Happy Birthday Wishes for Kid Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kid Son

Children are a gift from God and they are one of the reasons life can be filled with so much joy, laughter, and love. Turning another year older is always a big deal, especially for kids.

Hence, your kid son’s birthday is an opportunity to make him happy and to show him how much you care for him. Make the most of this special day to celebrate your son by sending him perfect birthday wishes for kids that include their favourite things.

Here are amazing happy birthday wishes for kid son. Make your kid’s day a special one by sending one of them to him.

Cute Birthday Wishes for My Kid Son

To my wonderful kid son celebrating his birthday today, I wish you all the best in life. May you live long in a sound mind. Happy birthday, son.

1. My amazing kid son, no matter how old you turn today, I will always see that sweet face of yours and cherish each moment you have spent with me. You are my pride and joy, and I wish this special day brings great joy to your heart! Have fun celebrating this new year! Happy birthday.

2. Wishing you all the best on your birthday. I wish you many more years of happiness and success. Please be happy always, my dear kid son. Much love I have got for you.

3. Opportunities to teach important lessons are never wasted. Today, while you are watching the time pass by, I will be sitting at your side, teaching life skills that no classroom can ever teach you. These year-end classes will make your life a lot easier and a lot happier. This is my humble way of wishing you a long and healthy life. Have a great birthday, kid son!

4. Son, you are the best kid in the universe. I wish you a very happy birthday and a very successful life ahead. May God shower you with all his love and grace. Happy birthday, kid son.

5. Happy Birthday to the cutest kid son any parent could ask for. Your birthday has always been an event in our family and this year is no different. I will love you forever, my son. I wish you all the best this year and enjoy your special day.

6. Happy birthday, my darling kid son! You are a blessing from heaven. There is never a dull moment whenever I am around you. Our mutual love and respect have transcended beyond the bond of mother and child. I hope today you get whatever has been on your wish list.

7. Happy birthday to my kid son. Although you are the youngest, you always stand out. Being a brilliant kid, you are an inspiration for all our little ones at school. Stay focused on your studies and explore your potential further. I know that in years to come, you would be much admired by many people around the globe. Love you big.

8. Happy Birthday, sweetie. Thank you for always giving reasons to smile. May your year be more successful than the previous one and may you be happier than ever before. I love you to the moon and back. Greater you always.

9. My dear kid son, You have grown up so well to become this handsome. Make sure you take care of yourself. You are my life hence, one should always be cautious. Life is just like a roller coaster; it has high and low parts too. I wish you a very happy birthday!

10. My lovely kid son, I wish you all the best for your birthday. I hope this year brings joy and fun for you so you can grow into a charming, responsible person who is always willing to help out others. You’re growing up into a fine young gentleman, and I’m so proud of that. Good luck! Happy birthday.

11. You are sweet as sugar and cute as a button. On your special day, I wish you everything that you deserve. You shine like the sun and have the same power to brighten my world. may you have every reason to be happy on each passing day! kid son

12. On this birthday, I want to wish you many happy returns of the day. May your life brimming with sunshine and joy all through the year. But may you forever shine like a bright sunny day in my life. Happy birthday to my kid son!! I love you!

13. Each time I see you my heart rejoices. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for always putting smiles on my face. whenever it seems I am not there for you when you need me the most. I want you to be assured that I can never think of my life or my world without you in them. I wish you the very best in life. Happiest birthday cute kid son!

14 Happy Birthday sweetie. May your year be more successful than the previous one and may you be happier. I wish you greater joy, more blessing and unending favour. Your light shines brighter and this year, and always. Love you more kid son.

15. Dear kid son, you have grown up so well to have become this handsome. I must say I bless the day I birth you. You are my life hence, one should always be careful and cautious. Life is just like a roller coaster; it has high and low parts too. I wish you a very happy birthday!

16. My son, I wish you all the best for your birthday. I hope this year brings joy and fun for you so you can grow into a charming, responsible person who is always willing to help out others. You’re growing up into a fine young gentleman, and I’m so proud of that. Good luck! Happy birthday, kid son.

17. It is time to party my son! May your birthday and the year ahead be filled with wonderful] experiences. I am so glad you are growing up to be a responsible and hardworking young man. I have enjoyed raising you these years. I wish you the very best kid son, Happy birthday.

18. You are sweet as sugar and cute as a button. On your special day, I wish you everything that you deserve. You shine like the sun and have the same power to brighten my world. I promise to keep making you happy on each passing day! Happy birthday, kid son.

