To My Daughter on Her Birthday

2021 Trending Words to My Daughter on Her Birthday

If you don’t have what to tell or text your daughter on her birthday then, here is a list of a hundred good birthday wishes to make her birth celebration a fun-filled one without having to rack your brain.

Yes, Sweet words to say to your Daughter on Her Birthday and Make are happy.

Sweet Sayings for Daughter on Her Birthday

Awesome Happy Birthday Words for Daughter on Her Special Day as she is plus one today, to make her feel loved and happy. Send the following excellent wishes to my daughter on her birthday as she is reaching a new age today.

1. From the very day I gave birth to you, you have been a source of blessing to me. Happy birthday, dearest daughter.

2. Happy birthday to my first daughter, may you live to see tens of decades.

Words to My Daughter on Her Birthday
3. I may not have the money to throw you the best birthday ever, but my heart has reserved more space for you, my lovely daughter.

4. Have a splendid birthday today than the ones you have ever observed before.

5. My life has been made a fulfilled one because of a few things and one of them is you.Now that you are about to be a year older, may you age with wisdom!

6. Since your father went to live in the grave, you have been a close companion I have been with, may God help you find joy this coming birthday.

7. Dear daughter, guess what? I will buy you one more candle next year I have this conviction. I love you. Happy birthday!

8. What’s life without a lovely daughter like you? Happy birthday to the young woman in my life.

9. Today, the world may be engrossed in so many things, and I can’t but stay at home and see that you find solace in your birth celebration dear.

10. It’s written that when you nock the door it will be opened for you, so I declare that may all the unopened doors you are supposed to pass through be unlocked before you add another year.

11. Every day, your dimples remind me of how I used to be when I was young like you, I pray that you will also grow and be like me and even better one day.

12. “Like mother like daughter,” they say, so let your upcoming birthday be as enjoyable as mine too. Happy Birthday.

13. Tons of blessings will fall on you as you become one year older today.

14. As you begin to age more, you will get to find troves that the future hides for you with ease.Happy birthday my daughter.

15. It always feels like placing an ice on a throe for a mother to see her daughter’s birthday on a sick bed, I know that I may not be strong enough to dance but I wish you all the best today.

16. My life has been a happy one since the first day I birth you, may you also be forever.

17. Daughters are like treasures to their mothers, may our relationship be stronger from now on.

18. I remember when I used to cover you on the bed with a blanket but now, you have grown up to do that for yourself and I’m happy to see you add another year. Happy birthday, my daughter and princess.

19. Happy birthday to the young woman in our home.

20. Have a splendid birthday celebration my dear lovely daughter, today.

21. You may not get to know how exactly you opted out of my womb, but every time I reminisce about how I shed tears of joy – my heart leaps up for having you as a daughter. Happy birthday in advance.

22. Today is your day of happiness. Go, girl! glow and rule your world. lol.
Quotes for a Daughter on Her Birthday

23. May this day be the definition of a halcyon birthday to you dear.

24. I may not be financially buoyant enough to throw you a party but I just texted to make you know that there is a cleft I have engraved in my heart for you my lovely daughter.

25. I know your new age will come with a pack of even unexpected blessings.Enjoy my daughter.

26. Had I know, I will have bought another candle and keep for today but it skipped my memory due to over-excitement about your birth’s remembrance.

27. People may forget about your day, but why will I my dear daughter? You are my star.

28. I hope and pray that you will pass through the hurdles of seconds and minutes to make it one full year to your age.

29. I wish you every bit of serenity that jointly comes with birth ceremonies my daughter.

30. As my daughter, my earnest hope is that you get to find hearty bliss as you age more.

31. May you live to also see your children grow up one day while you think about how you were hatched too.

32. One thing I will forever crave you find is a fulfilled long life of prosperity. Happy birthday in advance.

33. May you wake with hearty chuckles today as you become a year older dear.

34. This day is yours, have a refreshing moment throughout.

35. My prayer is, that which you crave for be granted to you if you deserve it. Happy birthday in advance.

36. I’m sorry I couldn’t send you a message, happy birthday in arrears to you my lovely daughter.

37. May your days from now on, be lived in complete feeling of fulfilment.

38. Your story from this birth celebration will be “…and she lived happily ever after”.

39. May goodness and mercies come knocking at your door as you begin to hustle and bustle again after today my daughter.

40. A mother needs to have a sincere wish for her daughter, and mine is; may you become wise like Solomon in taking decisions.

41. You will soon become a protagonist in a success story, I believe that as you age more that will surely come to pass.

42. Get your fingers opened to catch the surplus fun that will come to you today dear.

43. Happy birthday to my young female clone!

44. Hip-hip-hip, hurray! My daughter is plus one year today.

45. I believe that your path to success won’t be filled up with undeserved thorns but miracles that will pave your way dear.

46. Most times I muse about how I can actually get to paint your day red with money and I can’t.But I wish you the ultimate joy and peace of mind that birthdays are mostly void of.

