Deep Love Quotes for Him Boyfriend

2023 Deep Love Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

We do not need to wait for special occasions to send cute romantic texts to our loved ones because aside from serving as a means of appreciation, they also help to keep our relationships interesting and alive.

Romantic messages and deep love quotes are a good way of reminding our lovers why we chose them in the first place and how important and necessary they are in our lives.

Spark up your relationship with that special person by making use of any of the deep love quotes for him below.

Deep Love Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

Best of Deep Love Quotes for Him – Deep Love Quotes for Boyfriend.

1. “I wish you can read my mind, then you would know how much I love and cherish you. Believe me, baby, I am never going to mess with your heart.”

2. “You are like my favourite book, I want to open you up every day and get lost in your sweetness.”

3. “You are the full package deal, you contain all I have ever wanted. There is nothing I do not like about you.”

4. “With the population of the world presently, you are still the only one that is capable of making my heart skip a beat. You know I love you right.”

5. “I wish I had met you sooner but then, it is not too late, we have a lot of years ahead to spend together.”

6. “Loving you is like a job that pays the highest cash ever in form of peace. I am satisfied being your lover, this is the best life ever.”

7. “I love seeing you smile, it gives me the highest sense of pleasure. Don’t ever stop smiling, don’t ever stop making my heart glad.”

8. “I have just a word for you sweet, you are simply phenomenal. That term encompasses all the qualities I admire about you.”

9. “Everything you do makes me happy, I think you are a mind reader. If not, how do you manage to know what gladdens my heart always?”

10. “This is more like a fairy-tale, it feels good to see my fairy -tale come true. I love you handsome.”

11. “You are going to be in my then, in my now and in my forever. My love for you is unbreakable.”

12. “I have a 5-word promise to make for you today dear, ” you will always be in my heart. ” and I will stand by that promise forever.”

13. “You mess with my heart beat when you are near. I know it isn’t healthy to have an irregular heartbeat but I just can’t do without you.”

14. “I love the way you look at me, it makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you, dear.”

15. “You are unlike any other and I kind of like it. It’s good to have someone so uncommon in my life.”

16. “I love it when you whisper into my ears, I love the dirty things you say. You are a very very naughty boy and you drive me crazy.”

17. “I just love being with you, the feeling that engulfs me when you touch me cannot be put into words. You are something extraordinary you know.”

18. “Every moment I spend with you is awesome, looking back, I have had no regrets. You are awesome!”

19. “Since I met you, I have been experiencing real and true happiness. You are all a woman can ever dream of.”

20. “I love the fact that I am moving with time with you by my side. Let’s journey through life together dear, you will have no regrets.”

21. “Somehow, I wish we would get stranded somewhere so we can be together, alone, forever.”

22. “Every day, a drop of love gets added to the one I have for you already. I just hope it doesn’t become a flood and sweep me away.”

23. “I knew you were different from the very first time I saw you and I am glad I was not wrong. Thank God I decided to give love a trial again with you.”

24. “All I want is to be your woman forever, that is enough blessing for me. I want to be yours and yours alone.”

25. “There hasn’t been room for brooding and sadness since you came into my work, you have taken up all the space in my heart.”

26. “I know I have your heart and it is a good feeling to be the custodian of such a treasure. I am going to keep it safe forever.”

27. “You know you are irresistible, I can’t even stay angry with you. I am madly in love with you.”

28. “Whenever I am in your arms, I get retired. You are like a power source, I am going to stay connected forever.”

29. “Your touch throws me beyond the clouds, it leaves me soaring through space. I think you should get a job with NATO.”

30. “I love you, that’s all I can say because I have a feeling of you truly know the depth of my love, you might get scared as it is has no end.”

31. “Believe me, baby, believe me when I say no one can ever love you the way I do. I think I am the only one with the capacity to love this hard.”

32. “Your love is sweeping me along like a leaf caught in a tornado. The ferocity of this love is something else.”

33. “I am never going to let go of you. You, my dear, have gotten yourself in trouble by loving someone like me because I am a helpless romantic.”

34. “You are too big, too magnanimous, you have completely occupied all the space in my heart and in my mind, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

35. “You are handsome, breathtakingly so. I don’t mind other women stare at you, you are too good looking. I admire you and I love seeing my man admired by others.”

36. “Hey love, if only you know what I am thinking about right now. I am going to leave a hint, I bought a new lingerie.”

37. “You have been there when I needed you most, you have always given me your best and I sincerely appreciate you.”

38. “You are my big teddy bear. I just love hugging you and inhaling your scent. I know that might sound a bit weird but it is the plain truth.”

