new year and always. Go and rock world, bro, I’m here to cheer you on. Best wishes!

64. Happiest 21st birthday, my precious brother. I wish you a fantastic celebration and a very happy and fulfilling new year. Cheers!

65. Happy 21st birthday, my handsome super duper brother. I wish you a season of plenty of fun, laughter and rejoicing. You are a one in a million, darling bro! I love you. Have a splendid celebration!

Happy 21st Birthday to My Little Brother

‘ Happy 21st birthday to my firebrand bundle of joy little brother. You’re a man of many parts: gifted, humble, kind, wise and down to earth. You are a complete package, darling bro. undiluted! May you walk and never stumble.’

A lovely happy 21st birthday wishes to my little brother, will surely make him feel fantastic:

66. Happy 21st birthday to my dearest brother. I’m so proud of you little bro. You’ve grown to be a very remarkable and accomplished young man. Keep it up, you are doing well. I wish you a superb new year!

67. On a special day like this, I celebrate the amazing young chap you have become. I am so proud of you, little brother. So much that my shoulders are raised in pride. Keep evolving and winning. I wish you a happy 21st birthday, buddy. You rock!

68. A hearty congratulations to you, little brother, as you become a full-fledged adult. I celebrate your awesomeness. I wish you a happy and fun-filled 21st birthday, bro.

69. Happy 21st birthday, my precious little brother. Keep chasing those dreams, the world is at your feet. Keep spreading happiness, you’re a ray of sunshine! I wish you a beautiful, fun-filled celebration. I love you to bits.

70. Happy 21st birthday to my delightful and charming kid brother. I wish you more years of stupendous blessings, happiness and peace.

71. Yippee, my favourite little brother is officially a big boy now! Congratulations, young man: your childhood/teenage years just expired! Real life just started on a great note. Time to have fun being responsible, paying bills and enjoying absolute independence. Happy 21st birthday with best wishes.

72. You are now a man, no caps. Hey! Don’t be scared; you can do this, no shaking! Happy 21st birthday, kid brother. I wish you a fantastic celebration with loads of love from me.

73. Happy 21st birthday, my cute little brother. Welcome to the revered and coveted club of adulthood. I wish you an awesome celebration. Loads of love with lots of kisses from your besotted big sis!

74. Happy 21st birthday, little brother. The special one with the cutest smile. I love you like it’s going out of fashion. I welcome you to the exciting club of endless possibilities and immense growth. I wish you a fantastic year and a fabulous celebration!

75. Happy 21st birthday, my lovely kid brother with whom I’m well pleased! Thanks for being a model little brother, with zero headache and null monster behaviour. Thanks for giving me a thousand reasons to smile, always. I adore you, kiddo. I wish you a day as amazing as you are. Cheers!

76. Happy 21st birthday, my beloved little brother. You mean the world to me. I wish you a year of exceeding greatness. Have fun, kiddo. I love you to stupor.

77. Happy 21st birthday to my dearest kid brother. You are the best brother anyone could wish for. Adulthood has nothing on you; I’m certain you’ll rock it in grand style. Cheers.

78. Life is awesome when one is blessed with an amazing little brother like you. You know I love you, right? Just that I can’t believe you are now an adult. I wish you a happy 21st birthday, Sugarplum. Have a blast!

79. If you think being an adolescent was cool, wait till you experience adulthood. It’s as cool as keeping your head above the tempting waters of reckless living. I wish you a happy 21st birthday, little brother. Welcome to adulthood!

80. Happy 21st birthday to my amazing kid brother. I wish you all the happiness, success and good life, you so richly deserve as an adult. Loads of love to you.

81. Happy 21st birthday to my lively, cute and charming little brother. For a new adult, you sure look cool and unruffled. I wish you a lifetime of peace and happiness. Lots of love to you, kiddo.

82. Happy 21st birthday to the best little brother in the world. You are the nicest, and priceless young man ever! I’m super proud of you, buddy. I wish you tons of fun today and always. Cheers!

83. Adolescence is for wilding, balling, and plotting against the scam called adulthood. Real life begins at 21. Happy 21st birthday, darling little brother. I love you.

