Best Friend Leaving for Military Quotes

Best Friend Leaving for Military Quotes

Whether you’re an adult or a child, there’s always been an angel for every person. From the start of this friendship, best friends have always been with each other through thick and thin.

The importance of friendship can sometimes be forgotten as deployments occur. We tend to focus more on ourselves rather than on making our best friend – especially that military personnel – know how much we value them before they leave.

Regardless of whether your best friend is in the armed forces or not, it’s always a sad time when they are leaving. Possibly, they might have been serving for a long time, and there are times you still feel the pain of being unable to show them love or appreciate their bravery and ultimate sacrifices.

That’s why it’s important to keep in touch with them with prayer messages, appreciation messages, good luck message or goodbye messages because only you can prove to be there for them when life gets hard.

As you choose to make the most out of your time with your military best friend, our collection of best friend leaving for military quotes will give you the motivation to support your friend while they are away. Enjoy the ride!

Best Friend Leaving for Military Quotes

Since you became my best friend, you have been able to make me laugh, cry and look at life from a deep perspective. While you leave for the military in service to our fatherland and make sure everything is taken care of, I want you to know how much I value our friendship. I will miss you.

1. I’m sending you off with a hug and a smile and wishing you all the love and strength to help you get through this journey that you have chosen. You’re going to do amazing things out there, buddy.

2. It’s hard to say goodbye to you, my friend. But I still need to remind myself that this is for the best because you deserve a life of happiness, and you’ll get it at your new station.

3. Serving your country has never been an easy job, my friend. But be encouraged that your period of service there will be as comfortable as possible.

4. I promise to be on the lookout for you and your family at home while you’re away. And no matter the distance between us, I’ll always get in touch with you no matter what. I will miss you, my friend.

5. Before you leave, I want to tell you that it’s been a privilege to be your friend. You’re an absolutely amazing person, and I really wish you the best in your future endeavours.

6. As your friend, I’d like to support you during this departure time. I remember how much you love to have me around you. I will stay with you till you board your flight.

7. I’m so grateful for our friendship through the past years, and I wish you all the best as you leave for the military zone.

8. Here is to send you my love, hope and best wishes for your deployment. I can’t wait to see what you do on that tour. I’ll miss you like crazy but know that I’m here if you need help with anything.

9. A friend like you loves for every side, for all moods, for all imperfections, and for all wonderful things. I’ll miss the friend you’ve always been to me. No one will take your place.

10. Buddy, keep safe and take care of yourself. Know that we’re all thinking about you and praying for your safety over there.

11. Sending you a million love and hugs to say goodbye. I need to do that now because I may not be there to see you board your flight.

12. We may not be together anymore at our usual joint, but no matter what happens, we’ll always have each other.

13. I’m so thankful we have had a great time being together. I want you to know that I am very grateful for every hour, every minute, every second we spent together.

14. You are my friend turned brother/sister. I want you to know that no matter where you’re stationed, I’ll always be here watching out for you and your family. I love and will miss you, buddy.

15. Good luck, and God bless you, my friend. I’ll be cheering for you every step of the way.

16. I’m happy for you that your diligence pays now. I hope you have an amazing time and come back home safely soon.

17. Though my heart is heavy with the news of your departure, I wish I could be a part of your journey so you don’t feel lonely all along.

18. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re leaving the state very soon. Personally, it saddens me to know that we won’t be hanging out together like we used to.

19. You’ve made it. So happy about your new posting. As you depart, know that you’re on your own now, but you have to be happy with yourself.

20. Safe travels, my amiable friend. May God grant you the strength to face what lies ahead of you.

21. I’m so grateful for you and the friendship that we’ve formed. I hope that no matter where you go, you’re never too far away.

22. You were a nice friend to have, and I’ll be really sad to see you go.
You will always be on my mind as you enjoy your military service.

23. I wish we could meet up sometimes. I enjoy hanging out with you and just relaxing after a hard day. Will miss you badly.

24. There’s no more important time than when my soldier friend leaves for the military. The time is here and now. Just know that the love we share and the memories we make together will last forever.

25. As you’ll be boarding the next flight for the military, my thought is to make this last moment together as memorable as possible by telling you how much I value you.

26. I know this is a more intense time for you now when a man has to go to war. Leaving behind your family and friends is bound to cause heartache and emotional turmoil that can last throughout the service. But I assure you I’ll always be there for you.

27. The love we have shared through the past years is a special one. Not all soldiers are heroes, but yours is a representation of courage.

28. Even when you’re deployed to the outside nation, I will always be in your heart. I hope you can find peace and enjoy your time away. Come back soon!

29. It’s been a good run, my friend. I hope it all goes well for you in the future. Call me when you have time.

30. You’re one friend that comes in and makes life worth living. You make happy moments that much more meaningful.

31. Friend, I sincerely wish you the best as you enter the military zone. Thanks for thinking of me during this transition, and don’t forget to text me from time to time.

