Brick Wall Quotes

Brick walls are man-made obstacles blocking our path to achievement, happiness, and most importantly, to success. You see it as a thing of despair, as an obstacle in your way. You see it as something that has the ability to halt your progress in its tracks. But you shouldn’t see that at all. In fact, quite the contrary: Brick walls should play an important role in your life; they should be the reason for some of your greatest achievements.

Brick walls can be an obstruction to progress. A lot of people rather not take that first step on a project because of their fear of failure and disappointment. Some even stay with the same job for a long time, afraid that if they move on, they won’t be able to adapt to new situations. All these cases have one thing in common: they are based on fear.

Are you building a business, losing weight, or starting your own blog and you seem to be at a brick wall? It all requires courage and determination, but above anything else, it requires you to overcome your self-doubt and face your fears head-on. Brick wall quotes would help you fight against every obstacle around your career, life and family.

There will always be some obstacle between yourself and the dream you see inside of you. You just need the right tools and mindset to overcome it and with this collection of brick wall quotes, you can overcome it and even help people around you by picking a brick wall quotes to share with them and also use some as your sticky note or wall frame too.

Brick Wall Quotes

A brick wall is not always a bad thing. It may be there to help you focus, or it could be holding you back from reaching your goals. When faced with a brick wall, remember that you can climb over it, under it, around it or through it.

1. A brick wall is an obstruction to progress, like any other obstacle, but it does not have to stop you. You can overcome every brick wall in life

2. Bricks can be an obstacle, but they don’t have to become an excuse. The wall you face is only your own mind. With courage, you can break through and achieve your goals.

3. A brick wall can be a metaphor for anything that stands in our way of achieving our goals. But it doesn’t have to be!

4. There is no such thing as a brick wall. A brick wall is just the place where you are standing when you look at it.

5. Life is full of brick walls, and obstacles. But what’s holding you back from your goals? What are you holding yourself back from? Don’t let anything stop you from being all that you can be! Know who you are, know your true purpose, and go for it!

6. There’s nothing more powerful than a brick wall. It’s the thing that will stop you in your tracks and force you to reflect on your situation.

7. But just because something is a brick wall doesn’t mean it’s the end. It can be used as motivation to overcome every obstacle in life and make progress towards your goals.

8. Every brick wall has a story behind it. Every brick wall has a story of someone who struggled and overcame it. You just have to find the courage to look through the cracks, find the strength to pull yourself up, and never give up.

9. Brick walls are only there to keep us from reaching our goals. There are no brick walls in life. There are only brick minds.

10. A brick wall is just bricks and mortar. You can get over them if you decide to. The best way to overcome a brick wall is to smash it down.

11. When we tell ourselves that a brick wall is an obstacle, we are telling ourselves that it can’t be done. If you believe something is impossible, it’s not impossible.

12. Every brick wall you hit is a step closer to your goal. The only brick wall one can see is one’s own self-imposed limitations.

13. All you need is fortitude, determination and perseverance to move a brick wall. There is always a way around every obstacle.

14. You can’t get to the other side of a brick wall by just standing there, you have to put in some elbow grease.

15. Life is a journey, not a destination. Keep pushing through the brick walls until you reach your goal!

16. Some walls are made of bricks and some are made of hope. The ones that are built with hope are always higher, sturdier, and better than the ones made out of bricks.

17. Our walls are just a little bit thicker than anyone else’s. But they can be overcome. Maybe it’s time to break through those walls.

18. Don’t ever let a brick wall get in your way. Prove them wrong, and then keep moving forward.

19. The only brick wall we can’t overcome is one that stands in the way of our goals. A brick wall is just a bad excuse for not doing something.

20. Don’t let your brick walls stop you from reaching for the stars. Focus on what you can do, not what is holding you back.

21. When you see a brick wall, don’t be so hard on yourself — instead, look to see what’s beyond it.

22. If a brick wall is in your way, build a ladder. If a brick wall is holding you back, build a tunnel. But don’t ever give up on getting to that other side — or reaching your goals.

23. Just because a brick wall is there, doesn’t mean you can’t get through it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that no obstacle is impossible.

24. If a brick wall stands between you and your happiness, don’t hesitate! Take the first step of breaking through it.

25. The best thing about having a brick wall between you and your goal is that it makes you work harder.

26. Even if you’re not sure of yourself at times, remember that we all have to start somewhere. There’s always a brick wall in our way, but with patience and belief, nothing is impossible.

