After a Rainy Day Quotes and Sayings

After a Rainy Day Quotes and Sayings

We’re all humans and we all have our problems. We often feel down or stressed out, not only because life throws us curveballs here and there but also because hustling is necessary for life.

So, we definitely need the jolt of positivity and happiness that comes after every rainy day. We all need that dose of encouragement that let us know that yes, things might be bad but that’s life and with life, nothing is permanent. It might be rainy now but it is only a matter of time before the sun shines again.

After a rainy day, everyone wants to be warmed up with sweet and relaxed thoughts or activities. They want to enjoy the reappearance of the sun lightly beaming through the dark clouds. And they want to enjoy the gentle breeze that signifies that the rain is over

That’s the same way victory feels after a battle; the way glory looks after facing challenges and the way we want relaxation after facing stressful situations.

If you have experienced the joy after a rainy day and want to share what it means for you or encourage someone, then you can find some of the best after a rainy day quotes and sayings below.

After a Rainy Day Quotes and Sayings

I know it looks like the world has turned its back on you and everything just looks glum. But you cannot afford to stay sad. Think about that warm glow that follows the rain; think of the bright, rainbow-coloured sky. Only then can you stay pushing as you await your sun to shine.

1. Don’t give up, the sun always comes out after a rainy day.

2. There will always be rainy days, but you can create your own rainbow if you try. Don’t let the rainy days keep you down. There is always sunshine after a rainy day.

3. When the storm’s raging, remember: there is always a silver lining. Keep your head high.

4. The sun will rise again after a rainy day. So rest, be happy and keep moving forward. And the good days will start rolling in again.

5. A bright summer sky after a summer shower, a sweet friend after loneliness, a full moon after a dark night after every dark cloud and rainy day, there’s a restoration of hope.

6. When one door closes, another opens. A new adventure awaits. Don’t be deterred by the many rainy days.

7. Getting caught in a downpour? Lots of rays still remain; they’re just hidden behind clouds. Keep moving to stay ahead. The sun will shine after a rainy day.

8. If you keep up hope, you will see sunbeams break through the stormy clouds on a rainy day and golden autumn lights shine all around us.

9. When you lose hope, remember this: the sun rises in the morning and sets at night. The moon waxes and wanes, and there is brightness after a rainy day.

10. Breathe. This too shall pass. All things are difficult before they become easy. There is always a bright, clear sky after a rainy day.

11. Nothing is more frustrating than a rainy day, but don’t give up. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

12. Let’s not overlook the beauty of a sunny afternoon after a rainy day. Stay positive in all aspects of your life from start to finish, there is no light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t stay positive.

13. Rainy days call for sunshine; the situation you are going through is set to make you better handle the glory that is ahead.

14. There is always sunshine after the rain. All you need to do is to stay hopeful.

15. A rainy day may seem like the end of the world, but it’s just a chance to make a brighter tomorrow.

16. Bright days are ahead, they always are. Keep the faith, sister.

17. Brighten up your rainy days with a hopeful smile knowing that the sun will soon shine.

18. Nothing is more frustrating than a day that rains continuously and without reprieve, but don’t give up. The brightness after a rainy day is just ahead.

19. When it’s raining outside, dark clouds may seem to be all around. But never fear, there’s hope even after a rainy day.

20. It’s so frustrating to have cloudy skies in life but will you let the moody weather keep you down? Surely not; remember that there is always sunshine after a rainy day. Keep a positive attitude.

21. You are experiencing rainy days? Don’t despair. It’ll clear up very soon and things will brighten up again.

22. When it looks and feels like the sun is never going to shine, don’t worry, you will get through the rain.

23. When the sun is out, it’s a perfect time for shine. And when it’s not, stay indoors and light up the night; make the most of it.

24. While you wait for the rain to stop on a rainy day, why not plan the things you can do when the sun finally comes out?

25. When you’re stuck in lousy weather or even miserable life circumstances make the best of it. It’s a lot better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

26. No matter how bad the rain falls, there’s always something you can do to have fun. All it takes is a little positive attitude to see the sunbeam through the dark cloud.

27. On a rainy day, keep your chin up and remember – there’s always tomorrow.

28. The sun does come out for a rainy day; it’s not a cliché. So, don’t stay down.

29. Not every day is going to be bright and sunny, but you can make even a rainy day a good one. Get out there and make it a good one!

30. I’ve seen rainbows and sunshine after the rain. I’ve seen sunsets and sunrises in the pouring rain.

31. Hang in there. Good things come to those who wait. Wait for the sun after the rainy day.

32. Your dark days are not dark forever. Your rainy days will not be there forever.

33. Every cloud has a silver lining; expect it.

34. After a storm comes the rainbow; the situation is just for a while before colorful light breaks forth.

35. Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.

36. Even on a rainy day, keep your mind focused always on the sunshine that will soon after be out.

37. Sometimes, you don’t wait for the storm to pass, you have to learn to dance in the rain.

38. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. The sun will be out after the rain ends. Wait for that beginning.

39. The most beautiful skies are those that come after a storm.

40. When it rains, look up to the sky. You’ll see rainbows after some time. Don’t stop hoping, never stop believing.

41. No matter how long the rain lasts. There will be a rainbow in the end. That gloomy situation will not last forever.

42. Just like this bleak and dreary weather, whatever it is that you’re going through will eventually pass.

43. When you’re going through rainy days, keep on moving. Light will break forth if you persevere.

44. Believe the sun will shine again even after many rainy days.

45. Because it rains doesn’t mean there aren’t rainbows.

46. After every storm, the sun will smile; for every problem, there is a solution. So, be of good cheer.

47. When life gives you rain, look up. You’ll find a rainbow after a while. Don’t stop dreaming, there’s always hope.

48. Don’t let the rain ruin your day. Look up at the sky, and keep hoping. Don’t stop believing.

49. Keep your head held high and one day you’ll see the rainbow. By working hard, never giving up, and always believing in yourself anything is possible.

50. There will always be rainy days, but you can create your own rainbow if you try.

In conclusion, hopefully, these after a rainy day quotes and sayings will give you a great feeling about the bleak weather of life and fill you with the hope that the sun will soon be out.

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