If You Love Her Fight for Her Quotes

If You Love Her Fight for Her Quotes

Being in love is the best feeling in the world. The first time you fall in love you and your partner are so happy to be together. You would do everything possible to keep that person and not lose him or her. However, sometimes it’s necessary to fight for love.

Asa a man, when you really love a woman, it is easier to tear up the sky than hurt her feelings. You will do anything, absolutely anything and everything in order to fight for her because she is precious to you.

A woman is a treasure and you should never take her for granted. If you’ve found a gem, hold on to her because if you really really love her she’s worth fighting for, even if she doesn’t see it.

Are you looking for quotes that will motivate you to fight for the love of your woman? These if you love her fight for her quotes will absolutely inspire you and make you think of your relationship in a new light and it will motivate you to fight for the one you love.

Fight for Her Love Quotes

She’s the kind of woman that makes you want to be a better man. She’s the type of woman your friends will want to know, she’s the kind of girl that makes you feel like anything is possible. You were only ever two steps away from her. Will you take the first one and fight for her love?

1. You’ll never give up on love, will you? Love her more than anything in the world. Fight for her love!

2. You will win her heart only when you are ready to fight for it.

3. If she says, “It’s my issue, not yours,” keep fighting for her.

4. Loving her is like dreaming and dreaming is wishing. Wishing is hoping. Hoping is faith And faith is trust – Don’t you ever give up on your wish to win her love.

5. If you love someone, fight for your love and don’t give up on love until you win her heart.

6. Love is never easy. But some fights are worth having in love, work, and life.

7. A man will fight for the woman he loves but only a true man will FIGHT FOR HER.

8. Never quit fighting for her love. Fight until you win the heart of a girl who has stolen your heart!

9. Fight for your one love and don’t let go until you’ve won her heart.

10. I fight for the woman I love, yeah I’d walk through fire to keep you at my side.

11. Don’t Quit. Don’t Give Up. Fight For Her Love Until You Win Her

12. Believe in yourself, don’t quit, fight for her love until you win her heart

13. Fight for your man. Don’t give up until he gives up for you.

14. She is the one who will make you a better man. If you love her, fight for her and don’t give up.

15. Don’t settle for a ‘just friends’ relationship with her. Fight for her and don’t give up. If you love her, she is the one who will make you a better man.

16. Your love will give her wings and she’ll become the woman she’s meant to be. Fight for your love, don’t give up.

17. Maybe you’re not looking for love right now and that’s fine. But when you cross her path, don’t rush the decision to say goodbye.

18. Don’t give up on that girl you love. Fight for her love and never look back.

19. Don’t give up on someone you love. Great things take time. Stay positive and fight for it!

20. So many men fall in love with the beauty of a woman, but few fall in love with the woman.

21. It’s never an easy thing to let a girl go, but it’s better than holding on to someone who doesn’t want you.

22. The power to discover love is within you. Don’t quit on love, fight for it.

23. I came here to tell you that I have been fighting for my love and I will take you back today.

24. You stole my heart from the start. A love like this is endless, so don’t stop fighting for it.

25. Though it hurts to love someone who doesn’t love you, nothing is as hurtful as loving someone and knowing they don’t love you back.

26. The day we met wasn’t the highlight of your life, it was mine-I just didn’t know it yet.

27. True love isn’t found in the number of times you smile or the number of tears you cry, true love is found in the heart of a woman who keeps on fighting till the end.

28. She’s the one for me, I’m the one for her. To be the man my woman deserves.

29. One thing I’ve learned from years of experience is that it’s better to be honest and upfront, than to play games. You might lose this one, but you’ll win the girl in the long run.

30. In love, learning, and life I have learned to follow my heart. I have tried hard not to give up on my dreams and always try to believe that there is a good reason for everything. I will never give up on my dreams and I will be grateful no matter what happens.

31. You can’t glue broken pieces back together. But you can put them in a box and keep them safe. And then one day, there may be a meeting of the minds, and you can look at that old box and be inspired to chase after what you once thought was out of reach.

32. You may not realize now, but she is the one who will make you a better man. If you love her, fight for her and don’t give up.

