Fantastic Good Morning Quotes for Someone Special

2023 Fantastic Good Morning Quotes for Someone Special

Life is not 100% complete as a lone ranger. The people around you are a big addition to spice you up, especially when we send some messages or quotes to cheer them up to the activities of the day.

These Good Morning Quotes for Someone Special will help you show how much you care for your lover, family and friends. Any of them can make their day look great even without a call. Scroll and send now. Thanks. And remember to share.

Good Morning Quotes for Him or Her

You can’t miss out on these appealing good morning quotes for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Check them out because they are someone special to you.

1. “Your smile keeps my body glued to yours and I can’t let go of you forever. Good morning, sweetheart.”

2. “Every moment spent away is not worth it. But with you, it’s worthier. Good morning, love.”

3. “From you, feel like a thorn planted in my heart. But the rays of the morning sun clears them off. Good morning, my heart.”

4. “Spending my whole life with you is going to be like a roller coaster without a switch. Good morning, love.”

5. “Forever in my heart, you shall stay as the day shines brighter. Good morning, sweetheart.”

6. “You are just everything to me. You are my life, I cannot live without your love. Good morning, my heart.”

7. “I may not call you last night but this morning text covers it all. Good morning, I love you.”

8. “You’re the perfect picture I see this morning and that alone suits my day well. Good morning, love.”

9. “Tall, dark, rich, lovely and handsome you’re when I saw you in my dreams and the thought of that lingers on in my heart. Good morning, my heart.”

10. “Talk of knight in shining armour and talk of a soldier in armed bulletproof. You’re my guide every day. Good morning, love.”

11. “Playing the distressed damsel was not a rumour. I’m just turning that around for your favour. Good morning, my love.”

12. “Your night was just cool as mine and that brings out our uniqueness. Good morning, I love you.”

13. “They have always said that I am rebellious but they didn’t know I was only jealous of you. Good morning, sweetheart.”

14. “And in what matters, maybe most but more of it is caused by your kiss last night. Good morning, my love.”

15. “I may never get a bite of your tits but I know it’s in store for a beautiful day. Good morning, sweetheart.”

16. “All I could ever think of before I sleep was your message. That’s why I can’t stop loving you. Good morning, love.”

17. “No movie can be more interesting than the art of touches you played on me last night. Good morning, my heart.”

18. “Somewhere I never thought I would meet you was where we met in my deepest thought as I wake up today. Good morning, I love you.”

19. “You became mine with a choice to stick with me and here we are smiling to a new day. Good morning, my heart.”

20. “Our story was a shame to them and that’s why we can stick together. Good morning, sweetheart.”

21. “Last night, I cannot but get you off my mind just because, you meant a lot to you. Good morning, love.”

22. “Reaching for the stars, I dreamt of us in the dream world where we tangle for life. Good morning, my heart.”

23. “Justify my actions for the new day not for yesterday’s fault. Good morning, I love you.”

24. “Yes, see, never was I densely affected by the rumours around us. It’s your love I desire. Good morning, love.”

25. “Hope you slept well? Yes, I believe it’s a new day for new blessings. Good morning, sweetheart.”

26. “Never wanted to lose my prince for the day’s work simply because, he’s all I have. Good morning, my heart.”

27. “You became my all my day could talk about and what my night could think of. Good morning, I love you.”

28. “I thought I was more but then I was nought. I was a drink in your tummy when I gulp your love. Good morning, sweetheart.”

29. “I was a policewoman and I police your heart with all of my strength and great joy. Good morning, love.”

30. “And all he sought was a hiding place. An arbour for his ardour and candour. Good morning, I love you.”

31. “Queen like you should sleep in bliss and wake up in great happiness. Good morning, my heart.”

32. “Digging deep into my heart, I found a peace that soothes my intents. Good morning, sweetheart.”

33. “Come closer and make the thorns go away sweetheart. Make life to the fullest. Good morning, love.”

34. “You are the rose of my life. The air that I breathe and the bread to my tea. Good morning, I love you.”

35. “As we grow together, we care more and do crazy stuff too. Good morning, love.”

36. “Many may want to be like us but they cannot because of our magic new day. Good morning, sweetheart.”

37. “The day is bright and fair. And so is your face with beauty. Good morning, my heart.”

38. “As we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change in our commitment. Good morning, I love you.”

39. “I find my heart cascading with your never-ending love as I wake up to see today. Good morning, love.”

40. “I have stopped making wishes on spotting falling stars. Simply because in my dream, you’ll always appear. Good morning, my heart.”

41. “As the day kickstarts, your imagination of last night’s kiss makes my day cozy. Good morning, I love you.”

42. “Do you know why I can’t sleep yesterday? Because I have you and that’s all I want in my life. Good morning, love.”

43. “My heart beats today because I’m in love with an angel. Good morning, my heart.”

44. “I love you forever is not a mouth say. It’s a giant word that births reality. Good morning, sweetheart.”

45. “If I had a rose for every time I thought about you I’d be walking in a garden forever. Good morning, my heart.”

46. “I will always keep falling in love with you over and over and over again. Good morning, my love.”

47. “If you were a tear, I would never dare to cry because I can’t afford to lose you. Good morning, I love you.”

48. “This new day, my thought last night was that, If your heart were a prison, I would like to be sentenced to life. Good morning, my love.”

