Wanting Attention Quotes

Attention is one of the rarest forms of the resource today. We are surrounded by distractions—social media notifications, emails, marketing, music, and so much more- we may not even realize how deeply we get attached. If you’re working on something important, you want to ensure no one interferes with your flow. But how can you do that when there are dozens of different forms of entertainment and people talking in the background?

It isn’t unusual to struggle with wanting approval and attention from others. It is natural for you to long to be accepted by others. It typically starts when you are small, and the funniest part is that you don’t outgrow it. Why do you need attention? Attention is everything! You are a social being, and being connected is essential to your happiness; what causes unhappiness is when you focus on material things. 

It is only when you stop pretending to be somebody else and value your opinions, thoughts, and feelings that people will start saying: “you are worth something”. However, the more you emphasize seeking attention and approval from a third party, the easier it is to compromise your beliefs and quiddity. 

Looking for quotes about wanting attention? I have compiled the best compendium of I want attention quotes that you can relate with.

Wanting Attention Quotes

Wanting attention is wonted. Think about the attention you want and who you want it from. Then demand it. Ask, ask and ask again. If nothing happens, go back and wait longer. You will get the attention you want if you stay focused on it.

1. Wanting attention to getting the best out of life? You can ask for it. Ask politely and be ready to receive an answer!

2. Wanting attention? “Please” and “thank you” will get it for you. Saying “please” and “thank you” are easy ways to get more attention. 

3. Wanting attention is a basic need. You can often get the attention you want by asking a friend or a loved one. Simply ask!

4. Wanting attention is a serious business. Don’t mess around with want for attention. Remember, that’s on other people’s valuable time. 

5. Wanting attention? Be lovable and valuable so that people respond when you want attention.

6. Wanting attention is a way to remind us that we need to connect more with others. You will get the attention you want if you channel your energy toward it.

7. Wanting attention? Ask for it. You’d be surprised how often you can get precisely what you want by simply asking for it.

8. Wanting attention is natural. If you want to get the attention you want, ask for it!

9. Wanting attention? Don’t you think, “I need to connect more with people”, but do it!

10. Wanting attention is innate, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It helps us connect with others—especially when that attention comes from a trusted source.

11. Wanting attention? Stop looking for approval and start asking for the attention you want.

12. Wanting attention and not asking, you might as well not want it!

13. Wanting attention? You can’t get all the attention you want without giving it. Be bold and ask for what you want.

14. Wanting attention? You can get all the attention you want if you learn to ask for it.

15. Wanting attention is best when it’s mutual. You only get what you put out. Be the one that gives attention, and you will get the attention you want.

16. Wanting attention? Don’t waste time and energy waiting for others to notice you. Don’t be afraid to ask for the attention you want and deserve.

17. Wanting attention and needing it aren’t the same thing. The line between needing and wanting attention might be faint, but you wouldn’t know it’s there if you aren’t looking for it!

18. Wanting attention isn’t a sign of weakness but power. We all can create more positive energy around us. Let’s make things happen by asking for the attention we need!

19. Wanting Attention is a four-word phrase, but it’s the only one that matters.

20. Wanting attention from a stranger can be tricky. If you ever feel the urge to seek attention from a stranger, go back home and love yourself.

21. Wanting attention is a basic need. Nothing is more critical to your happiness than spending time with people who attend to your needs.

22. Wanting attention? Ask for it. You’d be surprised how often you can get precisely what you want by asking for it.

23. Wanting attention is our native language of the need to socialize. When we get attention, it reminds us that we need to connect more with others.

24. Wanting attention is a good feeling when you are satisfied. There’s no better feeling than getting attention when you want it.

25. Wanting attention should be everyone’s priority. Pay no attention to anyone who does not want attention. 

26. Wanting attention is everyone’s primary concern. Everyone wants attention, but no one wants to give attention. Be humble and ask for attention when you want it.

27. Wanting attention is excellent! The problem with giving attention is that it feels like work. It requires effort, humility, and the willingness to accept criticism and be misunderstood. 

28. Wanting attention is sometimes so fleeting. You must first get rid of this desire for attention to get what you want. Only then can you truly appreciate what is important in your life.

29. Wanting attention is good only when attention provision is mutual. Most of us want to be the centre of attention but don’t always want to give it.

30. Wanting attention is a crucial need. You may not realize it initially, but your friends want your attention. They want you to notice how funny they are, how smart they are, or how beautiful they are. 

31. Wanting attention? You are not alone. Everyone does too. No one wants to be ignored.

32. Wanting attention always brings the desire to be in the centre of a crowd.

33. Wanting attention is instinctive. Look at you now. You’re in the centre of a crowd, and I’m sure you know why. You’ve always wanted attention, and now, you’ve got it!

34. Wanting attention is the first step toward getting attention. Your desire for attention got you the attention you deserved. Don’t deny this fact!

35. Wanting attention puts you in the centre. You want to be the centre of attention because you want people to look at you. So why not ask for it and make sure that happens?

36. Wanting attention sets you up for connections. All eyes will be on you if you want attention. 

37. Want attention? Bring the best out of people and get all the attention you want. 

38. Wanting attention is like being the hero of the crowd. The group’s hero never stops being the biggest loser but always has a chance to win.

39. Wanting attention is a great tool to become visible. You are the greatest person in the world. The universe revolves around the person that wants attention the most.

40. Wanting attention is like a race. You just got to take your time and not overthink it. Slow and steady wins the race. Soft and persistent get the attention.

41. Wanting attention is best when you attend to others. You are enough. You will not get more attention than you want and give yourself.

