Cute Love Messages for Him from the Heart

2023 Cute Love Messages for Him from the Heart

Sometimes, it just happens that you can’t be around your man every second of the day, so the best thing to do is send him an array of cute love messages to make him feel your presence even from miles away.

I’m sure you’d want him thinking of your loving smile all day long as you put one on his charming face too. Not to mention that, you’d love to be his inspiration as he goes about his business under the sun.

If these are your wishes, then, these 2023 Cute love messages for Him from the Heart are your best bet.

Guard your place in his heart just by selecting from this lovely collection of sweet love messages.

Love Messages for Him from the Heart

Romantic Love SMS for Husband or Boyfriend from the Heart.

1. As the moon takes the shape of love in our hearts, may it give light to our path forever. I love you, my darling.

2. In your eyes, I see every reason to love. Don’t ever let me go, my baby.

3. I’ll wake up at night to think of our love. I’ll sleep in the day to dream of the future we hope for.

4. Just by your side, my worries vanish without a trace. And behind you, I have someone to look forward to.

5. You’re mostly inspiring when you smile and drop wet kisses on my lips.

6. Without thinking twice, I’d spend the rest of my life with you.

7. I’ll encourage you with the love I feel for you every day. I’ll help you conquer your challenges with the power of our passion.

8. Like the moon fulfills the night, you make true my dream of love.

9. I’ll go with you to the ends of the earth. I’ll support your dreams until every one of them comes true.

10. I want to share a kiss with you under the heavy rainfall. I want to savor dinner with you with the melodies of the thunders clapping outside.

11. I want you to be my wings as I fly. And to be my inspiration for the rest of my life.

12. Who knows what life would’ve been without you! However, I know what it is with you. And it is love.

13. I wouldn’t change anything but how soon I met you, my darling.

14. You’ve brought comfort and peace into my world. I’ll let the sun go just to have you as my only source of light.

15. To you, I’ll give my heart. From the others, I’ll keep it away just for you, my darling.

16. You can believe my words and trust the things I do, cause they spring from the depth of my love for you.

17. I’ll not let a second go by to say yes to you. I wouldn’t let a minute pass by to show you how much I care.

18. You make me laugh. So, I can’t help but love you over and over again.

19. Our kids will be the evidence of our love. Can’t wait to have them with you, my darling.

20. Encouraging you with my love this morning. I hope you enjoy your day, my darling.

21. You make me feel the most secured. How blessed am I to live inside of your heart.

22. You make me smile even in my dreams. So, I’ll hold you tight as soon as I can feel you, my love.

23. The moon may disappear with the night but my love for you will stay all night long and beyond.

24. There’s no fear in my heart because my heart is consumed with love.

25. You’ve captured my heart, now it is excruciating to leave a day without you.

26. Nothing is as inspiring as the love we feel. I hope it lasts forever.

27. I look prettier in my dresses when I dress for you. I smile brighter when you’re the reason behind the smile. I love you, baby.

28. Good morning to the only man I’ll give my heart, my body, and my soul.

29. The troubles of life are gone because you fill everywhere with love inside me.

30. I could never hate you. For you’ve buried my heart in the soil of love, now the passion grows every day.

31. You are everything I want. If I have you, I have it all. You’re my treasure and my dream.

32. You’ve never broken my heart, neither have you my trust. So, I’ll be sure to treat you like a king.

33. I wouldn’t get sore from kissing you a million times a day. It’s how much I desire you, my love.

34. I’d love to live twice just to fall in love with you again.

35. If you ever dreamt of a woman to love forever, then, you’ve found her in me, my darling.

36. You’ve taken my attention from the earthly things. Now my heart is fixated upon the love you’ve given to me. It’s all I want to feel till the end of time.

37. As the moon journeys through the sky at night, I’ll rest my love on your abode till eternity.

38. You’ve given reason to my life. And it is to love you truly every day.

39. See the joy in my eyes when I call out your name. Feel the love in my heart when I tell you, I love you.

40. I want to always be by your side, for it brings an overwhelming sense of ecstasy.

41. With the presence of so many men on earth, I’ll choose you over and over again.

42. Inside the shelter of love is where I want to live with you. Under the beauty of the moon is where I’d confess my love to you all night long.

43. My heart will forever be yours without cost no matter how much the others pay to have it.

44. The heavens have answered my prayers because you love me this much.

45. Let me be your lover forever. Let me be your friend and so much more, my darling.

46. You’re the most handsome man I know. And your heart is the most beautiful place on earth.

47. When you’re around, I only want to set my eyes upon you and my skin being one with yours.

48. As we grow older, we grow deeper in love. I know because I love you more than I did a year ago. So, let’s grow old in each other’s arms and watch our love grow.

