Good Morning Wishes for Wife

Best of Romantic Good Morning Wishes for Wife

Our wives are the best things we can ever have. For some, they are the only thing that they have.

Now wondering what to do with the beautiful one you’ve got? Sending her an SMS first thing in the morning is one way to keep her happy all day. After all, she is your wife and it is your duty to make them happy.

So, some beautiful good morning wishes for wife to wake up to? Look here for some meaningful ones and make her day.

Romantic Good Morning Messages for Wife

So, I say you typed, good morning love messages for my wife, wanting some romantic good morning messages for your wife… That’s thoughtful, sir. Thanks for being one of the cute husbands that want their wives to wakw up to sweet memories of love in marriage.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share.

1. Good morning my sunshine. You are all the sunshine I will ever need in my life. You brighten my day and warm my heart. Warmest regards my dear wife.

2. Good morning my sweetness. Looking at your face I know my day is made.

3. I just want to let you know that you are the best woman in the world. Good morning darling and thank you, for being my wife.

4. Your love is a gift that I’m thankful for every day and I’m thankful for one more day. Good morning darling wife.

5. You were my blanket through the dark cold night and you are my sunshine to light up my day. Good morning to you my lover.

6. Good morning to the one who completes and complements me. A very good morning to my daring wife.

7. Your soft velvety skin soothes my body through the night and gently caresses and wakes me up to a new day. Good morning to you my dear wife. You are the angel of my life.

8. Its morning my Queen wake up there is an empire to run. Don’t forget that I love you. Good morning.

9. Wishing you a day that is as special as you are. Good morning my lovely wife.

10. Every morning I see my desire of a good wife is fulfilled in you. Good morning my desire.

11. Do you know you made it through the night to another day? Good morning darling wife. Have a stress free day.

12. May the sweet miracle of a brand new day bless your heart and fulfil your every desire because you are my own sweet miracle. Good morning wifey. You are blessed.

13. It is a new day and you are unstoppable. Go get it sugar. Good morning.

14. Wake up to a new day and rule your world. Good morning my love.

15. As nothing could stop the day from breaking, nothing can stop you from fulfilling your purpose today. Good morning to my pretty wife.

16. Wake up and brighten the world with your smile. Good morning my wife. You are my sweetness.

17. As you step out today, may your presence emit a light as bright as the sun for all you come in contact with to see. Good morning darling wife.

18. Wake up, baby. My day doesn’t start without you. Good morning.

19. Good morning my dear wife. You make my world beautiful.

20. May all the good that today holds come to you. I wish you love. Good morning.

21. Life is beautiful because you wake up next to me every morning my beautiful one. Good morning my love.

22. Your love is a breath of fresh air I need every morning after a long dark night. I miss you, my wife. Good morning.

23. You are my morning sun. The vitamin D I need every day to stay healthy.

24. My dream is to wake up every morning to your love. Waking up to you is my dream come true.

25. The sun rises and sets but you my sunshine remain radiant. Good morning darling.

26. When I wake up and see your pretty face, it gives me hope. Because you have a face of hope.
Good morning.

27. You work so hard to make our lives work. I hope you slept well and wake up with all the vigour needed for today. Good morning my wife.

28. I don’t need a reason to be happy because you are all I need to be happy and I have you. Good morning sweet wife.

29. You are so adorable just looking at your face in the morning gives me so much joy. Good morning my adorable one.

30. I only see the good in today because I have you. Good morning my goodness. I love you.

31. Wake up my morning sun. It is always a dull day without you.

32. Good morning to the angel of my life. I love you.

33. Wake up sleeping beauty. I need you awake to beautify my life. Good morning my wife.

34. Your presence offers hope even in the most difficult situation. Good morning my wife.

35. In your face, I see the beauty of God’s creation and it is another beautiful day created by God. Good morning beautiful wife.

36. The beauty of life can only be appreciated if we have someone to enjoy it with. I’m glad to have you to enjoy this new day with. Good morning.