Wishes for Daughter on Her Birthday

47. Dear daughter, I know you are not at home to let me see how you are but, I hope and pray that you become a better you from today.

48. My heart gets rifted when I heard you had an accident, but I pray that you will soon walk erect as you age in favour with those around you.

49. Your store will be filled to its brim with the abundance.I pray.

50. May your heart leap up in joy the moment you wake up tomorrow to see the cradle of your new age.

51. All things are possible with God, right? I believe that your heart endeavours will soon be granted. Happy birthday in advance my daughter.

52. I always feel inspired and motivated when I stare at you while you do household chores, may your strength be doubled now that you are a year older dear.

53. I hope and believe that around this time next year, we will be prompted to buy one more candle to observe your day my daughter.

54. May all the good things you have been doing to me since the time you grew up be replenished.

55. One more wish I have today is that may God give you strength, courage and might to scale through the hard times we are into my daughter.

56. Daughters they say; “are a special kind of blessing” and you have indeed been a living proof of that assertion to me, so may you become more successful in your life.

57. If I were asked to engrave a hole in my heart then, I will create a cleft that can contain you, my dear daughter, for you are like a star that gleams after a blurry tunnel, happy birthday to you!

58. Even in times of distress, you will still find a reason to smile I pray, as you age more and more in happiness.

59. May your day be like the painting of what joy is on the minds of people dear.

60. I hope that your weaknesses will be turned into strength pretty soon even before you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday in advance my daughter.

61. I just can’t tell or describe enough how colourful your presence has been in my life. Happy New age my daughter.

62. I hope you are ready to embrace the abundant grace and love that will come your way as you plan ahead your birth celebration.

Quotes for My Daughter on Her Birthday

63. You are one of the reasons that I and your father always say we are lucky.Happy birthday to our one and only daughter.

64. I pray that the kind of care and concern people will have about you will double even more than you expect.

65. Happy birthday to the light that gleams in our family and that’s you – my daughter.

66. I wish a fun-filled birthday to our precious daughter today!

67. To our little princess, may you age with a perpetual peace of mind.

68. I hardly stop smiling anytime I behold or think of having you as my daughter, may your birthday also be filled with joy.

69. Your birthday has come at last after one full year of waiting.Happy birthday!!

70. I’m sure that the world will just be less of its beauty without having a daughter like you, happy birthday from mom.

71. I, your mum, must admit that you are a joy-inducer, so happy birthday to you.

72. I wish you a dazzling new age, my daughter.

73. I’m happy to know that you have tucked and kept my heart in your bosom, happy birthday to you!

74. Best of luck to the young woman that looks like me.

75. Happy birthday to my little clone as she marks her day of birth.

76. There is nothing I want to say in this short note, but wish you all that will make you happy dear.

77. I guess, your day is the reason why the rainbow gleams in many hues dear, happy birthday in advance my daughter.

78. Despite the perils of life, may this little daughter of mine have a splendid birthday celebration.

79. Your time has come, to have fun and relax over the observation of the day that you opted for this earth.

80. Make the most of your day by catching as much fun as possible, because the day is yours, dear.

81. I wish a happy and blessed birth observation to the princess of our family.

82. I can’t send in my heart in form of text, you know? Lol, happy birthday anyway.

83. Wake up! Wake up! from sleep, my daughter Good ‘birthday’! ha-ha-ha

84. I will only say one thing today, which is; may your heart cravings that are meant to bring goodies come your way.

85. As you celebrate your birthday and head on your life’s journey, may you be strong enough to reach the destiny.

Message to Daughter on Her Birthday

86. One more hearty cheer to the only daughter in my life.

87. May this day bring you plenty hugs and smiles.

88. Having you in one’s life is indeed a great gift, I wish you all the best on your birthday too.

89. I hope that those who will wish you a blissful day are going to be those that really care about you.

90. What’s the essence of being your mom, if I won’t wish you a halcyon celebration?

91. I believe, that next year at a time like this, the candles we will need will be more than this, dear.

92. I can’t tell precisely tell what tomorrow hides from us, but may you get the best portion from what it will unravel as become a year older.

93. The day of recalling how our doctor was busy saying; “push-push…” is here! I’m even going crazy out of excitement, Happy Birthday!

94. There is a way I want to show you how happy I am but this page won’t be enough, and that makes me choose to cringe in disappointment.Well, I wish your day to be a memorable one.

95. Daughters are a special kind of blessing to parents I have proven that believe already, happy birthday to you as you age and continue to make me feel blessed.

96. Your day, I believe will cause others to wish their birthdays are around the corner too.

97. If the one thing that will make you happy in your lifetime is being delayed, may it come as soon as possible dear.Happy birthday.

98. May the true bliss that birthdays coke with shower on you my lovely daughter.

99. This day will be one of such that you wish it can be replayed like a missed movie. Happy birthday.

100. I hope and pray that you won’t regret having to observe the day you were birth into this sphere of existence.Happy birthday to you!

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