How To Have High Grades and Do not Forget About Dating

How to Have High Grades and Do not Forget About Dating

The strong emotions that arise at the beginning of a relationship affect all areas of life, including education. A person in love cannot concentrate on anything but the object of their affection. Therefore, students are often faced with a lack of time to study. They have to resort to cheap essay services, skip deadlines and do not learn the material qualitatively, which eventually leads to a deterioration in academic performance. So how do you find a balance between studying and relationships so that both areas of your life are on A+?

Love is an inspiration for learning

If you both have a desire to study and understand that there are many important things to think about in addition to love, there is nothing to worry about. You can study together, help each other with preparing for tests and provide mutual assistance. The desire to be better together is a great motivation for enhancing your grades and accomplishing more.

In a healthy relationship, your partner will understand the importance of learning and supporting you in your pursuits. If your partner is jealous of your studies and constantly accuses you while you try to dedicate all your free time to them, you should think about the adequacy of the relationship.


The fast-paced rhythm of student life forces them to think about everything at once and grasp two or three things at once — they combine studies, part-time work, relationships. However, scientists proved a long time ago that our brain could not work effectively in such a mode when everything is mixed into one lump. None of us can focus on more than one thing at a time. Instead, we are constantly jumping from one task to another. This shifting in automatic transmission mode blows up our brains, and we don’t enjoy and focus on anything. For example, you’re unlikely to study productively if you’re simultaneously texting or video chatting with your date.

You have to prioritize your activities and not try to do everything. Using the simplest tool, the Eisenhower matrix, identify the circle of the genuinely major tasks. Focus and work on them one at a time: when you have finished one task, move on to the next one in order of priority. Reschedule the rest for the next week or put them off until a better time. That way, you’ll increase your efficiency, and you’ll have more time for your loved one. The Eisenhower matrix can assist in setting priorities in all spheres of your life. The choice is obvious when you have an essay deadline in a week and a girlfriend’s birthday in one day. Evaluate your strength and the importance of accomplishing something and prioritize.

Distinguish between areas of life

According to a study at the University of Surrey in the UK, more than 60% of people continue to think about work and study activities when they come home. This leads to irritability, anxiety, and sleep problems. They do not have time to recover properly, affecting personal relationships, productivity, and quality of life.

Psychologists advise making a clear distinction between study and personal time and consciously distracting and relaxing after the school day. If you try to solve assignments on the phone or help your study friends during dates, your partner’s patience will run out sooner or later. Try to follow the golden rule — give a certain amount of time to your studies, and the free time — to your loved ones. After doing your homework, do not immediately start solving problems at home. Give yourself a break to tune for relaxing activities and forget about your studies. Make tea, turn on relaxing music, or sit in silence. Such a conscious pause helps you switch from studying to relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Plan not only work but also dates

Many people forget or simply do not consider it necessary to plan their rest, so they allocate time for it on the leftover principle. This greatly reduces the quality of life and irritates loved ones. Instead of agreeing in advance to a date with your loved one, you call them at the last moment and find out that they already have plans without you because you are constantly busy with your affairs. As a result, you have to spend time alone, content with the Internet or television.

A quality rest that is truly emotionally and physically recharging requires careful preparation. Plan your weekends beforehand not to miss out on the opportunity to relax with your partner properly. You can visit theaters, exhibitions, arrange picnics and mini-trips. All these interesting activities are much more satisfying than couch lounging, even if it’s just the two of you. Try to plan your weeks (study and personal life) on Sundays. Think of a few options for different occasions to make the weekend more interesting and properly recharge your inner battery. You don’t have to plan only the rest on weekends. You can have fun and romantic evenings after school. Remember to allocate time for this valuable leisure. Otherwise, we’re just procrastinating, wasting time on social media when you could hug and kiss your loved one.

Try living together

If you are already in a fairly serious relationship with your partner, you can try renting an apartment together. Sharing a house will provide you with more time with each other, and you won’t have time to miss each other. Naturally, you should approach the issue sensibly and not rent an apartment on the last money. It should be a conscious decision of two people.

Living together, you will be able to fall asleep and wake up together, cook, chat over dinners and breakfasts, and not waste time visiting each other or going on dates. However, they should not be forgotten either. Don’t turn your relationship into the life of a couple who has been married for 20 years. Go on dates, throw surprises, invite friends over, and attend events.

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