Boxing Quotes for Woman

Boxing Quotes for Woman

In boxing “Nothing stops the woman with the right mental attitude,” according to an old American folk tale. The right mental attitude is extremely important for success in any sport, for any goal. If a boxer has the right mental attitude, he or she will win despite not having the best skills.

It is interesting that women have gravitated towards boxing. It is often thought of as a man’s sport. For most women, the reason they become interested in boxing is because it awakens something in them. They feel like they can take control, get aggressive and even let their femininity go for a short time.

Being a boxer is hard, and it’s even harder when you’re a woman. But never let that stop you from doing what you love. Being a boxer is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of determination and inner strength to persevere against the world especially if you are a woman, but never be discouraged by those who tell you to give it up because you are woman.

Below are the best Boxing Quotes for Woman that I have carefully compiled together to help you overcome your fears and worries concerning boxing.


Boxing Quotes for Woman

A woman who likes boxing is a woman who doesn’t get beaten down. She takes control of her own life and fights for herself, not just in the ring but everywhere she goes.

1. Boxing is a great sport for women because it teaches you discipline, focus and helps you build up your confidence. If you want to beat your opponent, you have to be strong!

2. To be a woman boxer is to be strong, determined and disciplined. You’ve got to be well-prepared to battle with the other girls in the ring. Fight hard, train hard, train smart, and always have a positive attitude toward your goals.

3. Boxing is a sport of pain and pleasure. It’s a sport that requires you to be strong, it requires you to have discipline, it requires you to be tough.

4. I don’t want to be just another pretty face of the sport. I want to be a champion and a role model for young women.

5. It’s not about how many punches you get in. It’s about how many you land in the face of adversity.

6. Don’t let the future hold you back, it’s not a perfect day. Be stronger and tougher than ever. Train like a champion in your mind and body today.

7. Boxing is your life. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame, it’s about the fight.

8. It’s hard to be a boxer when you’re not a fighter. But it’s harder to be a fighter when you’re not a boxer

9. The best thing about being a boxer is the people and being able to inspire others with your passion, just like you’re doing right now. Keep it up!

10. A woman who can fight is a woman who can do anything.

11. I don’t need a man, to validate my existence. I am every bit as strong, intelligent and capable as any man out there. I just happen to be a woman with a handful of hairs up on my chest!

12. I don’t have time for excuses, I have time for action.

13. You’re not just a boxing woman. You’re a champion.

14. A good boxer, is one who never has to be told that she can box. She makes the moves that she wants to make. She is not afraid to take chances and when she does, her hands are ready for anything.

15. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something—or that you’re not worth it. You can, no matter what your size or shape.

16. Boxing is not for the weak. A woman who can keep her head in a fight, who doesn’t fear pain or fear to fail, who takes punches and keeps coming back for more she’s a brave woman. And that’s what we need in this world. We need courageous women like you.

17. She’s a boxer. She has heart and soul. Every time she steps into the ring, she leaves it with both legs in the air.

18. The best thing about boxing is that it makes you stronger, faster and more powerful. Not only will you become a better fighter, but your entire life will be enriched because of the discipline and determination boxing demands.

19. Whatever the task, whatever the fight, you’ve got to be a champion. You’ve got to win—in the ring and out. Stay strong, stay true, stay focused.

20. Be the superwoman that everyone wants to be.

21. Fearless, strong, and determined. A champion is never afraid to fight.

22. If a woman can be the champ, then why can’t she be a boxer?

23. Boxing is a game of confidence, self-esteem and mental toughness. The best way to get better at it is by finding a partner who pushes you to be the best you can be.

24. Boxing is not just a sport it’s an art. A way of life. It teaches us to look at life the same way it would look if we were in the ring: with courage, strength and pride!

25. You’re not a fighter. You’re a boxer. And every fight is different, so it’s important that you never get complacent in your approach to the next fight.

26. A woman’s strength…when you’re fighting, the fight matters. When you’re with your family. When you’re in love and sharing that love with others.

27. I don’t live life on the sidelines. I’m a fighter, and I’ll fight for what I want.

28. When life throws you more punches than you can handle, remember: You’re still in charge of when the fight ends.

29. You don’t have to be a man to conquer the world. You just have to be a woman who believes that she can.

30. You’ve got this. You’re stronger than you think. You’re tougher than you know. even when those voices tell you to give up on yourself.

