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Best Good Morning Saturday Blessings (2023)

The difference between a good weekend and a bad one simply lies in some of the little things we do and the attitude we exude.

Like a simple but kind gesture of proclaiming blessings to a loved one through wishes and prayers can be all that is needed to add shining rays of light to their gloomy sky.

It’s a lovely weekend for you, right? So, be the reason for your loved one’s happiness just by blessing them with one or two weekend wishes or prayers.

Just so you know, by sending these 2023 good morning messages to a special person on a Saturday morning, you afford yourself the opportunity to be just as happy as the one you have just blessed; because it’s really rewarding to be kind.

So, without further ado, grab them hot from the oven. And inspire joy within the core of their hearts.

Saturday Morning Greetings and Blessings

Do you care to send Good wishes someone’s way this weekend, especially on Saturday? Then go ahead and use these good morning Saturday Blessings and greetings for him or her from the heart. The best of Saturday morning wishes, messages, quotes and prayers for friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, and family members.

1. I hope you have the best Saturday of your life this weekend. Plus, I won’t forget to keep you in my good prayers.

2. All you need this weekend is a fervent dose of prayers that would make all the wrong things right. May the heavens pray for you, my darling.

3. For your sake, this Saturday shall be marked for favour and sheer abundance of good things. Be happy.

4. May this weekend, bring you good tidings as the wise men did our Saviour. Be expectant, dear friend.

5. Wherever you may go today, may it never bring you pain or sorrow. Your weekend shall be a unique and beautiful one.

6. All things shall work together for your good, this Saturday. Lines shall fall into pleasant places for your sake. Your angels will never leave you by your lonesome.

7. You’ll have many smiles to give, many laughter to share and unstinting good news to receive. All these shall be your portion this Saturday, my friend.

8. Did I ever tell you that you have the warmest of hearts? So, I pray you never grow cold and cruel. May kindness only reside in your very being. Have a pleasant Saturday, dear one.

9. You shall stand out this weekend. You shall be celebrated and be called upon for honour. The world shall see you shinning like a bright moonlight today.

10. Sweety, may you find peace in all aspects of your life this Saturday. Those anxieties and fears shall all walk away from your mind, spirit, soul and body.

11. May you never cry sad tears. May your Saturday be as beautiful as the sun that shines every Sunday. Have a good weekend, boo.

12. I wish you put your self first this weekend. Treat yourself to a nice meal and take your time to be happy, savouring every good moment as though you truly deserved it.

13. May the power to remain cool even in the face of threats and challenges be given to you today. May you never be a prey of the devil this Saturday.

14. May help find you, today. May your benefactors recognise you and give you that which your heart desires this Saturday.

15. For your sake, may this weekend be flawless like a spotless diamond. May you have a swell time this Saturday, my friend.

16. May you never fall ill this weekend but rather, be stronger and healthier than the previous days. God bless you, my love.

17. You’ve worked hard all weekdays, it’s time to take a rest and have a good time. May the devil not turn your happy hours into sorrowful ones.

18. May the strength you’ve exhausted during the weekdays be restored unto you this weekend. Have a healthy Saturday, my love.

19. May the grace to do all that you have to do this weekend be bestowed upon you. May you make the most of today.

20. Baby love, put your mind at rest and let the peace of God flow through your mind like never before. May God bless this weekend for you, my darling.

21. Before going out to a party this weekend, I chose to bless your day; may you never go astray, nor be led into a web of temptation. May the presence of God abide with you, bestie.

22. Your best that is yet to come shall arrive today. It shall make this weekend the best you’ve ever had. May you make beautiful memories this Saturday, my love.

23. May you have a reason to break out into praises this weekend. May your testimony never be swapped with disappointment, dear sister.

24. Happy Saturday, my love. You’re destined to be great and blessed on this day. Go out with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

25. I wish that you’ll never be unfortunate this Saturday. You’ll never be enslaved by the devil. You shall live like an heir. Happy Saturday, bestie.

26. This weekend, you shall be lauded and dignified. Shame and regrets shall never be yours, my dear sister.

27. A beautiful Saturday is what you’ll get when you put prayer first. Thus, I pray that the Lord shall order your steps and inspire all the decisions you’ll be taking this weekend, dear friend.

