When Friends Abandon You Quotes

When Friends Abandon You Quotes

When friends abandon you, nothing prepares you for the shock, pain, and heartbreak that follows afterwards. It is especially painful when that friend is someone you’ve included in your plans and memories for the future.

If it isn’t heartache and tears you’re dealing with today; it is the loss of confidence and self-worth tomorrow. You keep wondering if something you did wrong ended the relationship or if there’s any possibility of going back in time to undo the moment you met.

You’ll feel the pain, even more, when it’s as though they’ve moved on and wiped the memories of you and them out of mind. At this point, you’re wondering if you ever meant anything to them or if they had any intentions of keeping the promises they made to you.

Generally, there’s just an overall sense of loss and bleakness!

Hence the reason for creating these when friends abandon you quotes below. Hopefully, they’ll help you find the comfort, closure, and confidence you need.

Quotes About Friends Abandoning You

There aren’t enough words to describe the pain and heartbreak that come with friends abandoning you. One can only hope that the hurt goes away soon.

1. When it comes to friends abandoning you, the feeling of sadness, helplessness and disappointment aren’t enough descriptions.

2. The most painful thing about friends abandoning you has got to be the self-doubt one experiences afterwards. You’ll always find yourself picking your mind to be certain it’s not something you did that pushed them away.

3. Outwardly, you act like you’re fine, but you’re breaking apart on the inside. This is what happens when a friend abandons you.

4. It’s a different kind of pain when the friend that should have your back forever suddenly abandons without reasonable explanations.

5. The pain from a friend abandoning you can make you want to go back in time and undo when you met each other. That’s how much it can hurt!

6. It’s sad how you both can go from talking about any and everything to total silence. Having a friend abandon you doesn’t leave warm feelings behind.

7. When friends abandon you, you’re forced to ask yourself if you ever really meant anything to them from the start or if you were just a temporary tool for that period.

8. Nothing prepares you for the hurt, shame and doubt that come with friends abandoning you. Every day will suddenly become nightmares you didn’t see coming.

9. When friends abandon you, you’re left to deal with the hurt that comes with the memories you both shared. As well as the plans you both had together.

10. If that friend has abandoned you, they don’t feel the same way for you anymore. This knowledge can make the future look dull, painful and heartbreaking.

11. What hurts the most when friends leave is the lack of closure. You’re not certain if it’s something you said or did that’s behind them abandoning you.

12. A few weeks ago, you both were tight as thieves, but now, everyone is carrying on like the memories from the friendship never happened. The pain from this is terrible.

13. When friends abandon you, they take their warmth, understanding, friendship, and joy with them. Nothing prepares you for that level of pain.

14. On a scale of 1 to 10, having a friend abandon you can hurt worse and above. You can only hope that time will deal quickly with the pain.

15. You think you’re on the same page as that friend, but then you get dumped without an explanation. Truly, nothing prepares you for that kind of pain.

16. A friend abandoning you feels like standing in the middle of a crowd without anyone seeing you. There’s helplessness, confusion and a loss of direction.

17. No one deliberately signs up to have their friends leave them suddenly. But when it happens, you are left with the only option of trusting time to take care of the pain.

18. When the loss of a friend hurts more than you can bear, take your time to cry and expend your emotions. You’re not alone, and this phase will pass soon.

19. Losing your loved one can be very painful. But, eventually, trust that the feeling of loss, heartache and helplessness will go away.

20. With friends abandoning you, the future suddenly looks different and dull because it doesn’t include them anymore.

21. Having a friend abandon you can zap you of your energy, will, happiness and confidence. Hopefully, time helps you deal with these and somehow prevents you from experiencing similar hurt.

22. Losing a good friend will leave your heart shattered and feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

23. Losing a friend you thought would be by your side forever can shatter your heart into a million pieces till it feels like you can’t breathe.

24. Hopefully, time’s healing hands would do the magic to the broken heart because losing a friend isn’t an easy thing to experience.

25. One can only hope for strength and hope for the days ahead because losing a friend puts one in a bad place mentally and emotionally.

Touching When Friends Abandon You Quotes

The only consolation with having a friend abandon you is that you’re stuck with all the good memories you both had. But even those can hurt sometimes.

26. Breakups with good friends are rough, touching and downright painful. One can only pray for time to deal with the pain.

27. It’s touching when a friend abandons you, and it doesn’t feel like you’ll ever be happy again. But in the end, you’ll discover that you and your heart are much stronger than you think.

28. Time does heal wounds; at least, that’s what many people say. So, while it hurts a lot that your friend could easily abandon you, trust that time will heal you.

29. Sadly, when friends abandon you, it hurts a lot worse before it gets better. And there’s no fast-forwarding to the good days without enduring the hurt first.

30. Sometimes, you feel light in your heart and even smile. On other days, you still can’t believe your friend would dump you. Amid this rollercoaster, all you can do is take it one day at a time.

31. Having friends abandon you would make you realize that closure isn’t just a simple word people throw around for fun.

32. Whether the saying is true or not, you can only hope that there’s light at the end of your tunnel with the way it hurts from friends abandoning you.

33. It’s okay to try and find out if you’re the only one going through the difficult phase of friends abandoning you. It’s okay to cry and ask if the pain will ever go away too.

34. Having a friend leave can feel like the world is turning upside down. Especially when their leaving is unexpected, and no reason is given.

35. It can be pretty difficult not to doubt your sense of worth when friends walk out the door. There’s both the pain in your heart and the self-esteem issue to deal with.

36. When you have to deal with the pain of a friend abandoning you, you’ll realize that your heart does have a mind of its own.

37. The most painful part about friendship heartbreaks is how you’re uncertain about when the pain will end.

38. When friends abandon you, focusing on the happy times you both shared can intensify the pain in your heart.

39. A perfect description of the heartbreak that comes with friends abandoning you is that ‘it will hurt a lot before it gets better.’

40. Having a friend abandon you is one of the factors that can make feel unloved and unworthy in life.

41. When you lose a friend, you don’t see yourself getting over the pain. But on the other hand, them abandoning you can be a means to find out that you’re way stronger than you think.

42. When it hurts, don’t hold back from crying. You’re not weak or stupid, and having a friend abandon you does hurt a lot.

43. Maybe it’s true what they say about people playing roles in your life for a while. But this doesn’t make the pain of a friend abandoning you hurt any less.

44. Moving on from the pain of heartbreak is easier said than done. It’s not as easy to carry on like the other person hasn’t taken their warmth, cheerfulness and colour with them.

45. Having a friend abandon you leaves many problems and heartache behind. One of them is losing the energy to hold on to your existing relationships.

46. The worst thing about friends abandoning you is how they’re quick to move on with their lives. It’s almost like you never mattered to them at all.

47. It’s touching to have your friend walk out on you, especially when you can’t pinpoint what exactly you did wrong to them.

48. You’ll feel betrayed, confused and even bitter. These are just some of the many hurts you have to deal with when friends abandon you.

49. When you have a friend walk out on you, you’ll realize how fickle words are and how it’s easy for people to throw them around. Because what happened to the forever you were promised?

50. Having your friends abandon you can bring out skills you didn’t think you had, like stalking someone or talking to yourself. These seem like the only pluses that come with the heartbreak.

Hopefully, these when friends abandon you quotes will bring you warmth and comfort, such that you’ll know you’re not alone and that there’s light at the end of your pain.

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