42. Wanting attention is best when you attend to others. Anxiety is like a shouting child on the bus who needs attention and keeps asking, “Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me?” Just keep listening to yourself.

43. Wanting attention? Stop Googling yourself and start being more present.

44. Wanting attention, you’ll have it soon. So when you wake up fresh, take a deep breath and remember your self-worth. And put on a good face because you are worth all the attention you’ve got.

45. Wanting attention is a continuous feeling. Just because it is easy to give attention does not mean it is easy to retain the attention.

46. Wanting attention is best when you attend to others A good way to get attention is to give it.

47. Wanting attention and getting it is the ultimate goal. Keep your head above water, and you’ll be fine.

48. Wanting attention? Ask. Awareness is never going to fall out of the sky. Life doesn’t owe you the attention you want, but it does offer you the tools to get the attention you need.

49. Wanting attention? You have a choice. It’s up to you to make the right decisions for you. Choose wisely!

50. Wanting attention is something you have control over, no matter what is going on in your life. If you want attention, you can get it. 

51. Wanting attention saves more time than it takes. Where your attention goes, your time goes. That’s the law of attraction. A great friend of mine in business school taught me a lot about this. But why is it so hard?

52. Wanting attention is wonted. I know it’s not easy to give your attention to everything, but if you keep working, you will get there.

53. Wanting attention is not the same as giving attention. It’s not easy to share your attention to everything. It takes time to practice, but it will get easier as you practice more.

54. Wanting attention is habitual. Where your attention goes, your time goes

55. Wanting attention is expected. Where your attention goes, your focus and time go. Where your emotions go, your heart goes.

56. Wanting attention is a familiar feeling. Is it only me, or do people call you too when they want attention?

57. Wanting attention is normal, but you can never have enough attention from someone other than yourself.

58. I Want attention. Today I will focus my conversation on a word vital to me. Attention!

59. Want attention? Don’t fuss over anyone who will not pay attention to you.

60. Wanting attention is a mental process that allows us to focus on one stimulus while ignoring others.

61. Wanting attention allows us to focus on one stimulus while ignoring others.

62. Wanting attention is a fantastic feeling that allows us to concentrate on one task and forget about many others.

63. When you concentrate and focus on something, you use your attention. It’s a mental process that allows us to pay attention while ignoring distractions.

64. Wanting attention is our brain’s way of helping us focus on a specific task.

65. Wanting attention is not easy, at least not always. Your ability to focus depends on many things.

66. Wanting attention is important if you can manage it better.

67. Wanting attention is very different once you get all this attention. Because then you want to control it. And you can’t exactly.

68. Wanting attention is a way to force yourself to be aware of the world. I mean, look at it: You’re doing it right now. That’s the point.

69. Wanting attention as a child? Me too. I was a bit of an outsider. I always wanted to be the centre of attention so much that I used to invent situations when I wanted attention.

70. Wanting attention? It is good to know that if I ever need attention, all I have to do is die.

71. Wanting attention is a continual feeling for me. Paying attention to me at all times is mandatory. I do not abide by careless mistakes.

72. Wanting attention is a continual feeling for me. Please pay attention to me. You need to give me attention, or you will be in trouble.

73. Wanting attention? I am. A moment of your attention, if I could.

74. You need to pay attention so you don’t miss anything. You don’t want to scare me, do you?

75. Wanting attention? Now that my attention has been given to you, how can I help?

76. Want attention? If you need anything, please let us know.

77. Sometimes, you feel like you need attention.

78. Wanting attention is a mutual feeling. Admit it; I got your attention not only because I wanted attention but because I asked for it.

79. Want attention? Ask for it. When we get attention, it just reminds us that we need attention.

80. Want attention? We are here to help. You’ve come to the right place, whether it’s attention deficit disorder or just interrupting someone holding a conversation with you when they weren’t finished talking yet.

81. Want attention? It’s always nice to get some attention, even if it’s just a few likes on an Instagram story.

82. Wanting attention makes me feel alive. There’s nothing worse than not being heard, so when you pay attention to us, it makes us feel great. It makes us think that we matter.

83. Wanting attention makes me feel alive. When I’m feeling down, attention from others can be uplifting.

84. Want attention? Whether you’re looking for advice on an issue or to chat about your day, I’m here for you. I’ll give you all the attention you want.

85. If I go somewhere, I need some degree of attention. But it gets tricky when surrounded by people who don’t want me around or don’t want me to succeed.

86. The best feeling in the world is knowing someone wants your attention. 

87. When someone wants your attention, it’s a rush.

88. Want attention? You will only get attention from a lover who will not break your heart.

89. You don’t need someone who believes in you when you have someone who gives you the attention you want.

90. Want attention? It’s a rush to get someone’s attention. You can feel empowered by getting the attention of others.

91. Wanting attention is a feeling you know. When someone wants your attention, you listen. You’re interested. You want to learn more.

92. When someone wants your attention, you have the world at your fingertips.

93. Your audience wants to hear you. You have their attention. People need you, and they know it…

94. Want attention? Take a leap of faith; you might as well land on the soft cushion of people’s hearts. 

95. People want what they can’t have. When they see others like them having something, they want it too. Want the attention? Ask for it!

96. Sometimes, we don’t always get the attention we want. Sometimes it’s just lovely to be enjoyed and have someone recognize that you exist when they don’t have anything on their mind.

97. When people want your attention, and you can’t give it to them, they get frustrated. Get the gift of visibility in this life by giving attention to others.

98. Wanting attention is something to give, but a feeling others must have.

99. Wanting attention is a feeling that people crave. It makes them feel energized and wanted, which makes them feel good inside.

100. Want attention? It is better to be persuaded than to be sold.

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