32. Everything about you is strong, yet it’s those around you that help you become the person you want to be. Be grateful for everything.

33. Words can’t express how much I appreciate your friendship all year long. While you keep protecting us, we’ll keep serving you.

34. The bond between us is like a million flying saucers full of happiness and joy. Whether that’s to the end of the earth or across the universe, we’ll be together forever.

35. We will always be friends no matter where you’re serving, and I know that you will understand. I love you, friend.

36. You’re one true friend who’s always there for me and helps solve many problems. You don’t judge me or anyone when we err, but you hold me accountable. I’ll miss you getting my back, friend.

37. Even though I may not be with you physically, I still want to be with you all the time. My calls and letter will go a long way.

38. It’s the best part of your life that you can enjoy, a privilege that you get to see, a chance to witness a new beginning, a call to arms, a chance to fight, and to protect your country for the great hero that you are.

39. Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe. I want to help you keep up your high spirit and not feel sad about leaving friends and family behind.

40. I love you, comrade. Don’t be sad when you leave here. Stay strong, watch your back and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I promise to do the same.

41. I love you, friend. I wish you happiness and good health as you pursue your goals. I will think of you often, my dear comrade. May our friendship endure long after we are separated.

42. You have been a faithful comrade and an excellent soldier, and I will miss you very much. Always remember what I said to you.

43. Remember to be strong and humble, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. God be with you all the way, friend.

44. I want you to promise to become better and help raise the security of our country. Together with other comrades there, I hope you can build and further develop our community. I will miss you, dear friend.

45. Good luck on your deployment, and know that I’m always thinking of you. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you now, so make it something worthwhile. I’ll miss you and always be grateful for your service.

46. I know you’re scared and nervous about being deployed to a war zone, but I have faith that you will come home safe.

47. So much has changed since you’ve been gone. There are new pictures on the walls, records on the bookshelf, and clothes in your closet. But there’s something that hasn’t changed: I love you and can’t wait to see you again, comrade.

48. The military zone is a prestigious place. I’m so sorry that you’ll be leaving us soon. Please, stay in touch, for I’m gonna miss you bad.

49. Parting with a bosom friend like you is hard. But your jacket will be waiting for you to come home, protecting you through all the cold winter nights.

50. When I was younger, my best friend was the world to me. Now that we’re both older, she’s still my best friend, but she’s gone to serve our country. I’m going to miss her like crazy.

51. You have gained so much with this military appointment, and I would like to show you how much I value you and appreciate your determination. Your ship will land safely.

52. I recognise you’ve sacrificed more than most, and I appreciate your commitment to our country and way of life. Thank you for choosing to serve the nation.

53. I am proud to support you at every stage of your military career. I salute you, my military friend. Thank you for your dedication and service to our country.

54. Carrying me along your journey to being military personnel shows how well you value our friendship. I will be glad to work together with you to make the service year a smooth one for you.

55. Dear military friend, I overheard your conversation while you were talking about your new deployment. I wanted to let you know how proud of you I am, even though it is hard to say goodbye.

56. The military is filled with tough guys, but I want you, my friend, to know that you have a best friend who loves you more than words can express and will be there for you every step of the way while you deal with this difficult transition in your life.

57. My friend, may you remain safe and protected throughout your journey. You are loved, and I hope this reminder will stay with you throughout your mission.

58. I don’t think there’s anyone tougher than those who spend their days and nights away from the ones they love. Be strong, comrade. It’s all for your good. Wishing you well on this new military tour of yours.

59. Congratulations on completing a tour of duty as a military soldier. We are forever grateful for the bravery, commitment and sacrifice that you have made while serving our country.

60. It may seem like your world is crumbling around you for being the only one posted to serve in a faraway land. But remember, you have a lot more to live for than just your service years. Rely on God for sustenance and your friend for support.

61. I look up to the sky, and it’s black. It frightens me to think that my best friend is leaving for the military overseas while I sit safely in my home. I cry because I’m scared to lose him, but I’ll smile, knowing that he’s strong and he doesn’t need anyone to fight his battles for him.

62. It’s hard to believe that my best friend has a 3-month military deployment coming up. I know it’s not forever, but it still doesn’t feel right. I wish I could be by his side and give you the support you need.

63. Hey bestie, you’re the best person I know, and I’m lucky to call you my friend. Above all else, I’m going to miss you as you embark on your military tour. I appreciate everything we’ve done together.

64. I’m thankful for our friendship, and I hope you stay safe in the military zone. May you enjoy a truly rewarding career filled with many opportunities for self-improvement and personal achievement.

65. My best friend just got deployed for military service. Even though I may not know when you will be back, just stay safe and know that I will miss you badly.

66. This is just to tell you that the military is an incredible institution, one that you can always be proud to serve in. But even more than that, you’re honoured to be recognised as our own serviceman.

