Thank You Bus Driver Quotes

Thank You Bus Driver Quotes

Bus drivers are often the unsung heroes of our society. They go unnoticed by most people on a daily basis, but they play a vital role in our lives. The fact that their job requires them to be at work at such early hours in the morning and stay awake for long hours of driving can be extremely tiring and stressful. Whether you like it or not, your bus driver has the power to affect your day in one way or the other, either by being courteous and helpful or being grumpy and rude, which can annoy you and sometimes spoil your day.

I mean, sure, they drive the bus, but being a public servant can often be stressful. So any chance you get to show some appreciation towards them is a positive one. This is why I’ve decided to put together this little collection of thank you bus driver quotes. They deserve all the appreciation and recognition they can get.

By saying thank you to bus drivers, you would be helping them realize how important their jobs are and how much they mean to the people who ride their buses every day. Here are some thank you bus driver quotes that will let you express your gratitude:

Thank You Bus Driver Quotes

Thank you for driving me to work each and every morning. I may not always show it, but how appreciative I am of your service. I know that you have hundreds of other people to drive to work, and they all count on you. There are nights when the weather is particularly bad that you have to be out late. Thank you for your service as well.

1. I want to thank you for being a great bus driver. You help people who have problems with their ride and make sure they get home safe and sound. I am very grateful that you are my bus driver because you always make me feel safe when I go on the bus, and I know that you are doing your job well. I hope that you continue to be my bus driver for many years to come.

2. I just wanted to say thank you. You have been driving our kids around for years now, and we have never had an issue with the kids getting home safely or feeling safe while on your bus. My husband and I feel that our children are safe in your hands, so thank you from both of us.

3. Thank you so much for being such a good bus driver! You are always smiling as soon as you get on the bus, even if someone is acting up or being rude to you, but never do we see any type of anger on your face – just kindness and patience. We really appreciate all that you do for our kids and making sure they get home safe each day!

4. Thank you for your kindness. Even though I have a busy schedule, you always give me a smile and express your gratitude for my patronage. I never have to wait long, and the bus is always clean. I appreciate you!

5. I want to thank you for being a gentleman and letting me get on the bus with my bike. The bus driver in the afternoon really isn’t nice. He made me feel bad, like I shouldn’t have been there, but you didn’t. Thank you very much!

6. Thank you for picking up my daughter every morning and driving her to the best elementary school in the city. I know you are a very busy man and that you risk your life every day, so thank you. Without you, we would not be able to get her to school every day.

7. Thank you for taking care of us every day. You are one of the hardest-working employees, and we appreciate you. We don’t always behave, but you still try to give us the best ride ever, and we honestly think it’s because of your love for noble work.

8. Thank you for picking me up at my new school and dropping me off in the afternoons. I am very thankful because it is not always easy to take the bus. I am glad that you gave me another opportunity to ride the bus again.

9. Thank you for driving your bus. On the day that I rode it, I was trying to be as sneaky as possible with my gum chewing. It is a habit that my parents do not approve of. When I told my parents about it, they reminded me that you are on the job and cannot like chewing gum in the seats.

10. Thank you for driving us safely to school every day. We hope you have a good summer, and we hope we can see your friendly face behind the wheel on Monday morning so we can have a safe and fun ride to school again.

11. Thank you for bringing me to work. I really enjoy the bus ride and the interesting people I get to see daily. I especially appreciate that you don’t blast music, thereby allowing me to do my morning reading and peaceful prayer time.

12. Thank you for being a safe bus driver. Not once have I felt unsafe on your bus. Thank you for also making the ride enjoyable with your jokes and stories. Thanks for picking up my friends when they either left something on the bus or slept through the doorbell.

13. Thank you, driver, for seeing my students safely to school every morning. Because of you, many students were able to get to school this year. Thank you so much!

14. Thank you for your hospitality. I can tell you love your job and care very much about the people you serve. Your positive attitude was contagious and helped me have a nice, peaceful ride during my commute.

15. Thank you for being a safe and respectful driver. I ride the bus a long way everyday, and it would be awful if someone was not paying attention and ran into me or something. All of your passengers feel safe and care about our community too.

16. Thank you for driving me to and from work every day. Your job is not easy, and I appreciate the ride. I hope that someday, I can put on my own hat and be the kind of person you are.

17. Thank you for driving me to work every morning. I really appreciate your help and hard work in this cold weather. One day, I saw something on the road and noticed that you could have taken a different route, but you didn’t. Thank you for being careful on the road and looking out for everyone.