27. You can’t spend all your time looking over your shoulder. You need to take some risks and push forward. Well, you know what they say—every brick wall has a hidden door behind it.

28. There is a wall inside us all that is there to help us grow and learn. It’s our biggest obstacle, yet the most important piece of the puzzle. Keep pushing forward.

29. Every brick wall is just a pile of bricks that you didn’t give up on. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are that makes a difference.

30. If you want to make progress in life, you have to be able to overcome every brick wall in your way.

31. No brick walls are invincible. They can come down with the right amount of determination and effort.

32. The brick wall is always there. It’s just a matter of finding a way around it. There are no limitations. Only plateaus and blind spots. And there’s always a way around them.

33. When you come across a brick wall, you don’t just stand there and cry. You find out what’s under it.

34. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals is a brick wall. Brick walls are there to teach you how to climb back over them.

35. Just because you hit a brick wall doesn’t mean you’ve hit a dead end. The key to breaking through walls is to walk straight ahead.

36. All the bricks you see in front of you, they’re just there to get you where you need to go. Keep going and don’t stop.

37. Are you afraid of getting stuck? Do you doubt your progress? Take a good look at the brick wall ahead and tell yourself that you’re going to knock it down.

38. When you climb up the wall, keep on going. When you hit a brick wall, throw the ball back!

39. Brick walls aren’t there to keep us out, but to provide a challenge to make us stronger.

40. Some days, your brick wall will be the only thing that gets in your way. But if you stay focused and keep pushing forward, eventually it will crumble.

41. We all face brick walls at some point in life. How you choose to overcome them is up to you. Here’s a little something extra to help you along the way.

42. The best way to get over a brick wall is to build a bigger one and then climb it. There are two types of people: those who walk through walls and those who punch them.

43. When you hit a brick wall, don’t stop. Keep going and make progress!
Never quit on yourself, no matter what is thrown your way. When you have set your mind to something, don’t ever let it go.

44. We are stronger when we keep our heads up, move forward and keep climbing those brick walls.

45. Your greatest opponent is yourself. Your biggest obstacle is your mind. But if you believe in yourself, anything is possible

46. No matter how hard you think something is, it can always be done. And if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed and find your own unique path. Remember: success comes in many different forms and doesn’t always look like what you expected.

47. It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to be who you want to be. It’s never too late to change.

48. Life has its ups and downs, its escapades and misadventures. Decide that you are going to keep pushing through those brick walls in life and continue on with positive steps forward.

49. We have to break down the brick walls of our lives, not only physically but also emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We have to smash them down with our own two hands to find a way through.

50. Don’t let each brick wall in your life be an obstacle to success. Life is filled with many challenges. When you are stuck, keep going! You can do this!

51. Don’t let your brick walls hold you back from achieving greatness. With grit and determination, you can easily overcome any obstacle in life!

52. Don’t let any brick wall stand in your way. Every obstacle can be overcome with the right motivation and just enough elbow grease.

53. Sometimes, a brick wall is just a brick wall. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to make things happen. A brick wall is never final; there’s always another way around.

54. Brick walls are there to help you build character. Don’t let the world stop you. You can get past every wall if you just keep moving.

55. Every brick wall has a crack. Every crack is just a chance to prove your worth. Success comes from overcoming the walls we put up to keep it out.

56. When you’re stuck on a brick wall, remember there’s no better time to take action than right now.

57. Think you can’t get over a brick wall? Just keep coming back, and eventually—whether it takes hours or days or years—you’ll get to the other side.

58. Every brick wall has a key lodged in it. Wherever there’s an obstacle, you’re going to find a door; wherever there’s a setback, you’re going to find an opening

59. Brick walls are a good thing to learn how to climb. No wall is too big and no wall is too small to overcome.

60. There are walls, and then there is the wall. You will either break through them or learn to live with them.

61. Don’t give up on your dreams, and never stop trying to reach them. You just have to pick a wall to break down and go through it. There’s always a way around it, that’s all you need to know.

62. How to overcome every brick wall in life with determination, perseverance, and hard work is by being focused on the goal and not on the wall.

63. There is no such thing as a brick wall. There are only people who will tell you that there is and don’t want to fight it.

64. A brick wall is only an obstacle if you stop to think about it. No matter what, you can always find a way to overcome every brick wall.

65. We all have brick walls to overcome. But we can always overcome them by doing something that pushes us past our comfort zones and enjoying the journey.