67. Be informed that the military is composed of an incredible group of people who are willing to put in the hard work, dedication and commitment, and they do so with so much grace, dignity and honour. Thank you for choosing to serve your fatherland.

68. Dear friend, I want to thank you: for the laughs, for the smiles, for the jokes and for the sucks. I want to say thank you for those moments. None will ever be forgotten.

69. Whatever you do, buddy, I’ll be here for you. Good times and bad.
Wishing you all the good luck for your future, my best friend. I will forever be grateful to you.

70. Thinking of you and missing you already. Just know that I’ll be here for you whenever you need any support.

71. This is to give a deserving thank you to our service man for the brave decision to go for military service. This is a huge sacrifice that very few are brave enough to make. I will surely miss you.

72. You are a courageous veteran who courageously chose to serve his countrymen. Your sacrifice and commitment will be priceless.

73. It is an honour to be able to help someone during difficult times. While you go for your military service, have the confidence that someone back home is watching his back. It is a profound gesture to freely give you, my friend, love and kindness.

74. The military is a wonderful institution for individuals who want to improve themselves. This is to thank you for you’re a brave man/woman who has made the ultimate sacrifice.

75. Hey, comrade, you’re free to travel the world on a military tour. Just believe in your future and accept every deployment in good faith. Be our hero, and you’ll surely be alright.

76. Doing something different is always good once in a while, and leaving to join the military is certainly interesting. Trust me. It’s not as bad as some people make it out to be. Just be good, and you’ll be fine.

77. Now that you’re leaving, it’s not easy to say what’s in my heart, but I know that whatever happens, you and your family will always be in my prayers.

78. Today, before you take your flight, I’ve got to celebrate you, my friend, for being a new military service member. Dedicating your entire life to this passion and making a difference in our community is a big deal to me. I pray you’ll be in good shape all through your service years.

79. I’m glad you chose a profession that provides people with security across the world and keeps us safe here at home. I am so grateful for the past and hopeful that the present and future alike will be heroic for you. God bless you.

80. Hey friend, the military is the epitome of selfless service and fierce determination. Thank you for your service, commitment and sacrifice.

81. I salute you, my comrade, for having made up your mind to continue to make a difference in our world. The care and comfort you need as a soldier will be given unto you.

82. Being a military man is not just a job. It’s a calling. You answer that call every day of your life. To those who worked to serve the country, thank you for all that you’ve done.

83. Glad you’re now part of a great team that plays an essential role in our society. Thank you for showing up to serve and sacrifice for your country. Your consideration is well appreciated, and you’ll surely be missed.

84. When I was a kid, my best friend kept me company and kept me safe. Now she’s going to serve our country, but I still see her as protective and a little overbearing, just like back then when we were kids.

85. My best friend is one of the kindest, most hard-working people I know. She’s always been happy to help a friend and never expects anything in return. I’m going to miss her like crazy.

86. I am thankful I never stopped believing in you and your decision to be a military personnel. My friend is my world, and I wouldn’t be the same without you. Goodbye as you embark on this military voyage.

87. Friend, let me pray for you. May God bless and keep you safe. May your heart always stay true. May your joy never end. May your love for the nation grow to be endless. Go in peace!

88. When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to dream of being superheroes when we grew up. No matter what happened, she was always there for me. Today, she’s serving as a police officer in a faraway land, too far away for me to send her a hug.

89. You’ve decided to join the military, and there’s no turning back. But before you say goodbye to loved ones, you have one more thing to do – break the news.

90. Before you go, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you get good reactions from your family. This will give you the proper motivation to push through your training and get you ready for your first deployment.

91. Sending you my love and support through this time of transition. I know how much it means to have your best friend by your side when things get tough. But I can assure you that I’ll always be there when you need me.

92. Congratulations on your decision to commission or enlist in the military force! I look forward to serving alongside you as we go to any lengths necessary to keep our country safe.

93. Good luck during your tour, my military friend. Make the most of your service year. I want you to utilise your leadership skills, and I hope you keep me updated.

94. I hope you take the time to appreciate the journey. I hope you meet people who inspire and challenge you. I hope you find a new place in the world with new perspectives.

95. You’re heading off to fight for our freedom, and I can’t be more proud of you. Keep your head up, and remember that we love you and miss you.

96. I remember when you were born; now you are leaving to fight for our freedom. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time has passed, but now I’m waving goodbye to my friend for the last time. While I will miss you, know that I am so proud of you, and I love you.

97. I’m so proud of you for serving our country in the military. I know that it can be tough being away from home, but I hope this message will lift your spirits. Missing you already, buddy.

98. I’m super proud of your enrollment, and I know that you’ll do an amazing job representing our country. Don’t forget to check in and let us know that you’re alright, okay?

99. Your brothers and sisters miss you and need you to stay strong. We’re all proud of you. Live your dream now and keep yourself safe by following orders. You can do it!

100. As you embark on your military career, I hope that you have the opportunity to serve our nation and do great things just like the men and women who came before you.

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