Guardian Angel Grandma Quotes

Guardian Angel Grandma Quotes

The relationship between a grandmother and a grandchild is usually a very special one, full of love and lasting memories. Grandparents often have a special bond with their grandchildren that they don’t get to share with other family members. It’s said that grandparents are a child’s first teacher, and that’s certainly true in many cases.

Grandparents can help children learn about the world around them and its people from their wealth of experience. Many people believe that grandparents are also an important connection to their family heritage regarding family stories, values and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

In this way, grandparents act as guardian angels for their grandchildren and the family they belong to. Grandmas are truly a gift from above. They have so many hidden talents and so much wisdom! They’re more than just a shoulder to cry on; they are also the voice of reason—and have the right words to say.

These lovely guardian angel grandma quotes will remind you that your grandma is an angel from heaven—one who loves and cares for you, no matter what. Enjoy them, and use the comment box to tell me how you feel.

Guardian Angel Grandma Quotes

Grandma, you are my guardian angel when I cry; you calm my worries. You’re very different from other people – you never give up and always knows the answer to every problem. When I am sad, you lift my spirit. You spread your wings to carry me from home.

1. Grandma, how you smile when you think of me. Your voice rings out sweetly. I’m so blessed to know you, my guardian angel.

2. Your love was like a guardian angel guiding me through my life. Now you’re gone, without ever a chance to say goodbye.

3. Grandma, you watch over me like an angel from above. You are my guardian angel, and I truly thank you for being my mother.

4. Grandma, you are my guardian angel; you stood by me all my ups and downs. Your hugs, kisses, all my teen years and my adult life.

5. My grandma is a guardian angel with wings of lavender and coral. I feel safe in her arms; her kisses are never-ending.

6. Grandma, you’re my guardian angel; your presence makes me whole. Love always surrounds me; I feel safe in your embrace. Your love warms my heart, always guiding me, never letting me fall.

7. Grandma, my guardian angel, most loving and sweet of souls, you would never lie, and you would never cheat, and you’d truly love me unconditionally.

8. Grandma, your silent presence, hugs and kisses bring me comfort. My days seem better, only with you, my guardian angel.

9. Grandma, is there anyone I love more than you? You are my guardian angel, who has watched over me ever since birth.

10. Grandma, you were always my guardian angel, and now you’re my guardian angel in heaven.

11. Grandma, to you, I owe everything. You’re my guardian angel.

12. Even though you walk with the angels, I still miss you, grandma. And say goodnight and say good morning.

13. Guardian angel grandma, I’m blessed and honoured to call you to mine forever. I will love you and cherish you.

14. Grandma, you are a guardian angel, a love I know I’ll never lose. You are the maker of warmth and the keeper of dreams. When I’m feeling sad, you bring up memories of happier days.

15. Grandma, you’ve always been there for me through good times and bad. You’re my guardian angel, my everything; you are my everything.

16. Grandma, think of the years you’ve spent with me, your hugs, kisses, and the love I know you have for me. You watched over me when I needed you most, loved me, and helped me grow. You are indeed my guardian angel.

17. Grandma, I love you as each precious day goes by. Why does my heart feel empty? You’re an angel sent from above, not for me, but my two daughters.

18. Grandma, my guardian angel, you protect me when I’m sad, bless me with strength, and encourage me throughout the day.

19. Dear grandma, your love is like a bright light every night. You’re my protector, who watches over me 24/7.

20. Grandma, you may live forever, but you’ll always be in my heart. Your smile, love, and hugs are precious to me, my guardian angel.

21. Grandma, thank you for taking care of me when I was young; God sent you as my guardian angel. Not everything turned out good, but grandma always treated me right. You showed me what love was.

22. My grandma, my angel, you are my guardian, comfort, and support, which I rely on.

23. Grandma, my angel, you kept me safe while my parents were away. I never knew how much I loved you until you were gone.

24. Guardian angel grandma, you’ve been by my side for as long as I can remember. Your love is like an eternal flame that lights my heart daily.

25. My second favourite person on earth, my guardian angel, my grandma. I love you, grandma; thank you for everything, for coming to my rescue, my hero and the keeper of my memories.

26. Grandma, you’re my angel; you come right to my heart when I close my eyes. You watch over me and never leave my side, even when you’re gone.

27. Grandma, my guardian angel, you protect me when I’m free. Your unconditional love through all my trials makes me know that you are my true hope.

28. Grandma, your love surrounds us, like our guardian angels, never letting us fall. You are always there, ready to rock us to sleep and wake us with kisses.

29. Grandma, guardian angels are always watching and waiting to protect you and keep you with care.

30. Grandma, your laugh is the loudest thing I’ve heard; your hugs pick me up when I’m down. I’m blessed to have you in my life, my guardian angel.

31. Grandma, I am blessed to have you as a guardian angel. Your love for me knows no end.

32. Grandma, you’re the wisest person I know. Your love is like a shining star which guides me throughout my life.

33. Grandma, you protect me with your gentle hands. You hold me tight with your strong arms. I can feel your warm breath in my ear as my head rests upon your lap. Thank you, my guardian angel.

34. Grandma, you are my guardian angel. You were always there to help me whenever I needed you. You were always there to keep me safe and warm. You were always there to give me good advice. You were always there to teach me right from wrong.

35. Grandma, I’m so blessed to have you as my guardian angel. You’re always there when I need you.

36. Grandma, keep watch over me as I become older, as you’re always there for me. I promise always to be there, to keep you safe and near. Keep watching over us both; I fear you wouldn’t always be here when I’m older and on my own.

37. Grandma, you’re my guardian angel; you watch over me every moment, it’s scary being so young, so you’ll always be there one day.

38. Grandma, you’re a guardian angel who has cared for me since birth.

39. Grandma, you watch over me when I sleep or awake. When I cry, you whisper to me. When I play, you call my name. Grandma, you are my guardian angel.

40. Grandma, you gave me life, you gave me love, you gave me dreams, and you gave me myself. I will never forget you.

41. Grandma, you’ve always been my hero; you haven’t always been perfect, God knows I make mistakes, but you’ve always helped me.

42. Grandma, you are the fairest, grandma, the favourite, grandma, the best, grandma, you are my guardian angel.

43. Grandma, you are my dear friend; your hugs are like the hugs of an angel. Your love for me is like a big sky.

44. Grandma, I know you’re always watching over me. I know you’re always there to guide me and remind me to live my life.

45. Grandma, you’re an angel in my eyes, a special person in my life, and you’re always there for me.

46. You’re my guardian angel; you’re always with me, through good times and bad, standing by with my close ones.

47. Grandma, when you left this earth, I thought my heart would break. Your love was always there, through thick and thin, my guardian angel.

48. Grandma, you taught me the true meaning of love. You showed me what love could be. Still, your spiritual guidance and the strength in your soul have given me the will to survive.

49. Grandma, you’re the one who always smiled, even when times were rough. You were my protector and still are today. I cherish our memories together, my guardian angel grandma.

50. You’ll still be my grandma after all these years, though time goes by. I highly appreciate the unconditional love you’ve shown to me, my guardian angel grandma.

In conclusion, the best guardian angels are those that come to you in the form of your sweet grandmother. I’m sure that from the above guardian angel grandma quotes, you’ve been able to pick the best one for your grandma and believe me, they will like it.

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