19. The world doesn’t make sense till you are born. Then it starts making a little more sense every year. Now that you have reached the majority, I hope your life will be full of surprises and you won’t be afraid of taking risks. I wish you a year of discoveries and joy! Happy birthday, kid son.

20. For my kid son, I offer all the love in my heart. He has been a source of joy, wisdom and happiness for me. I hope he grows up as an honest, moral and determined person and helps make this world a better place to live in. Happy birthday, my dear!

21. Dear kid son, every day is a blessing since I have you in my life. It is always a happy moment to watch you grow from a cute and precious baby into a sturdy and intelligent boy today. You are a true delight for my eyes and ears, a priceless gift sent by God. I wish you the best in life. Happy Birthday.

22. Happy birthday! Goodness you have grown so big and charming. I am so proud to have you as my son. Wish you a wonderful year ahead as you move towards adulthood. may your days be long in the land of the living. Happy birthday, kid son.

23. You have been one of the most significant people I know. You have brought so much joy and happiness into my life. The little time that we spend with each other is well worth the wait! You are my son, you are my strength and you are my hope. I wish you every good thing of life. A very happy birthday to you!

24. I know you have grown up. I have been watching you for a long time, even before your birth. It is only fitting that you finally made your way to the real world. You have accomplished a lot, and there are still more to achieve. Happy birthday to my kid son. May the Lord keep you now and always.

25. Son, you are a ray of light in my life and you make me glad. I chose to have you in my world. Happy birthday, kid son! This world would be a sad place if it weren’t for you. I am so proud to be your mother!

26. To my dearest kid son, may you have a very happy birthday! I wish that all your dreams come true and life brings you everything that you want. You have been there for me through the ups and downs of life and have stood by me through every pain. It is time to reward you for being such an exemplary son. From the bottom of my heart, I send wishes to make this day wonderful and memorable! Happy birthday.

27. On this special day kid son, I wish you the most blissful moments of your life! Thank you for always being there to listen to my concerns. I pray for your future and opportunities that will be open to you. For good things to come into your life and never leave, I wish you a birthday filled with magic and fun!
I love you so much, son. Today is your birthday and I am delighted for the magical life you are leading. May all the goodness in your heart multiply and grow. happy birthday!

28. As time passes by, it becomes more obvious that you are going to grow up to be a strong and responsible man. Respectable qualities that I hope you will carry with you as you age. Wishing you a happy birthday kid son!

29. Happy birthday to my little prince! I hope you grow up to be a man of integrity, principles and morals. I am looking forward to seeing you grow more mature with age. I wish you a very fruitful year filled with unlimited opportunities. Happy birthday, kid son.

30. Dear kid son, you are the most lovable and loving kid on this earth. No one could ever be as close to me as you are. I am so proud of the person that you have become, and that too is only because of your inner beauty of character. I wish you Gods blessing this new year and always.

31. My amazing kid son, I know it is hard to get through childhood and adolescence without making mistakes and falling into ruts, but you have been a remarkable soul, and I cannot thank god enough for blessing me with you. I wish you long life in good health. Happy Birthday!

32. My dear son, on your birthday I wish you a new year full of love, laughter, success and happiness. May God bless you abundantly. Happiest of birthdays to you kid son.

33. My precious kid one, today you have a beautiful new year present. The gift of another 365 days of life spent with your family. You are growing up to be a young man and I am so proud of who you are turning out to be. On this special day, I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Stay blessed my son!

34. Happy Birthday, my son! I wish you a year full of wisdom, strength and courage. May your life be full of luck, fortune and good health. May you always find joy in your heart. Have a fantastic birthday.

Birthday Messages for My Kid Son

Happiest of birthdays to you, kid son. May you grow in the strength of the lord. Long life is my wish for you, and may all your heart desires come through.

35. Stay kid fun, my child. I cherish the beautiful memories of our times together. Continue rising and shining with your illuminating smile. I promise to do all my best to keep filling your life with splendour and joy! Happy birthday, son!

36. Congratulation my dear kid son on this milestone, I am grateful to you for making my life easier and less stressful. You have made me stronger in every possible way. Every day, you bring happiness and joy into my life. Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday!

37. A new year to you is a call for happiness and joy kid son. It is a time to give, this year, I promise a little more, because I want you to see what it’s like to be alive and loved by many. I wish you an awesome new year and a beautiful more ahead. Happy birthday!

38. Wishing you a very happy birthday kid son. I am glad that my little boy has grown up to be a responsible man who will one day take care of the family. Happy birthday, I hope your wishes and dreams come true! I wish you long life in sound health.

