Thank You for Being You for Sharing Your Love With Me Quotes

Thank You for Being You for Sharing Your Love With Me Quotes

Love is a way of communication. It is the language of the spirit and it transcends all barriers of time, age, race, and religion. Love is a state of mind because your attitude towards others will reflect the love implanted in your heart.

It’s really hard to explain how happy and grateful you can be to find love and care from someone who lives in an imperfect world but somehow manages to rule their hearts, minds, and souls by themselves.

You’ll never want to lose the heart to show appreciation for those who have given a lot of time, energy and love for you. This will help to remind them about your love for them and will make them feel that their efforts have not gone in vain.

Salute those who have been true to you and have shared their love with you. It shows that you are humble and very grateful. However, to make it quite easy, a heart touching collection of thank you for being you for sharing your love with me quotes has been made available here for you. Just scroll through and choose the one that impresses you.

Thank You for Sharing Your Love With Me Quotes

You are the light that guides my thoughts and actions each day, and I’m so fortunate to have someone that loves me as much as you do. You are the strongest person I know, but at the same time, the softest. Thank you for sharing your love with me. I will always be there for you.

1. I want to thank you for being there for me, helping me through everything, and always being there. You are a great boyfriend and without you, I don’t know where I would be right now. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like you. Thank you for being you and loving me so much.

2. You are the best man I’ve ever known. Your love means more to me than you could ever know. Thank you for making my dreams come true and for showing me how much your love can mean. I love you more every day! Thank you so much for everything that you do.

3. Around the clock I think of you, your laugh, your smile, your presence is always felt. I miss you so much and sometimes I wish that you were here. But the distance makes my love for you more special and true. I miss my sweetheart; thank you for being there for me.

4. True love is hard to find and we found it. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t love myself, thank you for being there when I was there and thank you for loving me now more than I have ever been loved. True love is defined in our relationship each day and grows deeper each day we spend together. I’m so lucky to have found you.

5. I don’t think I could be luckier. To know that there is someone out there who I love and who loves me so much. I just want to say thank you for everything, thank you for being here, thank you for loving me. And know that I love you more than the world itself.

6. Thank you for all the good times and bad. You are there when I am down and I love you for it. Thank you for being there to listen, to hold me and most of all love me. I don’t know how I got so lucky but here we are.

7. You are an amazing person. I love you, today and every other day, forever and always. You are my heart and my soul. You are the most wonderful man I have ever known and the best boyfriend ever. Thanks for sharing your love with me.

8. This day without you is like a sunless day without devotion. Your value to me is far beyond price, for I love you. You make me feel so important and loved that in turn, I express this love to others. There are simply no words to describe my affection for you. Thank you for being you.

9. I want to thank you for being you. Thank you for understanding how much it means to me when we spend time together. Thank you for sharing your love with me. You make me happier than I can express.

10. I love how loving, and caring you are. I love how affectionate you are especially when I am sick. You show me every day how much you love me and I don’t say it back enough. It takes a strong man to talk about his fears and let someone know that he feels this way. Letting you into my heart was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I appreciate you.

11. Thank you for sharing your love with me. You are the most amazing girl that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You make me feel safe and special every day. I could never ask for a better wife than you.

12. I love you so much, I love everything about you! You are my light in the darkness, you brighten up my life in so many ways and for that, I will always be grateful. You are my everything, my love and my best friend. I never knew how beautiful life could be until the day we meet. I love you with all of my heart! Thanks for all you do!

13. You are my everything, my best friend and the love of my life. I wouldn’t want anyone but you beside me forever. There is never enough time in a day to show you how much I appreciate you. You are such an amazing person to spend my life with.

14. I love you from my head to my toes, there is no one else. I love that our dreams came true and we grew old together. The thought of losing you makes me sad so I won’t let it happen. Your smile is the best company I have ever known. When I look deep into your eyes, my problems fade away. Since the day we met, we’ve shared a bond emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thanks to you!