31. You are strong, you are powerful, you are beautiful. You have a story to tell and I can’t wait to hear it

32. You are a force to be reckoned with. Keep punching, keep on winning.

33. Keep your chin up, never let go. When life throws you curve balls, keep swinging.

34. When you’re feeling down and out, remember one thing: You’ve got this.

35. You will never know the power that you have until you are willing to fight for it.

36. Inside every tough woman beats the heart of a champion.

37. Don’t be afraid to get hit. It’s just going to make you stronger and even more beautiful than you already are.

38. Life’s a fight. You gotta be ready for it, you can’t give up, and you have to keep on going even when it seems like no one is looking out for you.

39. The only way to get better is to keep trying. You’re going to get knocked down, but you have to get back up and try again.

40. When the world is at your feet, never let go of your dreams. Never stop fighting for what you believe in.

41. Want to be a better fighter? Get in the ring with yourself.

42. It’s your chance to shine. Don’t let anybody tell you differently.

43. A woman’s power comes from her mind and her heart. Her mind is a powerful tool to be used wisely, and the heart is the source of all true strength.

44. You’ve got the whole world in your hand, take it and make it better

45. Be strong and let no one push you around because the only person that can control your life is you.

46. I am strong and determined. I can do the impossible even when I don’t believe in myself.

47. Life is a journey, not a destination. You make your own happiness, or you don’t.

48. There is no such thing as a perfect fight. There’s only one of you and one of me, and we will do what we must win.

49. Promise yourself you will never stop being a fighter.

50. When you’re down and out, there is only one way to go. Get up, get in shape, and then get back in the ring.

51. Your fight begins with a single step.

52. You can do anything you put your mind to with hard work, dedication and passion. You can do it. I know you can!

53. It doesn’t matter how hard life is or how bad you think things are. It’s just a test, and then it’s over. You just have to keep on pushing.”

54. The heart of a champion is not made of gold. It is made of the substance of steel mixed with quicksilver.

55. The greatest victory is peace of mind. We learn a lot more from our defeats than we do from our victories.

56. To be a boxer, you have to be smart. You have to be tough and strong. And when you box, there’s no time to think. There’s only time to react. That’s why boxing is the ultimate test of a woman’s mind, body and heart.

57. There is no better feeling than knowing that you can face any challenge and win.

58. Boxing can be a tough game, but when you’re in the ring with your best self – it’s a great life.

59. I might be a woman, but I am not afraid to fight back.

60. I’m no quitter. I’ll keep going until I beat this thing.

61. No matter how mentally strong you are, there will always be someone stronger than you. But don’t let it stop you from pushing yourself even more because if anyone can do it, then I can.

62. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals if you believe in yourself and don’t let anyone’s words or actions bring you down.

63. With the right attitude and mindset, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals! The only thing that can beat you is your own mind.

64. Believe that you are strong enough to be successful in everything you do.

66. If you get knocked down, don’t feel sorry for yourself; dust yourself off and get back up again. It’s what we’re here for.”

67. The strength of a woman is inside her, not necessarily in her arms.

68. There are no shortcuts through life, only choices. Now is the time to choose to be your best woman.

68. Be the difference, the woman people look up to. A woman who will not give up on herself when boxing gets tough and never let anyone tell her she can’t do it.

69. You are the only one who can make you feel like a failure or a success. You can make yourself happy by boxing more.

70. I’ve learned that if you are determined to succeed, you will. You will because your heart thinks right as a woman who will not give up on boxing.

71. believe in the power of women when it comes to boxing. It’s up to us to make this world a better place.

77. Hit me with your best shot in boxing. That’s how I want to be treated as a woman.

78. Be a woman that is strong enough to be vulnerable, powerful enough to be scared and smart enough to know that this is a journey that you will walk with courage, confidence and strength.

79. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t. They might be right. But, baby girl, you can!

80. No one can take your strength as a boxing woman. You have to give it away

81. A woman who’s boxing should be able to take down anybody.

82. Boxing relieves stress in women. It’s a sport for champions in life and in business.

83. Don’t let anyone make you feel small because you are a woman. You are more than enough!

84. When everyone tells you that you can’t just because you are a woman, remember they’re wrong. When no one is listening, remember that the world has your back.

85. The only thing that can stop a woman boxer from punching her goals is herself.

86. Fight like a girl. Win like a boss.

87. A woman who learns to box will never be a lady, but she can be the queen of the ring.

88. Become a fighter, not a victim. Fight for what makes you happy. Be the change you want to see in this world. Let’s all be brave, strong and free.

89. The only way to win is to be the woman you are. Be your fullest self, and always remember that nobody can box you down.

90. Be strong, be brave, and never stop fighting as a woman. The best is yet to come…

91. Never underestimate the power of a woman who sees the world differently.

92. You can’t beat a Woman. She can only beat you.

93. You have to be tough inside and strong on the outside. That’s what matters most as a boxing woman.

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