39. On this momentous day, we pray for the completion of all your cherished wishes. May you get everything that you deserve, including happiness and bliss. Wish you a very happy birthday kid son and hope you enjoy this day to its fullest.

40. Today is your birthday and just like the seasons, it is a new year! I hope you make the most of it. May this new year brings with it new opportunities for you to re-invent yourself. I wish you all the best of luck on your journey. Happy birthday my lovely kid son.

41. Of all the people I know, I wish you the greatest success in life. You can stay focused and work hard to reach your goals. More importantly, you spend quality time with your family and give generously to others. May you have a wonderful year ahead! Happy birthday! kid son.

42. My son! On your birthday, I only wish you happiness and joy all through your life. May you be blessed with a healthy mind and body, the companionship of the people you love, and good mental health. Happy birthday, kid son.

43. Wishing a very happy birthday to my dear kid son! You have been an inspiration to me from the day I became your mother. You have been so smart since childhood, and I am proud of you. All your life, I have been a part of your happiness and I will continue to do so in the years to come. Wish you more of God.

44. Wishing you a happy birthday, kid son! I hope your day is special and filled with joy and laughter. Let this be a reminder of what happiness means and the joy of celebrating. Happy birthday All my love!

45. My son, I wish you a very happy birthday! You have brought a ray of sunshine into my life. You, the wonderful kid in my life who has given me so much joy is no more a baby. But even at this young age, I have seen your maturity and capabilities. I hope that these qualities will take you towards success in life. Have a great year ahead! What? Mom

46. On your birthday, I pray for your happiness and good health. As a mother, I hope you achieve high in life. You will always be a part of my life. I wish you every good thing in life. Happy Birthday!

47. Dear kid son, you make me proud every day and I am grateful for all you have done for me. You make my life worth living and have given me new hopes and dreams to chase after. You have made me realize that I have been blessed from above with a precious gift of a wonderful son. Happy birthday!

48. A kid son like you is a boon for any parent! You are such a delight and I am so proud to call you my son. On your birthday, allow me to thank the creator for gifting me such an angel. Great friends like you are indeed rare to find. Happy birthday, darling! wish you more life ahead.

49. Wishing Happy Birthday to my one and only kid son! It has been great to see his growing up days! On this special day, I want to tell you how special you are to me. There is no one as wonderful as you out there, that’s why I’m sending this beautiful card wishing your birthday celebration a great success !!!

50. I’m glad that I have a wonderful kid son like you. You’re very talented and gifted, and I hope to see the best of you in your life. On your birthday, I wish to tell you that I admire your courage and cleverness since you were little. I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

51. Your birthday is one of the most important days because you are born with the same rights to live happily like everyone else. I am grateful for your life and cherish every day that I spend with you. You are my kid son, you put a smile on my face every time I see your innocent face. Happy birthday.

52. Today is your special day. I understand, that you are the apple of your father’s eye. You are an amazing kid! I love being around you. I want to be with you always. Happy Birthday! Son.

53. kid son, you are gradually becoming an adult. To me, you would always be my little cute baby boy who I carried in my arms. You could make me laugh by barely opening your mouth. I will never forget the time you brought home your report card and it had nothing but A’s. I was so proud of you then, and now today as well. Happy birthday!

54. Your life is a gift. Your smile is a ray of light. You have been my backbone in tough times, you have been my guide when I was unsure about things, and without your love, I would have been lost in the dark. Happy birthday, kid son!

55. Celebrating a birthday of a young man or a little boy is a very joyous occasion. A tender birthday message for a son on his special day should reflect this celebration and fun of being just a kid. Happy birthday, love.

56. My dearest kid son, you are such a wonderful boy! I know you have climbed up the mountains and crossed seas in your journey filled with life challenges. There is always something new about you, and I love it. May you always be the blessed child you have been, happy birthday.

57. This day is very special in our family because everyone gets to spend time with each other and bond in celebration of your birthday. I wish you success in whatever you do! I am sure everything will go smoothly just because I believe in you wholeheartedly. Happy Birthday! Kid son.

58. Wishing you a happy birthday, my dear kid son. I am so lucky to have you as my son on this special day. Let me first wish you all the best in life, and never forget that your parents will always love you more than anyone else.

59. My dear son, as I blow out the candles on your birthday cake today, I want to thank God for bringing you into my life and for blessing me with the best gift ever! You bring so much joy and laughter to our house and there is no way I can repay this favour. I wish you a very happy birthday, dear kid son!