18. Thank you for making traffic easier to deal with. You are so much nicer than the guys I remember from when I was young. I’m used to the way you drive now, so every morning is calm and peaceful as we make our way downtown. Thank you for giving me that relaxation before my day starts.

19. Thank you for being so patient with the kids on my bus. I know that sometimes can be challenging, but you always keep a level head!

20. Thank you for keeping me safe in the morning on my ride to work. And thank you for being so polite and friendly and driving safely while I sleep.

21. Thank you for helping me move. I hope it was not too inconvenient. I appreciate your patience and kindness.

22. Thank you for contributing to my success by being on time and taking me to all of my classes every morning. I know that you are behind schedule this morning as we drive so slowly through traffic, but I appreciate your effort.

23. Thank you for the reminder to bring my book back the next day, or else I would have forgotten.

24. Thank you, bus driver, for being so caring and compassionate. I have enjoyed riding with you, and it is good to see you each time we catch a ride.

25. Thank you for being on time, which is rare in the city. Your grace behind the wheel and manners with passengers make me feel truly safe on your bus. I always know that I’m in good hands when you are behind the wheel. There are very few buses like yours.

26. Thank you. Wow, I remember as a little kid sitting on the bus and just staring out of the windows. Always wondering what life was like outside of my little world. I say thank you now because, looking back, I realize how much influence you had on me as a bus driver that foreshadow future opportunities and experiences that I have made possible because of you today. Thank you for the impact you have had on my life.

27. You could easily have been the bus driver that I loved to hate, but you turned out to be one of the sweetest and most caring adults I’ve ever met. I’m glad you are my bus driver. Be safe!

28. Thank you for driving me to school and back every day. I know you get tired of the same route every day, but you always keep a positive attitude with your passengers.

29. Thank you for your dedication to us. We know our job can be very challenging, and we’re sorry it’s been a long day for you. You always go above and beyond, letting us know where things are, helping us load the bus and keeping order and control. Thank you so much.

30. Thank you for always being on time. I love the fact that I never have to be late because of bad bus service, and no one ever has to take the bus. Thank you for all of your feedback; you never fail to answer any questions that I may have. Thank you for being a great asset to our city.

31. Thank you for always being there. I know what you have to deal with everyday, and it must not be easy, but you do a great job. So thank you for everything.

32. Thank you for working every day to get my kids where they need to go and if they are not quite listening, thank you for pulling over and getting out of your seat to do a little talking. You can always calm them down with a quick joke about something going on around us.

33. Thank you for not yelling at these kids. They get on your nerves too, and they probably drive you crazy, but they need you to be nice to them. Thank you so much for taking care of them and treating them with respect.

34. Thank you for picking me up every weekday morning. It makes it so much easier knowing I can count on you to be there as I run out the door.

35. Thank you for being a great bus driver. Your dedication and the way you handle the kids make me feel very safe. You are always wearing a smile on your face, and I really appreciate how much you help me with the kids. Thanks again!

36. Thank you for being a great bus driver! The best I’ve ever had. You are very compassionate and take your job seriously, which is comforting to everyone who rides the bus. Because of you, I enjoy my commute to work.

37. Thank you for driving the bus., I feel very safe and secure when I have to take it every week. I do not fear getting hurt because you know what you are doing.

38. Thank you for driving us every day. I know some days it can get tough, and it might be harder for you to smile as you drive students around, but every morning when we are all waiting for the bus, I’m happy you are here to help me get to school.

39. Thank you for driving me to work every day. I know it’s a long commute, and sometimes you have a hard time getting to work on time. Thank you for being so patient with me when I’m late and letting me ride with you when my car doesn’t start.

40. Thank you for doing your job. I know it can be hard dealing with rude passengers and impatient people. I’m always nice to you and give you my bus pass every day.

41. Thank you for driving this route every day. I feel like it doesn’t matter how early I get up; I am safe and relaxed knowing you are behind the wheel. You have a genuinely nice way about yourself, and I always enjoy your conversations with me.

42. Thank you so much for helping me out of the bus at my convenience. I was going up the stairs to grab a coffee, and when I got back down, I realized my bike wasn’t secured properly. A boy standing behind the bus had taken it down for me. I would never have been able to get it down by myself. Thank you!

