Beauty Is in Heart Not in Face Quotes

Beauty Is in Heart Not in Face Quotes

Yes, we all know that a beautiful face is preferable to many than one with a less appealing appearance. But beauty is not just limited to how you look. There are other factors such as personality. Are you asking what else is more important than physical attraction? A beautiful heart!

With all the media coverage, it’s easy to think that a pretty face is more important than a beautiful heart. But, as we’ve seen in movies and books, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Sadly, a beautiful heart can easily be missed by someone who is eying someone with only a beautiful face.

Everyone, young and old, should know this and be reminded of it. These quotes below aim to be teachers and reminders of the importance of having a beautiful heart.

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Beauty Is in Heart Not in Face Quotes

When you think of a person’s beauty, don’t just look at their face. That’s not where beauty is, but where something like it is found! The real beauty is in the heart of that person, and it can be the reason the face glows.

1. In our journey to find true happiness, we should remember that it starts from within. True beauty lies in the light of our hearts, not in the curves of our faces.

2. The beauty we possess is not dependent on our physical appearance but the kindness we show to others and how much love we give to those around us.

3. Look in the mirror. What do you see? A beautiful face. Beauty is in the heart, so make that heart as beautiful as the face you see.

4. An ugly heart is a deal-breaker, even if your face is the most beautiful on Earth.

5. Resolve to be the most beautiful heart you know, not just the person with the most attractive face, because true beauty is in the heart.

6. Beauty is found within the heart, not on the face. Flaunt the beauty within and let others see something better than a pretty face.

7. Beauty isn’t just skin deep. The true measure of beauty is in the content and intent of the heart, not the curves of the face.

8. It doesn’t matter what one looks like on the outside, as long as they have love on the inside. The heart is where true beauty lies, not the face.

9. You are beautiful. Beauty comes from within, not from your looks. You are much more than just a pretty face.

10. Beauty begins with the person you are on the inside. Will beauty be seen if your heart is put on display?

11. The real beauty of a person is shown when we look at the goodness of their heart. No matter how we look externally, our inner being makes us beautiful, elegant, charismatic and unique in all aspects of our lives.

12. People are drawn to beauty. It is a universal need, and the beauty of the heart is the most powerful kind. What we find beautiful on the inside will be reflected in our outer lives.

13. Beauty is not just about what’s seen on the face and can be found in the heart. You, too, have beauty inside you. You haven’t seen it because you’re looking at the mirror.

14. True beauty is what radiates from within. When it shows, it captivates others. It draws them in and makes them want to spend more time with you and get to know you better.

15. The state of your heart is the most important aspect of individuality. True beauty is found where there’s a beautiful heart.

16. Beauty is in what is seen when the heart is looked at. People should stop worrying about the curves of their faces and focus on the state of their hearts.

17. Your beauty radiates from within you. When you are your best self, the world can see it in your eyes and feel it from your aura.

18. The true measure of beauty is not just attractive lips or cute eyes. It’s the quality of what cannot be seen — your heart.

19. A beautiful face does not make a person beautiful. It is their inner beauty. Instead of being concerned about your clothes and outward appearance, concentrate on improving yourself on the inside.

20. Has it ever been about who you are on the outside? Isn’t it about the person you are on the inside? It’s your soul that is sexy, pure and beautiful!

Beautiful Face Is Not Important Beautiful Heart Is Important Quotes

Some are heartbroken and learning to trust again just because they went for a beautiful face over a beautiful heart. They’re learning that a beautiful heart is more important the hard way. Take your time when finding someone, not looking for only a pretty face but a beautiful heart too.

21. It’s more than just the way you look. It’s about how you make people feel: how your friends and family feel when they’re around you, how the world feels when they meet you, and the way they will remember you forever.

22. If only your heart is beautiful, you’re fine and should never be caught envying the person with only a beautiful face.

23. A beautiful heart warms every room that you enter; a beautiful face just makes people wonder what’s underneath.

24. It’s more important to be a beautiful person on the inside than it is to be a gorgeous person on the outside.

25. You don’t have to be beautiful to be loved. All you need is a big heart that’s full of love.

26. A beautiful face is something you may choose to have, but having a beautiful heart is always more worthwhile. Let us strive harder to be worthy of being called someone who has a beautiful heart.

