Inspirational Quotes for Difficult Times in Relationships

Inspirational Quotes for Difficult Times in Relationships

Falling in love won’t save you from the hard times ahead. It’ll probably even get worse because you’ll now have both personal and mutual strains to try to work through. Staying in love is hard work, and only strong and determined people can handle the pressures.

However, the hard times don’t have to tear your relationship apart. If used rightly, they’ll reveal the depth of your willingness and commitment to each other. They can also be the building blocks you use to elevate your union.

The truth is that if you’re in a relationship with your partner, it’s mostly for reasons beyond the hard times you’re dealing with. This should be your incentive to try to make things work.

These inspirational quotes for difficult times in relationships will help you find the strength and reasons you need to stay through the difficult times. They’ll remind you about the victory and refinement awaiting your relationship at the end of it all.

Inspirational Quotes for Couples Going Through Hard Times

The journey will get tough and challenge both your personal and mutual convictions. However, during the hard times, if you stay and fight through it together, your union will become stronger and more refined as a couple.

1. The aspect of your life that you constantly water will naturally blossom. Only couples who willingly put in the necessary work will enjoy their happily-ever-after.

2. It sounds simple, but couples that keep the communication line open, especially when they’re angry, will get through difficult times easier.

3. There are no know-it-all rules to relationships. It’s the same way you wouldn’t know what makes you both tick until there are issues in the relationship. Keep putting in efforts, though!

4. Willingly embrace the hard times because they’re preparing you both to get to know yourselves on a much deeper level than in the present.

5. The hard times are there to test the convenient declarations of love. If you can hold through the process, you’ll both come out more in love with each other than you were.

6. The couples that will succeed in the long run still put in effort even when the results aren’t immediately apparent to them.

7. Time is the true test of love, and it’ll come with hard times that’ll reveal the depth of a couple’s feelings for each other. You’ll win if you can stay through, though.

8. Hard times will certainly come for you both. To make it work for you, you have to prepare ahead to deliberately love each other, communicate, and do mutual activities regardless of how you feel.

9. In a relationship, you’ll walk on hot coals at some point. However, relief and calm await the couples that will persevere to the end.

10. It takes months to see the results of tendering a plant. It’s the same way it can take time to visibility see the results of your efforts in a relationship. But it doesn’t change the fact that your effort is going in.

11. It takes skills to stay long-term in a relationship and work through problems with one another. Sadly or not, this requires a lifetime effort.

12. A healthy habit to cultivate in hard times is still making time for others even when things are not so great. That’s deliberate loving, and it is key to a successful relationship.

13. Be open to trying new ways of resolving conflicts between yourself. Your union will not only get better, and your personal life will too.

14. When you face hard times isn’t the best time to project your fears from previous relationships. To do so is to set the relationship up for toxicity and friction.

15. To make your relationship work, especially in hard times, you’ll have to forgive your partner as much as you forgive yourself.

16. Nothing says you love your partner more than looking out for them even when they’ve offended you. You’ll make them feel safe and loved, especially during the hard times.

17. Although hard times will come, deliberately make your union a safe space. Of all the things you both have to fight, fighting yourselves shouldn’t be one of them.

18. It takes continuous effort so that you both don’t drift away from one another. So, even when you face difficult times, make up your mind to still be consistent with your affection.

19. You don’t necessarily need fancy things to keep your union together. Simple things such as communication, honesty, and acts of service can play big roles during hard times.

20. It’s easy to feel like the spark is gone when you’re facing hard times as a couple. But diamond doesn’t ultimately lose its spark because it has dirt.

21. Of all the odds you’ll have to battle against, your partner shouldn’t be one of them. If you always remember this line of thought, it’ll be easy to keep fighting for your relationship.

22. When you and your partner run out of things to say, and it’ll happen, don’t reduce your consistency. This consistency will eventually reawaken the intensity between the both of you.

23. You’re both still growing, so it’ll help to be kind and patient with yourselves and each other. That’s a way to navigate the difficult times you’ll have as a couple.

24. If you learn to factor your partner into your plans, you’ll keep the fire of your relationship burning even in hard times.

25. For both of you, the past belongs in the past. However tempted you are to throw jabs in your partner’s face, especially in times of difficulty, avoid it.

26. If you look at it differently, the hard times can offer new ways of exploring yourself and your relationship even more. Embrace the process!

27. Reminiscing about the more loving times you’ve had with your partner isn’t just for the good times alone. It’s also for those hard days when you feel the urge to hurt them back as much as they’ve hurt you.

28. It’s easy to fall into a routine with each other; routine can sometimes breed friction. In this case, it’s okay to practice spontaneity and intentionality in your relationship constantly.

