Can Astrology Predict the Future of Love and Relationship

Can Astrology Predict the Future of Love and Relationship?

Astrology is the sacred art that was kept secret among a few for many decades. This art can be seen in many monuments that depict that our ancestors have a vast knowledge of astrology. Astrology involves the study of stars and their positions at a particular moment. It is believed that the position of stars and other celestial bodies at the time of birth has a significant impact on human lives.

Can Astrology Predict the Future of Love and Relationship

Jesus Christ’s birth was predicted long before his birth, and the accuracy lies in the biblical texts in the form of planetary positions. Not only can this have we found the importance of stars and planets in other cultures as well. In Indian culture, nine ruling planets uniquely determine the attributes of the person. They can accurately depict their nature, personal character, physical strength, mental ability, and intelligence.

Vedic astrology can also be used for perfect matchmaking before marriage using a zodiac compatibility chart. Kasamba is the most popular branch of Astrology, which provides remedies or problem-solving techniques for reducing the impact due to bad position of planets of stars in the horoscope.

What Are Horoscope and Zodiac Signs?

Can Astrology Predict the Future of Love and Relationship

Horoscopes are the symbolic representation of the planets and stars in a table known as houses. Each planet or governing star resides in a specific place, determined at the time of birth. Zodiac signs are those which uniquely identify the commencement of a new era (in relative concept).

It is said that the position and orientation of stars and planets are never the same for two different people. Even a fraction of the second change can have changed in the position and orientation of the planet, which can either favour or adversely affect a particular person’s life. There are 12 zodiac or birth signs as per Vedic astrology. And each one of them has significant features and uniquely identifies the personal traits of human beings.

For instance, if the birth sign is Leo, then they are considered to be aggressive in work and want everything to be done as per their own choice. They never consult or seek help from others and are happy to be independent. However, some birth signs need someone else to exist or stay happy.

Everyone needs a stable and long relationship with their partner; for this purpose, parents make horoscopes of their child by consulting good astrologers and use them for the matchmaking process. If the couples are compatible with the zodiac compatibility chart, they are married as soon as possible. Otherwise, they have to wait until the pants or star’s position is not favourable for them.

Horoscopes are the best way to find the compatibility between the partners. Choosing the right partner is the most crucial decision in life. It is seen that the true nature of a person is revealed only after a considerable amount of time in a relationship. Everyone is sweet initially, and when we come to know about the bad habits or mentality of a partner, it is too late. Trust is something that is the basis of the relationship. If trust breaks, then the relationship is broken in no time.

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What things can be predicted using Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology

In olden times farmers used the position of stars to know the exact time of the rainfall. In this way, they used Vedic astronomy to grow seasonal crops with maximum yields. We can also see many references about the Vedic astrology in religious books like Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayana or Mahabharata. But if you want to know the roots of the astrology, you must read Vedas-the ancient Hindu scriptures. There are 4 Vedas, namely Sam Ved, Atharva Ved, Rig Ved, and Yajur Ved. The explanation of planets and its planetary position is described in rig Ved in great detail. Vedic astrology can be used for predicting many things. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Predicting the durability of relationship: Everyone wants to be assured that the partner they have chosen is the right one to step ahead in relationship or marriage. Matchmaking using a zodiac compatibility chart can be used to predict the durability of relationships. We can accurately know whether the relationship is long or short.
  2. Predicting the physical ability or strength: Position of planets or stars determines the person’s physical ability. If the person is born in the belt where the sun falls directly, their body is adapted to high temperatures. However, if they migrate to the earth’s cold regions, they might find it difficult to survive.
  3. Predicting the sexual compatibility: The sexual capability is governed by the position of planets or stars in the horoscope. If the planetary position is not in a good position or house, then there is a complication in conceiving a child after marriage. The sexual compatibility should always be checked using the Zodiac compatibility chart; otherwise, couples have to regret their entire life.
  4. Predicting intellectual capabilities: The intelligence of a person is an innate quality. However, the position of stars and planets also affect intellectual capabilities. If the position of stars and planets is unfavourable, then couples cannot make intelligent decisions in their life.
  5. Knowing the financial conditions in the future: Yes, you heard it right; we can know whether the person will have an excellent financial condition in the future or not. Whether or not their business will run smoothly? People seek help from astrologers to know if they have chosen the right path that leads to success in life or not.

Vedic astrology has been in existence for ages. The art of astrology needs extensive study of stars and planets and finding a correlation with humans’ lives on earth. Parents want to know if they have chosen the right person for their daughter or not. For this purpose, they get the daughter horoscope matched with their loving partner using a zodiac compatibility chart. This test can quickly check the love compatibility, intellectual compatibility, and sexual capabilities of the partners. Vedic astrology also provides tips to improve the relationship between the partners.

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