Arrogant Wife Quotes

Arrogant Wife Quotes

The word “arrogant” makes you think of someone who lacks humility, a common quality in today’s world. Arrogant people are often considered egotistic and unnecessarily opinionated. However, this is not always the case. Many great leaders, thinkers, and politicians have been described to be arrogant.

There is a lot of arrogance globally, and people are arrogant in different areas and places. This arrogance generates tension in the life of every man and woman. Some people think that arrogance is good and cannot stay without it. But arrogance has its negative side too, which creates problems in relationships.

When it comes to marriage, if the woman is arrogant, she sometimes takes over decision-making. Many men who’ve been married to arrogant women become frustrated.

Here are some arrogant wife quotes which will make you understand how they feel and, when they change, how they set new goals to make the top of their priority.

Arrogant Wife Quotes

The arrogant wife’s attitude produces many different results. Most women have arrogant personalities. Arrogant wives always want to do their work without help from others. They are independent and not influenced by others’ emotions and thoughts.

1. An arrogant wife does not think about her husband’s needs or wants. She doesn’t care about his feelings and thinks only of herself.

2. An arrogant wife? Let’s just call her a hustling housewife. She never sits around; she’s always working hard and looking for new ways to earn an extra buck!

3. In a relationship, you’ll find yourself in moments where you have to choose between anger and fear. An arrogant wife always goes with anger.

4. An arrogant wife says, “I deserve more respect than other women because I’m better than they are.”

5. The best way to describe an arrogant wife is one that thinks she deserves everything in life and does not deserve any negative criticism. She will automatically get angry when she feels like someone is against her.

6. An arrogant wife says, “I’m too good to do menial chores.”

7. An arrogant wife is a curse. She may be good and beautiful, but she can destroy her husband’s life with her arrogance.

8. All the good and beautiful women in the world may look like angels, but their true persona shows up when taken for granted.

9. An arrogant wife looks upon a husband as her property and not as the child of God.

10. Arrogant wife is describe as self-centred, selfish, priggish, holier-than-thou attitude that an arrogant wife takes toward everyone around her.

11. Arrogant wives are a lot like the gods. They need to be worshipped, praised and adored.

12. The most arrogant wives often make the loudest statements of humility.

13. Arrogant wife is proud of her womanhood and feels that she is being victimized if she doesn’t get what she wants.

14. An arrogant wife causes discord in the home.

15. An arrogant wife is a major turnoff to any man of character. She makes herself so difficult to live with that no man would take her as a companion for long.

16. Arrogant wife never laughs in front of others, but they do laugh at their husbands while they walk away.

17. Arrogant’s wife is so perfect that people around her feel she was the first woman on earth.

18. An arrogant wife says, “I have the best of everything and everyone.”

19. An arrogant wife is a wife that is proud, haughty and conceited.

20. Like a clear ice cube, arrogance ruins everything she touches.

21. Arrogant wife spends too much time in the mirror, forgets to cook, and is content with just watching football with her husband.

22. An arrogant woman is a curse. She may seem charming and ladylike, but if you ignore her, she will pout and hold a grudge for years.

23. There are many kinds of wives, but good wives nurture their husbands. Wives that are arrogant do not deserve their husbands.

24. If you keep an arrogant woman to yourself, she won’t let you get a moment of peace.

25. It is the duty of an arrogant wife to refrain from expressing her opinion because it will instantly be contradicted.

26. The woman in your life is screaming at the top of her lungs to receive the love, care, and attention she deserves. The arrogant wife is out of control and needs to come to terms with herself before she can love anyone!

27. Arrogant wife is mean, naggy and bossy. She is a battleaxe or a termagant. Step on her toes, and she will bite you.

28. Things an arrogant wife never has to deal with: Hand sanitiser. Ironing boards. Buttered bread.

29. An arrogant wife says, “My husband doesn’t have time to get me flowers because he’s too busy working.”

30. An arrogant wife is the most dangerous kind of wife because it can very well affect the relationship with her husband.

31. Arrogant wife believes what they believe for a reason. It is instilled in them.

32. Arrogant wife believes in herself and believes that she lives in a world where everything is about her. If you are unsure about yourself and your abilities, then you need to take charge of your life.

33. An arrogant wife’s intuition has often been more accurate than a man’s haughty presumption of expertise.

34. Every arrogant woman has ambitions, but the only great thing you will always be is the wife of one man.

35. An arrogant wife believes she is the centre of the universe and that everything revolves around her (and usually, it does).

36. Arrogant women want their husbands to admit they’re wrong. And just act like it.

37. If you’re the type of wife who says, “I don’t get things from anyone because I’ve never had to ask before I get them”, you’re an arrogant wife.

38. Arrogant wife has a way of claiming privilege without earning it.

39. Arrogant wife thinks she is better than everyone when deep down inside, she knows that you’re not.

40. Arrogant wife will give you a hard time. But if it’s worth it, she’ll make your life easier.

41. As a wife, being arrogant is being sure of yourself. And being sure of yourself is feeling good about yourself. So being an arrogant wife is good.

