Cottage Quotes and Sayings

Cottages are a fixture of modern British culture. Although the word cottage often refers to a small house, a cottage is also used to describe small resorts, vacation homes, and apartments for lower-income people. Cottages are romantic to think about; they are second homes and getaway places.

The word “cottage” is derived from the Old French word “cota,” which means hut.  These days, the term cottage has a wider meaning which is somewhat vague. When people think of a cottage, they often think of a quaint little house on a lake, and it’s probably near some trees, maybe a pine tree; any house should be colourful and have lots of windows to let in the light.

Many people have a cottage in their minds that they would love to own one day. They are sold on the idea of using this cottage all through the year, even when there is snowfall. They can be found in different sizes, shapes, styles and designs.

Cottages have become a symbol of a very good quality of life. This is seen in their rising popularity and people who opt for this lifestyle. For many, the cottage represents a true step towards fulfilling their dreams. The most important thing about cottages is that there is something for everyone. Cottages are built to be lived in, not just looked at, and the same is certainly true of these cottage quotes and sayings. Enjoy.

Cottage Quotes and Sayings

A cottage is a small house with a big heart. While they might not have all the frills, cottages are filled with as much comfort and charm as any traditional home. Cottages are the perfect symbols of simplicity, which is why this style is so popular.

1. If I had a cottage on the coast of Ireland, I would live in it forever and have morning tea with the Queen, a beautiful woman.

2. The beauty of a cottage lies in the simple things. Your morning coffee, quiet, restful moments and spending time with those you love.

3. Imagine waking up in a cottage on the lake. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and warm bread fills your senses with joy. Broad wooden beams span across to ceiling as you appreciate the heart of simple elegance and comfort.

4. Breathe deeply and share your life energy with those you love. Cottages are the perfect place to spend quality time with family and friends

5. A cosy cottage with a rustic charm is the perfect place to spend your days, weekdays or weekends.

6. Follow the path of your heart, even if it leads to a cottage.

7. A weekend getaway to the cottage is just what the doctor ordered.

8. Let the beauty of a cottage take your breath away.

9. A cottage is more than just a place to sleep at night. It’s where you’ll spend some of the best moments in life.

10. Featuring a wood-burning fireplace, a cosy cottage is a great retreat. Wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee, take a jaunt through the woods to your favourite fishing spot, and climb into bed at night with a good book.

11. Happiness is a cottage, and I am the owner.

12. Life is better with a cottage, a fresh cup of coffee and the person you love.

13. Life’s Good when you’re Cottage Bound.

14. If you’re not living in a cottage, you’re not living.

15. I like cottage life. The house is charming, the people are kind, and the fresh air.

16. Cottage is a word that can mean different things to different people. To me, it’s a home where you can escape life’s stress and hurry.

17. Remember that the world thrives on friendship when it feels like you’re in a cottage and no one’s home.

18. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cottage cheese, and that’s expensive.

19. The perfect cottage is overflowing with love and laughter, kids’ drawings and hand-me-downs.

20. A cottage is where your heart and soul are. – The good life begins at home

21. The best way to describe a cottage is to say nothing.

22. The cottage is a place of transition and transformation. It is where you can find solitude and allow yourself to take stock of your life and make changes if you choose.

23. We all have cottage dreams. And when you come home to where you belong, it all falls into place.

24. Cottage living is for dreamers who dare to make their dreams come true.

25. Life should be lived in a cottage because it’s the heart of your home.

26. Cottage is where my heart calls home

27. Life is better when you live in a cottage

28. The cottage is where you go to think and dream, heal, and radiate all your creative energy.

29. Weathered by time, the cottage is still a place of serenity.

30. Life is like a trip to the cottage: long and dreamy, with lots of good food and drink.

31. Cottage life is quiet, simple, and full of beauty.

32. Revel in the simple pleasures of good coffee and cottage cheese.

33. Overlooking a natural lake and surrounded by woods, a cosy cottage is a perfect weekend getaway. There’s even a fireplace to keep you warm on chilly evenings.

34. Exclusive and peaceful, a cottage has everything you need for a memorable weekend. Fish from the dock and light a campfire under the stars!

35. A quaint cottage is a perfect place for all those who want a break from the rat race.

36. The beauty of a cottage lies in its ability to transform with the seasons and make you feel more like yourself.

37. Cottages are just that: cosy, welcoming, and warm. And with the ability to change with the seasons, they can bring life and adventure into your life. The space is limited, but a lot of it can be transformed and crossed off the list.

38. Ready for an adventure? Discover a cottage that lets you live life on your own terms.

39. Each cottage is different, with its own personality and adventures to await.

40. Have a cottage that makes you smile and enjoy life.

41. This little cottage is the perfect place to create new memories.

42. Love it with all your heart if you want your cottage to live long.

43. The cottage is my happy place, either by the lake or the sea.

44. Weathered, weather-beaten and powerful. These words describe our cottage very well.

45. When you’re in a cottage, the best things in life are free.

46. Close your eyes and see a cottage. It’s that pretty little place you like to visit in your mind.

47. The secret to a cottage life is to make all the little things count and to never stop moving forward.

48. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you cottage cheese, make cottage cheese soup.