37. The smile from your face refreshes my heart like the due of the morning refreshes the earth.

38. Waking up by your side is an indication of God blessing and a proof that God is faithful. Good morning my dear.

39. Whenever we receive a gift of a brand new day, we know God is not through with us. Good morning wifey, God is not through with us.

40. Another day is here again and I’m glad that you are alive, hale and hearty. May the blessings of today rest upon you. Good morning my love.

41. Every day that God has made is for us to thank him that’s why he leads us daily with blessing/benefits. Good morning my wife. You are my benefit.

42. I love you, my dear wife, you are my inspiration for exploits. You have all it takes to propel me to greater heights even when I don’t feel like getting out of bed.

43. Let me be the first to say good morning to you before you get out of bed.

44. Honey, God gave you to me to give me hope. Good morning, it is another day and I’m hopeful.

45. The brightness of the day shows me the pure light of God’s sweet love. You are God’s love given to me. Good morning.

46. You know you are the last thing on my mind when I go to bed and the first thing when I wake up when I’m the first to send you a Good morning SMS.

47. Hello darling wife, good morning. May your day be as fabulous as you are.

48. Your waking up this morning just reminded me that God is ever faithful. Good morning my Queen. I love you.

49. The day is beyond beautiful with you in it. Good morning my lover.

50. I know my day will be great when I first speak with you in the morning before any other person. Good morning love.

51. Just the thought of you makes an ordinary day extraordinary. Good morning.

52. What makes us special is that we have a soul connection. I know that because your thought wakes me. Good morning my soulmate.

53. You know God is a miracle worker when he keeps the closest person to your heart until the morning even when everyone thought they would not make it through the night. Good morning my Queen.

54. I just remembered the day you said yes and made me the happiest man alive. I’m glad you did. Good morning.

55. I know no other thing than love you. Good morning my love.

56. Any day that passes without a good morning from me to you, is a day wasted. Please wish me a good morning as soon as you get this.

57. Every day is a miracle. Having you by my side every morning makes it a miracle. Good morning. You are my world.

58. The morning brings a new day, new hope and new faith. I pray it brings with it all the accompanying blessings to you. Good morning my Queen.

59. Don’t let yesterday’s failure spoil the possibility of today’s success for today holds better promises than yesterday and you have today so use it judiciously. Good morning my wife.

60. Each day is an opportunity to spend with the woman of my dream. You are the woman of my dreams honey. Good morning.

61. I’m so glad to be living my dream with you. Good morning my love.

62. I asked God for a wife and he gave me more than a wife. He gave me a blessing so I thank him for you every morning. Good morning my blessing. You are more than just a wife.

63. You warm my heart and light up my life with your radiance. I pray this message puts a smile on your beautiful face this morning. Good morning.

64. You are my miracle because whenever I see your face in the morning, my blood pressure reduces. Good morning my stabilizer.

65. How can I ever start my day without you my morning sun? Good morning my Queen.

66. As long as I’m with you, I know it is a beautiful day. Good morning to the love of my life.

67. You must have slept in my mind because I woke up and all I could find in my mind is you. Good morning my love

68. I’m glad I have another beautiful day to spend with the most beautiful woman in the world. Good morning my beauty.

69. Good morning. You are a blessing sent from God to beautify my life and I’m glad to have you. Welcome to another day.

70. Don’t dwell on yesterdays pain. Arise with new hope for today is a new day. Good morning my Angel.

71. You are the reason I try one more time, I put more effort and I want to live again. It is another day and I will try again because of you. Good morning inspiration.

72. I’m dedicated to love you all my life for deciding to make every day of my life beautiful. Even today. Good morning my love.

