Best Encouraging Text Messages for Him

2023 Best Encouraging Text Messages for Him

No matter how strong we might be, there always comes a time in our lives when we don’t feel so strong and we lose the will to keep fighting or giving our best. At such points, we need the right words to uplift our spirit.

Men are designed to be strong but there are times, they need encouragement when life deals tough blows. Such encouragement means a lot when they come from the women in their lives. These words mean more than golf to any man who loves his woman.

Give him the extra push, he needs by encouraging him with these words. Below are Best Encouraging Text Messages for Him in the year 2023.

Inspiring Text Messages for Him – Boyfriend

When you see the need to keep your boyfriend encouraged about the situations of life, these inspiring, motivating and encouraging love Text messages will help. It’s the best collection of inspiring text messages for him from the heart.

1. Life throws us punches and some leave us bowed over. It’s our choice to stand up tall and face the challenge or remain bent over. I know you are strong and I wish you would keep standing regardless of the challenge. Keep being great, my darling.

2. You are a great man with wonderful insight and knowledge. You have all you need to be the difference, make the most of all that’s deposited in you. I love you, darling.

3. God has endowed you with immeasurable gifts, a great mind, and sound health. Never take these for granted and always remain thankful, my dear.

4. No matter how tough life gets, it always provides a little bit of solace and hope. So no matter how hard things are right now, I know they will get better. I love you and would always stand by you, my dear.

5. Situations they say reveal the hidden man. Don’t ever let any situation make you doubt yourself. You are wonderful, wise and wealthy. It may not look like that now, but that’s who you are. I love you.

6. Little steps eventually lead to success,  don’t give up on your dreams, goals, and visions. Everything is possible. I believe in you and I believe in your dreams, goals, and visions. Don’t ever give up, my Love.

7. When people don’t understand your vision, they attached your person. You have a mind-blowing vision, I believe in you and your vision. Keep on giving it your best shot, my love.

8. Don’t despise the times of little beginnings, they always pave the way to greatness. Keep being great, my hero.

9. I know things are tough but they won’t remain this way forever. Keep being as amazing as you are. You are a great man, I believe that. I love you, sweetheart.

10. Dreams could change, but don’t let them change you or define you. Your job, church, and friends don’t make you a person, you make yourself with your thoughts, action, and vision. Keep on being great, my King.

11. Mistakes don’t define us, they just point in the direction not to take. Don’t let your mistakes define you, redefine them and make a difference. I love you, baby.

12. Life will always be tough but you have all you need to defeat it deep inside of you. Calm down and let go of the stress of life. You are strong and wise, and I love you for being you.

13. When situations get tough and things get rough, others leave but you stay and stand strong. I don’t know where I would be without you. You make every moment of our relationship worth it and make our relationship worth fighting for. I love you to the moon and back.

14. You work hard at all you do and I am so proud of you. You are my hero, anytime and any day. Thanks for still being here. I am proud to call you my man.

15. Being with you makes me feel like I am in a safe place. Your commitment to us sometimes marvels me but I would rather stick with you for the rest of my life. Meeting you, made me meet one of the blessed men on earth.

16. Being with you makes me feel blessed. I know things get tough and it sometimes seems the storm won’t stop, but I am glad I have you. You make it all worth the stress. I love you.

17. It gets tough but with each new day comes new strength, love and the heart to win the challenges around. I believe in you and know you can succeed. I love you and always want the best for you.

18. I know it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the joy at the end of this pain but I am assured that you can overcome it. It’s our problem and I am sticking with you till the end. I love you and would always be there for you.

19. Your job is not your identity, you are much more than your job. The loss of your job has nothing to do with who you. It’s their loss. You have all it takes to be far better than you were before, let go of the past and its pain and seize the great opportunities that await you. Believe in yourself. I believe in you and know you can achieve all you set out to do. Dream big.

20. Don’t let negative criticisms and comments limit your ability and potentials or even your perception of your person. You are one of the brightest minds I have ever known. You also have the greatest soul. Keep soaring, baby.

