Be Like a Duck Quotes

Be Like a Duck Quotes

The first unique thing most people will see and like about ducks is their looks. But what makes them more interesting to look at is their composure and unperturbed attitude during the rainy season, especially amid heavy rains.

This jaw-dropping calm nature amid a seeming troublous season/situation gives humans something to aspire to. It’d definitely be better if we could also stay calm in the midst of troubles. That’s the best way to go if you want to make the best out of any situation.

We can choose to be like ducks when life throws us some situations threatening to drench and sap our life. We can also encourage someone we love to copy the life of a duck. That’s why these timeless be like a duck quotes have been compiled to help encourage you or someone you love to be like one. Enjoy.

Be Like a Duck Quotes

Just look at a duck if you need a picture of positivity amid trouble. A duck is always calm, peaceful, and at peace no matter what happens around her. She’s always smiling and seems prepared for whatever surprises await her next. Be like a duck.

1. When life throws you a problem, be like a duck and walk through it like a familiar street. That’s what ducks do, and we must always start behaving like this.

2. Be like a duck. Continue moving forward, and don’t worry about the rain falling around you.

3. We know that you’re not a duck, but it’s good advice to keep calm and stay classy when troubles surround you.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it and will only make you crazy. Stay calm and focused even when life throws you curveballs. Be like a duck.

5. Life happens, but you can always choose to be like a duck. Choose to face your challenges with strength, positivity and a big smile.

6. As tough times come and go, be like a duck. Always keep your cool and keep going forward.

7. Life happens, and it’s uncomfortable. Be like a duck — calmly walking through its troubles.

8. We are not victims of our circumstances. We are empowered to choose to be like a duck when life brings troubles to us.

9. Life happens. Don’t let life’s difficulties stop you from being you. Be like a duck. Be calm and confident even when the world is ruffling your feathers.

10. No matter what life throws at you, choose to stay calm, happy and positive. If the rains don’t mean a thing to the duck, then you can go through whatever life gives you.

11. Life brings us all troubles, but we have a choice to stand strong and deal with them or let them bring us down. We should be like a duck — calm and happy — no matter what happens.

12. The best way to keep your mind clear is to be like a duck. Then with a clear mind, you can solve your problems.

13. Stay calm, and like a duck, don’t lose yourself because of the troubles life gives you.

14. Be like a duck. Stay calm, stay cheerful through problems and never let anything stop you from achieving your goals.

15. When life is hard, be a duck, wear a smile, and not take your eyes off your goals. You’ll be OK.

16. Be like a duck. When life gets chaotic, focus on your defence and happiness, and you’ll stay on course.

17. Life is full of great times and hard times, and the best thing to do when you hit a bumpy road is to keep hiking, just like the duck does when the rain comes.

18. When it’s a bad day, just remember that you have all it takes to be like a duck.

19. No matter what challenges come your way, remember that it is just a little rain on the planet called life. Stay calm like a duck.

20. Be like a duck because ducks are resilient, adaptable, and the best things to learn from in times of trouble.

21. Things will get worse. In those moments, be like a duck. Keep moving calmly and happily.

22. Being like a duck is not just about floating gracefully on a calm sea. It’s also about moving on when the rains fall on you. Choose to be a duck in good and bad times.

23. The secret to surviving is to be like a duck — to keep moving on and be calm.

24. Ducks won’t stop moving because of the rain. They will adapt. Be like a duck.

25. You can’t run from trouble, but you can be like a duck when it comes.

26. No matter what happens, stay calm, don’t lose your smile, and do what has to be done. Be like a duck.

27. Even when life is tough, you can be like a duck — calm, cool and collected. Slow to losing your cool, but quick to do something fun.

28. Amid trouble, a duck is calm. I want to live in a world where everyone has chosen to be like a duck.

29. I am like a duck. I quack in the face of danger, stay calm, and always come out smiling.

30. Ducks are calm and relaxed in the face of any kind of storm. They don’t panic when the water gets rough. But humans have a problem with that. We should be like ducks.

31. A duck doesn’t let the water get to her. She stays calm, keeps her head down, and doesn’t panic. Be like a duck.

32. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be the kind of person who’s always happy and laughing, even when the whole world is falling apart around you. Be like a duck.

33. Today may bring some hard times to you. In those times, respond like you will when things are going fine for you — stay calm and move on. Be like a duck.

34. Being like a duck is always a good idea. In trouble, your happiness is intact.

35. The best way to live is to be like a duck — happy and at peace all the time.

36. When life becomes rocky, stay calm and tough as the duck does.

37. Learn from the duck. Never bother your pretty head with life’s many troubles.

38. The more difficult the conflict, the more wonderful it is when you go through it calmly and happily.

39. It’s best to be like a duck, calm and undisturbed in the midst of difficult times.

40. The key to happiness is choosing the lifestyle of a duck—choosing to be happy when surrounded by many troubles.

41. When you’re like a duck, everything is calm. When you’re like a duck, it’s hard for the rain to get to you. Be like a duck.

42. Life brings troubles, but by choosing to be like a duck, you will make it through.

43. Never forget that troubles are not bigger than your strength. Be like a duck, and stay calm and happy when life hits you.

