Its a Blessing to Have a Sister Like You Quotes

It’s a Blessing to Have a Sister Like You Quotes

A sister is one member of the family that is often closer to you even more than your parents and nothing beats having a sister that looks out for you, cares and truly loves you.

If you are lucky to have a sister that treasures and loves you, she is a big blessing to your life and you should show her your deepest and fondest appreciation.

There are many /things you can do to show your sister you appreciate her but you can start by sending her any of these it’s a blessing to have a sister like you quotes below.

It’s a Blessing to Have a Sister Like You Messages and Quotes

I am pleased and blessed to have a sister like you in my life. I have always known you were special even while we were still kids and even now as adults, those special qualities and characteristics have magnified greatly. I know you might be shocked to get this message but nevertheless, its content is true.

1. We are lucky to have a wonderful person like you in our lives. You have brought immense joy to our family and I love you a lot.

2. You are our pride and lucky charm and we all admire you. Keep winning dearest sister, we are all solidly behind you.

3. May you continue to be a shining light and good example among your peers the way you have always been to the rest of your siblings. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

4. I love having a sister and I love that you are the sister. You are a blessing to me in every way and I appreciate you a lot.

5. I am grateful to God for having you in my life. The space you occupy in my heart is a huge one. No one and nothing in this world can ever take that place.

6. You have blossomed into a sensible and mature adult over the years and you amaze us with your good spirit. You are always loved.

7. You are a remarkable woman, the way you always look out for me and help me through tough situations is sweet and without being told, I know I owe you a lot.

8. I want you to know I will always protect and defend you from every form of harassment. You are my kid sister and I consider that my duty.

9. I know you consider me overprotective but that’s because I care about you a lot and I don’t want you in harm’s way. Take care little sis.

10. No matter how grown you are, you will always be my little sister and I will always have your back.

11. You are a caring, loving and amazing sister and I cannot but love you.

12. You exude so much love and grace and it’s almost impossible not to love you. You are our gem and we will always treat you like one.

13. You are always vibrant and funny when happy and that’s why I never want to see you frown and I care a lot about your well-being. Stay happy dear sister.

14. You make being your sibling worthwhile. I am glad there is no toxicity between us and we have managed to nurse a healthy relationship through the years. Love you, sis.

15. Despite the distance between us, we have managed to stay closely knitted together and I am happy about that because your friendship is important to me.

16. You have been a source of joy to us all, you are selfless, smart and loyal and those traits are not easy to come by.

17. As you have been a source of blessing to us, I pray that the blessings of God never elude you all the days of your life.

18. Your beautiful smile and personality always light up the whole place all the time and it’s one of the reasons you are a likeable person.

19. You are a joy giver and you deserve all the love you can get as well which is why I am sending you this message today. You are always loved, sis.

20. You are doing really well, keep soaring and always stay positive.

21. You are smart and you are worth celebrating and that’s why I will not hesitate to celebrate you any chance I get.

23. May you continue to excel in all you lay your hands upon and may you continue to stand out wherever you find yourself. You have loved sis.

24. You are someone who is worth celebrating every day and at every given opportunity. I am missing you, sis.

25. I admire your focus and commitment to all you do and I have picked up these 2 traits and actively applied them to my own work as well. You are truly inspiring me.

26. You are your own woman; strong-willed and confident and these are some of the things I love about you. I am always proud of you.

27. You have grown into an adult that can be well emulated. You are charming, kind, gorgeous and compassionate and am proud to be your brother.

28. We all respect you and I think it has to do with the fact that you are quite admirable. I love having you as a sister.

29. You have a good attitude, even in bad times, you are always positive and that’s why I love being around. You have been a huge source of inspiration to me.

30. Have a beautiful day today and never forget that you are very dear and close to my heart.

31. I have watched you grow into a focused and goal-driven individual and I can’t but be proud of you.

32. You are the glue that holds the family together and without you, the family will not be what it is today. Thanks, sis, thanks for all you do.