60. Happy birthday, kid son! I wish you a lot of happiness and success in your life. You have a promising future in front of you. Always stay smart and seize every opportunity in your path.

Birthday Prayer Quotes for Kid Son

To my wonderful kid son, I pray that the Lord guides every of your step this year as you add a new year today. May you enjoy every good thing embedded in this year.

61. My dear kid son, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. May God protect you and guide your life. May you be forever young and may all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday, Son!

62. My son, I want you to know how proud I am of you and the man you have become. I am grateful for having such an amazing kid like you. There is no day without life because every time I think about the future and what it will bring, all my worries and fears disappear and are replaced instead by excitement and hope so thank you for this! Have a wonderful birthday kid son.

63. Your smile is more radiant than any other that I have ever seen. Your life has been full of fun and happiness. In you, I have found a lifelong friend who can always be trusted to lend a hand when needed. On your birthday, I wish you all the best and pray for your long and healthy life. May your future be as bright as you are. Happy Birthday! kid son.

64. There is no better feeling than seeing your child do something that you thought they were not capable of. Watching the expression of joy on my son’s face meant everything to me, and it made all the long hours worthwhile. I pray that your life is full of happy moments like these, son. Happy Birthday!

65. Your birthday is a celebration of your life that you are getting an opportunity to enjoy, remember this very special day always with that passion. I pray that your life will turn around for the best this year. I love you so much, kid son.

66. As the day passes by, make sure you feel some love and give some love. Kid son. I pray that you grow from strength to strength and glory to glory. Gods light will shine on you brighter this season. Happy birthday!

67. No matter how far your dreams and wishes will take you in your life, never forget that amongst the greatest gifts of life is the gift of having you as my little son. I pray that the Lord bless you this day than always. Happy birthday, kid son.!

68. Happy Birthday Sweetest kid son. May you be blessed with the strength to pursue your purpose, may you always have enough to satisfy your hunger, may you smile with the brilliance of a thousand suns, may you fall in love every day for the rest of your life. Have an awesome birthday, my sweet child!

69. Today is your special day. I pray that God blesses you with health, happiness and success in life. May you work hard towards your goals and achieve them. I wish you a happy birthday, my kid son.

70. So that the more laughter there is in the world, more souls will be warmed by it, more hearts made glad by it. But above all, so that our hearts will be fullest of joy and funniest of laughter. Happy Birthday Wishes for my kid Son.’

71. Dear son, you are growing up at a very fast pace and I can hardly keep up with your life. I am thankful to God for every second spent in your arms. My prayer is that you live a life full of joy and success! Happy birthday, dear kid son!

72. May you always find the perfect balance in life! May you have a fabulous birthday and may my wishes help bring a smile to your face. Your genuine smile has been a ray of light in my eyes every morning, and I don’t think it ever fades away. Kid son, you are one of the best blessings from God upon me. I love you from the bottom of my heart!

73. My son, happy birthday to you. I never thought my heart would be overflowing with pride and love for such a wonderful person as yourself. Therefore, I pray that you will enjoy God more this year and in years to come. Have an awesome day ahead, kid son.

74. The greatest gift I have ever received is from you, so without any doubt, I still believe that the most amazing day of your life was when you finally decided to come into this world. I pray that your coming to this world will be fulfilled in Jesus name. Happy birthday sweet kid son!

75. Happy birthday to my son. I am grateful to God for everything he has done in your life. I could not have asked even a fraction of what he has given me! Thank you for being such a great kid, my prayer is that you will live long in sound health.

76. On this special day, I have been blessed with a beautiful son like you. You have brought so much joy to my life and I am grateful to God for sending me such a wonderful gift. Happy birthday! I pray you to have a successful life as you keep exploring different talents!

77. On your birthday kid son, I pray that you grow from strength to strength, may you have a great year ahead. Remember to make the right decisions in life and always think about what is best for you. Remember that I love you and will support you.

78. As you see the year ahead, I pray that this new year brings happiness, prosperity and fulfilment to all you set your mind to. May you live to enjoy all the plans of God for your life. Happy birthday, son!

79. Dear kid son, what can I say, you have brought happiness and joy into my life. You are my little soldier, a source of inspiration. I thank god for blessing me with a son like you! Your smile is the sun that I see every day when the sky is grey. I pray that all your heart desires be fulfilled. Happy Birthday!

80. My darling kid son, you are a gift to this universe and me. I pray that every evil eye looking up to you, seeking your downfall will die by fire. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and abundant blessings as you celebrate your birthday.