49. The cottage is a place of rest and renewal.

50. We all light up like a cottage when we see someone who makes us happy. Let it shine on!

51. From a warm home to a place of comfort, welcome and cosy, a cottage is where you want to be.

52. I’m a cottage girl, and I love it.

53. A cottage is like a little piece of paradise.

54. The best part about a cottage is not the view but the company.

55. There’s something about a cottage. It’s cosy, it’s homey and just right for relaxing.

56. The cottage is where we all belong together.

57. A cottage is a place of contentment, but also, it’s where you do your best thinking.

58. Bold and beautiful, like a cottage.

59. The best things in life are simple, like a cottage or a cup of coffee.

60. Like a piece of cottage pie, your life may sometimes seem a bit plain. But what matters most is that you’re enjoying being you.

61. The beauty of a cottage is that you can keep your feet up, it’s warm and cosy, and the view is always changing.

62. Whether you choose a place to unwind on the weekend or an entire home for a week, there’s no better way to kick back and relax than with a cosy cottage by the lake.

63. Only a cottage can provide the luxury and comfort of a five-star resort while providing adventure, independence, and new experiences.

64. Cottages have all the qualities of a home with the beauty of a place that inspires adventure and exploration.

65. Cottages offer seclusion, peace, and solitude, all the qualities of a home, but with the beauty of a place that inspires exploration and adventure.

66. Cottages are small houses that provide you with every comfort in a location that leads you to explore your surroundings.

67. Cottages are simultaneously the most intimate, warmest, and most inviting homes and the simplest places to relax and unwind.

68. A well-designed cottage is perfect for unwinding as it encourages you to walk to nearby beauty spots, go on long-distance adventures, or simply putter in your own home.

69. Some cottages are designed to take you back to your childhood. They feature amenities like swimming pools, putt-putt, and playgrounds for days full of fun and games!

70. A cottage is for cosy days, quiet nights and the beauty of nature.

71. Cottages are an escape. It’s a place away from your busy life to enjoy nature, meet new friends and spend quiet nights.

72. A cottage is a place to leave behind your stress, a place to connect with nature and yourself.

73. Cottages are a home away from home, with all the comforts of feeling right at home. The perfect vacation place for families who love to travel together.

74. The cottage is the essence of the beauty of nature. It is an invaluable asset for many who value contact with the earth and a perfect setting to rest and relax.

75. This is the story of a cottage. It’s our love letter to unwinding and sharing stories together. There is so much more to it than meets the eye.

76. A cottage by the sea. A day at the beach. The smell of salt and seaweed. A summer breeze, a fire in the hearth, an open window and a book in your lap.

77. The beauty of a cottage is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

78. The beauty of a cottage is not so much in the house itself but rather in what you find when you turn your back on it.

79. Life is meant to be beautiful. Just as a cottage has its own beauty, I would like everyone to enjoy this beauty.

80. From a relaxing weekend to an unforgettable vacation, cottage life is all about enjoying the simple things in life.

81. A cottage is a place to take time out, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

82. Cottage living is all about the beauty and serenity that comes with simplicity.

83. There’s something about a cottage. It has an inviting, cosy, and peaceful vibe.

84. Who wants to live in the cottage of your dreams?

85. A cottage is where you go when you want to live life on the wild side.

86. Time to set the lamp on fire and dance in our cottage while we count down the hours until sunset.

87. Cottages are full of unexpected moments that make you feel like you’re not in the world right now but somewhere else.

88. The best things come in small packages…like the beauty of a cottage with marshmallow-topped waffles.

89. A cosy cottage nestled among the pine trees is a vacation staple. But rarely do you find a cottage that combines wilderness seclusion with the warmth and hospitality of a home-cooked breakfast.

90. Relax and unwind in the beauty of a cottage.

91. Cottages are where you can get away from it all. The quaint, distinctive charm of these getaways is calling.

92. A cottage is a small, simple house. It’s the beauty of simplicity. And there’s nothing quite like it.

93. A cottage is a simple country house. The beauty of its simplicity inspires the adventurous spirit that lives inside you.

94. The cottage is the embodiment of adventure. It’s an opportunity to leave the everyday world behind and captivate your senses elsewhere.

95. Have a happy and beautiful weekend in a magical cottage.

96. Cottages are the perfect setting for you and me…to get under the covers and take it easy.

97. Mother Nature’s little cottage is made of small pleasures.

98. The beauty of a cottage is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

99. The best thing about a cottage? It looks great from every angle.

100. There is a special beauty in the simple things, like a cottage on the beach.

101. In our fast-paced world, there is a special beauty in simple things like a cottage on the beach.

102. Cottages on the beach are like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same.

103. You need a cottage if you love the ocean and want to relax on a calm and quiet beach.

104. A cottage by the sea. A cottage by the light.

105. The best things in life are free, like a cottage by the lake

106. A little cottage with a lot of charm.

107. A cottage is a place that holds special memories, where a little bit of magic happens.

108. It’s not the size of the cottage but the size of your heart.

Long-lasting happiness may not be found in one definition but rather in the sum of all our little minute pleasures, joys, and serendipitous events that we gather over time. All of which can be found in cottage life. A place where simple pleasures can often be found in simple things and in our travels, creating a sense of belonging that transcends all cultural boundaries.

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