27. Your beautiful face may attract people, but it is the heart that imparts life. Have a beautiful heart so that other people will be drawn to you spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

28. If you want to be beautiful, start with your heart. Our hearts are what makes us truly beautiful.

29. You may not always be beautiful on the outside. But you can always be beautiful in your heart.

30. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that beauty has everything to do with what you look like on the outside. It’s just the heart and nothing else.

31. Heart over face, every time. Heart over face, important things first.

32. Your face may be stunning, and your smile may be infectious. But they aren’t the standard, not when there’s the beauty of the heart.

33. This is not meant to say that having a pretty face isn’t important, but it’s not the only thing that defines who you are. A beautiful heart is among the things that matter more.

34. Your beautiful face will get wrinkly, your cute eyes will droop, and your lovely body will sag, but your beautiful heart can be kept for life.

35. A beautiful face may be admired, but a beautiful heart is adored.

36. Now is the time to place having a beautiful heart over having a beautiful face. A beautiful face will appeal to the eyes, but a beautiful heart will appeal to the soul.

37. The beauty that’s worth the most is the beauty of the heart. Our skin and face are only secondary features in comparison to what lies within.

38. No matter how much your face changes or how your body may age, a beautiful heart will always stay new to those around you.

39. Your body will age, and your looks will change, but a beautiful heart will only get better with time.

40. A pretty face gets old. A pretty personality doesn’t.

41. Faces will change, and bodies will deteriorate, but a beautiful heart will be for eternity.

42. Beauty isn’t just about being attractive. It’s about being kind, having a good heart, and having a positive attitude.

43. Beauty isn’t about having a face that makes heads turn. It’s about finding happiness within yourself and allowing it to shine from within.

44. It is more important to have a heart without a spot than a face without a wrinkle.

45. Beauty is more than just skin deep. While that’s important, it’s about having a pretty heart, mind, and soul.

46. Your perfect body might fade, and your beautiful face will eventually wrinkle. But a heart full of love and kindness will continue to spread joy throughout the years.

47. Unless you have a really hot personality, you’re going to need to use some beauty products.

48. Beauty is more than looking good. It’s about feeling good too! It’s about having a beautiful spirit, letting go, feeling confident and being yourself.

49. The beauty of the heart has a higher rating than the beauty of the face.

50. You could rush through it and find someone who is physically attracted to you, but how well will she be attracted to your heart?

51. Instead of looking for the one with a face that makes your eyes blink, why not look for the one with a heart that will make your eyes cry tears of joy?

52. A beautiful face draws you in, but the beautiful heart attached to that beautiful face is what makes you stay.

53. An attractive face may catch your eye, but it’s a beautiful heart leaves a better impression.

53. The beauty of your heart is more important than that of your face. When you feel beautiful on the inside, it will show on the outside.

55. If you want to improve yourself, it’s important to pay attention to what your heart looks like. Your heart is an important part of who you are, and its beauty is more important than that of your face.

56. The beauty of your face is fragile; that of your heart is forever.

57. If you want to improve yourself, you need to do it from the inside out. You need to focus on the beauty of your heart—it can make your life better—not just your facial looks.

58. By focusing on improving the beauty of your heart, you will be setting yourself up for success. You will also be surprised by how much better you feel about yourself.

59. You can’t change the shape of your face, but you can make changes to your heart. Making your heart beautiful is the most important thing you can do for yourself, for others, and for the world.

60. Be beautiful inside and out. Don’t live a lie. Be your best self, the real you.

61. People may always stand up for you when you have a beautiful heart, but it still remains better than a beautiful face.

62. Choose to work on the beauty of your heart—the most important thing—and outer beauty will follow suit.

63. A beautiful heart gives you a more attractive glow than any amount of makeup can.

64. Physical beauty fades, but the beauty of the soul never disappears. It is more important to be truly beautiful on the inside.

65. The beauty of your face is constantly changing, but that of your heart will always remain, and that’s what everyone remembers about you.

66. Beauty is fleeting, but a beautiful heart will last forever. It’s the key to a happy life, healthy relationships and meaning. Put your energy into building a beautiful heart today!

67. No matter what you look like, a kind and beautiful heart will always be something people want to be around.

68. Even the most beautiful people may suffer from an ugly heart, so before you judge someone’s appearance, pay attention to the content of their heart.

69. The engine of your life is your heart. Without a compassionate, supportive, selfless and beautiful heart, you’re nowhere.

70. The best beauty is that which you can’t see. It is the kind of beauty that comes from within—from a beautiful heart, a caring smile, and a beautiful soul.

