Complete Guide On Transcribing A Love Song

Complete Guide On Transcribing A Love Song

From time to time, we all want to capture the song we love on paper. Have you ever had that feeling when after listening to lyrics, you rush looking for it online to learn it? Unfortunately, not all lyrics can be found online. However, you can do it yourself and simply transcribe your audio to text easily.

You may want it not only because you loved the song. People often use an online transcription service to please their crushes and beloved ones. What can be better than offering a text of a ballad or lyric song you transcribed yourself? Not everyone knows how to do it properly though. Although it seems really easier than ever, it is necessary to take a few nuances into account.

A love song can be great for wishing him or her a happy birthday, cheering your beloved up, or just expressing how much you care and love this person. If you are not really sure of how to do this on your own and last but not least. do it on the best level, check the following guide. With it, you will be able to transcribe audio text even every single day like a professional!

What transcribing music, actually, means

Music transcription is the process of notating, reproducing, or otherwise fixing in memory existing musical works. Transcription in music can apply to melodies, chords, basses, complete orchestral arrangements, and more.

There are certain “levels” of transcription, such as notating a chord chart, a sheet of music, or a complete score.

How do you transcribe a song for your lover?

Just before the Internet was invented, there was just one way to do that. Musicians used a pen, their instrument, a record or a CD player. The only way to do that was to play small pieces back and recreate them on their instruments. After that, they committed those notes to paper. Sometimes, it was just a piece of a napkin.

Thankfully, we live in times of huge technological progress. Various software was created to help such desperate and eager lovers like you make their dreams come true much easier. Here are the examples:

  • Automatic transcription services — many websites offer such an automated service where you can simply upload your file and receive it within 15-30 minutes. As a rule, such services do not cost more than $0.25 per minute. Taking into account no song lasts more than 5-6 minutes, your transcription will not cost more than $1.50. This is a great deal for less headache.
  • Slow-down software — it will slow down music and make it easier to listen to and capture musical elements.
  • Notation software — will allow you to edit and format everything very quickly and efficiently.

Listen to the song

Naturally, before you start transcribing, it is necessary to listen to the song away from your instrument. Try to do it as many times as it is necessary. Even when driving or going to a grocery store, try to listen to the song as much as possible.

After that, you can go to a thinking stage, and still, using your instrument isn’t necessary. Humming back the melody with your voice solely would be great. Never do it just to do it. Imagine you need to play it live in front of a huge audience.

If you are a beginner and do not have a million minutes transcribed, it’s better to transcribe the melody only. More advanced transcriptionists can transcribe chords following the transcription of a melody. The transcribing tools will be depicted below. Before using them, figure out the key. Just keep track of the melody moving up and down the notes in your scale.

After finding a good answer, take your instrument and test it. Play the exact notes in your chosen key. You may find out that the melody is found right. If it is wrong, no need to keep playing. Put the instrument aside and think again to find the answer.

Remember that your goal is not to play along to the original song. Your task is to transcribe it into your chosen key and see a clear picture of the music working. Therefore, if you notice the key change, it doesn’t really matter.

Use a transcription service

If you decided to do everything yourself, then finding a good transcription company would be one of the prior tasks. There are a few services recommended to use for that purpose. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

1.   Transcriberry

This is one of the best services ever that can help not only with love songs or ballads but with any other content you need to transcribe. They work with all types of files. You can upload your YouTube video, MP3 or MP4 file, etc. The company works both with audio and video files. Therefore, if you need to upload a video clip instead of an audio song, it doesn’t matter. The success will be the same.

One of the best advantages is that you don’t have to install any software on your PC or laptop. It is enough to go to their website and choose the necessary option. What kind of options can you choose from? Well, there are both manual and automated features. Of course, automated transcriptions cost much less — $0.25 per minute. So your song won’t cost more than $1.50. That is really much cheaper than sitting and doing it yourself for hours, taking into account the output file will be ready in 15-30 minutes.

However, after automated features, you will have to edit the text manually. Such an option doesn’t guarantee more than 80% accuracy. However, if it is almost impossible to catch difficult words on your audio or video file, it is better to opt for a human option. In this case, it will cost a bit more but will be much more efficient and guarantee almost 100% accuracy. The prices for such an option are just $1.25 per minute.

So that the song won’t cost much, just $5-6 in total. This is a really great deal. Although it is a few dollars more expensive, real human specialists will do everything for you. If you can do that, then why waste time and struggle days and nights. Just submit your file and receive it the next day. Yes, such professional  manual option takes a bit more than a manual one.

2.   Tune Transcriber

This tool is one more very helpful that will assist you with transcribing your love songs. This app can be found on the web for free. Thanks to it, you can upload a song from an MP3 file or right from a YouTube video. After uploading, you can conduct different manipulations with your audio file.

You can slow the song down or vice versa, speed it up. At the same time, there is no necessity to change the pitch. In between playthroughs, setting specific loop points and cycling them with breaks of silence is also possible. Everything is very well-thought.

In general, this service is quite helpful. Of course, the paid version is not complete. You can purchase a paid one and have access to many more options. The free option might be enough for transcribing as a beginner though. The paid version will work well with really difficult songs. Of course, using Transcriberry for human-based transcriptions at a very affordable cost will be much more effective if the song is complicated.

3.   Cirrus Retro

This service allows you to mute and solo system channels. The platform specializes in video game music. So if you wonder how soundtracks to your favorite video games are layered, that website is exactly for you,

Soloing each instrument for a detailed analysis and transcription is one of the best benefits of this software. If Transcriberry is best for your top-quality English audio text, this one works best with music. It works with each game and retro system, including Gameboy, NES, the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy Advance, the Dreamcast, etc. Having a lot of fun along with an accurate transcription is the goal of that program.


Transcribing a song for your beloved crush is sometimes really necessary. This will show your special attitude toward the person. You do not simply order a gift online and ask it to be delivered to her doorstep but put your soul and heart into this gift. No worries, even if you are a beginner, you can still do that and make a pleasure for your better half.

If you are not very proficient in this niche, just follow that guide and do it step-by-step. Using such tools as a pen and a piece of paper like in times of Mozart is also possible. However, this is a really old-school tactic. Thankfully, we live in times of seamless progress where developers work hard to create the best apps and software for our convenience.

Choose one of the top software presented above and make the process much easier and more pleasant. Even if you are a beginner, you will have no problems working with it.

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