33. I pray you continue to soar higher and higher in all your endeavours. Have a fabulous day today and remember that we are love and miss you.

34. You are the sort of sister everyone would love to have and I wish you the very best in all your future endeavours and life in general.

35. You make so many sacrifices for me and sometimes when I think about it, I get really emotional. Thanks for all you do sis, you are a blessing to me.

36. You always bring joy to my life and I pray you to experience unexplainable goodness and joy in your life as well. You are always on my mind dear sis.

37. We all love you, never forget that. Wherever you go in life and whatever you do, know that we love and support you.

38. I love you so much and am glad to have the most amazing lady in the world as sis. Keep soaring!

39. You are beautiful in and out. Don’t let anything change or corrupt you, always stay true to yourself.

40. You are indeed an amazing gift God gave our family. You have enriched our lives greatly and we consider you our lucky charm.

41. I love the beautiful memories of your transition from a toddler into adulthood. You have made me a lucky and happy parent. I love you so much son and I wish you a happy birthday.

42. Never stop dreaming and working towards fulfilling your goals and aspirations. Let me know if you need my help in any way.

43. You mean so much to me. You are the only sibling I have and I treasure you a lot.

44. You are all a sister should be. Your commitment to me has not wavered through the years and it’s something I am deeply grateful for.

45. Nothing and no one can ever come between us. This is a promise and I make it because you have won my trust forever.

46. We are almost twins because we have and do a lot of things in common. I love having a replica of me and I love having you as my sister.

47. You are a very smart lady and even my friends are intimidated by you. I on the other hand admire you a lot. You are my loving and smart sis.

48. I like and respect you not because you are my elder sister but because you have earned my trust and respect.

49. You can be really troublesome and a pain in the neck sometimes but I love you still.

50. I miss your company a lot and I wish you wouldn’t travel overseas but I understand why you had to though. All the best sis.

I am Blessed to Have a Sister Like You Quotes

I am so blessed and thankful to have a sister like you in my life. It’s a little sad that you are so far away but the beauty of sending quotes is that they can reach you in any part of the world that you are. You are loved by all of us and we miss you a lot too.

51. You are a very interesting person and you make our house fun and lively. You are a blessing to me and I will never take you for granted.

52. You are a very important part of my world, you are a big blessing to me and my family and I appreciate your generosity towards us.

53. My kids love you a lot and they always enjoy their time with you. Thank you for being the best aunt ever.

54. You are a role model for my kids, the sort of role model I want for them and that makes me happy.

55. Thank God I do not have an annoying sister. Most of my friends have clashed with their sisters but my case is not like that and it makes me happy.

56. Our parents definitely raised us right as you have grown into a very spectacular lady. Stay amazing!

57. Thank you for all the good you have done for me. My heart is full of gratitude for you.

58. If I didn’t have you, I don’t know where I would be now. Having you is a life changer for me.

59. You are the best thing in my world right now and that is why I treasure you a lot and cannot dare take you for granted.

60. Growing up, we had lots of clashes and fights but now that we are way older, we have become best friends and I have grown to love and respect you a lot.

61. Thank you for working on us becoming friends. I know we didn’t have a good relationship in our childhood but thank God we chose to fix things.

62. You are a very mature person and it’s one of the reasons I like you a lot. Keep staying true to yourself is.

63. Thank you for always being willing to help us financially when the need arises. You always come through for us and we are eternally grateful.

64. I can’t count the number of things you have done for me. You have helped me in numerous ways and it further proves that you are an angel.

65. You are like a lightbulb in my life, your presence makes everything clearer and brighter. Keep shining your light.

66. Thank you sis for being a guardian angel and always being willing to give me the necessary directions. What would I do without you?

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67. You are like a mum to me because since mum left, you have risen to the challenge and taken good care of me. Thank you and God bless you.