71. The best beauty isn’t the one in magazines or on the covers of fashion week. It’s the kind that comes from within—from a beautiful heart, a caring smile, and a beautiful soul.

72. There is nothing more beautiful than the kind of beauty you’ll never see. It’s the kind of beauty that comes from a place deep inside you, from your soul, your smile and your heart.

73. If you want to feel good about yourself and your life, you have to understand that the best beauty comes from within, not from the visible skin tone and body curves but from your heart.

74. If you want to be happy, fill your heart with love, think positive thoughts, and be kind. These will make your heart beautiful and make you attractive to many.

75. The most beautiful traits a person can possess is a beautiful heart and mind.

76. Concentrate on being kind, pleasant and helpful in every encounter. Your inner beauty will shine through and reflect positively on you.

77. You have a beautiful face, but the state of your heart makes you ugly. Be beautiful in both places.

78. True beauty comes from your heart, not from simply the way you look. Beauty radiates from a kind heart and loving spirit.

79. Always aim to treat others kindly because a beautiful heart is better than a beautiful face. You want to be remembered for being lovely and kind, not for your face shape.

80. A beautiful face is a symbol of beauty. But what’s priceless is a beautiful heart.

Beautiful Face and Beautiful Heart Quotes

A beautiful face with a beautiful heart behind it is truly a golden treasure. The secret to always looking good is to have a beautiful heart. No matter how you look, if you’re kind, positive, and helpful, you will become more attractive every day.

81. A beautiful person is one who gives you the perfect combination of physical appearance, personality, and emotion.

82. While beautifying your face, remember that there’s no such thing as a heart that is too beautiful.

83. It’s not vain to want to look good. But I think the most beautiful thing is when someone has both a beautiful face and a beautiful heart.

84. Looking good is not a waste of time. I think the most beautiful thing is when someone has both a beautiful face and a beautiful heart.

85. I know everyone wants to look gorgeous. And I’m no different! But it’s also important to make sure your heart is as beautiful as your face.

86. I love when people flaunt beautiful faces. But the beauty I rather see is the kind of beauty that makes someone a better person, too—the beauty of kindness and intelligence.

87. You deserve to know this! Your beauty is made up of the content of your heart and the curves of your body.

88. Beautiful hearts are better than beautiful faces. Always aim to be kind and pleasant, to be a blessing in every encounter.

89. You already know that in this world, a pretty face has the power to take you to the top. A beautiful heart can do more, so have that too.

90. You’ll never regret the time you spend investing in the beauty of your heart. To be your best, you have to make time to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Beautiful Faces Are Everywhere but Beautiful Hearts Are Hard to Find Quotes

When you find a heart as beautiful as this one, you do everything you can to keep it. You fight, you get creative, you work like crazy to make sure that you stay together forever because while beautiful faces may be everywhere, beautiful hearts are hard to find.

91. Tell the guy who has a heart that’s beautiful to do every he can to keep it. Tell him he’s found something that’s harder to find than a beautiful face.

92. A pretty face is everywhere, unlike a beautiful heart. So when you find a beautiful heart, it should be cherished, cared for, and protected. No expense should be spared to keep it safe!

93. Once in a blue moon, you find a heart that is pure, genuine and one-of-a-kind — a beautiful heart. You find beautiful faces every time you open your eyes.

94. You are lucky whenever you find a beautiful heart. Those who have seen beautiful faces today are more than those who have seen beautiful hearts.

95. If you’re looking for love, don’t settle for pretty faces. Only choose someone whose heart is so beautiful it makes you sing.

96. Take your time. Don’t rush into a relationship too quickly. Make sure you find someone who has more beauty in her heart than on her face.

97. Each day, you meet people with beautiful faces. But I promise you this: you’ll never find beautiful hearts as much as you find beautiful faces.

98. Heaven knows how difficult it is to find a beautiful heart. That’s why once in a blue moon, the stars align, and we are able to bring you the best quality of hearts, direct from the source. Beautiful faces are an easier game.

99. People are drawn to you — they want to be your friend. You’re not just a woman with an attractive face; you’re pretty on the inside, too.

100. You can have the most beautiful face in the world, but it won’t get you far without a kind and humble heart. Beautiful people know this. They know that in order to attract other people, they need to be kind, humble, forgiving.

101. Would you like to be kind and pleasant in every encounter? Then be beautiful inside first.

102. Celebrate the beauty of your heart as you would celebrate that of your face. Remember that beauty comes from the inside out.

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