84. Finally you’re an adult: the long wait is over. It’s a sobering moment even as you party hard, today. Happy 21st birthday, my wonderful and exuberant kid brother. Birthday comes and go, you remain the best Lil brother ever. I wish you success and happiness.

85. Happy 21st birthday to my happy-go-lucky, boisterous little brother. You are a bundle of absolute delight. I love your vibes; you spread so much joy with your bubbly presence. I adore you, buddy. May you never lose your smile or shine as an adult. I wish you the brightest future ever. Have a blast!

Funny 21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

‘ A brother and more, that’s you! I’m uber proud of you in every way. You’re smart, witty, funny, kind and loving. I wish you loads of fun, happiness and your heart desires. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother!’

86. Happiest and loveliest 21st birthday to my piquant little brother with the extra swagger! Congratulations, Honeypie. Kindly send your account details, I’d like to shock you with huge money. Just enough to purchase your favourite pizza. Don’t thank me. What are big siblings for? Love you till eternity.

87. Happy 21st birthday, my premium little brother. I’m giving you out for hire, and using the proceeds to enjoy a solo celebration of your birthday. Aren’t I clever! It’s how we roll! Love you, Sugarpie!

88. Happy birthday, little brother. If you want to nail your 21st birthday perfectly, you need to hammer big.

89. Happy 21st birthday, kid brother. Where and when is the party? I can’t wait to spend your money. Cheers!

90. Now that you are of age, I get the right to sue you for all the wrongs I suffered in your hands while you were underage. Happy 21st birthday, dear brother. You rock!

91. Fabulous at 21! Happy birthday, dear brother. Keep on dribbling your way out of life’s numerous unpleasantness. Have a good one!

92. Your life is about to take a turn for the best. Take all the risk, and convert to wings, fasten your seat belt in readiness to fly as high as your dream. Happy 21st birthday, dear be rs other.

93. Happy 21st birthday to my vibrant and dashing brother. Now that you’re a real man, I’m going out to look for people’s trouble. I’m expecting you to hail and support my quest. Cheers to more muscles and success.

94. Congratulations, bro, you just won the jackpot; the much-coveted adulthood! Have fun, live well and be good. Have a fabulous day, sweetie!

95. At 21, you can have it all or choose. Choose happiness! This means pulling off disappearing acts from attractive women! Happy birthday, dearest brother!

96. The thing about being an adult is that you pay for everything, including being a new adult! Happy 21st birthday, darling brother

97. It’s your day, buddy! I’ve 6 a new haircut for you. Just to clear your head for the tasks ahead. Happy 21st birthday, brother. Keep wining.

98. Happy 21st birthday, dearest brother. Kindly make pots of delicious soup today, for proper measurement of your husband materialism. Cheers!

99. I made a solemn vow to shock you on your birthday. Here we go: from today, you get to pick all my bills! Happy 21st birthday, brother dearest. Have a blast!

100. Fancy hitting 21 while still looking like a fresh teenager! Well, the good thing is you can ask for an extension of your teenage status with a little bit of delay in adulthood. Are you games? Happy 21st birthday, bro. Have a merry one!

Birthday messages or wishes do not have to be solemn. Some are downright rib-cracking hilarious. Whether silly or serious, your birthday wishes to your big brother or kid brother must be heartfelt. It makes for great memories.

Brothers are gems, no doubt about it. Whatever their ages or position in the family. Your younger brother is special. It’s why you affectionately call them ‘kiddo’, ‘chum’, ‘baby brother’, etc.

If you’re a man and older, he’s your buddy. The one you mentor or protect. He’s your premier and champion league games watching companion and commentator. He’s the one you argue senseless points with, with all seriousness.
As a female, he’s either the big brother that’s protective of you or the baby brother you helped nurture and train.

When you are blessed with older or little brothers, one of the ways of showering them with love and keeping strengthening your bond, is being a huge part of their birthday celebration. Your brother’s 21st birthday is no doubt a significant milestone. It calls for a celebration. You can make his day lovely with cute 21st birthday wishes and quotes. It’s a cool way of making his birthday memorable.

Thanks for choosing this write up to dazzle your darling brother. You bet that your 21st birthday quotes and wishes made his day in a lovely way. You are family and family always stick together no matter the situation.

Please, share this post with your friends, family and colleagues. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to share. I’ll be honoured to hear from you and respond accordingly.

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