Engagement Breakup Quotes

Getting engaged is a happy moment for couples. It usually means that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and there’s a broken engagement. Hearts break every day, but not all of them mend. It is the reality we face when we say goodbye to someone we love. We like to think that we can just let go and move on.

Many times that happens, but sometimes regret, pain, and heartache stay with us. Some relationships leave us wondering if they were ever meant to be. Breakups happen—even after engagements. Engagement breakups are something that many couples experience. Sometimes going against friends and family’s wishes, only to end up in broken engagements.

It may surprise you to learn that heartbreak and breakups can cause depression as well. A broken engagement sucks, and experiencing an engagement breakup can cause feelings of intense loss, absence of hope, and even emptiness. Any breakup is painful, but an engagement breakup takes the cake. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions when you’re involved in an engagement that ends.

Here are some engagement breakup quotes to remind you that the path to your happily ever after may not always be smooth.

Engagement Breakup Quotes

An engagement breakup is like being stabbed in the heart with a knife. It’s hard to imagine someone that used to spend every waking moment with you is now completely gone. The feeling of betrayal and loneliness that follows is unmatched.

1. Having an engagement breakup is painful. It usually makes you have a loss of hope and energy, a sense of worthlessness and hopelessness.

2. When a relationship ends, looking at the good parts is hard without remembering the bad. And when it comes to engagement breakups, the pain doesn’t end when the ring is gone.

3. Being rejected when you’ve invested your love into the other person is one of the most painful experiences ever. A part of you dies, and your heart aches constantly.

4. When someone you love and care about rejects you, it’s almost impossible to get over it. The pain and agony that comes with it can reach unbearable levels, and you question yourself, why?

5. There is nothing more hurtful in life than unrequited love. An anonymous part of you is dying inside; all you want is for the person to love you back, even if it’s not in the same way that you love them, but as a friend or acquaintance.

6. Engagement breakup is the worst feeling ever. It’s like somebody cut off all your fingers, one by one, until you get it through your head that things will not work out with the person you love.

7. When you’ve been through a breakup and are no longer with the one you love, it can feel like your heart has been torn out of your chest. The physical pain you feel at that moment is unbearable, but what’s even more painful is the heartache you will live with for the rest of your life.

8. After ending a relationship, you might feel sad and depressed. You’ll miss your ex and mourn the loss. It will feel like something essential to you is missing, and there is nothing that can make that feeling go away.

9. Breaking up is hard but much harder to explain. When you break up, you don’t just lose a relationship; you also lose half of your heart. Engagement breakups are the worst. They leave you with a hole in your heart, and a broken heart is the worst kind of pain!

10. When a relationship ends, it’s like being ripped out of yourself. Not only does it hurt physically, but emotionally. Your gut gets hollow, and you suddenly can’t sleep or eat.

11. A breakup is terrible, and it hurts like hell to go through it. You can feel yourself start to fall apart, and life itself becomes a burden.

12. Dealing with an engagement breakup is never easy. As your heart gets shattered into pieces, it’s hard to deal with the pain. The pain of a breakup is felt in every fibre of your being.

13. A breakup is heartache, just like a wedding is a dream. Letting go of someone who stole your heart once is one thing. Reacquainting yourself with it after it’s been broken is another.

14. The worst part of an engagement breakup? The finality of it. It makes you feel like everything you were ever going to be is over, like your entire life didn’t matter anymore.

15. Engagement breakups are the worst. Every day, you’re reminded of a beautiful relationship that is gone. Breaking up sucks, but the words ‘It’s over’ are much worse.

16. Whenever you think of someone who broke your heart, you feel physically ill. A painful sense of loss haunts your memories.

17. Engagement breakups are never easy. It’s hard enough to break up with someone you love. But that’s rough when you’re taking it to the next level, and your heart is breaking.

18. Breakups are always painful. But breaking up with someone you love is especially hard because it should have been easy.

19. The breakup of any relationship leaves you feeling empty, confused, and abandoned. You will always remember the bad times as well as the good ones.

20. The breakup of a relationship leaves you feeling empty, unsure of the future and scared. A relationship breakup leaves many questions unanswered, and you want those answers immediately.

21. The breakup of any relationship is never easy. It brings sadness, anger and a lot of pain and can leave you wallowing in your sorrow for the rest of your life.