81. May each year bring prosperity and progress to this land that you love so much. I pray that you will have every reason to rejoice in this season of yours. Enjoy today, my kid son. Don’t always forget that I love you so much.

82. Happy Birthday! You are growing so fast! It doesn’t seem like it was only yesterday that you were a baby in my arms. On this day, I am grateful for God’s mercy and blessing. You are the best kid I could have ever hoped for and you completed my life. May God keep you and protect you for me.

83. Dear kid son, we are very proud of all your achievements and are thankful for the gift of a new year. Even though you might not remember this, we can never forget how you used to start running towards us and cheers after we came back home from work! I pray that we won’ cry over you. Happy birthday.

84. To my amazing kid son, you have grown into a man who is caring and hardworking. Keep doing what you do with the same zeal in everything! I wish you a happy birthday! May God uphold you and keep you may you n
Birthday messages for son

85. No matter what life has brought you, you have always faced challenges head-on. You have made every second memorable and now I am happy to say that the best part of my life has just begun. On your birthday, I pray you a life filled with new purpose, new meaning, and most importantly, great moments ahead! Happy birthday, kid son.

86. Happy birthday! My little boy is now a man. I cannot believe that my sweet child has grown into a fine young gentleman. May you have many more years to celebrate your anniversary and blessings to come! I am so happy about this moment.

87. My lovely kid son. Your presence in my life brought me a lot of happiness and pride. I wish you a very happy birthday and pray that the year ahead will be just as wonderful as you have made my life.

88. Congratulations kid son. I pray you a beautiful year ahead, as wonderful as you are. You have brought a lot of joy to my life, and I hope all your dreams come through. May this year bring all you’ve always dreamed of and hoped for. It will be wonderful to see your dreams turn into reality! Have a super year.

89. Son, you mean the world to me. You are my only son and I love you a lot. On your birthday, I just want to tell you Papa feels blessed to have you in his life. You mean a great deal to me and you make my life worth living. May your day be filled with happiness and joy!

90. To my lovely kid son, I am grateful for the gift of a new year, I pray that this year bring a good thing for you and may it be a better one than the last. I will always begin each day with your picture in my heart. Thanks for changing how I look at life! Happy birthday.

91. The arrival of a new year gives us a fresh start and makes it easier to resolve conflicts and make friends with an open mind. This year, the Lord will bless you more abundantly than ever before. Happy birthday, kid son. I appreciate you very much.

92. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, dear kid son! I am thankful for your happiness and the joy it brings into our lives. May God’s light shine brighter on you this year and beyond. I wish you just the best in all you do in the coming year. Have a wonderful time celebrating your day.

93. Best wishes for a happy new year! The past year has not been an easy one for me. There were times when I wanted to give up, but you stood by me in all my difficulties. You have taught me the value of friendship and showed me love in every possible way. I am glad that you are my son. I pray you to continue to grow into a good man and bring laurels to our family.

94. Happy birthday, son! It is great to have you growing as a person whom I am proud of. May the year ahead be as productive and blessed for you as the last one. You are a gift to the world and I hope that you will always do your best in all that you do.

95. Happy birthday to my son! I am so proud of you. On this special day, I pray that God gives you everything you ever wished for and keep all your dreams alive. You mean the world to me and I pray that you realize your full potential in life.

96. Dear kid son, I pray that as you set off into this new year, all your dreams become a reality. You deserve to turn each day of your life into a special experience. Whenever you feel like your world is slowing down again and you are left with your thoughts, remember we are standing together always to lend you our strength. Happy birthday, kid!

97. Dear kid son, I am so glad to be your mother. You have also been a friend and a playmate. The time we have shared together have been special. May you have a wonderful birthday ahead is my prayer for you! God Bless!

98. Happy Birthday kid son! I am proud that you have grown into a caring, responsible young man. You are my main source of joy. May God bless you on this wondrous day, and I pray that He fills your life with all the happiness you deserve.

99. Wishing you the best birthday today! I hope you get everything your heart desires. I am so grateful to God for giving me such an amazing son like you. I pray the Lord will keep all the malicious forces of this world at bay in order to spare your life in the future. Happy Birthday!

100. On your special day, I say to you my dear son; may you grow up to be righteous and kind, having a willing heart and eager mind to know God. May you love the truth, be courageous like Joshua of old, stand like Moses all through his life. May you serve God with an honest heart like Samuel, work hard like David, be humble like Joseph; then there will not cease to be great ones in Israel. Happy birthday!

With these amazing birthday wishes to your kid son, you can sure make your son’s day is a unique one and tell him how much you love him.

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