43. Thank you for driving so safely and for recognizing that I had put on my seat belt. The music was nice, but the drivers who are stressed out and yelling at us can be nerve-wracking and cause a lot of undue stress on riders. I appreciate your calm voice.

44. Thank you for riding the bus because if you did not, then I would have to drive, and I don’t like driving in Houston traffic. It is nice to be able to ride the bus and do all kinds of things. Thank you!

45. Thank you for driving me to work this morning on time. I know it’s a hard job, but thank you for doing it every day. It makes my life much easier!

46. Thank you for being a good bus driver. You are always encouraging your students to be safe, and I appreciate that. I enjoy riding the bus just because you are so nice. All of the students love you, and I hope that you have a fun holiday season.

47. Thank you for being a responsible and considerate person. Whenever I catch the bus, I am always so happy to find that you are driving it. You have been so good to me and all of us. There is a reason they call you the “gentle giant.”.

48. Thank you for driving me through all these years. Thank you for teaching me how hard it is to work and study at the same time and that I really do have to do things right now if I want them to be easier later on. Long live bus driver!

49. Thank you for getting me to school and work on time. You are an important part of my day, and I am very grateful to have you taking me around town.

50. Thank you for getting me to work and back home every day. Your kindness and cheerful attitude make my mornings a bit brighter. I look forward to seeing you, even if it is just in my rearview mirror!

51. Thank you for being a safe driver. I want to tell you that I appreciate when you don’t go above the speed limit, honk at cars on the highway and cut people off.

52. Please accept my gratitude for guiding us on our travels and getting us to the school safely. If you do another job like this, I’d be very grateful if you would contact me about how others can be helped to come to help us with our problems. Thank you so much again!

53. Thank you for taking me to school and picking me up every morning. You’re always cheerful, even when I’m not.

54. Thank you for driving this morning. I know it wasn’t easy getting all of us to school, and I appreciate how you helped us all on board.

55. Thank you for waking up at ungodly hours, driving on winding roads and not killing anyone. Also, thank you for checking my student pass every day to make sure I am where I am supposed to be.

56. Thank you for your kind words. My morning runs are my only time of peace and freedom from the day-to-day grind. It means a lot that you have noticed how much good I am doing for myself.

57. Thank you for being a very nice bus driver. I like the bus because it is convenient, but I always enjoy your company too. I hope you have a great day and drive safely.

58. Thank you for being so patient and driving well. I feel safe and comfortable riding with you. I know that my bus is late sometimes, and I feel like you have waited for me many times. Thank you for doing the right thing and backing up after loading passengers into your bus.

59. Thank you for always being there. It’s so great to have a bus driver I can trust with my son.

60. Thank you for driving my children to school every day. I know I take for granted the fact that you are there for me to pick up my children, which keeps them on time and safe. It is a relief to be able to count on such a perfect driver with your excellent driving record and the trust of the kids who ride with you every day.

61. Thank you for taking the time to drive my kids to school every morning. Some days, they get on and off the bus very quickly and stop to visit with their friends. Thank you for taking that into account and starting the bus a little earlier or later than usual so all of them can sit down and buckle up.

62. Thank you for driving me to work through rush hour. I know you must not be very happy about driving your route, but I am always appreciative of the time you give me every day to get to work.

63. Thank you for getting me to work safely every day. I know there have been times you have helped by being calm in an emergency or even just driving us back to our homes. I appreciate that very much. You do it with a kind smile, and I appreciate your big heart!

64. Thank you for being a great role model for me as I grow up. Your driving skills are excellent, your patience is reassuring, and your advice about life is always well-received. I am so grateful to have you as part of my life.

65. Thank you! I’m often in a rush and sometimes forget to give you a dime. Thank you for always being so kind, professional and courteous.

66. Thank you for the safe ride. I know that it is a stressful job and that I shouldn’t be afraid of you, despite how you can sometimes drive. I really appreciate it when you ask people to be careful as you interact with them.

67. Thank you for your hard work. I know you are on the road a lot, but it is nice to see one of your big smiles each day.

68. Thank you for being such a great bus driver. I am so glad to have you and the whole team driving us around safely each day. We all enjoy your humour, and it makes the ride seem quicker.

69. Thank you for being my bus driver. I’m so grateful to have an awesome bus driver who is always on time and keeps two eyes out while driving.

Showing appreciation is a form of positive reinforcement, and I hope sending any of these thank you bus driver quotes did the job of making your bus driver feel appreciated because not many drivers get to be shown gratitude.

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