Pain Behind Smile Quotes

Pain Behind Smile Quotes

Pain is one of the many things life’s got to offer, and everyone’s got pain in their lives, no matter your status or the social strata you find yourself in, but some have it more than others. In the same vein is the smile, which has a history of its own and sometimes comes from happiness but unfortunately, when someone’s not smiling, you can simply tell they are in some sort of pain.

This simply means that there is pain behind every happy smile, but because you want others to think you are fine while you are tormented with depression or other mental issues, you wear a smile.

It could also be a pain due to bad choices, failures, heartbreaks and many more, which you are about to find out in this inspirational collection of pain behind a smile quotes. The quotes will also show you that smile is a universal language and nothing but a mask hiding his inner pain.

Also, you can use and share the pain behind smile quotes with people, letting them know that even in times of great sorrow and despair, one can still find happiness and joy, which only shows how strong the human spirit is. Enjoy.

Pain Behind Smile Quotes

There is pain behind that smile. Pain that you are not confident enough to show the world. The pain of always being told your life is not good enough. The pain of not having a job that supports your lifestyle and the people who depend on you.

1. Pain behind a smile is always a tough thing to handle. But don’t ever let that discourage you from smiling and living life with passion.

2. The pain behind the smile is what happens when you have suffered in childhood and hide that suffering using a smile.

3. Pain behind the smile is only temporary. Smile to be happy.

4. The smile you are wearing right now is not the one you have been trying to hide. It’s the one that comes naturally because your pain has taught you how important it is.

5. People put a lot of effort into hiding their pain behind smiles.

6. How did you get comfortable with the pain? Because it takes a lot to smile and laugh when you’re hurting. But we do it every day because we know how to give it away.

7. There is a painful silence behind each smile – it is a pain, the struggle, the sorrow, and they will pass away someday.

8. There is pain behind every smile, but smiles still make you look pretty.

9. Smile and be happy and live life to the fullest because even when there is pain behind your smile, you’ll always have a reason to smile.

10. Don’t let the pain behind your smile keep you from smiling.

11. Smile because it hurts. And smile harder because that pain is temporary.

12. Life will make you smile. It doesn’t matter how dark it is. Life is a smile.

13. The path to happiness is not easy, but it’s worth the fight.

14. You can always find the silver lining even in the toughest situations.

15. There is pain behind the smile, and it will remind you that you have to be strong and that there is no shame in showing emotion.

16. There is pain behind the smile, but you still have to smile.

17. There is pain behind every smile. So when you’re in pain, don’t just smile; smile through it.

18. Pain behind a smile is real. Be kind to yourself, and there’s a lot to smile about.

19. Behind every smile, there is pain. Behind every success, there is sacrifice.

20. Only you can make your life beautiful. Behind every smile, there is pain. Behind every tear is joy. We just have to find it.

21. Behind every smile, there is pain. We don’t know why they smile, but we love hearing it.

22. Pain exists in the past, but it can be forgotten. Smile behind the pain and let it go.

23. When you smile, it’s not only the outside world that you’re showing. You’re also letting the pain out that’s inside of you.

24. Your pain does not define you. You are defined by how you choose to respond to it. Smiling it out is the best response of all time in the middle of the pain.

25. The laughter behind the tears will always be remembered by the hearts we held close to them.

26. It’s hard to keep smiling when all you can think about is how much you want to cry.

27. There is always pain behind a smile. It is the truth we must learn to live with, but it doesn’t have to define us.

28. There is always pain behind a smile. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smile anyway.

29. What’s the point of smiling if there’s no sadness behind it?Smile, please.

30. There is a reason smile lines appear on your face. It’s because they’ve been there, just like the wrinkles. Each day reminds you to live your best life and always remember that true happiness comes from within.

31. No matter how hard or painful the situation, always keep your smile.

32. We all get through things, but your smile always gets you through.

33. Smile and pretend it isn’t there. It doesn’t have to ruin your day—just how you live.

34. A smile is a sign of a positive mind. Keep smiling no matter how bad you feel because the best is yet to come!

35. No matter how much you smile, there is always one person whose pain is behind your smile

36. The smile is a mask. Behind the smile is pain. Behind the pain is truth.

37. There is a lot of pain in this world. But if you smile, not everyone has to see it.

38. Pain comes in many forms, and it’s good to know that even though the pain is real, you can smile through it.

39. Once you smile, it’s easier to forget your pain.

40. Pain isn’t the absence of happiness. It’s the peak of it.

41. As a smile is the language of the heart, so is a frown, the language of the soul.

42. Smile. It’s not what’s on your face. Smile, it’s what’s inside that matters.

43. Life is filled with challenges and heartaches, but why should that stop you? Smile through it all. There is joy behind it.

44. You don’t have to go through the pain of the world. You can still smile behind it.

45. The smile on my face hides the pain in my heart.

46. Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day, or a year, but eventually, it will subside, and something else will take its place. If I refused to accept the pain, I would never be free to enjoy the joy that always follows onward.