22. Whether it was a best friend, a long/short-term relationship, or even an ordinary friendship, a breakup is always hard to stomach. You’re left with a bitter taste and often wonder about their true intentions.

23. Breakups hurt, and it hurts more when you’re the one who gets left. And sometimes, you can’t even put the finger on why things went wrong. You just know you never want to see that person again.

24. When a relationship ends, it’s like being stabbed with a rusty knife. You no longer feel appreciated, and there is an unspoken loss of respect. How can this have happened? What have I done wrong to make you feel this way?

25. Engagement breakup is like a knife in the heart. One moment you’re happy, and then suddenly, everything just falls apart. It’s awful to experience.

26. When a relationship ends, it’s never easy. You think about what you did wrong and what was the reason for the sudden departure. Questions fill your mind and you wonder why it had to end like this.

27. The pain of a breakup can leave you heartbroken and lost. You’ll certainly feel betrayed and confused when you’re going through a breakup. Everything seems like a mess, and you just don’t know where to go from there.

28. When you’re saying things like, “we belong together” and “you’re the one I want to marry”, and then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, you change your mind, that’s just the worst.

29. Engagement breakup sucks. It’s like an acid bath in your heart when it happens. Losing an engagement is like a death in the family.

30. The pain of a breakup is real, but the pain of an engagement breakup is worse. Engagement breakup is a big deal; it comes with deep sorrow and heartache.

31. Engagement breakup is like getting stabbed with a rusty fork, ripped apart by a wild animal, and then placed into a waste disposal unit.

32. When someone you care about ends the relationship, it hurts. You’re left feeling hurt and betrayed and completely confused. You’re stuck wondering what you did wrong.

33. When someone you love stops loving you, it’s the worst heartbreak imaginable. You’re left feeling rejected and doomed to a life of loneliness. You’re stuck wishing they would return to you so they can finish what they started.

34. Engagement breakup is like getting run over by a bus and asking what tripped you. You get hit by a ton of bricks and immediately demand retribution.

35. The pain of engagement breakup is like a knife. It can cut you cleanly through your heart, but it hurts so much more to the soul that is left behind.

36. After the pain of a breakup, it can be hard to think of anything else. The feeling of abandonment is painful in its own right, and coupled with the betrayal from your partner; it can lead to depression and loneliness.

37. It’s hard to believe that the person you trusted most in this world has broken your heart, shattered your dreams and lied to you. The lies they told, just to get what they wanted, seem so malicious and cruel.

38. Engagement breakup is the worst part of a relationship. It’s like you’re getting stabbed in the back by your reflection. It’s the hardest thing in the world to get over, and you will feel the effects of it for a long time afterwards.

39. Engagement breakup is like a broken tooth; it will last the rest of your life. And the hardest part about breaking up with someone is knowing that you will never be together again.

40. Engagement breakup is as if you’re walking with a cloud of happiness above your head and someone just cut it with a knife, letting the weather fall all over your face. It leaves you humiliated, embarrassed and wondering what went wrong.

41. When an engagement breakup happens, it’s like a death struggle. The heart is shattered, and the body is left in pieces. And the hardest part about an engagement breakup is the silence, not knowing what you have done wrong.

42. Relationship breakups can leave you feeling crushed, depressed, and alone. When your entire life revolves around someone who is gone, it can feel exceedingly painful to find yourself faced with a world in which that person no longer exists.

43. Engagement breakups are hard. They hurt and leave you feeling insecure, unworthy, and sad. You know the routine: It’s all about “why” this happened to you.

44. Breaking up is a terrible feeling. The heartaches, the tears, and the pressure—all of it. It’s a roller coaster of emotions that comes with every engagement breakup.

45. What happens when you get engaged and then break up?—A heartbreak. An engagement breakup is like a knife in the heart. When you’re engaged, and it ends, it’s like losing a limb.

46. Engagement breakups are hard pills to swallow. It’s a bittersweet feeling when you’re in a relationship and it ends. Sadness, anger, and more sadness.

47. When an engagement breaks up, it’s a tough time for everyone involved. It often becomes a very emotional roller coaster ride.

48. Engagement breakups can be extremely painful. It hurts on many levels, physically and emotionally, and the pain never goes away.

49. The pain you’re feeling is real and probably the worst pain you will ever feel in your life. When an engagement is over, your heart feels like it’s been shattered. The hardest part about an engagement breakup is the grief.

50. Engagement breakup is one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever go through. But remember that it’s not a permanent state of being.