49. Let them stay aside and gossip, but I’ll never give up on our love.

50. Your love has adorned me. I feel more beautiful than ever, my love.

51. As different as we may be, we do have true love in common, my darling. Let’s never let it go.

52. Now I know heavens cherish me because a man like you loves me and has asked me to be his forever.

53. Even in the darkest time of the world, I’ll recognise your smile and plant a kiss on your lips.

54. I want to live my life with you. I want to be the best of me for you, my darling.

55. I’ve seen love in the movies but in your eyes, I know how pure it is, my darling.

56. The sound of your laughter tickles my rib and the breath of your lungs gives me so much joy.

57. Give me one more chance to say this; you’ve been the best thing that ever happened to my heart.

58. You’re the king of my heart. I’ll lift you higher than any other on earth.

59. You’ve taught me how to love and I’m so fortunate you are my role model in love.

60. You excite me all the time. I think about you as the clock ticks round and round.

61. You look as cute as the young stars in the sky. Good night, sweety.

62. Love births the greatest inspiration in me. Loving you has been my source of creativity.

63. Good morning, love. May the sun deliver my message of sweet love to you, this morning.

64. I love you just as the earth loves the rain.

65. Your kisses become my encouragement in the lowest point of my life.

66. My heart leads me to you no matter the road I take in life; you’re my final destination.

67. Good morning, sweet boyfriend. As beautiful as the blue sea may be, your sparkling countenance outshines it.

68. Even at night, I’ll be awake to listen to your heartbeat.

69. I love you. Each star in the sky can bear me witness to this fact.

70. My daily ritual is confessing to the sun about my undying love for you.

71. You need not find someone to encourage you. I’ll always be there to lift up your soul.

72. My heart is at peace when I see your lovely eyes dilated because of me.

73. In my dream, I’m the damsel in distress and you’re my knight in shining armour.

74. Everyone looks forward to making it into heaven, but I look forward to resting forever in your heart.

75. The noise in the world will never overshadow the sound of my heartbeat for you. Good night, hun.

76. I love you. I cherish every breath from your nostrils to my skin. It makes me come alive.

77. I’ll dance in the rain, cause the rain makes me feel so in touch with the very core of you, sweetheart. I love you.

78. My heart can never grow cold towards you, for your love has warmed my being.

79. I love you like I’ll never love another again.

80. No doubt, you’ll be the only man I’ll love, till my dying day; that’s the confession of my heart.

81. Whenever I see your lovely eyes, I just can’t wait to spend forever with you.

82. My heart only recognises your voice and my soul only feels your touch. This is how much I love you.

83. As long as I breath, I’ll never make you regret ever being in love with me.

84. The only time I live is when I feel your breath on my tender skin.

85. When I’m seated next to you, I feel like heaven is so close to me.

86. Your confidence enchants me than the aura of a charming prince.

87. My heart feels safe loving you, cause you’re the right one for me.

88. My beginning is you and my end will come the day I stop loving you, my man.

89. When you look into my eyes for the first time, I felt touched by an angel.

90. You made me feel secure, cause loving you is the safest adventure I ever embarked on.

91. My desire is that we last for a lifetime in happiness and love.

92. When I look at you, I remember the first day I felt attracted to you.

93. Your skin is as smooth as the sky above you.

94. I don’t mind fighting all your battles with you. It will only make me stronger, my love.

95. For as long as I live, my lips will never speak ill of you, cause I love you uncompromisingly.

96. Even when my heart bleeds, I’ll never quit loving you.

97. The joy I see in your heart inspires me to keep loving you no matter what.

98. You smell beautifully, so much so my heart is perpetually drawn to you.

99. I feel protected when I see you around me like my guardian angel.

100. I want you to know that my soul has been merged with yours. Hence, we remain a soul mate till forevermore.

101. I’ll gladly take your pain away and give you my joy. I’ll do this for love.

102. I’ll make many sacrifices just for you, cause that’s the only way I know how to love.

103. My heart runs to you for comfort, cause I find peace by just looking into your eyes, whilst listening to your heartbeat.

104. I moved from darkness into light when I fell in love with you.

105. My heart is aching to hear you say that you love me, one more time.

106. I’ll run to you at all time, just so you see that I’ll rather be with you than be elsewhere.

107. My heart sings better than the angels, cause it sings a song of love just for you.

108. I find it hard to stay angry at you, cause a look into your eyes make my heart melt away.

109. I love how you prove to me, that it’s no mistake loving you.

110. Do not be afraid to bare your heart to me. Besides loving you, I’m also here to listen to you.

111. You occupy the largest portion of my heart and yet, I feel like making more rooms for you.

112. I love you too much, that you cannot smile without me smiling with you.

113. My eyes are agog when I see you coming to me. I simply can’t get enough of you.

114. I’m amazed by your unrelenting love for me even when I prove unlovable. You’re my angel.

115. You’ve made me a perfect diamond just by loving me the way you do.

116. For me, if my life is all about you, then I have everything to live for.

117. My joy is knowing that my love for you will never fail nor give up on you.

118. As long as I love you, my heart will never find another as charming as you are.

119. You’ve seen my ugliest flaws, yet you love me like you do. There’s no love greater than this on earth.

120. You gave me the courage to love again just by loving me first. Now I want to love forever.

Pretty sure with these, your melody will ring in his heart forever long.

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