39. “You have really impacted me you know, you have touched my heart with your actions, you have captivated me. I am loving you till the very end of the world.”

40. “My mind basically revolves around you, I can’t stop thinking about you even in my sleep. What have you done to me?”

41. “Every day is a holiday since you are involved. I am on an everlasting vacation and the feeling is great.”

42. “I am happy my heart chose you, I am glad I get to love someone like you. You are so worth it.”

43. “Love is a blessing no doubt, it is the greatest blessing ever. I am blessed to share that love with you.”

44. “Hey! Do you mind staying out of my mind for a while, I have got to think about other things. Gosh! You have such a strong hold on me.”

45. “The last few months were the best ever in my life if I ever get reincarnated, I want to come as your woman again.”

46. “I can’t wait to be in your arms again, I am going to give you such a long and deep kiss, it would blow your mind away. I will see you soon.”

47. “You are one incredible man, I never thought I would meet someone like you but, I am glad I did.”

48. “Men! Life has been easier since I found you. I have laughed so much in the last few months I think I am starting to look like a clown. You rock!”

49. “Hi handsome. I take your picture around you know so that when I begin to lose faith in humanity, I stare at you and get my hope rekindled.”

50. “I almost called out your name today at the mall when the salesgirl asked me what I needed. You baby are everything I have always wanted.”

51. “My love for you grows daily. Very soon, I might not be able to walk as your love would be too magnanimous to bear.”

52. “I have been accused of a being addicted to my phone but I can’t help it. I am always on the lookout for your text, it is what keeps me going daily.”

53. “You are love, anywhere that topic is being taught, a picture of you should be displayed. You are all love is about.”

54. “I almost fell today and it’s your fault. I was staring at your text and got carried away so, I am returning the favour.”

55. “Seeing your face is enough energy for my day, whenever I am having a bad day, I only have to remember what you look like.”

56. “I need you to know I love you now and will always love you. Have that tattooed on your heart, never forget it.”

57. “I have been sending kisses your way all day, have you been feeling them? They may feel like air blowing softly against your face. That’s because I miss you.”

58. “I never knew a human could be so soft and tender as you are. You must have been a pet in your previous life.”

59. “You are much more attractive than all the stars on TV, none gets me excited like you do. You are a star baby, the only one in my heart.”

60. “I wish I have magical powers, I would have turned you to a badge and wear you all day. Romantic right?”

61. “I know you are above 18 but can I adopt you? I don’t mind being your mum because you are so adorable.”

62. “Will you be mine forever? I can’t promise an argument free relationship but I know we would always work things out. What do you say, baby, will you like to wake up with me up in your face every day?”

63. “I love you so much, so much that if I was a praying mantis, I would spare your life and start a new breed that pampers men instead of eating them up.”

64. “If you were a fruit, you would be an Orange because you are so healthy, sweet and refreshing. You are so pleasurable I can almost physically eat you up.”

65. “I feel like giving you a gift so I am offering you the best part of me: my heart. It is all your baby.”

66. “you keep captivating me, you keep impressing me. you are a really special one you know.”

67. “If I keep thinking about you so much, I wonder if this is how it feels for every other person. Your love is becoming a full-time job.”

68. “I love cuddling you, you are like a big fluffy ball of softness and intense cuteness. I want to live in your arms.”

69. “I am so lucky you came into my life. Since I met you, I haven’t stopped talking about you. You have added a lot of sweetness to my world.”

70. “When you touch me, you make me so hot I melt in your arms. I don’t know how you manage to do it every time.”

71. “I am stuck, even if I try to deny what I feel for you now, my heart won’t let me no matter how much I try. You have gotten to me, baby.”

72. “I must be really special you know to have landed a man like you. You are what every woman wants and I am glad you are mine.”

73. “When I hug you, I wish I could melt into your chest and be a part of you for life. I am crazy about you love.”

74. “Waking up next to someone like you is the best boost my day can ever get. Thanks for all the lovely times we have had and shared together.”

75. “Everyone else doesn’t seem to matter as much as you do now and that’s because you have set the bar so high, none can compare to you.”

76. “You have made my life better, you have made my life brighter. The joy you radiate had completely illuminated my world, I want to be your woman forever.”

77. “If we were animals, we would be beavers and stick together for life.”

78. “Sorry baby, I know I steal your clothes a lot. I can’t help it, I just love being close to you.”

79. “You are so hot I know you will win world’s hottest man but I don’t want you displaying and showing off as it would increase my competition with other women and there is no way I am letting you go.”

80. “I am never going to be too busy for you, in fact, I can leave all and be there for you whenever you need me. I am always going to be there baby.”