73. Your beautiful face makes the morning fairer and the day brighter and you bring me laughter. Good morning darling.

74. Peep through the window and see the beauty of a new day my love. Go get it. Good morning my Princess.

75. This day is as beautiful as you are a good morning, have a wonderful day ahead dear.

76. Today is a good day to do things right, today is a good day to love you more because loving you more is the right thing to do. Good morning my lover.

77. Mornings are indications of God’s endlessness. They come every. Welcome to another morning my dearest.

78. No matter the intensity of the darkness, it did not stop the day from breaking. Good morning my love.

79. When I wake up every morning, I thank God for a brand new day to spend with you. I thank God for you. Good morning.

80. Wake up and make my day my love for my day is not made without you. I miss you, baby. Good morning.

81. As I opened my eyes and saw we are still alive, I give God glory for another opportunity we have to make things right. Good morning my love.

82. The peace and calmness on your face is an indication that it is going to be a good day. Good morning dearest wife.

83. An early morning kiss from you is all the blessing I need for the whole day. Miss me good morning, please. I love you.

84. Charity they say begins at home that is why I chose to say good morning to you at home before saying it to anyone else. Good morning my Queen.

85. To make my day meaningful, saying good morning to you is a task I must fulfil before doing any other thing. Good morning love.

86. You light up my life as the sun lights up the day. You already know that you are my sunshine. Good morning.

87. I’m glad I have you in my life. You made the greatest impact on my life and I did not let you go. Good morning my wife.

88. I’m only half awake when you are still asleep. Its morning baby, wake up so I can completely wake up. Good morning to you my better half. Good morning my wife.

90. I know you are awake because you are the alarm in my heart. The alarm just went off and I woke up. Thanks for waking me, my wife. Good morning.

91. It is not a good day if I have not said good morning to my wife so I decided to make my day good by sending a special good morning wish to you my precious wife.

92. I wish that when you read this message, you can think of me, just smile and say: that’s my husband because that’s exactly what happens when I think of you. Good morning my sweet darling wife.

93. I’m tired of missing you, my beloved wife. Please come back. Thank God it is daybreak already. Good morning and have a safe trip back home. I love you.

94. By simply wishing you a good morning, I know my day will be good because you are me and I am you. Good morning mine. I love you.

95. As the sun that you are, shine forth so that all will see and benefit from your brightness and warmth. Good morning my sun. You are loved

96. The night was painfully cold because you were not around to make it warm. I miss you, baby. Good morning.

97. No two days are the same and today is different from yesterday to make it special. Good morning my wife. You are special every day.

98. Just like every morning is new, so my love for you is new. Even this morning. Good morning my love.

99. New days and mornings are special, wives are more special and you my wife are most special to me. Good morning my most special one. Have a special day.

100. As the morning precedes afternoon, evening and night in the sequence of the day, so you precede every other thing in my life. Good morning my love.

Mornings are cool, beautiful and awesome. It’s like the best part of a day because everywhere and everything would look so clean and fresh. You should wake up your wife with a romantic good morning sms for wife or morning love letter. Put a smile on that pretty face of hers. Let her know even in your sleep you were thinking of her.

And Here is a list of Good morning Love SMS for your sweet wife to wake up to.

Good Morning Message to My Darling Wife

Spice up your marriage with romantic moves, and one of them is you leaving a sweet text message for your wife to wake up to. Send these Romantic Good Morning Sms to your darling wife and watch her somersault in love with you.

1. My heart in love for you is ever true
My care for you so much and never few.
Cool ever my love, with you, like morning dew
And to hurt you, from that I forever eschew. Good morning my beautiful wife.

2. Ever in the mood to make you glad,
Make you so glad, I am forever in the mood
Never in the mood to make you sad,
To make you sad, never will I be in the mood. Good morning.

3. Great strength will I be for you when you tire
Beautiful for you also than your best attire
Active will my love be for you, never to retire
I’ll be nothing but the fulfilment for your desire. Good morning.

4. I will make all your dreams come true
Morning and night, I will bring sweet love to you.
All you want from me, daily I will do.
Loving and caring for you, as long as the sky is blue. Good morning.