Broken Engagement Quotes

When a relationship ends, it’s like being hit with a sledgehammer.  You want to ask yourself, what in the world went wrong? And how can you ever fix this? A broken engagement is worse than broken bones or a bad case of skin disease. It causes so much pain and anguish.

51. Broken engagements are the worst. It makes you feel like everything you were ever going to be is over. It makes you feel like your entire life didn’t matter anymore.

52. When your heart is broken, you don’t just feel sadness. You feel everything at once—a thousand screaming voices from every moment that went wrong.

53. When you break up with someone you really cared about, it feels like the world’s weight has fallen on your head. You can’t sleep and you can’t eat. You spend hours crying. The sorrow and agony are just too much.

54. The pain of a broken engagement is like a splinter. You can’t see it until you try to pick it out with your fingernail, but when you finally do, you realize that the splinter has been inside you forever.

55. A broken engagement can be more painful than a broken heart. The hardest part about a broken engagement is the realization that you will never have the life you wanted.

56. A broken engagement is much more than a shattered heart. It’s shattered confidence that never heals, a shattered trust in your partner and most of all; it’s shattered self-esteem.

57. A broken engagement is like a bad breakup. Everything feels like a heartbreak—even if it’s just how you close your eyes during sunset.

58. The pain of broken engagement feels like a knife twisting in your heart. When you are in a relationship and have to say goodbye to that person, it’s like your heart is breaking into pieces.

59. There’s no feeling quite like the one you get when a breakup happens. A broken engagement is like a cracked egg. It’s hard to know the yolk until you crack it open.

60. Broken engagement can leave you unsure of what to do with yourself. And the hardest part of a broken engagement is not knowing what will happen next.

61. A broken engagement is such a rare moment to experience. It hurts so much more than a painful breakup because your heart is still in the relationship, but you know it will never be the same again.

62. Broken engagements are like broken hearts. They’re painful, and they leave scars. And the hardest part about breaking up is choosing which pieces to keep.

63. There’s nothing worse than a broken engagement. You are left with nothing but sad memories when the engagement is over.

64. When your engagement is broken, it feels like you’ve been betrayed by someone you love, and it’s not easy to move on and forget about that special someone.

65. You could be doing everything right, and your fiance dumps you. The heartache hurts more than anything you’ve ever felt before. There are days when you feel like you can’t breathe at all.

66. It’s hard to get over someone that broke your heart. You can get over an ex, but the scars on your heart and self-esteem will always be there.

67. Broken engagement can leave you feeling like your heart has been stomped on. When broken engagement happens, it is a heartbreaking experience. To know that you and your loved one couldn’t make it work; can be very painful and difficult.

68. The wounds of a broken engagement are deep. And it can be difficult to move past them. There’s a lot of anger, hurt, and frustration- and there’s no easy way to move through them.

69. No words can describe how painful a broken engagement is. The most painful part of a broken engagement is the thought that you’re not enough for someone.

70. A broken heart? It can be worse than the pain of a broken bone—the emotional wounds last a lifetime.

71. The pain of a broken engagement is something that never goes away, you can’t remember when it started or how the spark died, but what you do know is that the pain will always be there.

72. Broken engagements are painful and difficult to deal with. The pain of a broken engagement is like having your heart cut out.

73. A broken engagement is the worst kind of breakup because you don’t get that warm feeling of closure. It will make you sad, and your heart will break.

74. Nothing is more painful than being discarded by the one person you wanted to build your life with. A broken engagement is like a broken tooth. The pain lasts much longer than the physical discomfort.

75. A broken engagement is more than a shattered heart. It’s shattered confidence and trust, which never really heals. It brings down your self-esteem.

76. Getting over a broken engagement is not easy. There is pain, there is sadness, and there is the feeling of humiliation and regret. Most importantly, it has an impact on self-esteem.

77. A broken engagement is heart-wrenching. It’s a painful experience, both emotionally and financially. And the hardest thing to do is watch someone you once loved fall apart.

78. The pain of being brokenhearted is like being shot through the heart. It’s a wound that never heals.

79. When your man walks away from you, it’s like a piece of your heart is ripped away. Broken engagements don’t just hurt the people who were left behind. They leave scars on everybody involved.

80. When a relationship ends in a broken engagement, it can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. A broken engagement is like a wound that never heals. It’s always there, ready to start the cycle again.