81. “Hi love, how does it feel to be the lover of the most awesome woman in the world? I hope you are enjoying every bit of it cos I am enjoying having you in my life.”

82. “If I were a tree, you would be my fruit because you give my life so much splendour and beauty. You are too good to be true.”

83. “I think I am drunk, lately, I feel drunk every time, especially since you became a part of my life. I am drunk in love my dear.”

84. “Being in love with you has made me wiser, smarter and happier. Your love had salted up my whole being.”

85. “Our love is most definitely divine as it is too good to be true, it is too perfect to be humanly. You must be an angel.”

86. “From our very first date, I knew you had come to stay. From your smile to your manners, I knew I had met a real man. Thank God I gave us a chance otherwise, it would have been the greatest mistake of my life.”

87. “Sometimes the sun gets so hot, I marvel at its intensity but you my love has implanted a love hotter than the sun into my heart, I can’t but marvel at how much I love you.”

88. “I wish I can clone you, I would make so much money selling a copy of you to horticulturists because you are more splendid than any flower in existence.”

89. “Don’t worry, I am not the type that leaves in times of trials, I am not the type that leaves at all. Protect my heart and we would have no problems. You can bank on this.”

90. “I see you, I see the real you. I understand all you have been through and I admire your strength. I will always have your back, you can trust me.”

91. “Even if things don’t work out between us, I will never forget you but then I know things will work out because you have never given me a reason to doubt your loyalty. I love you, baby.”

92. “If truly we always have one chosen partner destinies for us, I have no doubt it is you. I have never had it so beautiful and easy in a relationship, I enjoy being with you.”

93. “I can draw a perfect portrait of you, give me a plain piece of paper and I will do just that and that is because I have stared at your face so much the image is burned in my head.”

94. “Your kiss is like honey, I want to bury my lips in yours and savour your sweetness forever.”

95. “Your love is like a pool of hot in a hot environment. It refreshes me and soothes my soul to its very depth. I don’t ever want to get out of this love.”

96. “My love for you is purer than gold, I feel like I was born to love you. Where have you been all these while, why did you take so long to show up?”

97. “Your love brought a lot of things along; joy, laughter and peace. I wish everyone gets to enjoy a love like this, it would make humanity worthwhile again.”

98. “Thanks for all the beautiful moments we have shared, thanks for all the lovely times we have shared and thanks for the many more ahead. You have given me no regrets.”

99. “Our love has grown stronger over the years and I know it would keep waxing stronger. Stay with me, work with me and together we can make this work till eternity.”

100. “You are the sweetest thing ever, the perfect definition of loveliness. I wonder what I ever did to deserve a super cute human like you.”

101. “I want to see you in my dreams tonight baby because I can’t just get enough of you.”

102. “Since I met you, I have never been alone because you are always in my heart either you are around or not. It feels really good to never be alone.”

103. “Thoughts of you make my days beautiful. It is awesome to have something worthwhile to occupy my mind during the day.”

104. “I am grateful for every new day because I get to spend it in the company of an excellent person like you. You are a dream come true my darling.”

105. “The best times of my life started on the very day I met you. Your presence has introduced a lot of stability into my life, it has made all the difference.”

106. “You are always so active in my mind all day and when it’s night time, you still find a way to infringe on my thoughts. Don’t you ever get tired baby?”

107. “You know you shouldn’t pay electricity bills, I know I won’t if I were you or if you lived with me because your eyes are so bright, there is no need for an extra power source.”

108. “Sometimes when I find it difficult to sleep, I imagine you being by my side and it works every time. You see baby, even your imaginary presence works.”

109. “We shouldn’t sleep apart so much, it makes me miss you too much. I can’t wait to be in your arms again, they are like heaven to me.”

110. “Your arms are like a sanctuary, I can stay there for hours and forget all my worries. Your arms are my favourite resting place, I can’t wait to feel them around me again.”

111. “I am glad I get to spend every day with you. I am glad to finally have a man who truly and genuinely cares about me. Thanks for showing me what love is all about: sacrifices and honesty. I love you, darling.”

112. “You are a gem, I am going to treat you like one. I will cherish and treasure you for as long as life permits. I love you dear and I value you a lot.”

113. “I must be really special to have landed myself a special man like you. Together, we are going to do remarkable things. I can sense it.”

114. “I know I can’t say this enough as there are not enough words to be used but I love you a lot. I love having you around and I love being your woman.”

115. “Your presence has made my life better and brighter. Your presence has turned my world all around, it has thrown my world open and I must confess, I don’t want to ever lose you.”

116. “Hey booboo, don’t ever forget I love you. Always remember there is someone here who would give anything to see you smile. You are my man and I will always have your back.”