47. Smile, but don’t be too happy. It’s not healthy. There’s always something more to life than a smile, don’t you know?

48. Pain is the reminder that you’re alive. Smile behind your pain, and you will conquer it in no time at all.

49. Smile. Happiness is a choice, but you can’t force a smile. So choose to be happy.

50. Life is not a bed of roses, but these moments strengthen us. That is why we need to choose to smile over it.

51. There is always pain behind a smile, but you can either let it get to you or smile through it and help others.

52. Living in a world full of cruelty and violence, it’s easy to get discouraged. But things aren’t that bad when you look at the bigger picture. You see life as a series of challenges and rewards, not a continuous stream of misery.

53. There’s pain behind every smile, but it doesn’t have to show.

54. It’s always hard to smile when you’re hurting. But it’s even harder to pretend nothing is wrong, so don’t be afraid to admit that the pain is real. So, let your smile be the light that overshadows it.

55. Learn to smile in the face of pain because there is no greater gift than the gift of life.

56. Life is full of hurt, yet we are all smiling because our hearts are full of love.

57. Smile, even when it hurts. It will all work out in the end.

58. The moment you know that there is no better feeling than when you are smiling with the one you love the most.

59. Life is always better with a smile on your face.

60. Smile, for there is pain behind your smile.

61. Smiles are sometimes hard to hide, but when you look beyond the smile, there is pain behind it.

62. There’s a lot of pain behind those smiles we put on. So, choose to smile more.

63. You can’t hide your pain, but you can smile.

64. A smile hides the pain, but you should never let it get in the way of your passion.

65. There’s a lot of pain in life, but we can smile and keep going.

66. You should learn to smile through the pain, not just from it.

67. You shouldn’t smile because you’re happy. You smile because you’re proud of yourself for pushing through the pain and coming out on the other side.

68. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Pain is a part of life, and it’s how we grow and become stronger.

69. There is pain behind a smile. Learn to see past it and appreciate what matters most.

70. There’s pain behind a smile. There’s a fire inside. There’s something you can’t see, but it burns just as hot.

71. Where there is joy, there is always pain. But what makes you smile? It is the strength you find even in pain.

72. The truth is that pain is unavoidable, and your friends can’t fix it. But they can help you find the strength to get through it with a smile.

73. Pain is just a feeling that something is wrong. But when you smile, it’s all worthwhile and fine.

74. Pain is temporary. So are worry, anger, and regret. But there is one emotion that lasts a lifetime. Your smile.

75. Smile, knowing that pain does not equal pleasure.

76. We are not whom we look like in pictures. We are the ones who smile behind that smile.

77. You can smile and laugh or cry and laugh. But the choice is yours.

78. It’s not that hard to find a smile when you’ve got many reasons to be happy.

79. Smiles hide the hurt, but not always. Don’t just smile through your pain, be stronger than it.

80. Smile and remember that sadness is temporary. Pain is temporary. Happiness is permanent.

81. Smile even when you’re hurting because there’s more to life than being happy.

82. Smile. People don’t like to be told how they feel. So smile and let them know that you feel their pain.

83. Pain is a powerful teacher. It reveals character and teaches the lesson from confrontation with adversity. The smile on your face is the confirmation of a lesson well learned.

84. Smile because it hurts. Smile because your loved ones are smiling, too. Smile because you’re sad. Smile because you’re happy. Smile because you don’t have to.

85. When I smile, it means I’m happy; when I’m smiling, you know I’m really sad.

86. Life is difficult and painful sometimes, but it’s even more beautiful when you learn to embrace it with a smile no matter the pain.

87. We have to live our lives as if they were short because the truth is they don’t always go according to plan.

88. Smile. Even if there is pain behind the smile, don’t let it get hold of you. There is more strength in your smile than you can imagine.

89. Pain doesn’t always bring you down, but it’s important to remember that there is sometimes a purpose—to make room for something bigger.

90. Smile, even when you’re hurting inside, because soon, everyone else will think you’re happy with your life. Smile, even if it’s not easy to do sometimes, because it’ll make you feel good.

91. Don’t let anyone tell you that pain is bad. It never goes away, but you don’t have to let it define you.

92. Life is a beautiful adventure, and it’s full of challenges and hard times. But that’s what makes every day meaningful and special. Be strong, be courageous, stand up for what you believe in, and don’t hide behind a smile.

93. Smiling is easy. The smiles that mean the most are hard to come by.

94. Smile, keep moving forward. There is pain behind a smile, and there is joy behind laughter and sorrow. Keep smiling!

95. There is pain behind every smile. But if you keep smiling and being happy with yourself, one day, you will realize it is not there anymore.

96. Behind every smile, there are some tears. But don’t give up on happiness yet. You can’t see the pain behind it, but you can feel it.

97. We smile and laugh despite all the pain because behind that smile is a story.

98. When you smile at someone, even though you are hurting inside, that light glistens in your eyes, and that warmth radiates through your face. And so it is with everyone who does not let the tears fall down their cheeks but who has learned to laugh a little more each day because of the pain.

99. When you smile and laugh, don’t forget to be happy for the beautiful things in life—and remember that pain is not forever.

100. Not all smiles are a result of being happy. It’s that you are feeling a whole lot of other things. Look deeper.

I hope you enjoyed these pain behind smile quotes. Please do not forget to share and leave your comments below.

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