15. I am so grateful to have this relationship with you. I recognize how rare it is and I’ll never take it for granted. You are the most amazing and thoughtful person I know, and I still blush when I hear your voice! You are my light in the dark times, the one who makes my life worth living. And our lives keep getting better and better.

16. I want to thank you for being you… I love the way you talk, walk, touch me and laugh. I appreciate the way you make me feel protected and secure… I love the way you look when you wake up in the morning. The cute hair crinkle on your face is adorable and what makes you my husband. I adore every single thing about you.

17. Thank you for being my lover, friend, and companion. I appreciate the joy and comfort you bring to me throughout my life. Thank you for always being there for me to laugh with, love, and cry with.

18. When I was your age, reuniting with someone from my past seemed as hard as climbing Mount Everest. But for you it was effortless. You just flowed back into my life like a dip in the ocean. That’s how it is with us, we never really parted ways, we’re just here. All the old feelings and emotions have come flooding back and it’s like no time has passed by. Thanks to you!

19. Thank you for sharing your love with me and I hope that my love for you will always be just as strong as yours is towards me. I LOVE YOU and I appreciate everything that you are and ever will be.

20. Thank you for being you. You always have a way of making me smile. Thank you for bringing joy into my life every single day. I love you so much baby and I am so happy we found each other.

21. I love you so much! You mean the world to me and I am so lucky we met. I hope you know how much I cherish our time together. There is nothing more important than your time. I have never felt so loved in my life, and it’s because of your love that I can be myself. You are everything to me and I promise to always treat you like a queen. You are my best friend, my soul mate, and my future wife.

22. You are more than I could ever ask for in a partner and best friend. You have enriched my life in so many ways it’s hard to put into words. Yet even with this wealth of happiness, you bring me, I still wish to grow older every time we kiss. I love you more every day and can’t wait to see this love grow and flourish.

23. No matter how many years go by, I never want to forget what you mean to me. I love you today and forever. You are the one man that I could never stop loving because your love completes me. Thanks for being you.

24. I’m so glad I found you. You brighten every day with your smile, laughter and love. This year is already off to a great start! Thanks for everything.

25. I have seen the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises with you by my side. I have smiled more in the last month than I have in years. I feel so happy looking into your warm eyes. I never thought it possible to feel this way. I love you! Thank you!

Thank You for Being You for Sharing Your Love With Me Messages

I just want to thank you for being you. I can’t ever remember loving someone as much as I love you. Every day we share is better than the last, and I can’t ever seem to get enough of you. I couldn’t ask for anything else! Thank you for being you and sharing your love with me.

26. I feel so lucky to have you. You are the one for me even though I might not say it enough. I love our life together and the moments we create. I am thankful for every day. You are my only, my everything and my heart beat faster when you walk in the door.

27. I don’t know what I did to deserve this kind of adoration, but I am so lucky to have you. You are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. I love you. Thank you!

28. These are the times I didn’t think could ever come, But the love in my life carried me. And now I see my entire world is changing, only for the better. Thanks for sharing your love with me.

29. I love you and I have no idea other than to say I’m sorry. I know that I don’t always show it but you are the most amazing man I have ever known. You put up with my mood swings (which are many) and somehow still find it in your heart to love me more than anyone could imagine. Thank you for loving me and being you.

30. I love you as much today as the day I met you. Your love is like a drug to me, I can’t stop consuming it. You complete me in ways I never thought possible, and I will spend the rest of my life kissing you and thanking you for coming into my life. Happy Valentine’s day!

31. I can’t help to always smile, your love fills my heart so much it almost hurts. Thank you for being in my life and helping me every day. You motivate me, challenge me, make me a better person and in the end, you gave me you. It’s the best gift anyone could ever give.

32. I want to thank you for the amazing love you give me. I never want to lose it or you. You are the light in my life and I will cherish every moment we spend together. Love is not always easy, but with you, it is a beautiful struggle, filled with laughter and joy.