5. In an out of season, I promise to be there for you
In struggles of life, I will stay with you through.
Your strength and weakness shall be mine too.
And In will be a helping hand in all you do.
I love you, Good morning.

6. Among a million you will ever stand as my only choice
Being with me will make you glad and ever rejoice.
You will ever be glad you made me your choice
And our days will be in bliss with no divorce. I love you.
I love you. Good morning.

7. Lonely, I made it through the night without you here
But I don’t want to go through the day without you
I feel much hurt whenever it happens that way.
Good morning, my love.

8. You are my courage in gloomy days
You are my light in my dark ways
In all life’s situation, your courage will be my take
And you’ll be mine forever, whether I sleep or I’m awake.
Good morning and have a great day my love.

9. When it comes to giving and caring in love, I am a learner
But with the way you love me, you are nothing but a pro.
I feel so lucky having such a lover as you.
And I will stay all my life feeling fly about it. Good morning my love.

10. My days are perfect with a thought of you
Oh, happy day it is when it starts with you!
In Every step and all moves, I want the special you. Good Morning Sweetheart.

11. Without your smile, the sun would shine just in vain. A thought of a movement of your cheeks is part of what makes my day. Good morning sweetheart.

12. My thoughts are empty without you in it. My days are gloomy in your absence. It happens every now and then, but I wish an end comes to it today. Good morning, I love you.

13. If I like the way I live my life, it’s simply because you are in it. It’s another morning filled with my love for you. Take care of yourself for me, please. Good morning princess.

14. No written words can adequately express my love for you. No nicely written song can ever give the rhythm. I just came to say good morning.

15. My love for you is so deep that the oceans are becoming so envious day by day. Just want to say good morning to the love of my life. Kisses.

16. I knew it when we met. That this love would take us to this height. I am so glad you are the one I love. Good morning.

17. I wake up each morning and I smile. Why wouldn’t I smile, when I know my day would be great because I have you? Morning my sweetheart.

18. God developed an awesome component to assist me with when He created you. I couldn’t have been this great without you. I love you. Morning.

19. True love was no more mystery but an awesome reality to me after I found you. I could have been limited without you. Good morning my love.

20. That your love is great is worth mentioning. That it makes me feel so special is worth bragging about. Good morning.

21. I just wish I will someday find a word that will best describe you. Your description always makes me speechless. Morning my cute darling.

22. Your love is that which helps to sync between my present and my future. I would only have been the ”
once limited me, without you. Good morning my love.

23. I wake up each morning and happiness energizes my spine. No other reason for this than the fact that we will be together as husband and wife someday. Good morning my cutey.

24. The way I love you is more than thousands of words would say, and more than romantic feelings would measure out. I just love you! Morning.

25. Destiny will forever has its way as much as fate would do. We will be knitted together someday as the best couple in the whole world. I can’t wait, Good Morning.

26. When you are full, you can tell what you missed when you were so empty within. Your love harps made the difference I ever needed. Thanks. Morning.

27. If love is a colour, I will be a reigning rainbow to you. Good morning.

28. Your love is more than adornment. It’s sire more than what beauty can describe. Your love is matchless. I love you and I adore you. Good morning my beautiful wife.

29. The emptiness I once felt couldn’t be eased with the best of rhythmical music until you came and changed it all. Thank God I found you. Good morning

30. My life is a drama full of revolving romantic streaks. I am loving it every day, waking up to find out I have a heart that cares like yours. Good morning.

31. I will be nothing but worst ingrate if I wouldn’t say a big thank you for allowing me into your life. Thanks for being mine, morning.

32. Your love is commendable and recommendable, but I want to be selfish about it I want it all! Good morning my love.

33. I wish I know why I deserve you. I wish I know why your love is the answer I’ve ever longed for. Just to say thank you for coming my way. Good morning.