28. No matter how long you’ve waited, this weekend, you shall experience the joy of testimonies. You shall not have to wait one more minute again. Happy Saturday, my love.

29. As you step out this weekend, beautiful, may joy trail you, may sickness depart from you. You shall have nothing less than a fulfilled weekend.

30. This Saturday and thence, may you look young as the ageless stars and fine as old wine. May the beauty of God rests upon you.

31. Your stars shall attract favour and angelic visitation this weekend. You shall never be sad and teary this Saturday.

32. I pray, my friend, that you find true love this Saturday. May you not have to wait one more day before the right one comes by.

33. May joy fill your heart and soul irrespective of the circumstances you may find yourself this weekend. With praises, you shall bring down every wall of Jericho built around you.

34. May you never lose your breath nor life this Saturday. The angels of God shall protect your going out and coming in.

35. May you have all that you need to live for this Saturday. Love, may your desires be fulfilled. May you never lag behind but be at the top in all you do.

36. Wherever you may go this weekend, may favour find you. May you retire home with good news and satisfaction. You shall never be ashamed, dearest.

37. Happy weekend. All your prayers shall be answered and your dreams shall be fulfilled this Saturday. Enjoy your day.

38. This is a special kind of weekend, cause you shall receive a divine visitation from the angels of God. Be ready to be blessed, my darling.

39. Sweety, may trouble be far away from you this Saturday. May you be blessed with the grace to live in peace with all men.

40. Happy weekend. It is my prayer that you are highly favoured and blessed this weekend. May this prayer of mine come to pass.

41. Wherever you may go, the Lord shall go with you. May you never wander about like a vagabond. Have a successful Saturday, bestie.

42. Favour shall surround you like a shield. I pronounce favour upon all that you do this Saturday and the rest of the weekends, bro.

43. May the wisdom to solve every issue that you have be bestowed upon you on this day. May your worries never be compounded, my love.

44. I pray for your health, this weekend; it shall blossom and be stable. You shall not resume a new week with sickness and disease.

45. May you never feel the heat of the world. May the good side of this planet and her inhabitants be turned to you. Enjoy your weekend, bestie.

46. May you never fall into the trap of the devil. May the wisdom you need to handle this weekend be bestowed upon you. Happy Saturday, my cutie.

47. May your stars shine so bright than any diamond you’ve ever seen. May it happen so this Saturday. Remain blessed, my friend.

48. May you find the strength and grace to forgive all that may have offended you in the course of the week. Live joyfully and bear no grudge, bro.

49. I wish you nothing but joy. May you have a phenomenal experience this weekend enough to change your life for good, bro.

50. May your weekend be bright and beautiful and may its fruits transcend into the coming weeks for you. Have a pleasant Saturday, my love.

51. I hope that this Saturday gives you all the joy you need in order to feel alive and enthusiastic. Good morning, my dear.

52. May this weekend be the purest you’ve had and the happiest that you’ve been so far. Happy weekend, my baby.

53. May you have all that you need. And may you enjoy the strength to accomplish all your weekend goals, sweetheart.

54. I wish you a pleasurable weekend, my friend. Depart from negativity and stress, my dear.

55. Start with a lovely meal and then perfect your Saturday by giving off the best smile. That’s the magic for a beautiful weekend. Have a great one, deary.

56. May you enjoy unexpected favours and receive undeserved honour amongst many as you go through this weekend, sweetheart.

57. May this weekend bring you incomprehensible peace and refuel you for the coming blissful weeks, my love.

58. I pray that you meet the right people and you go to the right places as you begin this weekend, my dear.

59. May you conclude this weekend on a very good note. May you have many prosperous stories to tell. Good morning, bestie.

60. May the sun that shines upon the earth bring glory and honour to your name through this beautiful weekend. I’m all yours, my love.

61. As you spend your Saturday and Sunday, I hope every mountain is levelled for your sake and every hill is made plain for you. Enjoy your day, sweetness.

62. In good health, you shall ride and dive through this lovely weekend, my love. Do not forget that I love you.

63. May you swim in the ocean of happiness and be drenched under the rains of prosperity throughout this weekend, my love.

64. Good morning, boo. I wish you many pleasant surprises and plenty humour and laughter to unwind this weekend.

65. The best weekends would be the ones we spend as husband and wife. I hope this one brings you all the joy you deserve, my darling.