29. In the end, always remember that you both promised it’ll be you both against the world. This will help you channel your anger properly during hard times.

30. Many couples are struggling with relationship issues. Yours isn’t worse, and conflicts won’t end with your relationship. You have to remember to always get back on your feet and fight for your partner.

31. The occasional fights shouldn’t stop you both from performing acts of love and kindness for each other. Consistency is how you’ll both grow as a couple.

32. It’s easy to profess love these days. However, the hard times and the hard work you have to put in, as a result, will sieve out the real ones from the fake.

33. Seize the hard times as opportunities to thrash any and everything possible. If you use it right, the hard times can make you stronger and more united than before.

34. When it becomes hard, and it’ll become hard, hold on to the fact that you didn’t choose wrong. The hard times will eventually pass, and you’ll see the sun again.

35. It was more than passion and excitement that drove you both to each other in the first place. It’ll help to remember this when the hard times come.

36. You can get past the hard times by doing something simple as setting up a date. It’ll easily soften the mood to solve issues causing strains in the relationship.

37. If you have to seek the help of a relationship coach to help you get past the difficult times you’re having, don’t be ashamed to. The overall goal is to stay in love with your partner for a long time.

38. Difficult times between a couple can be hard to navigate through. However, resolving issues can be a way to woo and rekindle the spark on a much deeper level than before.

39. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is hard. However, don’t allow your reason for letting love go be that you couldn’t fight for it with all you’ve got.

40. The key to staying together is always willing to try and make things work. Ultimately, you chose this person for qualities beyond the reasons for your present anger.

41. When the hard times come, remember that life is too short to spend it, not trying to make it work with your partner.

42. Even with the anger, you can both learn to fall in love with each other again. It’ll probably take time and a few practices, but it’ll be fine.

43. When you’re in doubt about the direction of your relationship isn’t the time to make drastic decisions. Allow the emotions to settle, then work it out with your spouse.

44. If you sincerely put in the necessary work in your relationship, you’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

45. When you face difficult times in your relationship, you’ll want to let that aspect of your life die. However, if you keep putting in the effort, the strains will disappear.

46. Whether the hurt allows you to admit it or not, your partner is an integral part of your life. To get rid of the strains in your union, you’ll have to talk things through with them.

47. Falling in love was the easy part. Staying in love requires you to connect with your partner above the odds that’ll come your way.

48. The reasons for your anger today can be the building blocks you’ll use to elevate your relationship past the level it’s at currently.

49. When it’s as though the butterflies in your stomach are no longer fluttering, remember to keep taking things in your relationship one step at a time.

50. True love isn’t only the fairy tale people paint it out to be. It is daily hard work and effort to strengthen your relationship. But when you make an effort, you’ll realize that finding true love is worth it!

Inspirational Quotes for Hard Times in a Relationship

If you can easily give up on your relationship, then maybe you never loved your partner as much as you claimed in the beginning. True love endures and is always willing to fight through hard times.

51. It’s normal for life to get in the way of your relationship. However, if you can see each trial as an opportunity to bring you both closer, then it becomes easier to fight.

52. It’s completely normal to feel fear and doubt in your relationship. You should know ahead of time that it’s not always going to be rosy and romantic. However, if you keep fighting, you’ll win.

53. The earlier you realize that the enemy isn’t you or your partner, the faster you can align to fight for your love together.

54. If you can stay through with your partner, then you’re probably more hardworking and determined than you give yourself credit for presently.

55. Your relationship will not remain the same after each mountain you climb together. This is because your trust and love for each other will deepen in the process.

56. If you start practising holding on to each other, it wouldn’t be hard when trials come. And trials are bound to come for relationships and the individuals in them.

57. If you intend to stay in a relationship for the long haul, you’ll have to toughen up. The proof of love is sticking with each other when things become difficult.

58. If you deliberately learn to choose your partner, regardless of the situation, you’ll both always come out from the storm unscathed.

59. Depending on the direction life wants to go, the sun may stay longer than the rains. However, if you learn to communicate and trust each other, you’ll outlive any weather.

60. Expect both the sun and rain in your relationship. Thankfully, love is a feeling that can transcend different seasons when watered well.

61. Asides from the external threats, there are internal battles you’ll endure in relationships. However, honesty will see you through if you allow yourselves to go through the vulnerability that comes with it.

62. Let it settle in your mind once and for all that relationships require hard work. In the middle of storms, you’d have to fight to find each other and stay together.

63. In relationships, you shine your light when you deliberately communicate. When you talk, you and your partner agree to fight the threats coming for your love.