42. Some arrogant wife has no time for the petty bourgeoisie.

43. The most arrogant wife’s in the world are those who are not aware that they are arrogant.

44. Nothing screams style like an arrogant little wife sass. Arrogance is an auto-correction of low self-esteem.

45. An arrogant wife is a gift, not a curse.

46. Arrogant wife. You’re not too good for anyone, honey. Be humble, and you’ll be great.

47. For an arrogant wife, arrogance is not the mark of greatness; it’s the mark of smallness.

48. Your wife is supposed to be your safe place. You are supposed to be able to trust her completely and know she will never hurt you. If you’re afraid of your arrogant wife, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

49. Arrogant wife thinks that the only true defence against insecurity.

50. Arrogant or not, a woman needs to take care of herself first.

51. Arrogant wife is a dangerous luxury—but she’s worth it.

52. Arrogant wives married well and married above themself. And they love it!

53. Arrogant wife had no room for anyone else when because they were the most beautiful in the room.

54. Arrogant wife doesn’t calm down and does not think about what to do.

55. Behind every arrogant wife is an even more arrogant husband.

56. Arrogant wives do not know how right they are.

57. Self-love is one of the secret weapons arrogant wives use in creating the best life.

58. You know you’re in a good relationship when your wife is arrogant to others, not to you.

59. Arrogant wife is not perfect, but they are more beautiful.

60. Arrogant wife is attracted to boldness, but they’ll also be wary of your arrogance.

61. Arrogant wives do hate it when people think they’re better than you.

62. An arrogant wife, attention is nothing. Wifey is such a champ.

63. An arrogant wife lives in a world where people are judged by their cover, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

64. Arrogant wives are the type of women to fetch their own napkins from the bar.

65. Arrogant wife has a very strong character trait, but it can only take her so far because people will assume things about her.

66. An arrogant wife easily achieves satisfactory investment results than most people realize.

67. Having an arrogant wife can really push your buttons.

68. Arrogant wife is an entrepreneur who deals with more uncertainty than a professional with a well-defined role.

69. Arrogant wife is courageous and just, and never makes distinctions between mortals; she’ll crush the ignorant, and the wise alike under her foot

70. Arrogant wife left out arrogance when she became a mother.

71. 45. Arrogant woman has a sort of sublime and unfolding of greater and greater self-organizing systems.

72. The life of an arrogant wife is a balancing act; the trick is to find the perfect amount of champagne and self-loathing.

73. The life of an arrogant wife is a balancing act; the trick is to find the perfect amount of champagne and self-loathing.

74. They say hell hath no fury as an arrogant woman scorned.

75. Arrogant wife does not change for anyone. And that is not hard enough for her to do.

76. Arrogant wife increased in complexity and organization.

77. Arrogance is like a strong cologne—it can make a woman attractive, but only to the wrong people.

78. A wife who is arrogant is like a weed that grows at the side of your home and becomes a thorn in your side. If you allow it to grow, it will eventually become a burden and destroy your home.

79. There are few things more insufferable than an arrogant wife.

80. Arrogant wife boasts about her husband and his accomplishments.

81. It’s hard to be married to a woman who is arrogant.

82. There are few things more insufferable than an arrogant wife. A woman who knows her worth but doesn’t let it go to her head.

83. A wife who knows her worth but doesn’t act like she’s better than anyone else is a blessing.

84. The most arrogant wife, the vainest and haughtiest woman on earth, is she that thinks herself not beautiful enough to be loved by her husband.

85. An arrogant wife is the best teacher of fakery.

86. Arrogant wives are easy to spot; their hair is always perfect and glossy, their nails never chipped, their clothes always pressed, and there’s always a strong whiff of Chanel No.5 in the air around them.

87. The most dangerous thing about an arrogant woman is not her tone but the beauty of her lies.

88. An arrogant wife is a work of art. She knows how to use her appearance and her body language to manipulate you into doing what she wants.

89. Arrogant wife is a master manipulator who has learned to use both your weaknesses and strengths against you.

90. Arrogant wives are the queens of the art of manipulation. You may think you know her well, but she’s always one step ahead of you. She can see through your lies and knows exactly how to use them against you.

91. She’s in control of the situation, and she knows it. The most dangerous thing about an arrogant woman is not her tone but the beauty of her lies.

92. An arrogant wife is always sure that she is right and cannot be convinced that she is wrong.

93. The proud wife knows her husband’s faults but does not love them.

94. When you meet an arrogant wife for the first time, the first thing she says is, “You’re beautiful.”

95. The woman who thinks she is right needs no proof other than her arrogance to convince her.

96. Trying to prove something to an arrogant woman is like trying to hold sand in your hand. You can feel the grains slipping through your fingers and disappearing before you know it.

97. You can’t instruct an arrogant wife because she is always right and cannot be convinced that she is wrong.

98. An arrogant wife is like being married to a walking cinder block. As soon as it becomes inconvenient to her, she considers a divorce or separation from the husband. An arrogant wife will make a bad situation worse.

99. Arrogant wife always thinks she is better than others. She never listens to advice and always wants to control and run everything.

100. An arrogant wife is one who feels that she has the right to do whatever it takes to keep her husband in line, especially when it’s not what she wants.

101. An arrogant wife can imitate a gentleman well enough to fool everyone but her husband, who alone knows her true nature.

102. An arrogant wife has an arrogant personality with a great sense of self-confidence and dignity, guided by her strong belief that she is better than anyone else.

If you think your wife is arrogant and you don’t know what to do about it, it’s time to expose her true face. These arrogant wife quotes will help you to do it. Please, don’t forget to share and make a comment in the comment section below. Thanks.

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