68. Your humour brings me out of depressing moods faster than any drug could have. You are really something extraordinary.

69. I love that I can always count on you in tough times and it is really comforting to have a sister like you.

70. You are a stronghold behind me and I know with you, there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

71. Even if we don’t always get along, it does not mean I love you less. I still treasure our relationship.

72. I love the fact that you can always correct me when I am wrong. It’s good to know there is at least someone looking out for me. Thank you.

73. I know I am accountable to you and that helps me make good decisions. It’s good to know there are people like you always keeping an eye on me.

74. You are not just a blessing to me but to everyone who knows you. It’s because you have a good heart, one that cares for all. You are loved.

75. You are a giver and you are someone who can’t turn a blind eye to people in need. The world definitely needs more people like you.

76. Thank you for always looking out for me and for always encouraging me to stay true to myself. Your words are really helpful for me and I want you to know that.

77. I know I can sometimes be nasty towards you but it doesn’t mean I do not love you. I love and will always love you, sis.

76. You are the most steadfast and hard-working of us all and I am always amazed at the level of commitment you give to all you do. Keep winning.

77. If I wasn’t there when you were born, I would assume we do not bear the same genes because unlike me, you are a genius and I am proud of you.

78. You have never made me feel like an outcast, you have always treated me well and I am grateful.

79. You are a blessing to me, a blessing I love and appreciate a lot and that’s why I will always have your back.

80. You have always been there for all of us. You are really a superwoman and we are blessed to have you.

82. Whenever I come to you with my problems, you give me a listening ear and help me out. Thank you very much for this.

83. You make the best meals, everyone knows and agrees to this. What would I do if you leave the house and I do not have access to your cooking again.

84. I will take good care of you to the best of my ability. This is because I know you will do the same for me. I care about your well-being sister.

85. Don’t let anything get you down. You are a blessing to me, one that my life desperately needs. I hope this cheers you up.

86. Life can sometimes get hard but you have to keep going. Stay strong my dearest sister, stay strong and keep moving.

87. You have touched lots of lives and I know that you will get your due reward in time. The world definitely needs more like you.

88. I bless God for having a wonderful family, one that is caring and supportive. You are an important member of our family and part of my blessing.

89. You are free to visit me anytime you want, my doors are always open to you because you have earned the privilege. God bless you sister.

90. When I look back at my childhood, I realise it was a sweet and interesting one majorly because of you. Your impact on my life was great and I appreciate all you have done for me.

91. From my childhood till this present moment, you have always been supportive. You are the template of what being a sister should be all about.

92. I tell my friends I have the best sister in the world and it is the truth. I have the best sister anyone can ever hope to have.

93. Don’t worry sister, I am always here to listen to you whenever you need me. I will also give you a shoulder to lean on for as long as you want it and that’s because you are simply the best.

94. I know it is not your birthday but I want to appreciate you this very day for your commitment to me and my career.

95. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me. You are my number 1 cheerleader, a blessing to my world and the major reason I am who I am today. God bless you.

96. I pray you always come in contact with people who will go out of their way to help you the same way you always go to the extreme to help me. You are a wonderful person, never forget this.

97. Your husband is lucky to have you. You are our family treasure and he is lucky to get to share part of the treasure.

98. You played a crucial role in me turning out like this and I owe a lot of my wins to you. Thank you sister for everything.

99. I hope your boyfriend knows you cannot be treated unfairly. If he messes with you, I will show up and knock him out. You are my gem and I will look out for you.

100. You are a blessing to me, our family, your own family and even your immediate environment. You are the type of friend anyone would love to have and the type of sister everyone would love to have. God bless you in every way sister.

If you truly love and appreciate your sister, you will be looking at /ways of boosting and improving your relationship with her and you will visit these it’s a blessing to have a sister like you quotes often and send them to her occasionally.

Don’t forget to leave your comments as usual as it is always a delight to read them.

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