33. If you give up on her, you will never know how great life could have been.

34. You love her, you want to spend the rest of your life with her but she doesn’t feel the same way. You are desperate for some advice on what to do next? Ask experienced people to help you out.

35. Love is a delicate balance: you must be caring, but not clingy; serious, but not pushy; encouraging, but not overbearing.

36. Don’t let the dark take over your world, don’t let the monsters come in, don’t let the darkness and evil surrounding you taint you. Be love, be light, fight for her and show her what she means to you.

37. I will wait for you, for a thousand years. And if one day you don’t want me, I will search the entire world for you before giving up.

38. Never quit, don’t give up, fight for her love until you win her heart.

39. You don’t want to live a life without her. Never give up and fight for the love of your life.

40. Let me show you how to win her heart in a fun, natural, and proven way that uses the power of attraction. With just a few adjustments, you’ll be the “man she wants”.

41. Don’t wait until your partner gives up on you. Be sure to be the person they can count on until you make her fall in love with you.

42. Never give up. No matter how hard it seems to get her back, never quit. Keep her in mind every day and love her with all your heart.

43. Have you ever imagined the feeling of knowing that she will be at your beck and call? That’s because we know that love can make us blind. We need a little help in getting her to notice us or in getting her back into our arms.

44. I once had the same problem, and I did everything to win my wife back.

45. You can’t give up on love. The best things in life are worth fighting for.

46. Even if love has slipped through your fingers, it’s never too late to make that romantic connection. It’s not about being pushy; it’s about connecting with the right person, who is also looking for love.

47. It’s not easy to love a woman. But if you’re ready to fight for her, she’ll be ready to give her heart.

48. There’s a special place in the human heart for women who inspire them to be their best. But it’s because of you that we can show how we actually feel. All I wanted was to truly connect with you.

49. If you love her, fight for her. Don’t quit, don’t give up, fight for her love until you win her heart.

50. Don’t give up on her. Keep fighting until you’ve won over her heart. It won’t be easy,

51. If you love her, don’t walk away. Keep your love alive and fight for it to stay by believing in yourself. If you change yourself, things will get better.

52. You’re in love with a good woman who loves you back? But you feel that there is some kind of barrier between the two of you that must be broken?

53. Hey girl, we didn’t part on the best of terms and I thought about you every day for 6 months. I know that I should have done things differently but I want a second chance.

54. There are times in every man’s life when no amount of effort is enough – you need to win them over!

55. Forget about the games, tricks, and lies that you always hear about love, be different. Love is a good thing; real love doesn’t have shortcuts or lies.

56. Don’t take her for granted. If you love her, fight for her. Your girl is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

57. You don’t love her, you just like the way she loves you. Don’t give up fighting for her.

58. Some fight for money; others for fame and power. My fight is for HER! I will NOT give up!

59. You don’t fall in love with a woman because she’s beautiful. You love her and she becomes beautiful.

60. Fight for her love and never give up, don’t let anything come in your way to make you feel bad about yourself because it will not help

If You Love Her Fight for Her Quotes

True love is a true fight. If you don’t fight for her, you will not win her heart. So start writing her quotes, sing to her, long hot text her if she’s busy or out of network. Both she and I will thank you for your persistence in the end.

61. You can’t just walk away with the feeling that you never gave me a real try. If you love her then fight for her, if you want her then prove it to her. Prove it till she believes in your love.

62. No one fights alone. The power to rise above our mistakes is inside all of us. Keep fighting for your loved ones, fight for your friends, fight for the girl you love.

63. Love is a mix of emotions like trust, care, respect and also certain feelings. If you find someone who fits into these categories then it is time to think seriously about your future with that person.

64. Love takes courage to face the world. When you feel a deep sense of connection, value it and grow from it. It will reward you immeasurably.

65. I know this girl that I’ve never met, but my parents told me she’s a gift from heaven. She has changed their lives and they can’t stop thinking about her. She’s got them walking on air, she’s got them on the floor.

66. If you love this woman, fight for her and she will surrender to you.

67. Fight for her love deep in your heart, see it through your soul, do anything to get her.

68. What will you do to win her love? And where will you go to find that great woman of your dreams? That’s the question, isn’t it? You don’t have to be in love to know she’s the one for you. You just have to know. And I’m sure for most of you, that is already the case.