44. Stay calm, even though you know that troubles are coming. Choose to act like a duck would.

45. Choose to be like a duck because they don’t get wet or cold. And the water just runs off them like it’s nothing.

46. Being calm and happy in any situation is admirable. I want to be like a duck, and so should you.

47. Life’s tough, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just be a duck.

48. Hard times are coming; sometimes, surviving them is all about being a duck. Strengthen your feathers.

49. Be like a duck. Do you know how advantageous it is to be calm and relaxed under pressure?

50. Ducks don’t panic. They focus on what’s important and stay calm. The same should be true for you.

51. When bad things happen to you, it’s best to be like a duck. You’ll float across the pond without getting wet.

52. When things are going wrong, it’s best to be like a duck because if you’re like a duck, you can solve problems better.

53. It’s best to be like a duck. Look at all the troubles around you and stay calm.

54. When something bad happens, a person’s strength and resilience are tested. Choose to be like the duck — calm, cool, collected — and you’ll float right over the bad stuff.

55. Be like a duck. Stay calm, keep smiling, stay hydrated and don’t panic.

56. When the world makes you crazy, being a duck is a great idea.

57. Don’t get caught up in the drama. Stay calm, and remember that a duck doesn’t let troubles blow its mood.

58. At times, we all need someone to be like a duck when life brings troubles.

59. When times are tough, choose to be like a duck. You float above the water, buoyant and strong.

60. Be like a duck. Choose to stay calm and collected when things start to go south.

61. Ducks. They’re resilient. They’re calm in stormy weather. And they’re always ready to fly again. Be like a duck.

62. When things get rough, it’s nice to know that ducks don’t lose it. They live like there are no problems. And we should be like them.

63. What other choice do you have when bad things happen? Be like a duck if you want to make the most out of any problem.

64. Stay calm like a duck when troubles rain on you. That’s the way to live.

65. Always remember to be like a duck. When life is like a swamp, you can easily find your way by always keeping calm and floating on the water.

66. I don’t get bogged down by life’s little challenges. I just keep swimming. I am like a duck, and you should be like one too.

67. If you stay calm, the storm will pass. If you just keep swimming, the danger will soon be over.

68. Life comes with many troubles. Keep calm and be like a duck through them all. It’s better than losing your calm and happiness.

69. Be like a duck. Stay calm and in control when the world is upside down.

70. When life brings troubles, choose to be like a duck. You float on top of them, and they can’t hurt you more.

71. We all have to deal with bad things, and the best way to deal with them is to be like a duck!

72. A hard situation loses some toughness if you stay calm and happy in it. Be like a duck.

73. If you stay calm in the face of adversity, you can see things clearer and overcome obstacles with greater ease. Be like a duck.

74. The best life you’ll live is choosing to be like a duck when times are tough.

75. Be like a duck. It’s chilly on the surface but warm deep down for ducks.

76. You are better off being like a duck, staying calm amid problems rather than losing your chill.

77. Life presents us with challenges that we must overcome. Be like a duck, and you’ll always be fine.

78. Life is a process that has so many troubles, but it is always better when you’re like a duck, walking calmly in the storms.

79. Just because trouble is all around you doesn’t mean you can’t be a cute little duck.

80. If you want to make the best of a bad situation, just remember that a duck is always calm in the rain and that you can be like it.

81. Life is not always a smooth ride. But knowing how to float through hard times helps you stay calm, focused and grounded like a duck.

82. No matter what happens, a duck keeps calm and quacks on. Be like a duck.

83. Being calm and collected like a duck when bad things are happening around you is great and admirable.

84. Be like a duck. Stay calm in stormy weather. The key to surviving any bad situation is to act like a duck.

85. Hard times, rough times, and bad times come to all of us. But it’s not what happens to us that matters most but how we choose to deal with them. Be calm like a duck when they happen.

86. Some amazing people make being a duck look easy. It’s not, but we can choose to be like one.

87. Things will go bad, and you can’t always control what happens to you. Being a duck is about accepting that.

88. A duck’s calm nature is the perfect defence against a world full of chaos. Be like a duck.

89. When you see bad things happening, be like a duck. When you don’t have the power to change things, endure them calmly!

90. Sometimes, you’ve just got to be like a duck and keep on keeping on.

91. When tough times, it’s fun to be a duck. And when everything is good again, you can always return to being a human again.

92. When times are tough, that’s a great time to practice being like a duck. We’re always calm and cool under pressure.

93. When life’s going bad, sometimes a good attitude can make all the difference. Be like a duck.

94. When everything around you is falling apart, it’s a good day to remember that you’re not falling apart and stay calm and happy as a duck would.

95. When things are tough, remember that you are a duck. You may look small and insignificant to others, but you’re bigger than your problems.

96. Life can be difficult. But when times get rough, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re like a duck or to complicate the problems.

97. When life gets tough, you’ve got to be like a duck. You don’t get wet. You just go through the rain of troubles and come out fine!

98. No matter what life brings, be like a duck and float on top of the problems.

99. When facing tough times, remember that if a duck can survive in the water, you can survive anything.

100. When life gets tough, don’t get down. Instead, find your inner duck and keep on moving!

101. A little more often than we’d like, times get tough. But choose to be like a duck — calm, steady and focused on making the best choices for you and your family.

102. It’s easy to be miserable when times are tough. The trick is to be like a duck, happy in these tough moments and keep moving forward.

So, as you see, choosing to live like a duck is a great decision you should make and encourage others to make. Hope these be like a duck quotes encouraged you to be like these strong, beautiful birds are up there!

Now, go on and select your favourite and use them. Don’t also forget to share this collection with your friends. I’m sure they’ll love it.

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