I am Lucky to Have a Mother Like You Quotes

I am Lucky to Have a Mother Like You Quotes

Mothers are the greatest gift from God to their children. In most cases, they are the first to show true love to their children and the people around them and they are known for being the most loveable person.

It is the responsibility of a Mother to make a lot of sacrifices for the wellbeing of their children, and they are most of the time, the first teacher, first love, and best friend to her children. They are adorable in the way they care and love.

The relationship between a mother and her children is one of the strongest bonds because of what they go through to shape and make sure their children are better people. Mothers are love beings and they are deserving of love and appreciation.

If you have a mother who has sacrificed a lot for you and has loved you unconditionally, You should not hesitate to tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life.

I know that you might be overwhelmed and words may fail you to show gratitude to your mother for her unending sacrifices and that is why I have written these I am lucky to have a mother like you quotes.

Send this to your mum and be sure she will appreciate you for the thoughtful gesture.

I am Lucky to Have a Mother Like You Quotes

I am lucky to have a mother like you because you are my all in all and there is nothing in this world that can replace your love in my heart. You are the most beautiful and best things that have happened to me.

1. I’m lucky to have a mother like you. Thank you for taking care of me over the years and for being my guide.

2. Thank you for being my number one cheerleader and for everything you have been doing in my life. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

3. Dear mom, I appreciate your word of wisdom and prayers, they keep me going, I’m forever grateful for your presence in my life over the past few years.

4. Mom, I am grateful for all the numerous things you do to satisfy me. I love you, mom.

5. You made me who I am today by being a strong woman. I love you mom and thanks for being my shield and my strength.

6. You showed up as the light in my world when all hope seems lost, you came to show me the way. It is a privilege to have you like my mother. I will be eternally grateful for the gift of you.

7. Dear mom, you built the most beautiful relationship in this world with the people around you. I want to appreciate you for teaching me to do the same.

8. Mom, Thank you for teaching me the way of truth and teaching me to show kindness to people around me. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

9. I’m lucky to have you as my mother, you are my number one role model. Thank you for showing me the way to follow. you amaze me every day of my life.

10. Thank you for being the best cook, You are the world’s greatest chef. I love you, mom. Nobody can take your place in my heart.

11. I will not only celebrate you on mothers’ day. I will always celebrate you everyday dear mother. For me, Every day is mother’s day.

12. Thank you for teaching me how to handle life issues and to persevere. I love you always

13. Dear mother, you are awesome in all your deed toward me I can’t thank you enough for always having my back.

14. I’m always happy to have you around whenever I receive your calls that you are coming to spend the weekend with me. Thank you for loving me the way you do and for not giving up on me.

15. Mom, thank you for loving me even before I was born. Thank you for your sleepless nights and for sacrificing a lot for me. I love you mother and thank you for your sacrifices.

16. Thank you for being the most amazing mom in the world. You have taught me different things and how to adjust throughout everyday life. Thank you mommy for everything. I will always love you.

17. I’m always happy whenever the thought of you crosses my mind. Thank you for being a channel of joy and happiness, mother.

18. Dear mom I’m forever thankful to you for your consistency over the years and for staying beside me constantly.

19. You radiate all shades of beauty in life, you make my life more meaningful and colourful. I’m lucky to have you as my mother.

20. I feel lucky to have you as my mother, You are my strength, my confidant, and my pride. thank you, mom, I love you forever.

21. You have shown me affection and love from the very first day of my life till now. You have never stopped loving me for who I am.

22. Thank you for teaching me new lessons, and cheering me on in everything that I do. I love you so much, mummy.

23. I feel lucky to have you as a mom. You always go the extra mile to support me and make my life better. I love you so much, mom.

24. For constantly supporting my dreams and being there for me, I will be forever indebted to you mom.

25. Cheers to my number one cheerleader for all the amazing things you have been doing and for making my world a better place. Greatest thanks to you mom.

26. To the most beautiful lady in my life, my hero and everything I love you so much, mummy.

27. I am always happy and glad to have a mother like you, you are always there for me, you have been through thin and think just to keep me alive. I love you so much, my beautiful mom.

28. I feel lucky to have you as my best friend, companion, my gist partner, and my love. I’m lucky to have a bestie like you.

29. Thank you for all your care for me and my siblings over the past few years, and thank you for bringing out the best in us.

30. It is popularly said that a house is a home, only because of the presence of an amazing woman. Thank you for making me know what it feels like to have a home. Thank you, mom, I love you so much.

31. Thank you for being the pillar behind my success today. Seeing you going through challenges for me to become a better person, for your sleepless night, your forbearance and tolerance because of me. Thank you for being a mother. I’m lucky to have your mom.

32. Thank you for going through a lot to always make sure you put a smile on my face. I love you, mom.

33. My life would be incomplete without you being my mother. I love you. Thank you for coming into life.

34. Thank you mom for not being ashamed of me and all of my weaknesses. I am grateful that you shaped me into who I am today. Thank you for loving me despite everything.

35. Thank you for being an amazing woman, for working hard to meet the needs of your children, and for supporting the family. I love you.

36. Thank you for hearing me out every time, thank you for correcting me and putting me through what to do. Thanks for bearing with my excesses, mom.

37. Mom, Your love makes me whole and I feel I can achieve anything in life. Thank you for loving me. I love you, mom.

38. I love you so much mom not just because of who you are to me or what you represent, but because there is nobody else in the world who understands me much better than you.

39. I appreciate you, mom for your selflessness, love, direction, strength, struggle, and dodginess because it’s a privilege to have a mother who cares and shows love like you do.

40. Nothing can be compared to a mother’s love, while growing up I have been the trouble in your bone, thanking you for raising me well. My behaviour and actions can be very annoying. I have done all manners of bad things to you, but your faith keeps me going and your prayers changed me. I am so lucky to have a great woman like you in my life.

41. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best in everything I’m doing. I am grateful, mom.

42. Mother I love you more than what the worlds can ever say or bring together. I’m super happy that God gave you as my mom. Thank you, my love.

43. Thank you for being a blessing to me and your support has always put every one of my issues to rest. I love you.

44. I cherish every single moment spent with Mom, you radiate love and happiness and I am so lucky to have a mother like you.

45. Dear Mom your love in my heart wax stronger every day, you are the reason I am still standing. today. I love you so much ma.

46. In my journey of life, you taught me to always stay in love, grow in love and be sincere to love. Thank you, mom.

47. Dear Mom, You are a rare gem, God sent to me. I love you my guiding angel.

48. To my beloved mother, you went through so much to come and stay beside me, and I’m thankful that you are always there for me.

49. If I’m to make a wish today is to live with you for the rest of my life, a wish is made from the heart for it to come true. I’m lucky to have you as my mother.

50. Thank you for always being there for me, your love keeps me going. You make my world a better place. I love you, my mom.

Mothers are great blessings to their children, for their unending support, encouragement, and how they make life more bearable for their children, that’s why they should be celebrated and appreciated for their efforts every single day.

I believe you love these I am lucky to have a mother like you quotes. Please Free feel to drop your comments and share.
Thank you.

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