69. Just remember that sometimes the best way to show someone how you feel about them is with a smile and a kind word, not a grand gesture or impressive proposal

70. Hearts and flowers, hearts upside down, don’t quit fighting, he loves her no matter what she is doing to him, give it your all and then some, you’re one my heart, I love you.

71. Win her heart, be her knight in shining armour. You can do this, believe in yourself and she will believe too.

72. Don’t give up and keep on fighting for the love you want. Keep going because it’s never too late to make a difference in someone’s life.

73. Fight for the one you love, don’t be a quitter. If you truly want to win her over, fight for her love until you win her heart.

74. Fight for what you want, be it love or anything else. Love is worth fighting for. You’ll be thankful you fought for her.

75. Love is not a fairy tale. It is an epic battle for our hearts, and the only way to win the girl of your dreams is to fight for her love.

76. Love is a battle. Someone will win and someone will lose. However, if you want to win that special someone’s heart, you need to fight for her love.

77. You might have heard that love is magical and elusive, but love is actually very practical. There are simple steps you can take to win the girl of your dreams in a convincing way.

78. If you want to love you have to be willing to fight for it. Are you willing to fight for the girl(boy) of your dreams?

79. The rules of love are a lot simpler than what you’ve read in fairy tales. If you want to win your dream girl’s heart, then avoid Prince Charming and be the hero. Your princess will fall in love with you if you can give her exactly what she wants within the first two weeks of meeting her!

80. Love is not a fairy tale. Love is not easy as it seems. It is not just pure bliss, kiss and rides into the sunset. Love is fighting. Love is not giving up.

81. Love is not a fairy tale. We are constantly looking to prove our ultimate value.

82. I’ve read enough stories to know that the best way to win her heart is not through flowers and chocolates, but blood and sweat.

83. So whether you are a man or woman, young or old, good looking or not so good looking. As long as you truly want to make someone’s heart dance and feel special in every way.

84. Only the strongest survive, fight for her love and don’t give up!

85. There’re so many guys looking for their true love and you might be her one. So be ready to fight for her heart or she’ll leave you in pain.

86. Step into the future of love and give yourself the chance to win a woman’s heart. Life is short, it’s time to start now.

87. Are you up for the challenge? Don’t give up, fight, and have the strength to pursue your heart’s desires.

88. Remember that you have your own identity and the only way to win her back is by demonstrating how much you love her. You really don’t want to lose this relationship, so fight, fight until the end. If all fails, think of it as a wake-up call so that both of you can move on with your lives.

89. Everybody loves a bad boy. It’s in our genetic code to want to conquer the toughest out there. But is this an actual power? That is the question.

90. Life is tough, you’ve got to be tough too. You’ve got that strength of character and the urge to succeed.

91. When you find someone you love, don’t ever let her go.

92. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I just need you to know, no matter what happens, I will fight for you.

93. Forget about all the reasons why it won’t work and fall in love with each other—it’s a lot more fun to be surprised by what will.

94. Don’t think about marriage for a second. Look at each other with fresh eyes, fall in love with each other again. Trust me: It’s a lot more fun that way.

95. Don’t let a history of heartbreak stop the two of you from falling in love. This is your chance to start again.

96. I’m not saying you should get married and move in together, but maybe you should at least go out on a few dates. The more I think about it, the less sense it makes why we aren’t together.

97. Cut yourself some slack. Sure, it’s hard to believe that love at first sight actually exists, but if you want it to, then let it happen. If you just act like you believe it will—sooner or later you will!

98. There’s nothing worse than losing someone you love before you’ve even had the chance to find each other.

99. If you want your relationship with a woman to succeed, don’t be afraid to fight for it. You won’t win her heart with half-hearted gestures, so don’t be afraid to pour your heart into things.

100. Just keep on fighting for her love, and she will become the woman you want her to be. The woman that you met in your dreams, accept and cherish.

Maybe you’ve already realized that all your efforts to win a girl’s heart and make her fall madly in love with you, are in vain. It’s time to wage a fight! Never give up until you win a girl’s heart. Be persistent and decisive, go to the ends of the earth to get her love. Remember, if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again and again until you have succeeded. I hope these quotes inspire you to keep fighting for her love.

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