66. May you attract favours from all corners from dawn till dusk. Have a great weekend, my friend.

67. May your smile be your best expression on this prosperous weekend. Enjoy every minute of it my darling.

68. I hope you enjoy massive success that’ll rewrite every failure of past weeks and years. Happy weekend, my love.

69. Favours that part the sea, blessings that drown troubles and worries; I hope these be your portion on this weekend. Happy Saturday, my love.

70. Your ears shall hear good news and your heart shall beat with joy every second. May your smile be ever radiant throughout this weekend. I love you, bestie.

71. May you have the best story to share on this bright and lovely weekend. My heart belongs to you, my darling.

72. My heart sings you a love song and my ears itch to hear from you. I hope this becomes the best weekend you’ve ever had.

73. May your strength not fail you. May you walk through the right path and receive the grace to maintain your joy. Have a delectable weekend, deary.

74. May your heart be eased of any pain and ache. May your eyes behold your earnest desires. Happy weekend, my friend.

75. My heart will stick with you more often than the sun with the earth. Happy weekend, my love. May your dreams come true thenceforward.

76. No matter the difficulty, may you become the winner of the race. May you wear your crown with pride. And no matter the weight, may you be relieved of any burden. Happy weekend, dear.

77. I’m sending all my love to you in form of prayers; may the earth yield her fruits into your bosom. May the heavens take delight in your prosperity and peace. Be blessed, my darling.

78. May the galaxies shine much love and prosperity upon your abode throughout this weekend. Have a great day, bestie.

79. May your heart be filled with joy and your eyes swell with hope on this beautiful Saturday, dear sister.

80. May the whole world hear of your outstanding blessings, my darling. From the depth of my heart, I wish you the most beautiful weekend so far.

81. Weekend blessings for the one I love; in the shapes of clouds shall your blessings come, and like the beauty of the sun shall your weekend be expressed.

82. Love that beats imaginations, ecstasy that surpasses description, I do hope you enjoy on this lovely weekend, bestie.

83. Of all the many things happening this weekend at different corners, I hope only the beautiful ones be your portion, dear sister.

84. May happiness and joy not pass you by. May the sorrows and misery of the weekend be far away from you, my darling.

85. In the comfort of your domicile shall you spend each day of this weekend and with effervescent good news, I hope you begin a new week, my love.

86. Be the best you can be and draw great strength from the company of your loved ones, dear friend. I wish you a blissful weekend.

87. I hope everything speaks well of you, so the winds blow prosperity and joy into your abode. Happy weekend, sweetheart.

88. To my well-loved brother; from this weekend to the very last of the year, may joy and hope never drift from your side. Happy weekend, big brother.

89. May the good Lord keep you in the mind of divine helpers. May your plans not be frustrated as you unravel the weekend. Good morning, deary.

90. May you enjoy good news that’ll mend every piece of your broken heart. May you find your blessings to be innumerable. Have a blissful weekend, my darling.

91. May goodness and mercy follow you throughout this weekend. May bliss and comfort be your portion even in the darkest nights. Good morning, my love.

92. May the road you pass through not lead to the end of you. And may the decisions you take usher you to a phase of prosperity and comfort. Happy weekend, sis.

93. May you have all that you desire and taste the flavour of respect and honour in the gatherings of nobles. Happy weekend, my love.

94. From the pot of abundance and sweetness shall you bring out food. May your weekend be beautified with the colours of happiness and satisfaction, my love.

95. My heart is beating truly for you, hence, I say this prayer for you, my love; may your days be filled with miracles of joy and breakthroughs. Good morning, my heartbeat.

96. May the spirit of gratitude overwhelm you from the start of this weekend, my love. May our lips lock together in absolute love and joy.

97. May the breezes of the weekend caress your skin with happiness and laughter. Enjoy your day to the full, my love.

98. When others shall say there is a casting down, you shall testify of a lifting, bestie. Have the most pleasant weekend so far.

99. May your breakthroughs inspire hope in the hearts of many. Happy weekend, my dearest friend. May this Saturday be full of warmth and love for you.

100. May your dreams come true this weekend and may your needs be adequately met on this Saturday. Good morning, darling sister.

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