21. Don’t let anything steal your joy. That’s your greatest gift and strength. With that, no mountain is too hard to climb. Keep smiling and radiating your joy to all. You always light up my world.

22. I know there is the urge to get things done and accomplish a lot. I wish for you to become all you could ever be. Influence the world and leave the right legacy and all the wealth you desire would come.

23. Keep trying and the right opportunity would show up and wow you, then the world would realize the genius you are. I love you, my dear.

24. Don’t let the opinions of others influence or affect who you are. People will respect you for being yourself. I appreciate the awesome man you are.

25. Don’t let the drive for success make you disrespect, downgrade or dishonour yourself. Always let the world know who you are and you would be truly respected for being your own man. I love you and I am always proud of you.

26. Don’t let the success of others through ill means discourage you from always doing what is right. True value takes time and lasts longer. When it’s your time, you would outshine them all.

27. Keep giving your best and it will come back to you in a little million ways. Never quit being yourself, giving your all and always trying to improve yourself.  Thanks for being an awesome man. Greatness awaits you.

28. Let impressing the world be the last reason why you do whatever you do. The world would always change its heart for a man who stands his ground and respects his honour and value and then appreciate you. Always strive to be the most real version of yourself. I miss you and hope to see you soon, my darling.

29. I know you are relentless and that’s one of the things I love about you. Keep being better than who you were yesterday.

30. Maximize each chance you get and live it like its the only chance you have at leaving your mark in the world. Je t’ aime, my darling.

31. I know everything seems tough and rough right now, but I want you to know that things are not always the way we view them. They are always lesser than the way we view them. Hold on tight and be strong, my love.

32. It may be rough but at the end, it would be worth the pain. Hold on just a little longer and don’t quit. Results would soon come, my love.

33. It seems terrible now and like there is no way out, but life is in phases. Therefore, it would soon be over. Be strong. I believe in you, my dear.

34. Everything occurs in phases and no phase is permanent, so be strong and don’t quit. Don’t let failure derail you from your dreams, my sweetheart.

35. Don’t give up on your dreams. I know the failures seem overwhelming but remember, no good thing comes easily they require persistence. Your dream is only a step away from your mistakes. Keep moving forward, my dear.

36. Don’t quit because of your mistakes, instead learn from them and become stronger and better. Be the great man, you are destined to be, my sweetheart.

37. Opportunities are always around the corner because one is lost doesn’t make it the end. There are better and greater opportunities awaiting you, you just need to be patient and to seize them. I love you, my baby.

38. Seize the day and every opportunity, it presents. Never let the setbacks of yesterday hinder you from the joys and opportunities of today.

39. Never let the pains of yesterday make you lose the joy of today. Always maximize the day and live it to the fullest.

40. Maximize every chance you get cause it might be your last chance to get that same opportunity. Channel your mistakes into success stories and make the most of every relationship, my dear.

41. You are one of the most amazing individuals I have met. Never let your smile depart or the worries of life weigh you down. Always keep your head up.

42. Always keep your head high even when life tries to keep you down. You are meant for the top, never forget that, my heartbeat.

43. Don’t let the opinion of others ever affect how you view yourself. You are more than what the eyes can see and your greatness is beyond the sky. I love you, my baby.

44. The most important person in the world to you is you. Guide how you view yourself and nothing would be unattainable and the sky, your starting point, my darling.

45. Eliminate your fears and dispel negative criticisms. Build yourself and always try to stand out because no one ever made it sticking with the crowd. I love you, my dear.

46. Always keep trying to succeed, and being better than who you used to be, then the sky would be your starting point. Success is never fully attained but a continuous process, my love.

47. Success can’t be achieved without failure. Only when failure occurs can the worth of success be known and it is fully appreciated. Therefore, appreciate your failure, they prepare you for your success, my love.

48. You have all you need to succeed. Just look within and develop the right mental attitude and your mental capacity would boost your success, my baby.