81. Breakups are a nasty part of life that should be separated from relationships. The other person will feel lonely and lost as you drive off into your future.

82. It’s never easy to end a relationship, but breaking up with someone you’re engaged with is way more painful than any breakup you’ve ever experienced.

83. Telling someone you’re not getting married is like telling someone they are severely overweight—it’s never exactly what you meant to say, but the words will stay with them for a long time.

84. When you break up, it’s like flying a plane without a pilot. Breakups are always painful, but the pain feels twice as bad when you’ve been in a perfect relationship.

85. The hardest part of a breakup is not knowing if you will ever get back together. Breakups are always painful, but the pain feels twice as bad when you’ve been with a partner for a long time.

86. When your status is changed from “engaged” to anything else, it’s like having a friend move away or getting punched in the face. It hurts, but it’s part of life.

87. The heartbreak of a breakup is real. It’s like when you get your favourite ice cream melts in your hand. You want to eat it so bad, but it was the last one on the cone.

88. When a relationship ends, it hurts. It’s you against the world once again and a feeling that nothing will ever be okay. You feel lost and hopeless.

89. Broken engagement feels like your heart is tearing itself apart repeatedly, beating furiously against the prison bars of your ribs.

90. When you’re engaged, there is a feeling that your life is complete. But when you’re broken up, everything seems to fall apart.

91. The pain of a breakup is like an open wound that never closes. A breakup hurts. But it’s the worst pain when you leave a part of yourself behind.

92. The pain of engagement breakup is like a knife that pierces your heart one minute and pulls it out the next.

93. The pain that comes with broken engagement is almost unbearable. It’s easy to get through the breakup, but it can be hard to get over the engagement.

94. Broken engagement is never easy. But the pain is worse when it happens because you can’t just send a breakup text. You have to face it head-on.

95. When it comes to the end of a relationship, it’s never easy. Even if you know something was wrong with how things were going in the relationship, it’s still painful to walk away — especially when you know they’re hurting too.

96. The pain that comes with broken engagement is always more than the joy of engagement. The thought never soothes the pain of breaking up that another person will suffer as much as you.

97. When you find yourself in the middle of a broken engagement, you feel like there is no escape. It’s all-consuming. Stinging a broken engagement can feel debilitating and ruin the perspective on life.

98. Broken engagement is the worst feeling in the world. It’s like being punched in the stomach by a stranger!

99. The pain of a broken engagement is hard to explain. One minute everything was perfect, then suddenly life changed and you were left out in the cold. A broken engagement is like the death of a dream.

100. Broken engagement—a long-term relationship that ends due to irreconcilable differences. It’s like a punch in the stomach when it happens, especially if you’re in love with someone and feel you have your whole future ahead of you.

101. The pain of being brokenhearted is excruciating. There is so much anger, hurt, and frustration it’s hard to imagine ever moving past them.

102. When you’re in a love relationship, and your breakup occurs, it hurts, and your emotions get all over the place. The hurt of a broken engagement can be intense, and it’s easy to get lost in anger, frustration, and guilt.

103. A broken engagement is heartbreaking. It feels as if you’ve had your heart shattered into a million pieces, and all you want to do is crawl under your covers and cry.

104. Broken engagements are like broken hearts; they leave scars. And it’s never easy saying goodbye when you’ve been together for a while.

105. A broken engagement is like getting hit with a brick wall. You don’t see it coming, and you’re hurt bad.

106. A broken engagement is like a death in the family. It will change everything you thought was perfect into something sad and heartbreaking.

107. A broken engagement is the worst kind of heartbreak. It’s like cancer that spreads, slowly killing you away.

108. One of the most painful things in life is getting your hopes up, only to have them dashed. A broken engagement is an experience that no one can truly prepare for. It starts with a big question, “why?” and ends with another one, “what now?”

109. A broken engagement is like a broken heart. It can take years to heal, but it will never go away.

110. Broken engagements are painful, but sometimes you can’t escape that feeling. And the pain of a broken engagement is like an open wound, you can’t see it right away, but it’s there all the same.

111. A broken engagement is painful. It’s a heart-wrenching event that feels like an ugly scar on your soul.

112. When an engagement is over, it can be like the end of a chapter in your life. It leaves you feeling very sad, confused and unsure about the future.

113. A broken engagement is like a gaping hole in your heart. It never goes away, no matter how long you try to ignore it.

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