34. I know we will surely be together someday to part no more. Fate tells me this more than instinct does. I’m glad it’s happening between me and you. Morning.

35. I just want to say thank you, my love, for being with me on this path of fulfilment. I love you. Good morning.

36. My real changes did not come until you came into my life. You deserve my all. Thanks for your care. Good morning my love.

37. This must have been Destiny and not mere fate. Our coming together is not what I can really explain. Thanks for finding me. Good morning.

38. I am seeing greatness. My life is appearing so gorgeous. Lovely every day is how I feel. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Good morning.

39. I look into my future and I find locked greatness, and looking into my present, I see the key to unlock it. You are Godsent for me. Good morning.

40. I am so elated waking up this morning to really realize that my seasons of nightmares were gone. Thanks for bringing out the best in me. Good morning.

41. The world began to appear more colourful to me the day I found you. You are sure the best thing that ever happened to my life. Good morning.

42. I wake up and gazing into the world, I see the beauty that I have ever longed for. Thank you for coming my way. Good morning.

43. You rock my world. You always make my day. Blessed be the day on which we agreed to be together as one. We are good to go. Morning.

44. Joy, joy and so much more are what I feel when I wake up each morning and realize that I have a great lover like you. Thank you for your love and care. Good morning.

45. Each morning comes with its unique happiness. I wake up hale and hearty not because I am never sick, but because I know a drug that heals it all that’s your love and care. Good morning.

46. Now I wake up each morning and I know what it is to be loved. Thank you so much for being you for me, and I thank God for giving you to me. Morning.

47. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of having a Cute Prince as my lover. The dream came true when I met you. Thank you for keeping yourself for me. Good morning.

48. When I was a little boy, I dreamt of having a Beautiful Princess as my lover. The dream really came true the moment I met you. Thank for coming my way. Good morning my love.

49. If today were valentine day, I would be glad because you choose to live for me, rather than to die for me. If you die, who is me! Thanks, my love. Good morning.

50. I wish I could give you the best that you always give me. That’s a debt I’ll forever owe because I can’t love you like you love me. Good morning dear.

51. I cannot move on without you. I am so sorry for all I’ve done. Please forgive me, my love. Good morning.

52. I feel so terrible for all my wrongs. I came saying sorry. Please forgive me and let it go, my dear. Good morning.

53. I understand what I have done is hurting so much. I don’t want it to continue this way, please. Good morning.

54. Please find a special place in your heart to forgive me, my love. I am so sorry. Good morning.

55. I wish there are words I can craft to adequately say how sorry I am. I am pleading, forgive me, my love. Good morning.

56. I know how horrible things are for you now, as a result of what I’ve done. I don’t want it to continue this way, my love. I am so sorry, please. Good morning baby.

57. If only my heart could be opened wide, you would see how deeply sorry I am for hurting you. Please do forgive me, my love. Good morning.

58. What would I really do to make you forgive me? How I wish I know the easy way. All I am asking for is your forgiveness, please. Hope you slept fine.

59. I know you trusted me with your love and I let you down. Please allow me to make it right. I am so sorry my love. Good morning.

60. Waking up and be happy hasn’t been obtainable for me. Please forgive me before the worse comes. I am really sorry. Good morning.

61. I know I let you down and caused you great pain. I am sorry is the least I can say. Please accept my apologies, my love. I am really sorry. Good morning.

62. I am sorry for my past errors. Please allow me to make it right for you my dear. Forgive me please, good morning.

63. I feel so sorry for disappointing you. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me, my love. Good morning.

64. I am so sorry for letting you down. A thousand words can’t say it all. Just forgive me for the sake of the love between us. Good morning.

65. I feel so guilty to have done this. I am so sorry for neglecting you when you needed me. Please forgive me, I am begging. And good morning my love.

66. I really need a second chance, my love. I am really sorry for making you feel bad. Please forgive me. Hope you slept like a Queen?