49. Everyone has a unique pace and unique path on the way to destiny and their fulfilment of purpose. Discover yours and don’t deviate from it, my love.

50. Nothing can bring a man down unless he permits it. No matter how many times you fall, keep rising and taking charge and you will succeed, my baby.

51. Nothing in life stays static, therefore don’t be static in your thinking or learning. Always seek growth even in the most difficult of times and you will succeed, my sweetheart.

52. It’s very rare to find people who are very passionate about life and compassionate. You are one of such people, therefore I am assured that true success would be yours, my baby.

53. There are different types and forms of success, but true success is one that uplifts everyone around you. It adds value to your life and those of others. May true success be yours, my beloved.

54. Don’t seek success and wealth that is gotten from bringing others down. The true value of life is in the value we place on people are our relationships. Great men know and value the importance of people and service. Aim to be great, greatness is in you, my darling.

55. Always have the mindset of a winner and you will definitely be one. Bring out the genius buried deep within and Storm the world by surprise. The world awaits your manifestation, my beloved.

56. Circumstances tend to bring out the worst in us but we determine how much of us they can get. If you take control of your emotions, then you can take full charge of life and direct it on the path you wish, my darling.

57. The greatest battles we face are not the struggles we see but the invisible battle of our wills and the choices we make. These battles determine how much of life is lived or endured. I want you to live a fulfilled life, my beloved.

58. Just as the ocean washes things off the shore, I want you to know that life does the same by turning things around, if we only hope for the best. Always expect the best and it would be yours, my sweetheart.

59. There would be pain and hurtful situations but don’t let them make you block your heart against the wonders, blessings, and love that life also has to offer. Let love always win, my baby.

60. The decision to love is not based on a feeling. It is based on a choice to fight for what we believe in and know is worth protecting. Don’t let emotions determine how you love, my dear.

61. People would hurt you. Some would almost break you, your trust and your hope. Regardless of the hurts, always choose to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you won’t remember, it men’s you are willing and able to let go of the pain. Forgive for yourself, leave no space for negativity in your life, my darling.

62. I know deep within you would accomplish your dreams. Right now, it may not seem like it but hold on tight, be strong and never lose faith. You would succeed. Believe and know you will, my darling.

63. No one is in charge of your happiness, not even me. You are the only one in charge of your happiness. So always choose to be happy and leave a smile on your face. It makes you look handsome and brightens my day, my baby.

64. No one said the destination to fulfilment and destiny would be easy. Every challenge is worth it because they build you up for your destiny. Embrace them and learn from them, my dearly beloved.

65. Don’t let anything seize your smile or the joy in your heart. Keep smiling even in the face of hurts and criticisms. This would leave your haters wondering and at the end change your perspectives on issues. Always try to get the right perspective on light, my baby.

66. Always look for the good even in the midst of evil. Good can always be found if we but earnestly look for it. Always look for the good even in the worst of people and life would be much happier, my baby.

67. No one in this world is totally evil. Try daily to extend a hand of love to everyone you meet and in the long run, you would convert your enemies to your friends and have a happier life. I love you so much, my dear.

68. I know there are people we can’t help but dislike, but strive to make friends from your enemies. This would give you a much happier life and a wider range for greater business, my love.

69. Always know that nothing stays the same forever. Situations change, people change. Learn to adapt to the different changes in a positive way, my darling.

70. Keep doing good and being food, even if it doesn’t seem appreciated. Don’t let how people act or react determine how you love them. Always love from deep within, my love.

71. You are my hero and my star. I just want to let you know that I always want to see a smile on your face and the hope that dances in your eyes. Never lose them, my beloved.

72. I love the mischief that lurks in your eyes, embedded in a world of creativity and innovations that make you outstanding. You are my forever muse and inspiration. Keep being amazing, my heartbeat.

73. I try not to compare but when I do, I am left amazed at how blessed I am to be the woman of such an awesome man who is worth the world to me and an angel in person. Thanks and keep being a blessing, my heartbeat.

