Brick Road Quotes

We’d have over a year-long event if we asked people to recount all the hardships they’ve endured. We’d maybe even have a ‘challenge’ or hashtags for the saddest stories ever. Anyhow, the fact is that life’s challenges are as constant as oxygen and are more than happy to hit us at different turns.

Crying and throwing pity parties are cool until they keep us stagnant and relegate our dreams to a distant past. Of course, we should mourn the loss and broken dreams; but beyond these, we should also be prepared to map out ways to fight through whatever life brings.

So, keep reading to see the brick road quotes below that’ll comfort and strengthen you to keep taking affirmative steps. They’re all the motivation you’ll need to turn your lemons into lemonade, end up on the side of victory, and create a beautiful story for your life.

Brick Road Quotes

People can either choose to see a brick road as a reason to give up, throw long-term pity parties, and even throw in the towel totally; or as a reason to fight even harder for their needed dreams, purpose, and comforts in life.

1. Encountering a brick road is a stepping stone that makes one’s success story fuller and more meaningful.

2. You break both physical and mental limitations when you learn to fight through a brick road.

3. If you take daily steps, no matter how small, you’ll soon find the way out of a brick road.

4. Meeting a brick road is nothing for the man that wants his dreams badly enough.

5. Shying away from a brick road or adversity is the fastest way to live a life of mediocrity and discontent.

6. If allowed, meeting a brick road will task your brain to find ways out of all extremities.

7. Victory is also for the tired and discouraged man who will not stop finding ways out of a brick road.

8. An encounter with a brick road is a call to grow tougher and more persistent.

9. The most painful yet rewarding thing anyone can do, is to persevere and hold their head high through a brick road.

10. The perfect time to remember the big picture is when one meets a brick road.

11. Giving up is easy for anyone, but persevering through a brick road will bring the most results.

12. It is normal for a brick road to look rough and dreary, but remember that victory is ahead if you keep going.

13. When you encounter a brick road, it is time to set another goal and taste another kind of victory.

14. The fullness of life is in travelling both the brick road and the easy one.

15. When one fights through a brick road, happiness and victory become their reality in no time.

16. To fail is to allow the trickiness of a brick road to get you down without reaching your goals.

17. A brick road is dotted with hindrances – but the key is to hold on because victory is at the end.

18. When we encounter a brick road, it only means that we have to try different solutions.

19. A brick road will introduce a man to his vulnerabilities and abilities.

20. Part of living life is encountering difficulties and getting punched in the face, even with solid plans.

21. The man who falls today can meet repeated blessings and overtake tomorrow.

22. Even at crossroads, do your best and trust the universe to come through with deserving rewards.

23. Since storms are a part of life, learning to swim through them is a necessary skill.

24. If struggles are a constant, we can rest assured that victories will also be constant.

25. People who stumble through tiring situations rather than stay put will most likely find the solutions they need.

26. To enjoy the taste of victory, we must prepare to experience and overcome road stops.

27. When you meet a brick road, stop to smell the roses, appreciate the journey, and map out exit plans.

28. The purpose of a brick road is to show people their ability to overcome life’s complexities.

29. When you go through hell, keep going – you’ve seen the worst-case scenario, after all!

30. Most times, we can’t fully see a way out through a storm – but we somehow always drive through.

31. Learn to embrace a brick road; we’d all be bored if life were overly easy!

32. When we understand that life’s journey is personal, we can consistently tackle our difficulties without comparisons.

33. Through all the struggling and stumbling, the heart somehow finds the right direction.

34. Life is guaranteed to bring bad days than is possible to imagine, but we must keep trying.

35. For every brick road one encounters, there’s commensurate strength to press through and overcome.

36. When the tough times come, remember the many people that had it worse and still came out victorious.

37. The man that’ll have an inspiring story to tell tomorrow is the one that finds ways to turn his lemons into lemonade.

38. A brick road proves that one is trying new things, forging new paths, and picking more lessons.

39. When you learn to breathe through the doubts, you will find ways out of difficult situations faster.

40. Sometimes, how to find heaven is to encounter hell and find a way out.

41. A lack of will and focus is the determining factor between successful people and their opposite.

42. Continuous effort amid adversities is the key to unlocking doors of opportunities.

43. The ability to stay miserable or motivated is in our hands – either way, the consequences are personal.

44. It’s normal for a brick road to be dark and scary – but sunshine will come in no time for those that keep walking.

45. Whatever a man’s mind can conceive, despite the gloomy reality, it is possible to attain.

46. Even when we fall on our faces, progress has happened, and we’re not the same people from yesterday.

47. When we stick to our guns, we’ll see the finish line through the difficulties in no time.

48. Encountering a brick road often signifies that beautiful things are ahead.

49. Find the will to walk through treacherous roads, and you’ll see your reward come knocking in no time.

50. With perseverance, we conquer physical mountains and mental fears.

Hopefully, these brick road quotes have energized you to keep trying through tricky and difficult times. Thank you for reading, and do check out other interesting titles on our site too!

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