117. “Your parents are lucky to have a man like you as a son, I really hope they do not mind sharing you with me because I plan on getting as much of you as I can. You are just too wonderful to be real.”

118. “For the very first time in my life, I actually do not mind spending the rest of my life with someone. That person is you. You have made loving you an easy thing, you are extremely lovable.”

119. “Have a good day and may your day be as bright as you have made my world. Go and make an impact today darling, I love you.”

120. “We have made a lot of sweet memories together and there are still many more to be made. It’s good to be with a man who makes every encounter memorable.”

121. “I feel like we can successfully write a relationship book. We have a beautiful love story and I don’t mind sharing it with the world.”

122. “Our relationship has grown over the months and I like where we are now. I like the point we have reached and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.”

123. “You are so right for me, so right I feel God must have been thinking about me when he moulded you. I love everything about you baby.”

124. “Have a wonderful day today boo. Don’t worry, today is going to run so fast and we would be together again soon. I love you.”

125. “You make everyday beautiful, you make every moment with you delightful. I can hang out with you every single day and not get bored. I love you so much, baby.”

126. “Your scent drives me crazy, I love burying my nose in your neck and inhaling your smell. I am insanely in love with you.”

127. “You fill my life with immense joy on daily basis. You were definitely raised well, your parents must be so proud, they obviously did everything right with you.”

128. “Thanks for this amazing friendship we share, thanks for being my best friend and the best lover one can ever hope to have. You are simply incredible.”

129. “You are my sweetheart, my honeyed heart, my understanding heart, my caring heart, my happy heart and my handsome heart. Thanks for filling my heart with a lot of goodies.”

130. “I love everything about you; your strength, flaws, body, family, friends and job. You are exactly the way I want my man to be.”

131. “Thank God I found you when I did as I can’t imagine where I would be now if I didn’t. Thanks for coming to my right at the right time, thanks for allowing me to share your world.”

132. “You are like a statue of Mars, firm and godly. You are so attractive, so much that I can stare at you forever and get lost in your eyes.”

133. “I have had so much fun being your woman, life has been an adventure with you, let’s do this forever.”

134. “Finally! I have found a man that is not too busy for me. You are the kind of man of man I have always wanted, thanks for treating me like the queen that I am.”

135. “I want to be close to you, I want to be as close as I can be because whenever I am, the feeling that engulfs me is out of this world. Can I inhabit your body baby?”

136. “You are so romantic you know. I used to think romance existed only on TV but you have proved me wrong. You make our relationship interesting and fun and I love it.”

137. “When you need a mother, I will be here. When you need a friend, I will be here. When you need a confident, I will be here. I will always be here baby, I will always be your companion.”

138. “I might have made a lot of wrong decisions in life but being with you was the best decision I ever made. I have had no regrets. Thanks for not breaking my trust boo-boo.”

139. “You are my soul mate, my heart mate, my bedmate, my roommate, my love mate, my life mate, my best mate, the best lover ever and I love being your mate too.”

140. “I have never doubted your love because you have never given me a reason to do that. You are the man of my dreams and I am happy I get to share the real world with you.”

141. “I am a one man kind-of girl so you can rest assured I will always be faithful to you. You have won my respect and my admiration so, I am going to be loyal to you babe, you can count on that.”

142. “It is almost like you dropped out of my dreams. You possess all I have ever wanted in a man, all that I have ever imagined my man to be. I love you just the way you are baby.”

143. “I don’t know what others definition of love is but when I say I love you, I mean I admire you, I appreciate you, I care about you, I will always be there for you, I will be faithful and loyal to you and I will always stand with you. When I say I love you, I truly mean it.”

144. “You are one crazy boyfriend you know, crazy and very naughty but I love it, it’s spicing up our relationship. Keep being your sugar.”

145. “My friends are beginning to complain I spend lesser than with them but I can’t help it. I have a man like you, one with mouth-watering cuteness. I can’t help it if I want to be with you always.”

146. “You are funny, you make me laugh heartily. My days are never boring with you, you make me really happy and it’s really exciting to be your woman.”

147. “There are thousands of stars in the sky tonight but the brightest one ever is the one that has illuminated my heart; you. You are my brightest star ever.”

148. “Your touch stimulates me in unthinkable ways, it feels like I am riding on eagles wings. I don’t ever want this to stop, I don’t ever want to stop being your woman.”

149. “The first day I met you, I thought it was business as usual but I didn’t know I had met a king, a man like no other. Looking back now, that day was definitely the best day of my life as it ushered me into the best times of my existence so far.”

150. “Thanks to you I can smile knowing that I am the luckiest guy alive. Thanks for being the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you, darling.”

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