66. If a brick wall stands in your way, then build a ladder. Think outside the box. Look at it from a different angle.

67. And then came the brick wall. And was it tall? Yes. Erected with malice and malice alone? Absolutely.

68. Life is a journey, not a destination. Keep going despite the brick walls you come across.

69. The only thing those walls are going to stop is your progress. No obstacle will stand in your way of success!

70. Brush the brick walls of your mind, and fear will fall away. Nothing can stop you, if you never give up.

71. You build a wall, and the first brick is easy. The second brick is harder. Then a third. The fourth gets tricky. But they always get easier after that. Why? Because you stop seeing the wall and start seeing yourself in it.

72. If you do not have a good reason to keep something in your life, then it should be removed.

73. If not for brick walls, we’d have no chance to build a better life. If not for them, we’d live our lives in the past and never move forward.

74. There’s no such thing as a brick wall. All brick walls are just bumps in the road. Don’t be afraid to keep going.

75. There will be a brick wall. There’s no way around it. It’s a challenge and you have to push through it. You just have to keep going!

76. If there is no brick wall in your way, build a brick wall. If there’s something you’re afraid to say to someone, write it down and say it. If you don’t think you can make it, try harder than everyone else has ever tried before. That’s how walls get torn down.

77. You don’t need a wall of bricks to create something big and meaningful. You just need the right motivation and a little push from within.

78. Don’t dare let a brick wall stop you from achieving your goals. Push through and keep going!

79. Brick walls are there to guide you to the place where you want to go. Brick walls are there to make you taller, not break you.

80. When you’re stuck on a brick wall, remember that there was once a time when you were just as stuck. Keep moving forward and you’ll get over the obstacles in life!

81. It’s time to smash through the brick walls in your life and achieve anything you want. There’s no wall that can’t be broken down if you’ve got the right tools.

82. We are stuck behind a brick wall, but we don’t have to stay there forever. We have the strength and courage to walk out of that wall and reach beyond it.

83. We all have walls in our lives. Some are emotional, some are physical and some stand in the way of us achieving our goals. But you can learn to dance with them and jump over them!

84. Never let a brick wall stand in your way. There is always a way around them, if you put in the effort and the time to find it.

85. When you encounter a brick wall in life, don’t lose hope. It’s a reminder that you are moving forward and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

86. Look to the future, not the past. Don’t let one brick wall stop you from passing through it.

87. There will be times when you run into brick wall after brick wall. You may think that you can’t go on, but then there is always a way around it.

88. There are times when we look at the brick walls around us and wonder how we’re going to get over them. We have to learn how to push through, however, they may come up.

89. The biggest brick wall in my life is my self-doubt. It’s always there–when I can’t do something, or when I don’t feel like doing something, even though I know that it will benefit me and make me a better person.

90. If a brick wall is in your way, walk over it. If a tree is in your way, let it grow. If a lion is in your way, fight it.

91. A brick wall is not a wall. It’s just a different kind of obstacle. You don’t let it become an obstacle! You see the potential in it and find ways to work around it and make something positive out of it.

92. A brick wall is not a wall. It’s just a barrier to your goals and dreams. Sometimes, the only way to get over a brick wall is to build something great on top of it.

93. A brick wall is a force. It’s one of the strongest obstacles to overcome in your life. The only thing that matters is that you have a clear goal and are willing to push through.

94. A brick wall is an obstacle that you have to first overcome before you can move forward. Brick walls occur in many fields. They are created by circumstances out of our control, and they stop us from reaching our goals. But if we remain focused on the positive, we will find a way through.

95. No matter how big the brick wall is, you can always push through it with determination and determination.

96. A brick wall is a symbol of your own limitations. But it can also be an opportunity to blossom and become something greater than what you were before.

97. A brick wall is an obstacle, but not an impossibility if you have the strength, willpower and determination to put your foot over it.

98. We all have brick walls. Some of them are big, and some of them are small. In life, we must learn to rise above the brick wall and go on to achieve more success

99. When you’re faced with a brick wall, do not despair. Smack that brick wall with creativity, Genuity and hard work.

100. We can’t all be extraordinary, but each of us has an opportunity to become better. After all, every brick wall presents an opportunity for you to throw a brick through it.

These brick wall quotes make you feel a lot better, don’t they? Most likely, you’ve hit plenty of brick walls in your life. The way to overcome these life setbacks is to keep moving forward and not give up.

You may have had a setback today or perhaps yesterday, but what matters is that you learn from it and do not repeat those same mistakes again. What happens at the end of the tunnel is hard work and dedication, the willingness to never give up.

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