49. “The morning sun shines all over me like you cover me when I’m cold. Good morning, my heart.”

50. “There’s no moment I cherish more than waking up to see you by my side. Good morning, sweetheart.”

Good Morning Quotes for Friends and Family Members

These are perfect good morning quotes for someone special, such that you can send to your best friends and family members.

1. “It is the best time to play and cheer with ourselves for the night’s sorrow is gone. Good morning, sister.”

2. “Friend like you is rare to find and there’s no way I can lose you. Good morning, dear.”

3. “If there are billions of sisters in the world to come. It’s still you I will choose. Good morning, sister.”

4. “Humble dude like you is the pride of any lady. Good morning, brother.”

5. “Loving friendship is not for the time called now but for the race called forever. Good morning, dear friend.”

6. “It’s that time of the year when we play together like deer in the water brooks. Good morning, friend.”

7. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ Good morning, dear friend.”

8. “Every bad situation has something positive. So, when I’m down I know you’re there to carry me up. Good morning, Mum.”

9. “Friendship is not a big fire which burns all day. It’s a small lamp, that burns until the last day of life. Good morning, friend.”

10. “If you’re not my blood and there’s no shoulder to lean on. I’ll ask, where will I be today? Good morning, Dad.”

11. “To get soaked in the waters of life with you makes my heart ring for more affection. Good morning, brother.”

12. “Just stay cool in your mind and wear cool clothes then make the best of the day. Good morning, Mum.”

13. “The best dad in the world is by me yet I couldn’t see it. But now my eyes are opened today. Good morning, Dad.”

14. “To enjoy the season with hope as the weather bring a unique joy to our friendship. Good morning, friend.”

15. “Friends are meaningful when they are there in times of need. You’re a plus to me. Good morning, dear friend.”

16. “The sweetest moment in life is that moment when you listened to my cry and wiped them off gently. Good morning, Mum.”

17. “There are many ways to enjoy and get going in the roar of the season and cause a loving fleet. One such way is to be with my blood. Good morning, brother.”

18. “It is the time to cheer, share and dare ourselves to a life of achievement and great friendship. Good morning, dear friend.”

19. “A special bonding with your loved ones is an unforgettable moment of life. Good morning, Mum.”

20. “Last night was notwithstanding a relief to my bleeding heart as you mend it with your soothing words of love. Good morning, dear friend.”

21. “It is the time to celebrate a dad that stood for me when I was a child and still staying strong even as an adult. Good morning, Dad.”

22. “Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you. Good morning, dear friend.”

23. “Reading the lines between our thoughts is best because we are not just related by blood but by the mind. Good morning, sister.”

24. “The hood is dry not because of the wood but because the act of brotherhood is missing. Wake up, brother! Good morning, brother.”

25. “Being together is fun and it’s just the beginning of great things with us. Good morning, dear friend.”

26. “On this awesome date of yours, you’ve been there till this time of your prime. Good morning, sister.”

27. “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the aeroplane takes off against the wind, not with it. Good morning, dear friend.”

28. “The best of life is within my reach because I have you as my relative. Good morning, brother.”

29. “Forever is now and let’s enjoy it to the fullest. Good morning, mum.”

30. “The best fun you can ever have is with your family and that you’ve shown me. Good morning, Dad.”

31. “As you cheer aloud at the dawn of today. May your years be long and your happiness a plus. Good morning, Mum.”

32. “Real sisters are playful and full of life as they journey in the path of love together. Good morning, sister.”

33. “You are the light of my world, the music in my heart and the first thought of my day. Have a nice day! Good morning, dear friend.”

34. “Weak dad’s don’t care much for their children. But your love to me is unique. Good morning, Dad.”

35. “We are brothers together, forever and ever. In you, today shines brighter than before. Good morning, brother.”

36. “Of all the friends I’ve ever met. Your the one I won’t ever forget. And if I die before you do I’ll go to heaven and wait for you. Good morning, dear friend.”

37. “Families are like glue to the leather and fuel to a car. It’s not a mistake that you brought me here. Good morning, Mum.”

38. “Until I tell you that whenever I wake up, your face is all I can see at my front. You’re true and unique. Good morning, dear friend.”

39. “Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Make the best of this day! Good morning, sister.”

40. “It’s big, It’s warm, It’s fuzzy. Before you get knowledge – it’s a big hug from me to you! Good morning, dear friend.”

41. “Duty demands that you’re responsible for me and that you’ve not taken lightly. Good morning, Mum.”

42. “Humility is the first pace at which friends thrive and your humble heart is so dear to me. Good morning, dear friend.”

43. “Learning is cute with you and I’ve learned a lot from you over the past years I’ve known you. Good morning, sister.”

44. “Must I not stay each day without your thought ringing in my heart. The heartbeat is bloody. Good morning, Mum.”

45. “Reach me in my world that we might play all through the day in love. Good morning, dear friend.”

46. “Great beginning of lovely family started with an amazing sister like you. Good morning, sister.”

47. “You always smile, you never say no, you never hurt me, my dear sweet gold. Good morning, Mum.”

48. “One thing I love dad for is because of his kind gestures and prayers late in the night and at dawn. Good morning, Dad.”

49. “Whether you love to hear this or not. Today I confess, you’re the brother like no other. Good morning, brother.”

50. “Till the day ends yesterday and begins dearly today, you’ll daily have a special place in my heart. Good morning, dear friend.”

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