33. Hearing you say I love you is the most wonderful thing ever. You are my hero, my best friend, my everything. I don’t know what I would do without you. I wish there was a way to show you how much you mean to me since words alone just don’t seem to be enough. Thank you for being in my life.

34. You have my heart and soul. I love you more than anything. Thank you for everything you do. Your friendship, your help, your smile, your stories, making me laugh, wisdom, kindness and unconditional love. I hope that our friendship will continue to grow as time passes. Thank you!

36. I want to say thank you for going out of your way to help me with my homework, thank you for making me smile even when I wanted to give up, thank you for all the uplifting words, thank you for everything. I am so lucky to have met an amazing friend like you. Thank you!

37. I have fallen in love with you, and there is nothing I can do about it. I like that I am completely in love for the first time. It feels different from any other kind of love. I’ve never felt more alive than when you look at me with those beautiful eyes, I get a little flutter in my stomach and warmth fills my heart. Thanks for coming into my life.

38. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I can’t say that I’m upset about it. You are better than anything I could have ever dreamed of. I know there is a lot for us to learn about each other, but I am more excited about the life we will build together, than anything else. Thanks for everything!

39. With every beat of my heart I love you, within reach, you are always there, I’ll never let you go, thank you for sharing your love with me.

40. I love you so much. Thank you for sharing your love with me. You are truly the light of my life. I smile every day when I see you and can’t wait to see you again.

41. It’s hard for me to put into words just how much you mean to me. There are no truer words in the world than, “I Love You”. You are the most important person in my life, and it is a gift of such magnitude that I am the one who will enjoy your love for the rest of my life.

42. I didn’t think I could ever feel this way about someone. I love you. You bring such a smile to my face. Every time I’m with you I fall deeper in love. You are truly amazing, and words could never express how much you mean to me. Thanks for sharing your love with me.

43. You are everything to me, I am lost in your eyes, obsessed with your touch and adore everything you do. With our love we can do anything, just being around you makes every part of me feel warmer and happier than ever before. I want to be with you forever and beyond. Thanks for sharing your love with me.

44. I hope you know how truly special and beautiful you are. I don’t ever want you to forget that. I love that together, we can conquer anything & everything. Forever yours. Thanks for being you!

45. To my mother, Thank you for all your love. There is no other woman who cares and loves as much as you. I cherish every moment of our time together and I feel very blessed to have you in my life.

46. 3 words can’t seem to describe how much I love you. You are a wonderful father, who is kind and funny. You are better than all the chocolate in the world. I don’t know what I did to be so lucky to have you here with me. Thanks for your love.

47. Just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful year we have had together. You are an amazing man and make me happy every day. I’m so lucky to have found you and I’m so glad that we finally made it official. I love you with all my heart.

48. When I am with you, the air is clearer and sweeter. When I am without you, the world is a little greyer. My heart beats quicker. I feel more alive and so much happier. You are my valentine and my love for you has no bounds.

49. I want to thank you for the most amazing years of my life. I thought I was crazy, but you turned out to be the best decision I ever made. You have brought me more joy and happiness than anyone or anything else in my entire life. There is absolutely no one, and I mean NOTHING that I would rather do than spend all my free time with you. You are simply amazing.

50. When I first met you, I was surrounded by people that just didn’t care anymore. My self-esteem hit rock bottom, and my soul felt dead. But one day you came along, and from then on, things started to change for me. My heart began to flutter with astonishing beats every time your name was mentioned. Thanks for sharing your love with me.

Appreciation is indeed the greatest motivator in life. Each time you show respect and gratitude to a person, you automatically pump up his or her self-esteem. So I’m going to tell you one of the most effective ways to make someone who has loved you feel loved too, is to say say ‘thank you’.

And here you are staring at the best collection of quotes and messages to send to that person(s) who has shared their love with you and has been their real self to you. I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate to pick one or more of the messages. You can even bookmark this page and always come to it for the best words of love and appreciation.

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