67. I love you so much, no matter what is going on between us. I am so sorry that I let that happened. Please forgive me, dear. Good morning.

68. I regret my recent actions. I come begging that you forgive me, please. Good morning and I hope today to be better than yesterday for us.

69. Baby, I take the blame for everything that happened. Pour it all on me. I am sorry. So sorry. Good morning my beautiful wife.

70. I count my recent errors and faults and numerous are they. But I know you have a forgiving spirit to erase them all. Good morning my love and please forgive me.

71. I thought my lonely moments were over when I met you. So sad they are back now that I am missing you. Good morning my love.

72. My days are empty without you. My ways are lonely without you. I miss so much and you know it. Good morning anyway.

73. I woke up this morning and I felt a painful rush within me. It didn’t take much time before I knew it’s because I am missing you. Good morning sweetheart.

74. The fact That I am missing you won’t stop me from giving you what you deserve. Good morning my lovely angel. Have a great day ahead.

75. Missing you is now happening like a morning routine. I tried to help it but I just couldn’t. Good morning how was your night dear?

76. Life seems like pains for me whenever you pull away from me this way. It would be better you’re here and you know it. Missing you my love. Good morning.

77. Even if you send a thousand messages and make a 100 minutes call, I will still miss you today. Good morning to you, and have a great day anyway.

78. Today is beautiful but so sad I can’t enjoy it to the fullest for your absence. Wishing you are here. Good Morning, I miss you.

79. I can see the sun shines, the breeze blowing and trees waving. All were meaningless to me since you are not here. I am really missing you. Good morning dear.

80. I know my days can be great, but greater would it be when you are part of it. I miss you so dearly. Good Morning.

81. I wish you know how painful and hurtful it is for you to be away this long. I am really missing you. Good morning love.

82. I didn’t know I would ever miss you this much. This is becoming more than I can bear my love. I am really missing you. Good morning.

83. My arms long for your embrace and my heart longed for your warmth but so sad you are far away. I miss you, but good morning.

84. There is no heartbreak as great as missing you this way. Please consider coming to see me. Good morning, I miss you.

85. Everything going out of kilter. Gloom is taking the whole of me, all because I am missing you. Good morning anyway.

86. One of the great reasons I wake up lovely every day is having you. Your love is second to none. Thanks for being your best for me. Good morning dear.

87. Ideas can never be lost for loving you. I can never be limited to express my love for you. You deserve the very best. Good morning.

88. You are my best. I can tell this to the whole world. No one would dare give me the best that I receive from you on daily basis. I love you. Morning.

89. No one fits into my future plan but you. Thank goodness, I found you. Good morning my future joy.

90. No matter what happens in the future, I am so glad I have the one who is capable. Lead me on, my love.

91. You came as a fit-it-all mechanism for my life. All that was bad, you made them right. Thanks so much for being the best for me. Good morning.

92. This is more than sweet sensations. This is more than romantic tickling. This is true love in its prime. Thanks for giving me your love. Good morning dear.

93. The truth be told, you are matchless. Your second doesn’t exist. I love you so much. Good morning my beautiful wife.

94. I fall in love with you always not because of your goodies but because of your caring heart within. My future is great, with you! Morning my love.

95. I can shout it out and chorus it in highest notes, that your love is worth more than a fortune for me. You deserve me, my love. GoodMorning. good morning love text message to my love.

96. My world revolves around you. I love the way am living my life with you, my love. Good morning.

97. Leaving you will be likened to going to little hell. I wouldn’t do that because there is no replacement for you. Good morning love.

98. I have come this far with you that my horrible pasts are nothing to me anymore since I can see a more glorious future with you. I love you. Good morning.

99. Your love is more than sweetest of memories from romantic songs. Good morning my love.

100. Even if there are more than billions of ways to say I love you in the morning, none of them would perfectly describe my love for you. Good morning.

Love these sweet and romantic good morning wishes for wife? Pass it on, please.

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