74. Remember that after every dusk is a new dawn and nothing stays the same forever, they either become better or worse. I wish with all my heart that things always become better for your sake, my dear.

75. Missing you is always an understatement. I wish you are always with me but more importantly. I want you to be the truest version of yourself. Don’t let the world determine who you are, my darling.

76. People would always try to categorize you into boxes based on their fears but it’s your choice that breaks you free from their limitations and storm the world. I await your shine, my love.

77. Life is short and can be only lived once. Therefore I want you to always get and every opportunity you have and be the best always, my heartbeat.

78. Let your life always be fun of goodness and all the sweet things in life. Keep being such a sweetheart. The sky is your starting point, so always aim high, my beloved.

79. It’s always a pleasure to see your face and watch you work. Your passion and devotion to your craft is always inspiring to watch. Thanks for inspiring me to work hard and always aiming for the top, my dear.

80. Your dedication to everything you do is always a challenge to me to keep giving my best even if I am not acknowledged. Thanks for being my muse and every time inspiration, my darling.

81. Time and time again, life presents us with amazing moments that are life-altering. Meeting you was one of such moments and I am forever grateful. Seeing your face and hearing your voice gives me the strength to keep going on and soaring, my dear.

82. Keep preserving and never give in to the ideas and opinions of others. Stand out and make a difference, always. Perseverance always pays off in the long run, my heartbeat.

83. Don’t let what others think is right influence how you perceive yourself. To achieve, you need to set out of the crowd. Do good but live above the fears and anxieties of others. You are made for the top, my darling.

84. Don’t make excuses, always strive to improve on your mistakes. Stay true to your values and never compromise who you are for ill-gotten gains. I wish you the very best at all times, my dear.

85. Never underestimate your value and worth. You can’t appeal to everyone, only those who truly matter. Keep being great and sweet as you are, my dear.

86. Don’t give ears to your fears and you would become the great man you have always wanted to be. In the long run, the world would bow to you, my darling.

87. Inspiration is always deep within. Let your inspiration flow out and motivate you to accomplish the best and be all you are meant to be, my sweetheart.

88. If your previous goals and dreams aren’t taking you to where you desire to be, discard them and make new ones that challenge you to be all you want to be and propel you in that path. Live life always expecting the best at all times, my beloved.

89. I love you and all the works you do. You are my inspiration and muse. I always look forward to seeing the smile on your face and the light in your eyes. I wish you the very best, my heartbeat.

90. Always give your all to whatever you find to do. Give life your best and it would give you it’s best in return, my dear.

91. Find out what makes you happy and challenges you to give your all. Learn how to win the right way and make things happen for you. Then success would be yours, my dear.

92. Your thoughts make you and make up your world. Therefore, always choose the thoughts that that enhances the life you want. Direct your thoughts aright and you can direct your life aright, my sweetheart.

93. Always stay with those who challenge you to give your best and be the best at all time and in everything you so. I always want your success, my darling.

94. The greatest source of happiness is found deep within you. Let the love and peace and happiness within, spill out to the world. Don’t ever lose your joy, my love.

95. Never let the pains of today spill into the next day. Let go of the hurts present in each day and embrace the joy found in each day. Have a happy life, my love.

96. There is never enough time and enough space to do all that needs to be done and give your best in all your hands finds to do. I miss you whenever you are not around, my baby.

97. Make sure all that you wish for is yours. Live life fully and richly. There is such a shirt time to maximize your life, so start now, my darling.

98. Life is short but it should always be maximized, so that at the end, you would have fully lived and given you all, my heartbeat.

99. Give all you have deposited inside of you to life, so that at the end you would die as someone who has fully lived and given all the gifts possessed within to life. Strive to give your totality to life, my beloved.

100. Traditions are to be valued but they don’t have to restrict how you perceive life. They are guidelines on the path not to take. Broaden your mind and you would broaden your life, my dear.

Always endeavour to encourage or inspire your man. He may not look like it but he would appreciate it. Always be the one to lift up his spirit.

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