64. At some point, your relationship will become almost unbearably difficult. However, if you continue to choose love, understanding, and patience, you’ll do just fine!

65. When you notice the strain in your relationship, it’s time to speak your partner’s love language even more. The presence of strain shouldn’t be the absence of deliberate love because it’s how you’ll conquer.

66. It’s easy to walk away when the going gets tough. But if you stay through the process, both parties will come out stronger and better!

67. When you can’t see reasons to stay, remember why you started in the first place. Challenges shouldn’t obliterate the good times you’ve had together.

68. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you commit to accepting their bad and good sides. There’s no cherry-picking one part for the other in any situation.

69. There’s no promise that the relationship will be easy, but the bad days will be lesser than the good ones if you learn to stick together.

70. If you’re with your partner, then you believe in their goodness and ability to care for you. Keep this at the forefront of your mind when difficult situations come for your relationship.

71. Tough times will largely define the kind of people you and your partner will become. If you stay and fight for your love, you’ll last forever and become better people.

72. Because you’re not the same as your partner, you’re both bound to clash in the relationship. The trick, however, is always finding ways to work out your differences respectfully.

73. If you don’t give up on your relationships, they’ll last forever. Let it always be said that you gave your best to make it work with your partner.

74. It’s easy to believe that keeping a relationship is all glamour without hard work. However, this isn’t the case; you must do the necessary work if you want something to work.

75. Giving up and walking away is easy, but making it through the tough times will make your relationship together stronger.

76. When you choose to fight for your relationship, you will experience the miracle and joy of watching something beautiful get created from your efforts.

77. The most beautiful stories come from seemingly broken things or people. When you experience strains in your relationship, know that things can still become beautiful.

78. Serious relationships can be difficult to maintain. However, when you fight for them and work through the tough times, you get to experience the magic of beautiful unions.

79. You won’t be the first or last person to experience problems in their relationship. No matter how broken you feel, you can still build your relationship into a beautiful one.

80. Maintaining a relationship is tough work, but it’s worth it when you both find ways to make it work. In the end, you’ll look back and see the overall growth that’s happened to you and your union.

81. If you put in the commitment needed to keep a relationship, you’ll enjoy a happy union and the knowledge that you’re more resilient than you thought.

82. No relationship is perfect, but you can be happy and enjoy a beautiful life with your partner. However, this type of life starts when you choose to fight rather than give up.

83. Get ready because your partner will annoy you in more ways than you can count. And you’ll have to deliberately love them in those times to make the relationship work.

84. When the relationship becomes tough, you must learn to deliberately invest more in healthy practices for you and your partner.

85. Once you’re in, you can’t outsource your marriage. You and your partner would have to do the work required for a healthy relationship.

86. Embrace the tough times in your union because they can birth a stronger and more intimate relationship when handled maturely.

87. When the going gets tough, don’t be scared to seek wise counsel. If a practice helps you both get over recent strains in your relationship, then be willing to embrace it.

88. When you feel the presence of a storm in your relationship, hold on to each other more. Hard times will come, but you’ll get through them if you stick together.

89. In relationships, you must always remember to trust the hands holding yours, even when you don’t know what the future holds.

90. Relationships require a lot of time, effort, and energy. Hence, you must be patient enough to make improvements one small change at a time.

91. It is hard to hold onto the promise of something better when things are ugly. However, you stand the chance of overcoming anything if you continue to rely on each other.

92. Life is tough, and marriage takes a lot of work. But if you don’t give up, you’ll come out victorious.

93. Choosing your partner is more pronounced in difficult situations. Brace up because hard times are there to test the validity of your love claims and bond.

94. If you’re overwhelmed by the strains in your relationship, take a momentary break. Tomorrow comes with the promise of new starts and opportunities.

95. Embrace the season of difficulty because the rains will soon come. Just because things aren’t working out now doesn’t mean the future of your relationship isn’t still bright.

96. The kind of life you want with your partner isn’t unattainable. You only have to be willing to put in the time and work that is required.

97. Don’t emphasize perfection because no rule states that your relationship always has to be perfect. Respect each other’s differences, put in the work, and you’ll see your love blossom.

98. If you can look beyond the difficult times you’re having in your relationship, you’d see the growth already taking place in both your lives.

99. If you keep hope alive in your hearts, there are no mountains you both wouldn’t be able to surmount.

100. Feeling lost and defeated is pretty normal in relationships. However, it doesn’t have to mean the end for both of you, especially if you’re both willing to try.

Hopefully, using these inspirational quotes for difficult times in relationships will inspire the transformation you want for your personal life and relationship.

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